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#480 - 13 Ways Businesses Can Use SEO & Marketing to Combat Coronavirus Impact by Miranda Miller- Part 2
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Video Transcript

Chris Burris 0:10
Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is crispers, one of the owners here at the web results.

Matt Bertram 0:16
My name is Matt Bertram, your SEO strategist.

Chris Burres 0:19
Welcome back to another fun filled edition of our podcast. This is podcast number 484. That’s, that’s a lot.

Matt Bertram 0:27
I mean, we got we hit let’s just let’s let’s let’s try to get through 500 I want All right,

Chris Burres 0:32
we’ll get there. I mean, if you think if they were only 30 minutes of podcasts, that’s 240 hours half of just divide by time it’s pretty easy. It’s 240 hours of content.

Matt Bertram 0:44
I 140 hours that’s a lot that’s a lot of content. Some of them are longer.

Chris Burres 0:49
That doesn’t even count the videos remember that day we worked into like well past 11pm

Matt Bertram 0:57
record like

Chris Burres 0:58
yeah, like We’ve x Yeah, that was a great time.

Matt Bertram 1:02
It was fun.

Chris Burres 1:04
It was a lot less beer um Welcome back to another phone filled edition of our podcast We are broadcasting live from Houston Texas Matt and I we are your results rebels thank you guys so much for tuning in we’re just going to jump right in although we will ask you to Shaco us

Matt Bertram 1:21
yes share like follow Yeah, follow like share

Chris Burres 1:24
those don’t fall in any order like we really don’t care.

Matt Bertram 1:28
I feel like there could be a song here

Chris Burres 1:30
and I go we’re not gonna ask you to do that and I think are getting good value.

Matt Bertram 1:35
Yeah, don’t don’t get don’t share bad stuff. Yeah, better. That’s got to have good good good quality sound good quality, 4k, like shots.

Chris Burres 1:46

Matt Bertram 1:46
You got to have like good content. Yep. Like in the can’t get bored.

Chris Burres 1:50
Yeah. And you can’t be boring. It must be infotainment. Yes. That’s exactly what I’m doing. article that we’re covering is the second half actually. So this is a two part podcast 13 ways businesses can use SEO and marketing to combat Corona virus impact. Yeah, it’s impacting all of us and and there’s things that we can do from a marketing perspective to make sure that we are impacted as little as possible and bounce back when things come back.

Matt Bertram 2:23
That’s one thing you can control. Yeah. Okay. Like, like, I think people are feeling out of control. They can’t do anything about it if they have a business. Now, there are certain businesses that are just we have a client that knock on the door shut down. Yeah. And we’re helping him to hire out the reason to do it. It’s a pivot to go online.

Chris Burres 2:41
Yeah, like it’s musical. It’s music school, and they said, You can’t have this many people in this location. So

Matt Bertram 2:47
so we’re setting up bringing the instructors in doing some zoom calls or redoing the website. So there’s things that you can do if you don’t think the world’s ending, but the one thing you can’t control is your your marketing Your messaging, how people maybe are viewing or interacting with you, you know, like how their buyer behavior or how their behaviors changing online and seeing how you might be able to provide value or a solution for him because that’s what people buy things. Right? They want a solution. Yeah. Right. So how is what you have a solution to their needs? Also know, based on data? Yeah, but 95% of all purchasing decisions are emotional. Yeah. Okay. So, you know, you need to understand maybe what people are going through and understand what their needs might be. But a lot of their needs are emotional.

Chris Burres 3:40
Yeah, right now, Sue says 95% are emotional. I think the other 5% are just accidental. Well, I think, I think, I mean,

Matt Bertram 3:48
the logic doesn’t play into a lot of things, even though it should

Chris Burres 3:52
logic is a justification is the thing that justifies the decision I’ve already made emotionally right? Yeah. 100% so recovering this article. It’s by Miranda Miller to Miranda Miller, like just a phenomenal article. Yeah, our last podcast we actually covered the first six ways. The first six items or you know, ways businesses can use SEO and marketing to combat coronavirus impact. And now we’re going to cover the remaining web seven through 13. So that’s seven.

Matt Bertram 4:23
You’re doing all kinds of math all day. Yeah, I

Chris Burres 4:26
think I feel like

Matt Bertram 4:27
my brains not on the math man has actually I mean, I’ve been doing like analytic research. But really, I haven’t been doing that this week. Really, what I’ve been doing mostly is overall messaging marketing. So I’m liking the branding model and

Chris Burres 4:41
get me connecting with existing clients and like saying, Hey, what’s the pivot for you? How are we going to make Yeah,

Matt Bertram 4:48
that’s like, you’re just like, oh,

Chris Burres 4:51
math. It’s a lot calculators. I did it. Alright. Subtracting six from 13.

All right. Number seven, work on your online reviews strategy our Matt our reviews important review,

Matt Bertram 5:08
you got to have at least 12 reviews, like people look at reviews to make decisions, like you know, video reviews the best, you know, someone’s name and or full name and like either how they’re associated business, whatever neighborhood if you can include that. But reviews are absolutely critical. They help people that are on the fence, make that decision.

Chris Burres 5:28
So you love numbers. And I was actually on a call the other day despite your brain being fried and not being able to process numbers, you love numbers. The other day, I’m gonna get a shirt that says I love the number they gave. They say one review can increase conversions by 365%. And I’m like,

Matt Bertram 5:47
I gotta put them on the back page. Chris

Chris Burres 5:49
gotta be on the buy page. Yeah, yeah. So the Contact Us Contact Us page. They need to be on the homepage. They got a page

Matt Bertram 5:57
all throughout there shouldn’t be like a reviews page that’s tucked away. Right now Google does like that I like to take take those reviews and sprinkle them all throughout the website. I did that with a website you can

Chris Burres 6:08
call that little little sprinkling little purchasing fairy dust who I liked it. Throughout it, so work on your online reviews, the web is littered with online review companies, reviews that companies haven’t answered. So this in this context, it’s not just about getting reviews, which you’ve got time and you should do that. Absolutely. It’s also about responding to reviews.

Matt Bertram 6:31
Well, you’re spying on negative reviews. Okay. 100 bright, like, like, you don’t need to banter, right? There’s like, I have some examples in my book of like, how you

Chris Burres 6:40
don’t respond this way.

Matt Bertram 6:42
Yeah, do not respond this way. But, but you want to acknowledge that in a manner that other people can see that you’re trying. There’s gonna be people that are gonna be upset or not like you. I’m getting some reviews of people that just are haters.

Chris Burres 6:57
There’s no accurate Yeah, well, I mean And then the good ones, but they’re

Matt Bertram 7:00
not. They’re not about anything that we’ve done.

Chris Burres 7:03
Yeah, they’re talking. He’s just like, I don’t like Matt. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Matt Bertram 7:08
Like, okay. I was like,

Chris Burres 7:10
Yeah, well, maybe you should stop listening to the book called build your brand. Maybe I need

Matt Bertram 7:17
to have an argument with somebody. When they’re there. Their their knowledge base is so focused. Yeah. Right, that if you’re talking online marketing doesn’t work.

Chris Burres 7:27
Yeah. Where do you go

Matt Bertram 7:28
from there? I get that is your belief structure. And you’ve seen it in this vertical. And I’m talking about all these different ways that I’ve caused. Yeah, like, how do I have that debate? I just, I just I have to just that’s it. Shut it down.

Chris Burres 7:44
Watch this hilarious. It was a debunker a guy debunking flat earthers.

Matt Bertram 7:50
Right. Okay. Yeah, that was that’s a great argument.

Chris Burres 7:52
There really is. No sommelier is because there’s this I forget what it’s called. But it’s like knowledge confidence curve, like you have the most fun confidence in your knowledge when you actually have the least amount of knowledge. And then as you start to get more knowledge, what happens is you realize how much you don’t know. Right? So your confidence in what you know actually goes down even though you know, a whole lot.

Matt Bertram 8:13
Well, that’s why I get people to run through brick walls. Yeah, like, like people that are not in the industry that you get them in the industry. Like, they can punch through areas that other people are. I mean, but okay, flat earth, like, you can see you can track the trash in space. No, it’s good. I

Chris Burres 8:31
thought it was hilarious, because they’ve got this model where the sun is going over the earth and trying to like, this doesn’t work. In fact, you have to provide two separate models to explain that daylight and gravity like it’s holy, and he did such a great and he kept coming back. You know, like,

Matt Bertram 8:46
you know, there’s dating sites that are for like, flat earthers. But like, I watched the documentary, I had to turn it off because it was just prodigious, not a guy, but I was like, trying to understand what they were thinking. I was like, I mean, my uncle worked for NASA. Yeah, like, the Earth is round

Chris Burres 9:02
so that your uncle is part of the conspiracy. So major, like the tooth fairy, so that was one of the one of the points that Miranda mentioned was you’re gonna answer these reviews and you should you should respond to him. Yeah, what’s the most powerful way to answer review?

Matt Bertram 9:24
I mean with a video Yeah, well, that’s the video

Chris Burres 9:26
and like you and I know this answer, but either way,

Matt Bertram 9:33
but I was like, I was like, You can’t always post a video. Yeah, so I thought, I thought Yeah, well, yeah, but I just thought you’re gonna ask me some cuts.

Chris Burres 9:41
So So her point is like, if you’ve got reviews for aeons, and you haven’t responded to them, you don’t have to like don’t start old, start new and go backwards and just go back. Whatever makes sense, but you want to make sure you put in Good,

Matt Bertram 9:56
good reviews. It’s like someone’s saying that love you. Yeah. And then You’re not saying anything bad. Yeah. Which you know, like, that’s an offer, like don’t do that, like so, you know if some if someone’s saying something nice, like you want to you don’t you don’t have to say, Thank you. Yeah, like you don’t have to say something nice.

Chris Burres 10:15
I’d love you to

Matt Bertram 10:16
just say, say it’s great, you know how to feel better.

Chris Burres 10:22
Read a review policy. And if you have a good candidate in your company, they may be working from home right now train or in that employee to manage your online reviews going forward. So it’s time like, but that’s kind of housekeeping keep Yeah, get that in place, coach them to respond to how to respond to negative reviews and one if and when there are negative reviews to make sure that they escalate that lead to legitimate customer service. If it’s legit. Yeah,

Matt Bertram 10:49
no, I think I think that that’s really important. Feedback helps you improve. What’s the data point on how many people actually respond, like are negative reviews positive?

Chris Burres 10:59
It’s like no, I think it’s nine to one, you’re nine times more likely to get a negative review than you are to get a positive review.

Matt Bertram 11:05
Like so. If you have a bunch of positive reviews how many people you’re thinking?

Chris Burres 11:08
Yeah, you’re killing it like if you

Matt Bertram 11:10
Yeah, it’s so like 117 five star reviews on Google my businesses. Okay.

Chris Burres 11:15
I feel like 117 five star is what a phenomenal

Matt Bertram 11:20
Yes. Basically, like, pass around circulation with pronounce.

Chris Burres 11:24
Yeah. It’s it’s, it’s really phenomenal. Now, this is what I got. You know, sometimes you find points in an article that we may not have.

Matt Bertram 11:33
I was totally bashing burn articles there. Oh, but it didn’t like correlate with reviews. So I just went with it. But I don’t know. Like, my brains mush.

Chris Burres 11:43
Yeah, it’s a lot of us. Yeah. So Miranda, she’s the person who both Yeah, she’s awesome. She does a great job. One of the things she says in this context show them a show this new employee what you expect as far as measuring the value of reviews and money. reporting. I don’t know how to measure the value of reviews, like we know they’re insanely valuable. Obviously somebody in that data point that I gave 365 times more likely to purchase. that’s a that’s a way to measure it. But like if I tasked somebody on the company to say, hey, I want you to manage these reviews, and you’re just responding, what’s the value of responding? I don’t know how you’re gonna

Matt Bertram 12:23
well, so how how, how I kind of related to reviews of tracking internally, right is 40% of people, by the way, so only on 80. All right, so so I’ll be quick. So so basically 40% of people that you ask yet like for view will potentially give you one right right. So so as people are coming on there, they’re handling like inbound requests. We were doing consulting sessions, we’re now doing videos, okay. I value I evaluate them based upon on a weekly basis, how many reviews they’re generating because really the customers gotta tell us if what you’re doing is valuable or not. And if you don’t feel that you’ve earned a review, I said, don’t ask for it. But if you feel you’ve earned a review, ask for it and 40% of time that people will will acknowledge you. So we have a lot of reviews with people getting mentioned specifically. Yeah. And, and that’s one of the ways that that, that I’m measuring reviews, but it’s really, like, vet really measuring the value and the format. So they’re bringing through review. Yeah. And and I do have reporting associated that but, um,

Chris Burres 13:30
and and that makes sense. And I got, you know, you nitpick like, this is a brilliant article,

Matt Bertram 13:37
by Article, how are you? I actually started with the title, description and

Chris Burres 13:42
they changed. They changed the title.

Matt Bertram 13:46
That that was the good, that’s the right change.

Chris Burres 13:48
Yeah, they made a good choice in interview. Yeah, they made a good choice on this. This article for those of you who haven’t listened to last podcast, first, shame on you go back and listen to the last podcast. And then second, we pointed out that By the way, we printed this and by the time I had to kind of re look up the name of the author, they had already changed the title like they printed it, and just moments later So, and the new title is a better decision, like flat out.

Matt Bertram 14:14
Alright, number eight, we’re down to the second one today.

Chris Burres 14:17
Yeah, get behind digital and your math is working. That’s good. Get behind digital in a big way. And so this is like, get your storefront online so that people can shift from personal shopping, maybe they’re coming in, maybe you’ve got a brick and mortar, and make it available for them to actually purchase online. Maybe you have been hesitant, maybe you’re like, Oh, I really do need to do that. now’s a good time to do that. Like hopefully it was done already. Or now’s a better time to optimize that site. So it performs better and gives a good experience because it’s easy to kind of throw up a website and say, oh, I’ve got my e commerce site, but nobody ever uses it. Maybe they don’t use it because it’s not easy to use. And now that you’re in a situation where maybe not as many people are coming in, or no people are coming in, it’s time to revisit that particular ecommerce site and make it work for

Matt Bertram 15:11
you. Right? Great. Skip on digital.

Chris Burres 15:13
Yeah. Number nine update your Google My Business profile for local customers. There’s a number of things to say here. Are you changing your hours because of Cova 19? Are you up actually

Matt Bertram 15:25
do that? Yeah. I mean,

Chris Burres 15:28
we need a for the phone to to the team. Well, they got the app that they can

Matt Bertram 15:32
Yeah, so we I don’t know if we’re doing that. But we’re here. Yeah. Now and there. How much longer Who knows? Yep.

Chris Burres 15:38
Um, so take special care to avoid this. Like I don’t this could just got thrown out. Are you taking special care to avoid the spread of the Cova 19 virus? Put that on your Google My Business listing? That’s a good thing to put out there. People want to know that let customers know what has changed. Have you changed the Hours of operation? Have you changed tools that are available? Get through Google post, which I know is something that you talk about from a good GMB perspective being very valuable for SEO. update that in a Google post, Alright, number 10. Show your website some love go fix your site. I was literally just talking about that. If you’ve thrown up an e commerce website, and you haven’t really given it much attention, because you’re mostly brick in order mortar, now’s the time to do that and turn it into the kind of profit engine that you always dreamed it would be. And it can be number 11. sniff out unnatural links.

Matt Bertram 16:35
I this is Amazon. You got excited about this one?

Chris Burres 16:39
Yeah. So in one case, a site had received a manual Google penalty. So she’s given some examples here. But they achieved the top three positioning within a week of removing an disavow file, right. So they found all the links that they wanted to disavow submitted the disavow file, and within weeks, they were in third position and that disavow file removed 1900 unnatural links. I wonder where those came from?

Matt Bertram 17:07
Yeah, there’s a lot of bad links like zero to 10 da links. There we go. That’s another site lost 82% of its traffic after building thousands of unnatural links, right. So so you can see in like h refs, or however you want to say it, basically, the link velocity, okay? And, and if you’re coming out of the gate, producing all these links, they’re all low quality in, you know, if you’re launching a new website, okay? So there’s instances where a lot of links are going to be creative, you’re launching a new website, there’s gonna be a lot of social shares, there’s gonna be a lot of things happening. But if out of nowhere, you just start creating all these links and like, also, they’re from bad neighborhoods. And, you know, like, there’s a lot of ways to get scary links on it. It messes with your overall link profile. We had a couple clients come in that were having a really You know, detoxify their link profiles and even like, so we’re having to build links that they’re losing, but also we’re getting rid of bad links. And we’ve seen them shoot up in the rankings, right? So, um, I would say focus on high quality links, one, one links worth, like 1000, bad links. And if you look at these websites that got like, 100,000 links, and then there’s like, there’s no high quality link. Right. Right. I would focus on true like, Google devalues those. Yeah, algorithm algorithmically low

Chris Burres 18:31
da or

Matt Bertram 18:32
if you get a manual penalty, you’re like, done. Yeah. Okay. And so you really got to be careful. With link building, you need to know what you’re doing. I wouldn’t be just all over the place getting out there getting links, I would focus on building high quality relationships, because the link is like, online PR. It’s like a vote for you. Yeah. And it depends who that vote is. So, you know, there are certain directories that have a lot of credibility. You can get links from there was one directory that was hidden, like the legal space that I created. And then it created like 100 or 200 links from that

Chris Burres 19:09
one. And I was like, No, I don’t want

Matt Bertram 19:11
that. I was like, I know what that is. Yeah, so you like, you gotta really be careful of what people are doing and how they’re utilizing this and what people were doing your site like you got to think about, like your off page link profile you and you can control your on page link profile. And I don’t want to go into this too much. But you can rank a site, if you have a large site, like certain pages by by kind of directing, like where everything goes from the site architecture to kind of the cross link, you know that but also, you know, partner sites or sites that are in your industry, getting links from those local links are really, really important. If you’re if you’re a local business. Links are whole. Thank

Chris Burres 19:57
you read the next

Matt Bertram 19:59
the next one. Whenever I

Chris Burres 20:01
consider an outreach strategy, I mean, in a title overtly No, we’d like you jumped right into the next one. So number 12 is considering outreach strategy. And that’s what you’re talking about. So

Matt Bertram 20:10
well, so so so we have people that we’ve trained to do, you know, blog outreach, link building, you know, really, podcast outreach, like, it’s all kind of the same process kind of outbound sales or, you know, like, whatever you want to call it, but it’s, it’s reaching out and connecting with people, and, and pulling them into kind of your sphere of influence or getting them to be part of, you know, be behind what you’re doing, because it’s like a vote in in your regards. So, you know, that’s like 40% of all SEO Yeah, is off page. And so it’s super, super important. Yeah. Now, more and more so is what they do once they get there, and how long they stay and all those different kind of metrics, those on page conversion metrics. The dwell time all this sort of things are becoming more and more important, because Google’s really how the algorithm was built was based on links. Okay? So the, if you look at the pattern, it’s always going to have a strong weighting. But but they are, how it’s evolving how it’s evolving, is very interesting. But man, you just get one high quality link, and it will move the needle. Yeah, overdoing all this work. So it’s kind of, you know, working the efficient or I don’t know what the analogy is, but my brain is mush. But you know what I’m

Chris Burres 21:33
working hard are working smart

Matt Bertram 21:34
that Yeah, so work smart. Not hard. Yeah.

Chris Burres 21:37
And she talks about outreach in another context, which is, hey, are your customers used to hearing from you regularly, like via email or via SMS message via social media? We love it. Don’t let that relationship drop off. Let that outreach to your customers continue. making the decision to cut your budget at this time is a reactionary rather than strategic right. Is it it is reactionary. SEO and online marketing are avenues to build connection and trust with people. And how you do that during challenging times. matters just as much, if not more, than you’re ready to serve them again.

Matt Bertram 22:15
Yeah. Now there there are a lot of companies doing PR. Okay, so I’ll give you an example. I think like chick fil a or something brought food yeah to, I don’t know, Walmart workers or something like that or target workers or even like a food bank. Like there’s there’s a lot of things that that you need to think about doing to keep your business top of mind, but doing the right thing because we’re all in this together.

Chris Burres 22:42
Yeah. Okay. And I think like the basketball player, the young rookie who offered to pay for the salaries of all of the workers who work the concession stands, that’s awesome. Like he just he’s new to the league and has kind of thrown down the gauntlet like, Look, I’m the new kid on the block, but this is the right thing.

Matt Bertram 22:59
All right. I mean, we’re like, we’re all trying to figure this out together. And I think that we can help each other in doing that. And you want to, you want to find ways if if, like, I just hate Honestly, I hate it just bothers me so much that we throw away like Whole Foods throws away food at the end of the day, okay, like, I don’t know if they’ve changed that. But they got sued or something like that. So they used to give it away. And they don’t do that anymore. Like, there are opportunities. Like there’s teachers that are delivering food for kids, because they’re out of school, and they depend on that food. Like they’re, there’s so many different things that you could redirect resources to do, and to provide some community support. And, you know, I think that if you do the right thing, it will come back to you. Yeah. Okay. And I think that,

Chris Burres 23:48
you know, and there’s nothing wrong with tooting your own horn about what you’re doing, right, that’s, you’re adding value. And so some people are like, Oh, I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do and I don’t want to be braggadocious about But remember this this current market, like marketing strategies now totally change. And it’s about the persona of your business. And if your business is a kind, caring business, you doing these things is and talking about doing those things is actually sharing with your consumer base. What kind of business

Matt Bertram 24:20
right? Like, who you are like, I mean, like it goes back to like TOMS shoes or something like that, like, like what drives you? Right? And I think that this is an opportunity to kind of see, you know, what, what you can do when you have additional time, how can you help out where can you offer resources? What can you do? And the thing is, people will hear about this stuff and what what this is all talking about is reassurance, social connection, tangible assistance, like you do those things. You’re building community with your clients, the majority of our clients that I’ve interacted with, like I don’t, you know, we’re growing and so I don’t I don’t talk to all of them. All right, um, you know, especially anymore on a regular basis, even one set that I’ve worked with, but they’re doing business with you because of the connection. Yeah, they’re doing business with you because of the value because of the results. There’s a lot of reasons they’re doing business, but if they don’t know, like, and trust you, like they can choose to take their business elsewhere. Yeah. And And now’s the time to stay in front of them. One of the things that I do talk about my book and I have talked about in past podcast, things important is, what is your level of connection? Right, right. So what do you want it to be? You know, is it monthly? Is it weekly is a daily, how do you interact with people in your life that you talk to daily? Or weekly or monthly?

Chris Burres 25:40
Yeah. And there’s people who fit into those kinds.

Matt Bertram 25:42
Yeah, you know, and then anything beyond that, in my opinion, like you’re kind of an acquaintance, right? But But right now, okay, with all that’s going on, you might want to become a little bit closer. Yeah, right. Like if you have more time or you can move some resources around. You might be talking to a monthly or you might not even be talking to them at all. It’s Time to maybe get a little bit closer connect to them, find out what their issues are, figure out how your product might be able to solve, come up with maybe a new offer, you know, change that experience so they can more easily access your product or service online or remotely or understand what that is or explainer videos are, there’s so many different things that you can do to operate in this environment.

Chris Burres 26:26
But don’t put your head in the sand and they just don’t

Matt Bertram 26:28
you know, I like you know, marketing helps you change that conversation. And gives you the ability to to share your message whatever that is or PR or anything like that. And I think that now is the time to take those action steps. So so more people can get to know you, you stay top of mind with your existing clients and and as the knees change for your customer, you can better service them with whatever your you’re offering and and you know Change that messaging. So

Chris Burres 27:01
absolutely, that connection is so important. Yep. All right, so we have come to our final This is the 13th of 13 ways businesses can use SEO and marketing to combat the corona virus impact. And this is get to know customers better with a deep dive, enter your first party data. And I think like just to piggyback first off of what you were saying, Get to know them better. If you’ve got a small client base, reach out to them and understand what’s going on. They want to appreciate that they will appreciate that connection. And if you’ve got a much bigger client base, like dig into it, go through your analytics and sales data. What do you know about your customers? What do you know about prospects that didn’t pick you? What is in the analytics data that you may have missed in the past and, and you know, are they all on iPhones or maybe they’re all from city x, like dig into the data and look for trends that can help you hone your marketing so that you can be significantly more effective with that marketing. And I like this, you know, we always talk about this. Remember to Put your own oxygen mask first, right? Absolutely. You have responsibilities to employees, customers and other stakeholders, but you need to take care of yourself so that you’re in shape to take care of others. First, you got to need to take care of yourself first. So you’re in shape to take care of others. And and that’s, that’s absolutely

Matt Bertram 28:20
true. I certainly hear words matter. Perspective matters. Yeah. Like I really, I really like that. I think that that’s what marketing is. Okay. And that’s the power of marketing. But with that, I’ll leave you with like, probably one of my favorite kind of like, tidbits. Yeah, this whole thing. Yeah. Just keep calm and optimize on Keep Calm and optimize on I think that has to be it’s for

Chris Burres 28:49
Hey, this is bringing our podcast to a close you can find a transcript audio video of the podcast at best seo You can Actually,

Matt Bertram 29:01
not right now, but maybe by the time

Chris Burres 29:04
that’ll be for as part of our cleanup like this. We know we

Matt Bertram 29:07
have we have we have like, most of the podcasts we have the transcripts up there, but I’m just saying this one specifically will

Chris Burres 29:14
tell you it’ll be up we’re gonna go up Yeah, pretty pretty fast. We were filmed live in Houston, Texas at 13 105 Northwest freeway. Sweet 515 got it. 515 Thank you guys very much for that. If you do like what you’re getting from this, please go ahead and share like and follow so Shaco us that would be much appreciated. If you’re interested in growing like we’re doing these Hey, how could I potentially pivot my business? We are operating

Matt Bertram 29:45
Yeah, okay. We are operating this climate we are operating on. If you need a strategy session, reach out if you’re looking to pivot your business and need somebody is reach out if you’re thinking that this might be the opportunity to to change like your story. Now’s the time to do it. I think that, um, you know, crisis opportunity. I think that’s like the same word in Chinese or something like that I, you know, it’s all about it’s all words matter perspective matters.

Chris Burres 30:14
Yeah. Yeah, that’s all I got you come optimize on. Yeah. So thank you guys and until the next podcast, my name is Christopher. My name is Robert. Bye bye for now.

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