21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 2019
Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring “21 Actionable SEO Techniques That Work GREAT in 2019 ” TRANSCRIPT:

Chris Burress: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burress, owner of eWebResults.

Matt Bertram: Ah, mine is Matt Bertram. I’m here right now. That’s what my shirt says, “I’m here.”

Chris Burress: It says, “I’m here.” Welcome back to another fun filled edition of our podcast. This is podcast number 464.

Matt Bertram: Oh my Gosh, woo!

Chris Burress: Woo! That is a lot-

Matt Bertram: 464!

Chris Burress: Of podcasts. We are broadcasting live here from Houston, Texas and Matt and I, we are your results rebels. I wanted to jump into a review that we got.

Matt Bertram: All right.

Chris Burress: And then when we read this review then we can actually point over there to Yvonne because it’s really not directed at you and I.

Matt Bertram: Oh, okay, oh.

Chris Burress: And of course though, even though it may be a little critical, it is five stars!

Matt Bertram: Five stars! Thank you.

Chris Burress: This is from Mattia Kellyanne, who’s given nine reviews and has two photos up on Google My Business, “Great podcast guys. One note though, surely you can do something better with your audio quality.” You may notice this is a different mic right here already.

Matt Bertram: That is a nice mic.

Chris Burress: So we are already doing stuff as it relates to our podcasts.

Matt Bertram: Some of it could just be that I mumble too.

Chris Burress: Yeah. So, we tried to throw Matt under the bus entirely and then you know, it’s a collective team effort. We’re all-

Matt Bertram: We have upgraded. You can see there’s a studio. We don’t have powder room yet, but it’s coming. We’re making people famous here online.

Chris Burress: Speaking of reviews, I’m going to jump into this right away. We have a problem. Houston, we have a problem, by the way. It’s not a marketing problem, we solve marketing problems.

Matt Bertram: We do. I like that, that’s a good tagline, we solve marketing problems.

Chris Burress: We solve marketing problems. It is a review problem. At one point on Facebook, we had 101 reviews.

Matt Bertram: I do remember that.

Chris Burress: Right?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: We have now nine.

Matt Bertram: What? Facebook said, “Those people don’t matter.”

Chris Burress: Those people [crosstalk 00:02:02].

Matt Bertram: You need to email Facebook.

Chris Burress: Stand up and snub your nose at Facebook by writing us another review. That’s where we need your help. We don’t get paid to do this show. We get paid in reviews. So-

Matt Bertram: But-

Chris Burress: And-

Matt Bertram: And, you’ve got to say, “And.”

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: So we’re looking at getting set up, we can talk about this too. I’m getting a lot of feedback Ivan, a lot of feedback. We-

Chris Burress: Are set up?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: Yes.

Matt Bertram: This is a new website for anybody watching-

Chris Burress: If you’re on YouTube, thank you for subscribing… make sure you subscribe and follow. You’re seeing that we are actually pointing to the screen behind us where you see… there’s a particular name of this, but it’s a-

Matt Bertram: This is the caricatures.

Chris Burress: The caricatures. Yeah. We’ll go with that.

Matt Bertram: This is the cover of the Podcast if you’re looking for it. But this is a new type of-

Chris Burress: For some reason I’m the boring guy in the suit and Matt is Superman and then disguise. I don’t know exactly what that’s about. Who was in control of the artwork? It wasn’t me.

Matt Bertram: I don’t know. You look really nice, I think.

Chris Burress: Says Superman.

Matt Bertram: Well, so this is a so okay. Reviews back.

Chris Burress: So this is a new site?

Matt Bertram: It is a new site because here’s the thing, you don’t control your own platform, right? Facebook can decide to get rid of like a hundred a year, we’ll also.

Chris Burress: Yeah, couldn’t do anything about it.

Matt Bertram: So best SEO, podcast.com you can come check it out. This is a PWA. So in the past, remember you said mobile sites, you do the little m.mobile and then the responsive got merged together.

Chris Burress: Yep, put together.

Matt Bertram: Now apps are getting merged-

Chris Burress: With websites.

Matt Bertram: With websites, and you can actually download it, listen to all episodes-

Chris Burress: And that’s called a?

Matt Bertram: A PWA.

Chris Burress: PWA?

Matt Bertram: Progressive web app.

Chris Burress: Progressive web app, okay.

Matt Bertram: We’re going to be building this out more, but also you will be able to pay us. We’re going to set up a Patreon account. So if you want to tip us a cup of coffee or something like that-

Chris Burress: Or a jet airplane.

Matt Bertram: Or jet airplane, we’ll have those options available, five, 10 jet airplanes-

Chris Burress: 50 millio! A 150 million letter.

Matt Bertram: We do need to get Landry’s on here. He might let us run around in that.

Chris Burress: Oh, that would be cool.

Matt Bertram: But anyways, this is kind of something new, so come check it out bestseospodcast.com please leave us a review. I already hate Yelp. Yelp, you hear me? You can recruit at my school so I hate you.

Chris Burress: I hate Yelp so much that I donated to a kick starter campaign, which was called The Million Dollar Bully, which was a documentary about how Yelp is $1 million bully. That video is out there. I haven’t watched it.

Matt Bertram: You’re seriously take an action.

Chris Burress: Yeah, I took action.

Matt Bertram: I want to take action to save the rainforest right now. It’s burning.

Chris Burress: Yes. It wun’t. It’s weird.

Matt Bertram: I am, well we’re in the lungs of the earth. If this is the worrisome.

Chris Burress: Feels like the rain forest should be quenched, not burning. It’s true. I don’t know.

Matt Bertram: Anyways, on a less serious note, but on a more serious internet marketing note, Chris!

Chris Burress: Let’s jump into it, so here’s the article that we have today. Actually, I don’t even have the title here. It’s another article for Brian Dean, it’s 21 Tips for Doing Great SEO and-

Matt Bertram: And Brian Dean we’re like creeping on him.

Chris Burress: Yeah, this is the second one, really, this is going to be the fourth podcast in a row that we’ve done with Brian Dean’s information.

Matt Bertram: We’re fans.

Chris Burress: It’s just that good, it’s really-

Matt Bertram: He’s solid.

Chris Burress: And this is going to be three, a three podcast series because they’re so many-

Matt Bertram: Oh, my gosh!

Chris Burress: It’s 21 pieces of information. I say we just jump into it.

Matt Bertram: All right. Next time we just need to get Brian Dean.

Chris Burress: You get them to show up? Yep.

Matt Bertram: Because I got a couple of people from-

Chris Burress: By the way, he’s with Backlinko, like we to do him some service. Go check out Bancklinko, very good stuff over there.

Matt Bertram: Having Yelp Tower just sky scraping and all over the place.

Chris Burress: That’s why-

Matt Bertram: But I got some, I got some good people who’re committed to coming on the podcast.

Chris Burress: Okay, cool.

Matt Bertram: I was at that [inaudible 00:06:10] conference in New York and-

Chris Burress: Cool. So they’re going to fit in this box?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Did you make sure that they would fit in the box behind us?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Okay, good. For the Yelpers, excuse me for the not Yelpers. We hate Yelp. Isn’t that who we are?

Matt Bertram: I don’t know.

Chris Burress: For the YouTubers-

Matt Bertram: And then for the LinkedIners out there.

Chris Burress: The LinkedIners, there’s a lot more happening on LinkedIn now. All right, so it’s 21 he’s actually gives us three bonuses. So we’re going to cover a couple in this podcast. Number one is optimize your site for Google RankBrain. This seems easy. So should we go on to next?

Matt Bertram: You just click a button, yeah.

Chris Burress: Go to number two now or just-

Matt Bertram: You just click a button and you’re done.

Chris Burress: So what is Google RankBrain? You got to be asking that. And RankBrain is really about the happier you make Google users, the higher you will rank. And I like you, you often talk about the Google dance and RankBrain as part of what causes the Google dance, right?

Matt Bertram: Yeah. So the rank brains, the AI that they’re building on basically trying to mimic web user-

Chris Burress: That came back in October, 2015 so it’s been with us for a while.

Matt Bertram: No, I mean really it’s kind of like Tesla. They continue to improve it based on all the data that comes in and they’re trying to give the users what they’re looking for, right? So, that’s the ultimate goal and if you do that, you don’t need to worry about anything else. You need to go, “Hey, how do I take care of my visitors? How do I take care of my customers?

Chris Burress: You’re going to need to juice it. Right? Even if it’s great, you’ve got to juice it and get it up, did it some exposure, and then if it’s providing value to them, it’s going to stick.

Matt Bertram: Well, I mean, you got to do PR, if you have a business out there, you got to kind of let people know that you have it. And really what he does throughout the site is talk about ways to speak to RankBrain, but if you die then RankBrain, there’s some white papers out there. You can learn a lot, but it gets pretty much in the weeds with the data science, you know?

Chris Burress: So he does ask the question, how do you optimize for Google RankBrain? First, improve your organic click through rates.

Matt Bertram: See, he is going to go through the woods, its obvious.

Chris Burress: It looks obvious. And these don’t even count as part of the 21, right? So here, this is all still part of optimize your site for Google RankBrain. Number one, first, improve your organic click through rate. People love the results. This is what Google is thinking when you’ve increased the click through rate. People love this result. Let’s boost it to the top of the page. So it’s easier to find, right?

Matt Bertram: Well, that’s exactly I can tell you that we can do SEO and get people in the top spot, top five positions, not a problem. Now, the second half of the game is staying there.

Chris Burress: Sticking.

Matt Bertram: Is sticking, like they didn’t get you there, but you got to stick and you can’t just game it to do that, right? You got to legitimately earn it-

Chris Burress: Deliver value.

Matt Bertram: And you got to deliver value and you got to be what people are looking for. Everything is changing in search, right. And you really got to do the right thing by the visitor and Google will take care of you because that’s all it’s looking to do too. So you don’t go use another search engine and click through rate is absolutely huge. Absolutely huge. Make sure people aren’t clicking the back button and the crumbs. Make sure that people are sticking around the page with videos or unique content or taking some kind of call to action. There’s a lot of things that you look at, but click through rate is super important. That comes down to meta-description as well.

Chris Burress: Yeah, and that’s what I have. Brian says, “I have a very cool strategy that you can use to improve your click through rate. It’s later in this post. It’s actually strategy number four, really kind of focused on meta-description.” One thing he says about your meta-description, and this is like wasn’t top of mind for me, add numbers to your title description. So he gives an example, 17 and saying the Actionable SEO Tips for 2018, which I think is an article we’ve actually covered. You’re more likely to get click throughs if there’s a number in that particular content.

Matt Bertram: So, you know where that goes back to that goes back to actually psychology and people are things like a number lists people, people go, there’s a value in number of lists.

Chris Burress: That’s everything I need to know, I know-

Matt Bertram: These are the 17 things I need to know and now that I have that value, like-

Chris Burress: I know everything.

Matt Bertram: It actually is you a little bit of-

Chris Burress: Endorphins.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, Endorphins, exactly. And so basically the serotonin goes up and you’re like, “Oh,”-

Chris Burress: “I now know everything.”

Matt Bertram: Yeah, I know everything and that. And that’s actually what that is. One of the other things is you can use AdWords to figure out what those meta descriptions are and then [foreign language 00:10:39].

Chris Burress: You still got to be careful.

Matt Bertram: I’m sorry.

Chris Burress: So next he says, improve your bounce rate and or dwell time. Again this is how you’re improving your rank according to RankBrain, optimizing your site for rank brain sites with a good bounce rate ranked above sites with a poor bounce rate. This is a survey and analysis of 1.3 million Google searches. So, that’s pretty important the way that works. I also recommend breaking up your content into many bite sized chunks. And I’m going to add… You’re going to be in every one of my shots. Is that what it is? And I’m going to add video, right?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Video is a great way to increase your dwell time because if they’re there watching the video, then they’re going to dwell there.

Matt Bertram: They are going to dwell?

Chris Burress: Yeah. Number two, discover untapped keywords on Reddit. So we mentioned this in one of our last three podcasts, Reddit. He calls Reddit the front page of the internet. Reddit is a key word, research gold mine. Really, you just need to spend time on Reddit and then search for your topics and then all of this information comes down and you can find keyword opportunities in those results.

Matt Bertram: Elon Musk talked about on a podcast, he was on, Joe Rogan podcast. He was talking about how like the internet or is just basically a neural link right on your fingers to what’s going on. And so I feel like Reddit is like when you’re in the forums and stuff like that, it’s just free flow information like real time what people are thinking. So it’s really good for like trend research and that sort of thing.

Chris Burress: Yeah, absolutely. All right. Number three is update, upgrade and republish old blog posts. This increased my traffic by 111.37%, because we have to be precise. I have to ask you a question. How many of you would like an increase in your traffic of 111? All right, we can skip the 0.3 per 7%.

Matt Bertram: So this is one of the things that we’ve already been implementing for a lot of our clients. That were refreshing content, you can get over, say 30 50 posts. And if you’re not showing up in the Google SERPs for that blog, you’re not getting any juice from it.

Chris Burress: No value.

Matt Bertram: So we’re unindexing those, we’re rewriting the articles, or mashing them up, making them more a skyscraper post and then republish him. And we’ve seen a lot of success from that. I don’t have the metrics in front of me, but-

Chris Burress: It’s working.

Matt Bertram: 100% or so is pretty consistent.

Chris Burress: So Brian, it’s about how he got an email out of the loo.

Matt Bertram: Out of the loo?

Chris Burress: Where a guy named Imel… Out of the blue.

Matt Bertram: Out of the loo.

Chris Burress: Out of the blue. Well maybe he was in the loo reading his email, seemingly came out of the loo. So Imel had you used the skyscape scraper technique and had created a lot of really good value and actually put together a case study. So what Brian did is he added that case study to existing content. And then of course after you update the content, you got to re-promote that content, right?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burress: Either to your own list, well directly of course to your own list and of course you know on social media, et cetera. And that’s how we got a 111.37% increase in organic traffic-

Matt Bertram: Very nice.

Chris Burress: To that particular page. Number four, copy ad words ads to make a killer title and description tags. So there’s no secret that compelling title and description tags get more clicks on the SERPs. So this goes back to rank brain increase your click through rate. So you want to have a compelling tag and a compelling description.

Matt Bertram: I know that we’re talking a lot about SEO, but like a lot of people, I got my start in a PPC and a lot of the things you learn in PPC and how the algorithm works apply to SEO. So the better you understand the algorithm better and understand how to what you’re trying to do.

Chris Burress: So I think what’s really relevant in it right now is you, last week you were out just having fun, doing nothing basically, right?.

Matt Bertram: Up in New York city.

Chris Burress: In New York city at a conference, right?

Matt Bertram: At a marketing conference.

Chris Burress: And one of the, one of the things that as work on a debriefing from this kind conference is there was a room filled with agencies and what was the skill that they all tended to have and not to focus on?

Matt Bertram: Not a lot of them were doing search, a lot of them were doing that. They were advertising company, online advertising company, they were running ads, some of them were doing email automation, which is super big. And I think a lot of people need to use that more. But there were very few companies that were doing search.

Chris Burress: And we’ve got just case study after case study of hockey, stick after hockey, stick in the right direction for our customers because of the search results that we’re getting for them.

Matt Bertram: I mean the reason I kind of like, so we have an internal like PPC team, and SEO team and it’s kind of the dark side, light side, whatever. I don’t know which side is which-

Chris Burress: [crosstalk 00:15:29], healthy competition.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, but what I will tell you is the reason that I’ve moved more to SEO is the ROI on getting something ranked organically or in the maps is exponential with ads. It’s a one to one and it’s gone.

Chris Burress: You turn off the ads and they’re down.

Matt Bertram: Ads are like people that are going after coupons. You always got to put an offer, you got to get them to a landing page and it’s only really 15% of the traffic there is bright BrightLocal study. It just came out, I was talking about the service ads at Google takes a portion of your sale that further cannibalized it. So ads are now in industries that have those down to 11%, 11% ads and that’s how Google has become like one of the biggest companies in the world. But guess where all the traffic is? Guess, where the research, the better candidates that do their research that want to work with you, want to buy from you whether they’re, where sitting, where they’re hanging out, where you want to be fishing is-

Chris Burress: And search organic.

Matt Bertram: And then organic SERPs in the map.

Chris Burress: So a blog post optimized around the keyword glass water bottles. So this is an example. First he just does a search for glass water bottles and then he looks at all the paid ads that are there and like pulls out the bits and pieces that he likes.So in his case, BPA free, keeps you hydrated, durable, reusable. All of these are things that he might not have thought of. He just needed to go out there and kind of prime up the creative juices.

Matt Bertram: And I will say this and I think that it’s really important for the SEOrs out there, sometimes, and we actually have it built into our product buckets. Julene just research on the client. I think when SEO, we’re so busy with activity, activity, activity, it’s not good work all the time. And so you’ve got to take a step back and you got to like use your brain and figure out what that target persona is, what that customer journey is, what those people are seeing, what’s the conversation going on in their head and doing the research to pull out what those keywords, it took a second. He couldn’t just go, go, go, go, go. He had to look at it, had to engage what was going on, and then put implementation. And that is something that if we did that more and we built that into our model with our different SEO buckets and it’s made a huge impact that not everybody’s running, running, running, it’s kind of like measure twice, cut once.

Chris Burress: Yeah, absolutely. All right. Number five, find broken link building opportunities on Wikipedia. All right, so note this is an advanced SEO strategy. So if you’re new to-

Matt Bertram: And I love it.

Chris Burress: [crosstalk 00:18:12] it’s pretty brilliant. So broken link building has it all scalable, white hat, and it’s powerful. One of the challenges though is where do you find the broken links? The value with Wikipedia is they actually say-

Matt Bertram: We need help!

Chris Burress: Dead link, it actually says, dead link in the references. So they let it sit there for a while before the editors actually pull it out. So you can actually do a search for your phrase and the phrase, dead link, on Wikipedia and boom, you can find those locations.

Matt Bertram: I had a little story about broken link building or not so broken link building. So we do offer to people in the community if they want to do a guest post with us, there’s an option under SEO tools to come do a guest post. I had people reaching out to me, one guy in particular, I can’t remember his name, but he was pretty… I even emailed him, I was like, “This is ballsy dude.” So basically, some of the Neil Patel-

Chris Burress: Techniques, yeah.

Matt Bertram: Links that we had, he was like, “No, switch that off from my article.”

Chris Burress: From Neil Patel to his.

Matt Bertram: To him, and I pulled up his article and I was like-

Chris Burress: No.

Matt Bertram: “No” but the thing is if your article is really good, you can go after those links of blogs that are ranking really high, but just set your sites to a point like… And the thing is, if this article was technically a lot better than Neil Patel’s, I would have done it.

Chris Burress: You probably would have switched.

Matt Bertram: But he’s just like, “Switch this side with mine.” And I’m like… I Actually spent time to look at it because I was like maybe he went in all this detail and link and Neal’s-

Chris Burress: Maybe he’s earned it.

Matt Bertram: All those basic stuff. And then I just emailed back, I was like, “Dude, if you want to write an article, we could do that but I’m not going to be switching this stuff out.” So, it was kind of funny.

Chris Burress: And we’ll get into the reason why you wouldn’t want to change from a Neil Patel link to somebody of a lesser value link.

Matt Bertram: Well sorry guys, I’m coughing a little bit, so apologize on earlier, but outbound links, Google’s looking at that. They want to see where you’re sharing your goodness.

Chris Burress: All right, we’ll get there.

Matt Bertram: All right, I didn’t read this article, sorry.

Chris Burress: Number six, steal your competitor’s best keywords. Two ways to find keywords, enter random keywords into a tool and see if those are good keywords. And the other is find the exact keywords that your competitors are already ranking for. There’s lots of tools that you can do that with. Now-

Matt Bertram: Next.

Chris Burress: That’s what-

Matt Bertram: We know that.

Chris Burress: Yep.

Matt Bertram: Okay, well now what did you say?

Chris Burress: And then number seven, optimize your content to maximize share-ability, right?

Matt Bertram: Is a lot of where people miss the boat.

Chris Burress: Let’s face it, most content online isn’t worth sharing. Wait, you were just… weren’t you talking about an article that [crosstalk 00:20:57.

Matt Bertram: It depends where you’re at. Start where you’re at.

Chris Burress: It wasn’t the placing for Neil but yeah.

Matt Bertram: Start where you’re at and don’t measure yourself against what anybody else is doing. You’ve got to start the journey somewhere. So I’m not saying it’s a bad article, I’m just saying he was coming at me.

Chris Burress: It was not as good as Neil Patel’s article.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Let’s face it, because most of it is bad and without shares, especially backlinks, you’re not going to rank that content on Google. So, here’s a guide, he gave us some tips on guide to write viral content. Again, these are like freebies, not even included in the 21?

Matt Bertram: When I’m saying sharable, I’m like, “You’ve got to make sure you’ve got your shareable buttons.

Chris Burress: Okay, that’s-

Matt Bertram: On where you’re active. And that’s-

Chris Burress: That’s part of it for sure. One of the ones he says is, “Write short URLs. Shorter URLs tend to get more clicks.

Matt Bertram: It’s true.

Chris Burress: Next, put social sharing buttons prominently on the page.

Matt Bertram: That’s important.

Chris Burress: And be clear on Google-

Matt Bertram: Just on the platforms that you’re actually active on.

Chris Burress: Yes, not on a dead platform.

Matt Bertram: Like people want to put-

Chris Burress: Random platforms that they don’t even do anything on. Not a good angle.

Matt Bertram: Yeah because it works for them.

Chris Burress: To be clear, Google was probably not using social signals for a ranking factor, at least not directly.

Matt Bertram: Yes sir. I will tell you that they are absolutely using ranking factors, they’re using social signals. Absolutely-

Chris Burress: And if you think about this, you’re really killing two birds with one stone, right? So if you’re making your content shareable, it’s also going to be that same content which you’re going to dwell on most. Like if you see it and you remember, “Ah!” and you click off of it so quickly and you’re not dwelling on the page, then that’s not going to be content you’re sharing. So if you make it share worthy, then you’re also going to be increasing dwell time.

Matt Bertram: I want to know who decided it was called dwell time?

Chris Burress: I don’t know. I think he did because it’s a time on site, time on page.

Matt Bertram: Well I know, but people have been starting to use that just like HubSpot came up with inbound marketing. I wonder who came up with like-

Chris Burress: Do you want to come up with another word?

Matt Bertram: Yeah I want to come up with words or-

Chris Burress: And just make up one right now? Like-

Matt Bertram: Like Pitf.

Chris Burress: Like Pitf, punch in the face.

Matt Bertram: Like a [shaiko 00:23:05].

Chris Burress: That’s a good thing, we didn’t cover that in the beginning, did we? No, we forgot. We’ll get back to that.

Matt Bertram: We’re getting two professional corporate over here.

Chris Burress: Number eight, link out to authority sites. This is what Matt was talking about, Hummingbird, Penguin, we all know about those, but people often forget about Hilltop. Hilltop was an algorithm update or an algorithm cataclysm. Hilltop is essentially-

Matt Bertram: A throwback.

Chris Burress: Old school. Hilltop is essentially an on page SEO signal way that tells Google whether or not a page is a hub of information. So simple hubs are determined by the quality and relevance of those pages that are in your outbound links, right? So the bottom line is link to at least three… This is like pro tip, it kind of is hidden in here, bottom line is link to at least three quality relevant sources in every piece of content that you ever publish or die.

Matt Bertram: I believe that. And then probably three to four internal links too, as far as site structure goes. So typically, you always want to have some outbound links and then you want to have some inbound link.

Chris Burress: Yeah, the link juice that you have the most control over so that you should spend the most time on, it’s a limited amount of links is those links of your own website. You have total control over those. So point the juice to places that you want to.

Matt Bertram: Oh my gosh, so Brian sent us the punch in the face coffee?

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: Okay. I think there could be a drink called link juice.

Chris Burress: Link juice, that would be cool. I would like that.

Matt Bertram: We could send some people some link juice and like-

Chris Burress: We’re sending you some link juice, just link to us.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, or something.

Chris Burress: I like that.

Matt Bertram: Sort of like a wow gift.

Chris Burress: Very, very cool.

Matt Bertram: Can I have some link juice?

Chris Burress: That is all we have for this particular podcast. Our next podcast is going to cover the next eight items in this article.

Matt Bertram: So just binge watch us. You’re at the gym and we haven’t produced a lot of podcast recently. We are going to be bingeing producing them as well. We’re also coming up with some different formats. We’re on some different platforms. I know we’ve been talking about this for a while on the podcasts, but actually it takes a while to get those things going and we’re getting those things implemented and ready. sscopodcast.com is going to start to be the hub. We are on Pandora, iHeartRadio now. We’ve got to get on Amazon, I think we can get on Amazon.

Chris Burress: There’s doubt about that.

Matt Bertram: There’s one other one we’re on, like you can go to podcasts on Amazon-

Chris Burress: No, I think I’ve been on that one for a while.

Matt Bertram: Okay. So we’re just blowing out.

Chris Burress: So we do have something to kind of request of you until we’re on Patreon, there isn’t really a way for us to get paid. You can give us a jet later once we get on Patreon and we have that as an option. Until then, really the way we get paid is in likes, follows and reviews. We’re down to almost no reviews on Facebook, nine reviews on Facebook.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, thanks Facebook.

Chris Burress: So you could go to facebook.com/-

Matt Bertram: Ewebresult.

Chris Burress: Or bestseopodcast, either one of those will take you and please leave us a review. Please make that review.

Matt Bertram: Five stars.

Chris Burress: Five stars. If you’re looking to grow your business… Yeah?

Matt Bertram: No, I was just saying you could include some target keywords, in the review as well.

Chris Burress: Yeah, absolutely. If you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet-

Matt Bertram: The internet.

Chris Burress: Results, call eweb results for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is (713) 592-6724 we were-

Matt Bertram: And we have consultants standing by.

Chris Burress: Yes, give us a call.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, give us a call.

Chris Burress: See if you can get to the next step, because the next step pretty exciting. It’s called from problems to profit plan, so we find the problems that are happening-

Matt Bertram: Say that fast, five times.

Chris Burress: Problems to profit plan, problems to profit plan, probably to profit plan, problems to profit plan, problems to profit plan.

Matt Bertram: Or marketing workshop.

Chris Burress: Well that’s the next step, so from problem, we look at your internet marketing strategy, what’s going on with your website, we identify the problems and look at the opportunities that are going to lead you to profit in your internet marketing strategy.

Matt Bertram: We’re launching that new page this week.

Chris Burress: Well that new page, I believe that’s ewebresults.com/thatnewpage.

Matt Bertram: Profit_plan.

Chris Burress: Profit_plan?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: That’ll be here soon. Maybe even by the time you hear this podcast. I do want to say if you get a chance, [shaiko 00:27:25] us.

Matt Bertram: A share I like or a follow.

Chris Burress: [Shaiko 00:27:29] us on any of our platforms. Just Google us and whatever your platform, Facebook and searches, Twitter searches, Instagram searches-

Matt Bertram: I got banned on Twitter, and then they killed all my followers. I have zero followers.

Chris Burress: Maybe it’s what you’re doing that’s making us lose our reviews.

Matt Bertram: I’m only gaming it on my own account.

Chris Burress: On your own account.

Matt Bertram: I don’t do… I learn the algorithm and then it’s all [crosstalk 00:27:52] .

Chris Burress: And then the limits of the algorithim.

Matt Bertram: For all our clients.

Chris Burress: We were filmed alive here at 13105, Northwest Freeway, Houston, Texas. We’re sweet. What are we sweet 500_34-

Matt Bertram: 35 and 34, and 32, and 31 we got a bunch of sweets.

Chris Burress: Yes, 77040 if you’d like transcript video or audio of this podcast, you can find it at bestseopodcast.com boom. Until the next podcast-

Matt Bertram: Take your C60.

Chris Burress: Wait! We are the most popular SEO podcast on iTunes. We are one of the most popular-

Matt Bertram: If the reviews are still there. We got to go check.

Chris Burress: We are one I did on iTunes. Actually next two reviews are iTunes and we are one of the most popular internet marketing podcasts on iTunes. That is because of you all, all of you all use guys, everyone out there. We really appreciate you.

Matt Bertram: You and you and you, you, you.

Chris Burress: If you’re on YouTube, please subscribe. Please click the button, subscribe, follow, and if you’re in the podcast, make sure that you subscribe so you get them regularly. My name is Chris Burris.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris Burress: Bye bye for now.