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#463 - 17 Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2019 Part 3

17 Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2019 Part 3 – Best SEO Podcasts

Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring “17 Ways to Improve Your SEO in 2019” by Brian Dean TRANSCRIPT:

Chris Burress: Hi! And welcome to the SEO podcast, unknown secrets of internet marketing. My name is Chris Burres, one of the owners here at eWebResults.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram, one of the other owners here at eWebResults.

Chris Burress: Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the podcast. This is podcast number 463. We are broadcasting live here from Houston, Texas and Matt and I, we are your Results Rebels!

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Chris Burress: I’ll be honest, I didn’t check all the sources. There’s… it can take a lot of time to check all the sources and [crosstalk 00:00:45] I didn’t find….

Matt Bertram: Well since the last one was broadcasted.

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Chris Burress: Okay.

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Matt Bertram: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris Burress: And if you’ve been here before, if you’ve listened to our podcast before, you’re probably looking for tips. You can get tips by going to our website, We are… this is the third in a three part series.

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: Covering an article by Brian Dean, punch you in the face, Brian Dean, 17 ways to improve your SEO in 2019. Podcast One of this series was amazing. Podcast Two, it was good and Podcast Three is also going to be amazing.

Matt Bertram: So this is a trilogy.

Chris Burress: This is a trilogy.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Yes. If say, similar in weight to Lord of the Rings.

Matt Bertram: Or Star Wars.

Chris Burress: Or Star Wars. [crosstalk 00:03:01]

Chris Burress: Or any trilogy now.

Matt Bertram: That’s true.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: Lord of the Rings has a couple other ones.

Chris Burress: That’s true. Also if we’re getting, “Hey, you like my t-shirt?”

Matt Bertram: I do.

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Matt Bertram: Yes we do.

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Chris Burress: and I got a new one.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, we’re just making shirts. Well, we’ve got a branding division now, so it’s just going.

Chris Burress: They’re just going crazy.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris Burress: All right, so this is podcast number three. Did we cover everything? I feel like we may be missing something. We’ve got t-shirts. Oh, we would really like you to [shico 00:03:59] us

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Chris Burress: And we covered where you can do that.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: We’ll just move on. All right, so this is the third podcast. This is “17 ways to improve your SEO in 2019” by Brian Dean punched in the… And he’s gotten…

Matt Bertram: Boom, boom.

Chris Burress: He going to be sore. He’s been punching a lot…

Matt Bertram: These are soft.

Chris Burress: Okay. They’re gentle.

Matt Bertram: These are friendly.

Chris Burress: Loving, friendly punches in the face.

Matt Bertram: Yes, with boxing gloves on.

Chris Burress: Punched in the face is a good thing.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Number 13 of these 17, actually 19 because there’s 19.

Matt Bertram: Man, that’s confusing Chris.

Chris Burress: I know.

Matt Bertram: That’s super confusing.

Chris Burress: Number 13.

Matt Bertram: I’ll throw on a tip too.

Chris Burress: Find back link opportunities with link intersect.

Matt Bertram: What?

Matt Bertram: What reviews to the article… Link intersect? I don’t know. I’m learning all kinds of new stuff.

Chris Burress: This is pretty…

Matt Bertram: Close posts.

Chris Burress: So really when you find a competitor, right? And you want to see what links that your competitor has going back to their website, you’re like, “okay great, but man, maybe they got that..”

Matt Bertram: Oh I do this.

Chris Burress: “Maybe they got that link because of a relationship with a competitor.”

Matt Bertram: Sure.

Chris Burress: So I’m probably, if it’s a relationship, I’m not going to get that link. Or maybe they write this amazing email and that’s why they get this link and I don’t have that amazing email. What you can do is you can actually see if multiple competitors that you have, have links from that same site and if multiple competitors of yours have links from that site, it’s probably going to be pretty easy to get a link.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. So you can go into SEMrush and some of these other tools, add in the domains of all these different sites, and then you can get a comparison across which ones match up and you can see it from a keyword and then you can see it from a link. And typically when you’re looking at the link profile, you can kind of start to understand what their SEO strategy might be, how legit it might be, et cetera, et cetera, so.

Chris Burress: That’s very cool. That is link intersect.

Chris Burress: Number 14 – Target brand new keywords.

Matt Bertram: Is that like Or something? Or is that just what he’s calling it?

Chris Burress: No, he’s calling it link intersect.

Matt Bertram: But it’s not like a service or something?

Chris Burress: No.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. See it’s like he’s just doing on Ahrefs.

Chris Burress: Yes.

Matt Bertram: I guess maybe that’s what they call it. I don’t know.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: It’s not what SEMrush calls it.

Chris Burress: Number 14: Target Brand New Keywords

Chris Burress: Have you ever thought I’ve just run out of keywords I need to target brand new keywords?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: Yeah, that makes sense. And really what this is about is staying up to date on what the latest trends are going. Because what he did is he took a term voice search, he wrote an article about it and his guide cracked the bottom of the first page within a week and it currently ranked on the first page of Google for the term voice search.

Chris Burress: And he just wrote it really early. So as people start talking about something, write that company [crosstalk 00:06:51].

Matt Bertram: We definitely did that with a Bitcoin advertising.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: And we do have a quite a nice size Bitcoin client. We’ve done that with geo-fencing.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: We’ve really… you want to also see in Google trends what’s going on. Look at Google news and there’s a lot of different strategies.

Chris Burress: And apparently Reddit is a really good place to…

Matt Bertram: Reddit’s fantastic. Yeah, you can see what people are talking about.

Chris Burress: Are you one of the ones in our office that uses Reddit regularly or just for…

Matt Bertram: Well, so we’ll now I don’t use it for SEO.

Chris Burress: Right?

Matt Bertram: Okay. Like some people do. But man, if you put some links on Reddit, they will rip you apart.

Chris Burress: If you’re trying to use it for SEO..

Matt Bertram: They will rip you apart. And so I’ll use Reddit when I’m searching and I can’t find something.

Chris Burress: Martian stuff?

Matt Bertram: Well I haven’t, I actually haven’t, but I bet that’s a good source. I look at other places.

Chris Burress: When does that visit to Area 51 going to happen? Do you know when?

Matt Bertram: September I think.

Chris Burress: September?

Matt Bertram: I don’t know. 4chan, you can see a lot of stuff what’s going on in 4chan. I get on there sometimes.

Chris Burress: So Reddit would probably be a good source for that.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: So yeah, so target brand new keywords by staying up to date on the trends and knowing, “Hey, this is a phrase people have just started using it. Let me be the first to write an article about it.”

Chris Burress: Next.

Chris Burress: Number 15: use concept visuals.

Matt Bertram: I say it different, just people are going to give me a hard time.

Chris Burress: Use concept visuals and so this is interesting. Basically what he’s saying is if you’ve got an ability to make a graphic that can explain a concept.

Matt Bertram: Do it.

Chris Burress: Then do it. Make that unique graphic, make sure you optimize the alt tags and have it on a good page. And then other people who want to talk about that confusing or hard to explain concept will steal your image.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. Infographics and then do you want to do an image sitemap? You want to make sure it’s hung. There’s, there’s a lot infographic marketing and you can even drop it in different places. I’ll tell you something else that’s kind of interesting that we’re looking at. So with SlideShare, LinkedIn bought it.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: We’ve been testing out voice creation. So you talk and it creates slides and then it becomes a slide presentation. So we’ve kind of taken the infographic kind of thing to the next level because that’s been around for a while. But it is awesome. I think that this actually helps with conversions more. When you’re trying to explain a more complex concept` but there’s a lot of steps and everybody’s attention span is so short, images are a great way to do it. And that’s how people remember too. So I love infographics.

Chris Burress: Yeah. And so I didn’t really think of this in terms of infographic and it exactly is an infographic. Infographics tend to be a lot longer. This is short, easy, explain a concept, not a whole industry. Right? And so I see an infographic is more “here’s…”

Matt Bertram: Those are over overkill. I don’t even read those anymore.

Chris Burress: And you’re right. These are infographics. He just calls him, what did he call them…

Matt Bertram: Visual…

Chris Burress: Concept visuals. Right.

Matt Bertram: I’ve never heard of that.

Chris Burress: So its explaining concepts visually.

Matt Bertram: I like that.

Chris Burress: And it is. It’s in fact an infographic for sure. If the right…

Matt Bertram: That’s a new keyword to go after.

Chris Burress: That is.

Matt Bertram: Maybe, I don’t know.

Chris Burress: Maybe you should write an article about concept visuals because…

Matt Bertram: No one knows what those are.

Chris Burress: Nobody knows what they are.

Chris Burress: Pro tip: focus on creating visuals for new topics.

Matt Bertram: I haven’t turned the page.

Chris Burress: Right? For new topics because…

Matt Bertram: You’re going to show up first.

Chris Burress: Yep. Get cemented in there.

Chris Burress: Number 16: Use industry glossaries for keyword ideas.

Matt Bertram: Oh I just… you want some of for SEO…

Chris Burress: So want some creative keyword ideas? Check out industry glossary so that there may be an organization that kind of manages your industry or is involved in kind of sharing information around your industry. Go to that website. Hopefully they have a glossary. You can find a lot of good terms to go after.

Matt Bertram: That is a good idea.

Chris Burress: As well as you were suggesting, just having a glossary, being the industry glossary for your industry. It’s probably a little more valuable.

Matt Bertram: I mean we look at… we’ve started to break websites in two buckets, right? Do you have a standard website? Maybe e-commerce. Okay, so three and then really the authoritative websites.

Chris Burress: Right.

Matt Bertram: Right. And even some of the Shopify sites, what we like to do is create a WordPress site that’s kind of the front end that brings in the traffic and then drives them to…

Chris Burress: The sales.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Yep. That makes perfect sense. All right.

Chris Burress: Number 17 so this is ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.

Chris Burress: This is 17 of the 17 ways to improve your SEO in 2019, punch in the face, Brian Dean, get back links from content curators, right? So really his point is that you can try and get…

Matt Bertram: We’ll give you a link Brian.

Chris Burress: Yeah. We’ll give you a link.

Matt Bertram: We’re content curators over here.

Chris Burress: We’ll be happy to.

Chris Burress: The biggest issue is that they didn’t have a place to put some of his content on some of these pages that he was trying to reach out to. Right. And so it just gets deleted. But if you’re going after content creators, those are people who are more likely to have links to your type of information anyway. And so you’re more likely to get that back link.

Matt Bertram: Well, relationship building. And that’s really what life is about. And I’m actually… there’s a couple of people I’ve talked to recently, we’ve gotten some pretty interesting discussions and…

Chris Burress: Was is it about aliens?

Matt Bertram: No, but I need to talk to your new business partner about crop circles.

Chris Burress: Oh okay.

Matt Bertram: And yeah. So we can have that podcast. You can bring her in here and we can talk about that.

Chris Burress: That would be interesting.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. But no, I’ve just had some really interesting conversations. I’ve been listening also recently I went on this kick of… The Tesla of course, because I’m super jealous. Okay. What’s the Tesla joke, did you drive your Tesla today?

Chris Burress: No, I didn’t.

Matt Bertram: Why?

Chris Burress: Because it drives itself.

Matt Bertram: What? I don’t know. I think we can get a rich snippet for that. But, anyways, I was listening to Joe Rogan show and…

Chris Burress: It is one of my goals to get on his show.

Matt Bertram: Right. So he started to go off on some tangents with some of these characters. And I was really researching some of these things, but really the first one that I watched or listened to, I really watch them. I like kind of seeing the interactions and all that because they will pull stuff up. That’s what got this TV here.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. And I don’t know, I just… the one on with Tesla and, I’m just… And then there’s a lot of people that have come on talking about Tesla. It’s interesting this one guy, buying these Tesla engines and then rebuilding them and stuff like that. So I don’t know. But I’ve kind of started to have some other conversations with people and I don’t know. So there’s things that don’t fit in this context of this podcast I definitely want to talk about.

Matt Bertram: And some other people were like, “man”, they start listening to the conversation that I’m having and then there’s a group of people we’re talking about.

Chris Burress: And It gets really…

Matt Bertram: Yeah. So I’ll give you something. I’ll give you one.

Chris Burress: All right, I’m ready.

Matt Bertram: So this is more of a business one, right? Because we are talking to CMOs and brand managers.

Chris Burress: All the time.

Matt Bertram: And I totally forgot.

Chris Burress: I feel like that’s enough of the Matt segue. We’ll get back to that shortly.

Matt Bertram: No, no, I got it. I got it. I got it. So I spoke at Rice. Yeah. No. Sorry, I spoke at Rice university and we were talking about how a lot of people are using their own calendar links. Right? So I use Calendly a lot. I like it because you can get on my calendar and we don’t have to go back and forth.

Chris Burress: Right.

Matt Bertram: Figure it out.

Chris Burress: Because that’s a waste of time.

Matt Bertram: It’s a waste of time, but there’s some etiquette that you have to do involved with it. So I’m speaking, we’re talking about it. They start asking me questions and some F bombs start getting dropped. There’s a riot. They’re like, “I hate when someone sends me that link” and then they’re like, “Oh, how about you get on my calendar link?” So then there’s a power move where you shake people’s hands and all that sort of things. And so it’s like what’s the right etiquette to do it? And also some people you send them the link, they don’t know what it is, so then they’re like, “Hey, when can you can get on it?” And so all the things associated with that, I’m going to do a blog post on it as well and talking about how to best use those calendar links and kind of introduce… It’s kind of like saying, “Hey, here’s my calendar link, but if you want me to get on yours, please send it to me.”

Matt Bertram: And if you want to do it this old school way, we can go kind of go back and forth. But having that as a canned response in Google that you can kind of throw, plug in to your email really softens it. Because if you just send people to link, some people were like, “Hey!” And it got pretty heated in the debate about it. So I thought that that was an interesting new keyword topic.

Chris Burress: Calendar…

Matt Bertram: Yeah. So there’s a lot of things kind of really internet marketing is how to run your business online and be profitable. And so there’s a lot of business related stuff that we could talk about, but it’s not in this format of the best SEO podcasts.

Chris Burress: Yeah, that’s true.

Matt Bertram: See, I had it.

Chris Burress: You brought it all back.

Matt Bertram: I brought it all back. Totally redeemed myself.

Chris Burress: Seventeen, we’ve covered.

Chris Burress: Bonus number one, find question keywords with QuestionDB.

Matt Bertram: I don’t know what DB means.

Chris Burress: You don’t know. Well, DB stands for database, but the website is QuestionDB. QuestionDB is like Answer the Public.

Matt Bertram: I’ve never heard that. I learned something new. We were on Answer the Public today with clients.

Chris Burress: Yeah. So he makes fun of Answer the Public, which is first of all, QuestionDB is much easier. You don’t end up with images of some bearded dude.

Matt Bertram: Is this Brian Horn’s website? I think this might be Brian Horn’s website they’re servicing.

Chris Burress: Yeah. So the questions are laid out in a simple table and because QuestionDB focuses on questions that people ask on Reddit and you can find keywords and topic ideas that most other tools won’t show you. I think that’s pretty powerful. And he’s already talked about ways to extract keyword value keywords out of Reddit. Now he’s saying, “Hey, this tool talks about the questions that are asked on Reddit.” And so yeah, it just makes sense.

Matt Bertram: Well, I really, going back to our last podcast, you got to go check it out, is the keyword, where the keyword intent plus a statistic. I really thought that that was a recap of a really good podcast..

Chris Burress: Back to the previous podcast…

Matt Bertram: Yes, exactly. To get more of those.

Chris Burress: That was the number two of this three part series. And then finally, right.

Chris Burress: Bonus number two: rank for brand name terms.

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: So you want something low competition, you want something high volume, you want something that has a great a CPC, right? He gives the example. MailChimp gets searched 280 times more than email marketing software.

Chris Burress: Wow.

Matt Bertram: I actually haven’t broke the data down like that but what we’ve done is gone after… Well one is if you have somebody else that has your name, you really need to focus on ranking for your terms so you come up because then there’s some confusion there.

Matt Bertram: And we’ve had that in a couple scenarios. Secondly though too is ranking for a competitor, right? With reviews or something like that. But, but doing the research to say, okay, and I’ll tell you, did you know which CRM defined the keyword term, Inbound marketing?

Chris Burress: HubSpot.

Matt Bertram: Yes. So it’s really interesting to see what’s going on out there.

Chris Burress: So do I win anything? I get this plant. Wow. Thank you. I got the plant.

Matt Bertram: So please hold it the rest of the podcast.

Chris Burress: I’m actually holding the plant. At some point, I may balance it on my head.

Matt Bertram: Or juggle them? Chris is quite a good juggler for all you out there.

Chris Burress: So yeah. So MailChimp is search 280 times. Now we have conversations about bidding on competitors. It’s really not the thing that you want to leave.

Matt Bertram: No, no, no.

Chris Burress: Because you’ve got a challenge of converting, right? If somebody is looking, searching for MailChimp, your only strategy is, well, it’s not the only strategy. You’ve got a couple of strategies. One is we’re better than MailChimp, right? Why we’re better than MailChimp or something like that. So if somebody is looking for MailChimp, you at least have some way to get in the door. But if they’re going down the MailChimp path, it’s a lot harder to get them to convert and try your product.

Matt Bertram: There used to be those big comparison sites of software people want to, but here’s really the value. [crosstalk 00:20:00] Okay, well there’s really value here. And why do people have famous spokespersons, right? Why do people take pictures with famous people?

Chris Burress: Right.

Matt Bertram: Okay. And I do cover this in my book a little bit.

Matt Bertram: I know we haven’t talked about that a lot, but anyways…

Chris Burress: Build your brand mania.

Matt Bertram: Well those are, but it’s on Amazon. But the thing is…

Chris Burress: It’s not just on Amazon, it’s an Amazon bestseller.

Matt Bertram: It’s true. It’s true. Hopefully the next one will be too. Yeah, but okay, so the thing is if you’re rubbing shoulders, okay, there’s kind of… People call it a halo effect. There’s other things. But if your name’s in association with that, they’re going to put you on that same level or status and we don’t know why it happens. It doesn’t make rational sense but if you’re standing next to a celebrity, like this guy right here, it just makes you more famous yourself because you’re in association and even the pictures where they’re eating with their kid and people jump on them and you get a picture and you clearly don’t know that person.

Chris Burress: Yeah. [crosstalk 00:21:11].

Matt Bertram: But I want to know what it’ll cost him. She’ll give you a real punch in the face. But the thing is if you’re in the same vicinity with the person, somehow that rubs off on you. And so you’re getting that. If your name’s associated with MailChimp, when they’re searching for it, they’re going to consider you. But I really believe that if people are going through their kind of buyer’s journey or in their sales process and they come across your name multiple times, they’re going to give it more weight.

Chris Burress: Yes.

Matt Bertram: Okay. And so I think that that’s one of the biggest things that they might cut it.

Chris Burress: So what you’re saying is if you’re going to go after competitors, then it needs to be a comprehensive strategy that makes sure that you’re not just going to end up, but it’s not going to just be like MailChimp and Chris and Matt’s email solution. It’s going to be MailChimp and Chris and Matt’s email solution in a whole lot of different places as they’re kind of trying to go.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. So kind of their buyer’s journey.

Chris Burress: Videos and images and articles that do a compare and contrast.

Matt Bertram: So it’s part of a broader kind of strategy. Last thing about email marketing, I know that this is so off topic, but for a client, we’re using a open source CRM to develop a branded CRM for their industry for them.

Chris Burress: Wow.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Cool.

Matt Bertram: So HubSpot, Mailchimp, watch out! Matt and Chris’s email tool!

Chris Burress: It’s one of the things that we email to is…

Chris Burress: On the way! Coming Soon!

Matt Bertram: That’s good branding right there.

Chris Burress: As soon as we started driving leads for customers, and this has been true since before eWeb style became eWebResults, as soon as we start driving leads, they’re like, “okay, how do we manage these leads?”

Matt Bertram: Yeah, we’re getting a lot of that.

Chris Burress: So, yeah. I’m excited about that kind of new piece. One of the things that Brian says here is that not only does this page rank for Buffstreams review, right? A competitor. It also ranked on the first page for the popular brand keyword plus buffstream. Just buffstream.

Matt Bertram: That’s solid.

Chris Burress: Yeah. So it’s a good strategy for sure. It’s an advanced strategy. We’ll call it a bonus two strategy, but it’s a good strategy.

Chris Burress: Yes, I am going to hold this plant.

Matt Bertram: How are you liking that plant gift?

Chris Burress: 17 ways to improve your SEO in 2019, a three part series. Brian Dean, you’ve wrote written an amazing article that we had to turn in… and we just couldn’t even do it in one. We had to turn it into an article into a three podcast series.

Matt Bertram: It’s awesome.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: That’s three links from us.

Chris Burress: It’s a great article. We’re going to reach out to you. Hopefully you’ll link to our… [Crosstalk 00:23:48].

Matt Bertram: We’re going to have Dan Lok on the show not too long ago and we got to reschedule that. And I’m going to be up in a conference in New York next month, so hope to connect with some of you up there.

Chris Burress: Yeah. Absolutely.

Matt Bertram: It’s a digital marketer.

Chris Burress: Again, if you like this podcast, we don’t get paid for this. Please leave us a review. We’ve given you the links one last time. We’re going to do it,

Matt Bertram: Just eWebResults. Leave us a review. Please, if you’ve learned something new and you listen to this podcast, please do that. We’re serving good meals here. We’re teaching good strategies, that’s one way you can take care of us.

Chris Burress: Spread the knowledge.

Chris Burress: If you’re interested in growing your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet, call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. You can reach us at (713) 592-6724. If you have a referral, so somebody who’s interested in any aspect of internet marketing, webpage, overall branding strategy, a comprehensive internet marketing strategy that includes PPC, SEO, email marketing and we’re even doing some Groupon ads for some of our clients, if you’re looking for that comprehensive internet marketing strategy or you know somebody who is, send them to us.

Matt Bertram: If you tag us with them on Facebook, we’ll have someone reach out to them.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. Do that. Yeah.

Chris Burress: And when they pay their bill, we will pay you or pay a charity.

Matt Bertram: Tell them a little bit about Food for Kids, Inc. so it’s a charity we sponsor. I know we don’t talk about it a lot. Well we’re going to we’re going to send the video team to highlight them a little bit more. I think it’s a really good cause.

Chris Burress: So really it’s an organization that helps daycare centers take advantage of what the state has to offer. So the state of Texas and actually there’s these types of organizations throughout the country, but the state of Texas, it encourages daycare centers to feed children properly. Probably a good thing.

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: And so they encourage it by financial incentives. And so Food for Kids, Inc. is an organization that says, “Hey, don’t worry about the headache of filing the paperwork of the state who hasn’t had a challenge filing paperwork with the state…”

Matt Bertram: Oh my gosh. Yeah.

Chris Burress: “Don’t worry about that. We’ll take care of it for you. We’ll make it easy for you.” They make a little bit of money on that, but it doesn’t cost the daycare centers anything. And so it’s just a great organization.

Matt Bertram: It’s a nonprofit.

Chris Burress: The owner, it’s a nonprofit, the owner, Vickie Keys is just an amazing business owner and out there to deliver value. It’s actually Reverend Vickie Keys is out there to deliver value to the daycare centers across the state.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. Because that’s just something we support. Yeah.

Chris Burress: So very cool. Yeah, please we were filmed live here at 13-501 Northwest Freeway, suite 500-35 Houston, Texas 77040.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. I don’t know that.

Chris Burress: If you would like audio video or a transcript of this podcast, you can find that, well, let’s just say it this way. If you can’t find it on best SEO reach out to us and we can provide it for you.

Matt Bertram: Absolutely.

Chris Burress: Until the … wait, you guys have made us one of the most popular internet marketing podcasts on iTunes. We appreciate you.

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: All of you, all of you, every one of you.

Matt Bertram: You. Yes, you specifically you. Thank you.

Chris Burress: If you’re on YouTube, make sure that you subscribe and follow until the next podcast. My name is… I’m holding this plant because I knew HubSpot and my name is Chris Burres.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram. Bye bye for now.