The Beginner’s Guide to the 7 Steps of the Sales Process
In this very special Christmas episode, Matt and Chris discuss the article, “A Beginner’s Guide to the 7 Steps of the Sales Process” by SalesForce. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris Burress: Hi, and welcome to the SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burress, owner of eWebResults.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram, Santa.

Chris Burress: Santa. Welcome back to another fun filled edition of the podcast. This is podcast number 445.

Matt Bertram: The SEO Santa.

Chris Burress: The SEO of Santa?

Matt Bertram: The SEO Santa.

Chris Burress: And I’m the worker elf.

Matt Bertram: The SEO worker elf. The web development worker elf.

Chris Burress: I’ll be the web development worker elf.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, web development.

Chris Burress: I use axes and hammers and chisels to carve out the best websites there can be. That’s what I do.

Matt Bertram: Digital tools?

Chris Burress: Which means websites that convert, right?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: A really fantastic, amazing, graphics sliding in, sliding out, all of that. That’s really nice.

Matt Bertram: No, no. You’re really doing more like CMS, CRM integration type things.

Chris Burress: Yeah. I am pulling the wires and-

Matt Bertram: You’re not doing all the flying flag, because that doesn’t help with conversion systems.

Chris Burress: No. It doesn’t. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the podcast. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast and that tip is…

Matt Bertram: Use geo-fencing if you’re a brick and mortar location.

Chris Burress: Yeah. And those beacons, right. So we’ve heard a little bit about beacons. We talked a little bit about beacons in podcast number 444, go check out that podcast. They can really help your business identify your customers, stay in contact with your customers and generate more value.

Chris Burress: Subscribe, follow, boom.

Matt Bertram: Subscribe, follow, boom. But back on that. All right so-

Chris Burress: That was really a smooth transition.

Matt Bertram: So, the Google beacon actually changed, you’ve got to have an app now to track the goals. Google has started getting too many requests I think, and they are like, “All right, you got to have an app. This is too hard to do.” But there are third party beacons out there that you can look at that can do a lot of really cool things so check it out.

Chris Burress: A lot of really cool things. I wanted to jump into this review, we had this right away. This is a big punch in the face to Brian [Loebig 00:02:10] . He’s a longtime listener of the show. We talk regularly and he says again, the eWebResult crew deserves another five star-

Matt Bertram: Five stars.

Chris Burress: Review from a fellow SEO who needed some assistance figuring out a YouTube Google video results optimization issue. I’m going to say that again. A YouTube plus Google video results optimization issue that was perplexing. “You are well deserving of the top internet marketing podcast on the planet designation.” # Bows gracefully.

Matt Bertram: I like that.

Chris Burress: Brian punch in the face. I sent this over to the team they’re like, “The SEO company SEO er’s turn to when they get stuck.”

Matt Bertram: Yeah, we are the SEO company that SEO’s turn to when they have problems. I mean that’s the new tagline.

Chris Burress: Punch in the face to you Brian. Merry Christmas, Happy new year to you also. We are filming live here, broadcasting also live on Facebook live and punch in the face to all you, you tubers out there who are checking us out. Please remember Matt and I, we are your friendly results rebels.

Matt Bertram: I feel like we should tie something to Christmas with that though. Results elves.

Chris Burress: We are your friendly results elves. Results rebels on the shelf. If you’ve just tuned into the podcast for the first time howdy and welcome to the podcast. We’re doing the potatoes now, we’ll get into the meat shortly.

Matt Bertram: Joe Hahn, Joe Hahn, Joe Hahn we have a contest.

Chris Burress: He’s the giver of gifts this Christmas.

Matt Bertram: Why don’t, why don’t you just give them a sneak peek of the article, and then we’ll do the gifts so people know what we’re going to be talking about.

Chris Burress: Here’s what we’re going to be covering today. We decided to change it up a little bit. A beginner’s guide to the seven steps of the sales process. I see that Joe Hahn is going over to the mirror and preparing himself for his-

Matt Bertram: His debut.

Chris Burress: His debut on the podcast. If you look at me Joe Hahn, you know that is wholly unnecessary. So, a beginner’s guide to the seven steps of the sales process. This is actually from salesforce.com, we do some work for Salesforce. We checked out their blog we were like, “Hey, this is a good article. We are constantly talking about the sales process with our customers.” So we decided let’s share it.

Matt Bertram: All right, Joe Hahn we’re going to step to the side and give you the full-

Chris Burress: You have literally blocked him. Let me move the chair in your way and then come this way. Joe Hahn: Ho ho, ho.

Chris Burress: Ho ho ho I like it. Joe Hahn: Can you see me?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

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Chris Burress: Right there. Joe Hahn: Shira Agotay.

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Chris Burress: All right Joe Hahn he did good.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, I like it. I like it.

Chris Burress: He might get back again-

Matt Bertram: He is the surprise elf. The gifts elf.

Chris Burress: I like his take charge attitude. He is like, “I’m going to have these guys promote this.” And he’s exactly right. We are going to promote this. If you’re returning to this podcast, it may be because you’re getting some value from the podcast. You might be interested in our… We’ve got resources, we’ve got mini mags or tips, so you might be interested in that.

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Matt Bertram: There was a plugin that we were looking at where people can actually leave reviews for the podcast prior and live and then we can answer them. It was a pretty cool thing on another podcast we were checking out and we are looking about adding that next year.

Chris Burress: Yeah, we’ve made so many changes in 2018. We’re going to be making even more changes in 2019. Our team is expanding. We had a team building on Wednesday, which was phenomenal. Breakthroughs on the team, team walked out of there all fired up and really connected. It’s exciting.

Chris Burress: It’s one of the differentiators, I believe for eWebResults results. You can, you can find “internet marketing anywhere.” And at the end of the day it boils down to the team. So what is that company doing to maintain the best team in the market? We’ve got our podcast-

Matt Bertram: We’re your team.

Chris Burress: We’re your team. So, it was a great event and I was going somewhere with that. But where I’m going to go now-

Matt Bertram: We were in rock climbing is what we were doing.

Chris Burress: [inaudible 00:09:53] Texas rock gym, punch in the face for those guys, they did a phenomenal job. I highly recommend you… I gave them a testimonial and sent them in that direction. We’re sending you guys in that direction.

Chris Burress: All right. A sales process from prospect to close is often full of uphill climbs, twisting paths and expected turns. And I got to tell you, I’ll probably be leading this conversation, but the person who’s going to be adding those value is right here next to me. [inaudible 00:10:19] Mr SEO Santa himself comes from a really strong sales background, a top performer in and really high level sales organizations, pharmaceuticals et cetera, where that’s where the creme de la creme go anyway, and then he was in the creme de la creme of those so, he’s probably going to have a lot to add. Please don’t let me down.

Chris Burress: One of the things I’m going to say about this article, we talk about quality content and the intent of your article. This article is phenomenal. It’s from salesforce.com if you just go google beginner’s guide to the seven steps of the sales process, you’ll find them. But during this whole article, they’re actually selling an ebook that they give away at the end of the article.

Matt Bertram: This is how to do an article. This is fantastic.

Chris Burress: Inbound marketing 101.

Matt Bertram: And really a lot of what we do talk about with clients is where marketing ends and where sales begins. And marketing is starting to reach further and further in that sales process your website, your best salesperson. And so the way people are finding your businesses online, people have gone through 84% of the sales process before they pick up the phone and call you. There’s more and more important things you have to do from an inbound marketing standpoint to make yourself be a good selection for your customers, prospects.

Chris Burress: We like to say the sales process and you are using it today, doing a little bit of training to professionally help someone to buy. That’s our approach. It’s not about selling, it’s not about necessarily even getting the biggest deal. There’s chances where yeah, we could probably upsale someone. A lot of our prospects come to us and they just don’t know anything. Some of them have really big budgets and we could just say here, do everything. And it’s not the right solution. It is not the right solution for everyone.

Chris Burress: Professionally helping someone to buy. Stage one, contact and lead. Build trust at the start, 78% of business buyers seek salespeople who act as trusted advisors. Right? And it’s something that we do. Our whole sales process is geared towards showing us as trusted advisors.

Matt Bertram: It’s interesting that you mentioned that. [inaudible 00:12:35] trust advisors so-

Chris Burress: If only there was a good book about how to be a trusted advisor.

Matt Bertram: I would have to agree with Salesforce wholeheartedly and I wrote a whole book about it. So if y’all haven’t checked out Build Your Brand Mania, go check it out. I’m getting a lot of positive reviews. It hit Amazon bestseller. It’s all about-

Chris Burress: He’s getting a lot of reviews. He wants more. So when you buy the book, read it and then go back to Amazon and write a review. Hopefully you’ll make that review five stars.

Matt Bertram: five stars. And also you can get it on audible. So a lot of people that just don’t have time to read and they’re in the car driving or at the gym or something like that. You can go listen to an audible. I would encourage you to check it out, let me know what you think. But it’s all about how to build yourself and position yourself as a trusted advisor.

Chris Burress: Do your research, make sure you understand your prospect’s pinpoints, their business model. We spend a lot of time, a lot of time in our calls is like, Hey, what do you do? What do you sell? What do you sell the most? What makes you the most money? What have you tried? What’s worked? What hasn’t worked? That’s really important. And then we turn around and we start educating the prospect. And all of that turns into a trust building session.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. You want people to know I can trust you. Before they know I can trust you, they’re not going to buy from you.

Chris Burress: Next is qualifying leads. Let the leads do the talking. 78% of sales people said that listening had a substantial impact on converting a prospect into a customer. I feel like that’s low. And I’m going to ask you of the deals we’ve closed in the last six months, how many did listening not add value to?

Matt Bertram: All of them. I think that salespeople sometimes get excited or they get passionate-

Chris Burress: Which can be good.

Matt Bertram: Can be good but they forget to check in sometimes. Right?

Chris Burress: Right.

Matt Bertram: And so really being an active listener is so important in my opinion in a sales process. You really want to listen first, understand what those needs are before you start talking. Cause if you’re not talking to their need, you’re just kind of throwing spaghetti against the wall.

Chris Burress: I also think that you need to be careful because something that the client or prospect says early on could send you down a path. And so then you could get excited about this path, “Hey, this is the solution.” And if you stop listening at that point, you may not hear some of the things like, “Oh well that path doesn’t really work for XYZ. Or B2B versus B to C” or whatever the reasoning may be. So you’ve got to keep listening through the whole process.

Chris Burress: I love this question. I know you know the answer pretend you don’t. What’s the number one way to impress someone?

Matt Bertram: I need a scenario.

Chris Burress: If you meet somebody and you want to impress them, so maybe you-

Matt Bertram: Kind of stand up tall? Put out your chest a little bit.

Chris Burress: The number one way to impress someone is be impressed by them. Right? That’s the number one way. This is reality and it sounds funny when any one person says it, but remember this also applies to you. Anyone who thinks I’m smart is a genius. Anyone who is impressed by me is a genius. Like they’ve seen through all the clouds of my dysfunction and they’ve recognized that I’m smart and I’m impressive and they’re a genius.

Matt Bertram: I think that personal connection is one of the most important things in life. In all relationships and selling is a relationship but having that connection with somebody and also seeing them. A lot of times people see through they’re busy or salespeople or whatever. People don’t feel recognized and they don’t feel that sense of connection. And I think that being heard and understanding and connecting with that person on an emotional level. People don’t care how much you know before they know how much you care. I think that that’s kind of cliche but I think it’s out there for a reason.

Chris Burress: It’s directly associated… if you read the book Influence and I know you have, and then Pre-Suation by the same guy Robert Cialdini. I knew you knew something.

Matt Bertram: I’m impressed Chris.

Chris Burress: Great books right? And he talks about how those rhyming things are evaluated [inaudible 00:17:10] . And number three, is to provide value. Validate the benefits and value that you have to offer. Show them in your presentation specifically how you and your company can add value and work together to achieve their goals. Again, you can’t do that if you haven’t identified what their goals are. And that’s a listening process 100%.

Matt Bertram: Something else I would add in there. It does talk about it. Testimonials, third party validation is super important when you’re… there’s things that you can’t say necessarily about yourself-

Chris Burress: Right. I’m a genius. Doesn’t work.

Matt Bertram: Chris is a genius.

Chris Burress: See it works better. But we’re a little closer.

Matt Bertram: We won some awards this year. We won two. We won Clutch, we’ve won Top full service agency.

Chris Burress: And then our podcast is showing up on every list of… if there’s an SEO or internet marketing podcast out there-

Matt Bertram: We need to know a list where we can put it in the podcast to win some kind of award with that. It’s been internationally recognized but we need the plaque.

Chris Burress: It’s going to make us feel better. And you have some stat that you use a lot about testimonials and people trust a testimonial.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. BrightLocal did a study, I think it was last year and the number’s pretty high. I think it was 84% last year. It’s 85% this year, people view a testimonial as equal to a reference or a referral from a personal friend. So powerful, so important. You don’t want to hide your testimonials away. You want to kind of have them be maybe the first thing that people see if you’re talking about pre-suasion, let them read the testimonials before they read your content.

Chris Burress: All right. Stage number four is handling objections. Keep the conversation going. Top sales performers counter client objections over 23% more often than average person performers. I also think that’s probably a little low. Objections are opportunities to learn more about your prospects needs. Let them fully explain their objections and ask lots of follow ups questions so you can understand the root of their issue. Sometimes the objections just kind of come up because they don’t feel they’ve been heard enough. Right?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: And so it’s your opportunity to ask those questions. Remember, objections are not punishments. They’re information.

Matt Bertram: I think that’s the better opportunity to sell right? Because if someone doesn’t give you any objections-

Chris Burress: And they just go away.

Matt Bertram: And there’s just kind of some smokescreen, right? And they’re not telling you what the true objection is. If someone will open up and share with you, that means they trust you enough and they think that you can help them answer it. And they’re actually trying to work their way through that process. Right? And so anytime someone gives you rejections unless it’s it’s tones important to but if people are giving you a projection, it’s really an opportunity to educate, to figure out what the pinpoint is, to find out that more information to move them through your sales process or their customer journey.

Chris Burress: And really it’s specific things that if you can solve, you’re going to get the deal, right? Like, “Hey here’s the list of things that maybe we haven’t talked about yet or maybe I’m not clear on. And if you solve these last couple of things, boom, you’re moving on to the next sale.”

Matt Bertram: The debate out there a lot from a conversion optimization standpoint is short content versus long content. Long content is kind of a catchall, but typically works better and here’s why. You want to phrase your content where maybe you’re catching the people that are. skimming or ready to buy at the top. But then you want to go into all the objections.

Matt Bertram: Think about those letters you get in the mail. I get a lot of them, I might sign up for a lot of lists-

Chris Burress: You do.

Matt Bertram: I do. I Like it. I actually have a drawer of all the ads that I get. You think about these, there’s some on vitamins on brain stuff. I get all this kind of stuff and so basically it’s like 10 pages long. It’s like who’s going to read this? Someone that’s interested will read it and they want to find out as much information as possible and you got to treat that as direct mail sales copy and say, this is my salesperson and-

Chris Burress: This is my only chance.

Matt Bertram: This is my only chance. So I got to answer every objection one after another until they’re fully satisfied. You see that on landing pages, you answer something. If you go to buildyourbrandmania.com that’s my book funnel it’s basically a similar format. “Hey, are you ready? Here’s a little more information. Are you ready? Here’s some more information. Are you ready?” And then at the end here’s the home run pit or like swing for the fences ad copy and then get them to buy. And so really a lot of the stuff that was done in print has moved into the online space.

Chris Burress: So there’s one kind of equation that I’m aware of which is… It involves like how do you get people to get over, cause everyone comes into a situation with some resistance. Do I want to buy that watch? Do I want to buy that internet marketing service? Do I want to buy that car? They have some resistance. So what you need to do in this kind of professionally helping someone to buy is concentrate on their dissatisfaction, understand what their dissatisfaction is. Give them a vision of where they could be. So your dissatisfaction times your vision, right? If you don’t have a vision, they’re not moving. If the dissatisfaction isn’t that low, they’re probably not moving. And then you add to it, what are the first steps? So if you can keep the first steps nice and simple, when all of that is greater than the resistance, then they’re ready to move forward.

Matt Bertram: I like that. We need to make sure that they put that on the page of the podcast. We’ve got to make sure. So whoever’s transcribing this.

Chris Burress: (D*V+F) has to be greater than resistance.

Chris Burress: Number five is structure the deal. So now you use your tools to build a proposal that works for both parties. The stage before you get a yes can be the most tricky. Structuring a deal that makes everyone involved happy means keeping your future customer in mind while still holding your ground. It could be why you got to configure a price quote. Actually they say that configure price quote software is projected to grow 127 to 26% over the next two years.

Matt Bertram: What’s interesting about this is that tool that I was going to tell you about, I’ll tell about it now. Really in conversations with clients is they’re trying to figure out how do we get more leads? How do we get more deals? That’s what everyone wants. Well, when you look at it from an SEO standpoint, it’s really mathematical. What keywords have the most volume? Where are you currently ranked? And then where are you going to be ranked? Or where can we get you ranked?

Matt Bertram: Based on keyword difficulty, we can kind of give some timelines or milestones and so basically I want to have this formula that you put in where you’re ranked and where we plan to get you ranked in the timeframe and then what that traffic increases looks like. You plug in how many leads you’re generating right now. So if we double your traffic, boom, boom, boom, right?

Chris Burress: Double your leads, improve your conversions.

Matt Bertram: And so you can run these math problems to see where you’re going to be and see what the value of your traffic’s going to be. And there’s a couple of studies out there that show you the top three positions on Google where all the traffic is, it falls pretty significantly. And then all the way down to position 10 the first page out of the first page, you’re in 1% range doesn’t really even matter. There’s just kind of some different tools out there that I think are super helpful from an SEO standpoint.

Chris Burress: By now you should know that the customer you’re talking to has budget, authority, needs and a timeline part of proving that your price point is legitimate is doing your homework and being able to show your work. And this is where you would use case studies for example to show what you’ve done. But you’ve got to be careful, don’t include extras that could be a nice upsell but could interfere with the client success. That’s what we were talking about, there’s clients with budget and need and confusion, right? Those could be the easy ones that you could lump a lot of services on. But if those aren’t the right services, don’t do it. You want to keep a customer for life.

Matt Bertram: And I think you got to be really… You want to streamline your process and you want to be really simple. Internet marketing unless you’ve been in it a while is somewhat overwhelming right? For people that don’t fully have a… what does SEO mean? Ask 10 different people what SEO means. It’s a really broad topic.

Matt Bertram: Here’s something interesting that I wanted to kind of highlight. The budget authority needs and timeline. The BANT is what they called it. They abbreviate it as BANT. I never heard that before. So I really thought that that was a pretty good way of summing it up and to create Acronym.

Chris Burress: So that you know you really need to have your BANT before [crosstalk 00:26:25] . Is the BANT good or is the BANT bad?

Chris Burress: Next, finalize the proposal. Utilize all the information you’ve gathered on the way. It’s important to lean on the rapport and research when you’ve done this. Cause at this point as they’re getting closer to kind of wrapping up the negotiations, you might get a little bit more negative buyer sentiment. And this is where maybe if you’ve got a drawn out sales process, you want to be able to reference previous concepts, right? Previous conversations that you’ve had. And this is where Salesforce is like, Oh we have a solution for that. Our CRM will help you store information about your earlier phone calls. So you can kind of re bring those conversations back in towards the end and say, “See I remember how we connected this.” And-

Matt Bertram: Salesforce is amazing. It was the first cloud based CRM system. The guy had a vision so, look at this. Who wrote that? [Gong 00:27:20].

Chris Burress: Gong.

Matt Bertram: When we close a deal internally just some of the-

Chris Burress: Culture [inaudible 00:27:29].

Matt Bertram: We have a bell that we gong and so it’s funny on the finalize a proposal, the quote for [inaudible 00:27:36] seven is gong. It kind of ends it well, right?

Chris Burress: Number seven, close and keep commitments. A great handoff is key to longterm success. Customer satisfaction is now the most tracked KPI by sales teams worldwide. Right? So the sales teams close it and then hand it off and then they know that they need to track customer satisfaction. Cause if the sales team over sold the deal, undersold the deal, like they want to track how satisfied the customer is.

Matt Bertram: That’s the most important thing. In my opinion it’s after someone’s joined a relationship with you that you’re delivering what you say you’re going to do. You stand by your word and they’re happy. And really another quick data point out there. I know we’ve thrown a lot of data at you but, it costs 25% to keep an existing client than it does to acquire a new.

Chris Burress: One quarter of the cost.

Matt Bertram: One quarter of the cost. So really if you can get new customers, then keep them happy longterm you’re going to get also those referrals, you’re going to have happy customers and really your job becomes not like a job. It just becomes like you’re hanging out and you’re doing stuff with a bunch of friends. And I think that that is really the goal cause we spend more time at work than anywhere else. And so you want to love your job, you want to have passion for your job and you want to love the people you work with. You want to love your clients.

Matt Bertram: I think that’s so important that you have that feedback loop from that communication. We do the monthly results call, right? And also we can break that apart 15 minutes per week. And that feedback loop is so important and that’s something-

Chris Burress: It’s a differentiator.

Matt Bertram: That when you look at and track here internally. It’s actually tied to people’s salaries. So it’s super important to us.

Chris Burress: I think the summary is once you close the deal on ink and the ink has dried make sure you set your new customer up for success.

Matt Bertram: I love that. It’s so important.

Chris Burress: That is a guide from salesforce.com. A beginner’s guide to the seven steps of the sales process.

Matt Bertram: I like it.

Chris Burress: Give us comments if you want, guys know how to reach out to us. If you like this podcast, we actually ask that you tell three people you SHIKOW us.

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Matt Bertram: The internet is everywhere.

Chris Burress: It’s everywhere. Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. (713) 592-6724. If you had a referral and you mentioned right, when you deliver good value to customers and you’re maintaining those customers for longer periods of time, they tend to give you referrals. We have a referral program. You don’t have to be a customer to give us referrals and get paid. Just go to the website, click the referral link. And…

Matt Bertram: What I’ve been talking about with some new clients is they definitely like what we’re doing and they want to refer us out to other people and they’re wondering can we apply that against our monthly costs? You can absolutely do that. We will work with you, we’ll donate to a charity. We just want to give back and we want to thank you and we can do that a lot of different ways. If you want a book, if you want a tee shirt, we want to build a relationship with you and grow the community. So please share people with us. We value those relationships, we value your relationships so we appreciate it.

Chris Burress: Yeah. All right, so we were filmed live at 599 W 34th street, suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. If you would like a transcript, video or audio of the podcast you can get that at our website ewebresults.com.

Chris Burress: You guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes. This is our last podcast of the year.

Matt Bertram: Is it? We’re not going to do one for new years?

Chris Burress: Well, I’m out.

Matt Bertram: We could like call in.

Chris Burress: We could do that.

Matt Bertram: I feel like we need to keep [crosstalk 00:31:37] them with a bang. Right. This is the last one before Christmas.

Chris Burress: It’s definitely that. No doubt about that. Maybe we can, we’ll see if we can put something together. If not [crosstalk 00:31:48]. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Matt Bertram: We’ll see you at the new location and if we don’t…

Chris Burress: Yeah, we’ll definitely see you there. Thank you guys for making us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, like Brian Loberg reaching out to us, sending us questions, giving us reviews we really appreciate that. Until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burress.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram. Merry Christmas. God bless. Love you.