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2017 has drawn to a close and we are so excited to start the New Year with you guys. Start 2018 off right with some excellent advice from Matt & Chris. We will be discussing “9 Bad SEO Habits to Leave in 2017” by Mindy Weinstein at Search Engine Journal. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your PPC Specialist and your 2018 expert.

Chris: Genius? Super expert? We had Results Rebels?

Matt: Rebels.

Chris: Results Rebels!

Matt: Rebels!

Chris: Alright. So it is 2018, we are your Results Rebels, and it’s time to do our first podcast of the year. Punch in the face to Manny and Mark for tuning in. This is podcast number 402. As always, we have a tip. We do have a–

Matt: Fireworks.

Chris: Fireworks! 402.

Matt: Whoo! Happy New Year!

Chris: Whoop, whoop!

Matt: Okay, sorry guys.

Chris: As always we do have a tip from our previous podcast and that tip is…

Matt: The tip is, “Spend as much time organizing your content strategy as promoting and creating it.”

Chris: Yeah, so we all– I mean, we’ve talked a number of times in our podcast about how important it is to organize and create your content– excuse me, to promote your content. Organizing it is just as important. It’s really that overall strategy that guides everything in terms of promoting your content. So make sure you spend enough time organizing it.

Matt: I mean the preparation, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Going into it, your strategy of what your putting together is the most important thing. You gotta understand what you’re trying to achieve to put that plan forward to build it.

Chris: Absolutely. Subscribe. Follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: Alright. So let’s get to our content– excuse us if we’re a little bit disorganized, we haven’t done a podcast in a week and half. I wanna talk about this review we got. We did in fact get a review.

Matt: Fantastic.

Chris: This is from Jonas Henriksen and it is of course 5 stars!

Matt: Stars!

Chris: “Great show!!! Always getting value from listening! Thanks! Keep up the good work! Greetings from Denmark.”

Matt: I love it.

Chris: That’s cool, Denmark. That’s good, I should know some phrases.

Matt: What’s Hello in Denmark?

Chris: I should know that but I actually don’t.

Matt: Yeah okay, I don’t know it either. I actually have some friends living in Denmark.

Chris: Right now?

Matt: Yeah, they moved back.

Chris: Are you secretly having them submit 5 star reviews from there? Let’s see. If you enjoy– so if this is the first time listening to the podcast: howdy, welcome to the podcast, thank you for joining us. If you have listened to this podcast before, then you know what we’re not gonna skip this time.

Matt: Oh.

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Chris: Very soon.

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Matt: Exactly.

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Matt: See? I saw that, and I was like, “That’s what it is.”

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Matt: You didn’t really point, yeah.

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Chris: Wait, then you’re like– we’ve already done that one, eWebResults. That’s where we’re at. Hey, if you do have some sort of electronic device, I wanna talk about the article we’re gonna cover today. By the way, you’re listening to this. You need to make sure that you are connected to us next week.

Matt: Yes, next week.

Chris: Right, so next week is what? 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. The 12th.

Matt: The 12th, I think that’s right, yes.

Chris: On the 12th, we’re actually gonna be interviewing on this podcast, his name is Loren Baker. You might have heard of him. He was one of the founders of Search Engine Journal. He’s actually referenced in the article that we’re covering today.

Matt: What a coinkydink.

Chris: It is amazing how that works. But what we would like you to do, discussing this article– this article is actually by Mindy Weinstein, “9 bad SEO habits to leave in 2018.” Man, I don’t know about you but I saw a lot of posts on Facebook that were like, “I’m just ready to leave 2017 behind.” And I’m like, “Yeah, there’s lot of things in 2017 I’m glad to leave behind,” and I feel like we left them solidly in June. And so I’m happy. Like the last half was just like really exciting for us, but here’s 9–

Matt: Did we have like the biggest week…?

Chris: Week in company history.

Matt: In company history.

Chris: Right before, yeah. Right before the New Year.

Matt: Just curious.

Chris: Yeah, so it’s pretty exciting. So Mindy Weinstein. If you’re in a position to, go ahead and tweet, tweet Mindy Weinstein, that’s W-E-I-N-S-T-E-I-N and also include #SEOPodcast. Tag us in it @BestSEOPodcast @eWebResults, you could mention that this is podcast number 402. Yeah.

Matt: Two.

Chris: Two. Two. Two. Two. If you like–

Matt: I feel like we should’ve been one back. Then this would’ve been the first one of the new year.

Chris: Of the new year, 401. Yeah.

Matt: Now you’re confusing people.

Chris: So if you liked this podcast and joy we offer, you probably will like our “5 online marketing mistakes that could tank your business,” and of course, how to avoid them. All you need to do is go to eWebResults.com/SEOTips, give us your email, we’ll get you that PDF file, it’s amazing.

Matt: And we’re gonna add a new one very shortly for the new year.

Chris: Alright. So I have like only one piece of news. I just thought this was interesting, “Internet association,” So this is like a lobbying group for like the Big Ones, like Facebook and Google, etc. They filed a lawsuit against the FCC for repealing the net neutrality. We’re glad that that was happening. Can somebody check Facebook and see if we’re still there? Are we still there?

Matt: I think we’re still there. I don’t know.

Chris: We’ll make sure. Manny can you confirm we’re still there?

Matt: Well, I’ll say from a new stand point, all my news– well, I did read five books.

Chris: Yeah? Only five?

Matt: I read five books over the break.

Chris: He’s just prolific, he comes in and I’m like, “Good night Matt,” and then he comes in then next day, “I read like four books.”

Matt: That does happen, but all the news that I’ve been following lately is Bitcoin.

Chris: Yeah. All it is, Bitcoin, Bitcoin.

Matt: I don’t have any internet news, but Bitcoin–

Chris: Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, #University, all of that good stuff.

Matt: But the five books were internet marketing books, ‘cause no one’s written a Bitcoin book that I know.

Chris: Yeah. Well, we do have a client who’s Bitcoin University, so that’s pretty exciting.

Matt: Yes, we’re gonna– yup.

Chris: Yeah, we’ve got something from–

Matt: They just did a profit plan with us.

Chris: A problems-to-profit plan. By the way, we didn’t mention this, if you’re interested in a website analysis for your business, and then ultimately that will lead you into what we call our From-Problems-to-Profit Plan.

Matt: It was our Deep Dive, but people didn’t like it. We got some market feedback.

Chris: It’s still hard.

Matt: I’m trying to call it a Profit Plan. It’s great, it’s this great strategy session. We fix problems for you, we give you an actionable step, and then that moves into you becoming a client with us. So we have actually a Bitcoin University that we’re gonna be moving into a full client, so we’re excited about that.

Chris: Yeah, very cool. So just if you want that website analysis, go to eWebResults.com and click the Free Website Analysis, and that’ll kinda stick you down that path. You’ll get great information along the whole way. We’re actually getting testimonials like at each step, and each step they’re like, “That was awesome,” “That was great,” “It was like a coaching session,” etc. And the first step in that is free. So take advantage of that.

Matt: And then the next step is $499.

Chris: Well, we say it’s a $1,500 value, just ‘cause we could put more on it.

Matt: It’s actually risk free.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Because if you buy any monthly service, we apply it to that. And it’s a great surprise for people because they feel like there’s so much value, and then they get a discount when they start. It’s awesome.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. Alright, let’s jump into this article. Again, by Mindy Weinstein, “9 bad SEO habits to leave in 2017.” She said that these are just SEO tactics that just plain don’t work and worse can get your website penalized. So you don’t wanna do them. Number 1 is, “Creating one page for each keyword variation.” Yes, you used to do this. Yes, we’ve done this in the past when it was the right way.

Matt: I did.

Chris: When it was the right strategy, right?

Matt: I did do this, yes.

Chris: We’ve done this hundreds of times, possible thousands of times. We do not do it anymore, right? In fact, Barry Schwartz of Search Engine Land fame, RustyBrick fame, he actually talked about the Google Maccabees Updates and addressed this particular issue about keyword variation. So you wanna go check an article about him. He said he looked at a lot of people submitting pages to him, and one common issue was related to local landing pages, City Name Service A and then City Name Service B, and what a challenge that was. Mostly remember, we talk about providing a good experience to the Google user, and it’s just not that good of an experience. What kind of content are you gonna put on a page that’s just SEO Houston, and a page that’s just SEO PPC, and a page that’s just SEO– I mean Houston PPC, and then you know–

Matt: I mean when I did it for all 48 states, it was tough with duplicate content.

Chris: Yeah, a lot of dupe content. Really what he says, and this is the highlight point of this. Mindy says, “You need to have content that is valuable to your users.” Remember as long as you’re providing a great experience to the Google user, Google will look favorably upon you. Number 2 is, “Aggressive–” did you have anything to add?

Matt: No. I feel like that’s true.

Chris: We’ve completed that?

Matt: Yeah, that’s true. That’s true.

Chris: Okay. We get the check of approval from the Results Rebel. “Aggressive link building.” So wait a minute. It’s interesting ‘cause we use the phrase “aggressive link building” but you gotta be careful with what aggressive link building means to you, right?

Matt: It’s just bad links. Like get good links, do good outreach and you’ll be fine.

Chris: So it’s not just that. When she’s talking about aggressive link building she’s talking about, oh I don’t know, go on to Fiverr and buy 5,000 links, right? So if you were to imagine a curve– if you’re watching this, there’s a straight line of where your links are and then it goes straight up 5,000 and then goes across continually straight.

Matt: It’s not looking organic on the back end.

Chris: That does not look organic. Google can see that and is like, “Yeah, this step curve is not real, so we’re just gonna disregard all of those.”

Matt: But also the links are usually not related to the category, and so you gotta be careful doing that kinda stuff. You just follow what Google wants you to do.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: They’re the police.

Chris: Yup. They’re the keepers and the police, and all of it. The very important point Mindy is making is, “Links are a public endorsement that reflect that a website has valuable information.” Links are valuable, there is no doubt about it. We say it’s like 45% of your ranking factor. So you definitely wanna make sure that you’re doing linking.

Matt: Links help you build authority. You want that expert adviser status. I mean that’s really what you’re trying to achieve.

Chris: And she says that problems occur when these links are gathered in an unnatural way. Make sure that your link strategy is more about marketing and user-focused. And this is interesting, “Search Engine Journal Founder Loren Baker–”

Matt: Whoo!

Chris: Why does that sound familiar? Oh wait, we’re gonna be interviewing him next week. “He gave some great link strategy ideas in a December 2017 Search Engine Journal ThinkTank webinar.” And he’s got a link to that. So if you just Google, “9 bad SEO habits,” go under number 2 at the end, you can find a link to Loren Baker’s article that’s referenced there. And Loren we look forward to chatting with you in seven days. Well under seven days ‘cause it’ll be on time.

Number 3 is, “Adding marginal content for SEO purposes.” You’re always like, “Okay, we need a page for all these 500 phrases.” This also goes back to when you’re having one page for each keyword permutation, and so what do you end up doing? You probably had thin content on those pages, or it was all duplicate content.

Matt: Did we get dinged for thin content before?

Chris: Well not back then, no. We did not, so it was thin content. It was incredibly thin. It may have been three words. The three words and the keyword phrase. There’s no question that you need content but it’s still a problem if you’re only making marginal content. It’s also added to a website for the purpose of improving SEO. You’ve just gotta get the content right.

Matt: So one of the things that I just kinda wanna throw in here, it’s somewhat related, but when you’re doing AdWords, okay?

Chris: Oh the police.

Matt: Well no, no– well, yeah. So when you’re doing AdWords, okay? What works in AdWords works really good when you’re trying to do SEO. So the better you can learn AdWords, the better you’re gonna do SEO. And really there’s a lot of areas where this fits in. But I mean I can just tell you that I had a point, and Josh–

Chris: And then the police walked in. Josh walked in.

Matt: And I was like.

Chris: It’s gotta be good content– this marginal content, there’s a problem–

Matt: Oh, so Ad Groups, okay? So when you’re using like semantic learning or something like that, the Ad Group that– think about it not at the keyword level, for the page, but at the Ad Group level, right? So it’s kinda a theme or a concept that you’re trying to hit if that makes sense.

Chris: Yeah, perfect sense. Good, we still haven’t lost our feed. Oh, we’ve got a comment from Joshua and he’s referencing the article, so good. If you’re on our Facebook page, you’ll be able to find that in this Facebook feed.

Matt: It’s just your phone.

Chris: “Content has to be considered high quality, especially when compared to the competition.” Think of it in terms of that, right? So it’s one of the things that we do when a new client comes to us. We look at what is the profile? Their profile. And then what is the profile of the competition? What do we have to beat, right?

Matt: We don’t try to reinvent the wheel.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Alright, number 4, “Not fixing (or identifying) harmful technical problems.” I would add a caveat to it: it’s not sufficient to identify them, you need to fix them, right? She says, “After doing countless technical SEO audits, I can confidently tell you that most websites have some type of issue that hurts their search performance.”

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: Like our Search Engine Department talks about potholes and craters that are problematic in terms of technical issues, and she lists a couple of them that are big ones. And we’ve actually talked about this in recent podcasts. “Improper redirects.” So it’s the 302, 301. How many redirects do you have? “Slow page load time.” “Mobile errors.” “Duplicate content.” Yeah, we talked about that. “Unintentional blocked pages.” She references an article. There’s a great Search Engine Journal article with more insights. It’s called the, “Most common technical SEO mistakes and how severe are they?” Wait. We talked about that like two podcasts ago. So you don’t even have to go back and reference that article, just listen to our podcast.

Matt: I would just say: use Search Console, okay?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: You need to use Search Console. Google’s given you the map of how you can fix your stuff and they’re gonna like it. And just do what they want. I mean it’s just–

Chris: Very cool.

Matt: I’m very passive. Just do what they want.

Chris: Do what they want you to do.

Matt: Just do what they want you to do.

Chris: Alright number 5. And again, this is “9 bad SEO habits to leave back in 2017.” “Forgetting to optimize images.” What? Yeah, “As SEO professionals, we need to take every opportunity to show up in search results, including optimizing for images,” right? So imagine having on Google’s first page, you’ve got an image– well, that’s an image search, but you’ve got also videos. You want videos on that first page. You gotta optimize each piece of content.

Matt: There’s a ton of websites out there that you can just drop an image and it’ll optimize it for you.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: There’s downloads, everything. So this is one of the things that not a lot of people do, and that will give you that edge.

Chris: And it’s actually easy.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: You really just need to focus on the file name and the Alt Attribute in title. I would focus on the title as well, she doesn’t mention that. She says, “Instead of an image filename like XYZ123.jpg, consider using–” don’t consider, use the description of it, such as “organic-coffee-beans.jpg.” I like that she– coffee’s good. I’m good with coffee. I could use a cup of coffee right now.

Alright number 6, “Linking excessively between your websites.” So Mindy mentions that she had overheard some conversations or maybe this was in a form where they’re like, “Oh yeah. You need to make sure you cross-link your websites a lot.”

Matt: Well not a lot, but a little.

Chris: Yeah, you do need to cross-link them, absolutely, and it’s important. So I can give you a good example, I read an article– man this was probably two years ago but relevant to this, where there was a marketing company that on every one of their client’s pages at the bottom had, “Marketing done by eWebResults.” And it was linking back to the eWebResults page. And it was on every one of the pages of their clients.

Matt: Just one.

Chris: Yeah. Do it on home page. So what they did is they kinda recognized this is probably not good. And I don’t even know how they identified it at that time just from kinda keying in on to some information that was released by Google. And then they went in and just had the one link on the home page that was active. And back in all the rest, referenced them but did not link to them, and their rankings actually shot up.

Matt: So I’m gonna read between the lines here on number 6.

Chris: Okay, yup.

Matt: And I think that there is more to this conversation and I think they’re talking about PPMs.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: I think that if this was at an SEO workshop, okay?

Chris: It would expand into a virtual private network.

Matt: Yeah, well like I mean–

Chris: The context, yeah.

Matt: We have a couple blogs.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Just a few.

Chris: There’s a few blogs.

Matt: Just a few blogs.

Chris: And we’d like to cross-link them, but not on every page. Alright, so yeah. Just be judicious with the links that you have, if you’ve got multiple websites.

Number 7, “Trying to ‘trick’ Google versus playing by the rules.” If you’re implementing those techniques that are getting your websites ranked, while flying under Google’s radar, just know that that’s not gonna work for long. She gave the specific examples, you know AMP pages, right? Nice feature on mobile. And then a lot of people what they were doing was gaming the system. They’d give like one AMP page and then that would immediately take people to their full website. So it’s a gaming system, right? And in fact, I don’t know, just three or four podcasts ago, we read a piece– I think I read it while I was doing my research for the podcast, that Google’s kind of identifying if all second pages right off of the AMP page are not AMP pages, it’s not really an AMP site. So it’s not gonna penalize it, but not give it the AMP value that it might’ve been in the past.

Matt: That’s good technology. AMP is good technology.

Chris: Absolutely. Absolutely. Alright, number 8, “Focusing on Keyword rankings as the main measure of success.” We could not agree with her more, right? Like it’s great, we wanna do it. Like we celebrate when we get first page placement. We’ve got clients who are in the Knowledge Graph, we celebrate that.

Matt: That’s cool.

Chris: That’s awesome. And when we call our clients on a monthly basis – ‘cause we do talk to our clients at least on a monthly basis – we are not just talking about keyword ranking, we’re talking about, “Hello Mr. or Mrs. Client, did you get clients?” ‘cause that’s the real measure, right?

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: And sometimes we gotta help them with strategies on: how do I parse out is this a web or an internet marketing client, versus if this is whatever, a billboard or walk-in or whatever you wanna call it. We spend a lot of time understanding that ‘cause we want them to know that their dollars first, are in good hands, are going to the right place, and are delivering value to their business. That’s what we do with each of our clients.

Matt: So one of the things I just find interesting is I just finished another book. It’s a Perry Marshall book on–

Chris: Since we started the podcast?

Matt: Not since we started the podcast, but I read it this past week, and it’s a Perry Marshall book on Facebook advertising, new edition. And so essentially at the back of it, it was talking about watching your stack, like what you’re gonna do with your money.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And it was talking about actually, if you’re looking at business, like you’re looking at a PNO or whatever, and you look at where their leads are coming from, if 100% of them are coming from Google, there could be some risks there.

Chris: There’s a lot of risk there.

Matt: And so it was talking about breaking it up. Facebook, SEO, PPC, like how are you getting your clients? And getting them from one source or one strategy, and then Google changes the rules, and you get hit, the business could be gone overnight.

Chris: Collapses.

Matt: Yeah. And so it’s interesting of kinda where you’re getting your leads from and what you’re looking at in Google Analytics. You really want a healthy mix. And so that was kinda something I thought was really interesting and you know, all these tricks as they stop working. You gotta make sure that your business is not just your one-trick pony kinda thing.

Chris: Yeah, that you get the next one. And in that situation I would even put Google organic– if Google organic is driving 100% of your business, you need to fold in paid, right?

Matt: Yes. Yeah.

Chris: Because those are really like– it’s foreseeable that organic could disappear because of some algorithm change and you’re in violation of something not intentionally, and boom you drop off the map. But it’s unlikely that PPC is, or they’re gonna change their PPC policy. That could drop off the map, and you come in. So the police just walked in and reminded us that yes, we do celebrate first page placement. If you’re looking at this online – and you should be – here we have Joshua, right? So we recently partnered with Joshua. He is the best SEO guy in Houston. So here he has four– no three of the top five position on the search for Houston SEO. Yes, we printed it out, we hung it on his desk, and we celebrated, and then we come back and we look at the bottom line, and we give him a hard time. We try to give him a hard time, we just can’t, ‘cause it actually does turn into dollars. Yeah, so you wanna be focused on also what types of traffic are coming in. What are the conversions? And we just couldn’t agree more. It’s about the conversions.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And then finally number 9. Again this is “9 bad SEO habits to leave back in 2017.” This one we would argue is one of the most valuable, “Practicing SEO as if nothing ever changes.” You should leave that in the past and you should listen to our podcast. Subscribe, follow, listen, share it, all of that good stuff.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: “Failing to stay up-to-date on best practices, algorithm changes, and webmaster guidelines is detrimental to your SEO success.” I believe that’s a drop-the-mic situation. Yeah, it’s really important to stay up-to-date. One of the reasons we do this podcast is not just to give value to you, that’s a great bonus, but it makes us stay on top. I mean I’m reading about 4 or 5 articles. Like parsing 12, reading 4, and then choosing 1 that we cover in the podcast.

Matt: He doesn’t work.

Chris: He doesn’t work.

Matt: I’m just kidding.

Chris: Not during the day.

Matt: Yeah, that’s true. We get very little work done during the day. We’re talking up a storm, brainstorming, talking with clients, meeting with clients. We’re gonna have to get a new location soon. We got meetings going on in every room, it’s insane.

Chris: It’s awesome.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: It is awesome. Alright, so that is the article. Mindy Weinstein, thank you. Make sure you tweet to her and it’s @MindyWeinstein and that’s Mindy, Weinstein is spelled W-E-I-N-S-T-E-I-N.

Matt: Just like phonetically it sounds.

Chris: And then make sure you also tag @BestSEOPodcast, so she knows that we covered her article. And maybe she’ll listen to this and realize that we’re actually gonna interview Loren and then she’ll tune in, and then yeah. And then she’ll share–

Matt: Please share. Share like the Facebook messages and the emails about this next podcast. We’re gonna be doing some promotion going into this next week. So please if you listen to this, please share. We think it’s gonna be a great podcast. We’re looking at predictions for 2018.

Chris: He’s gonna be on the screen right here. Right here behind us. So pretty excited about that. Alright, so if you liked this podcast – we kinda covered this – tell three friends. If you’re interested in growing your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet…

Matt: The internet.

Chris: Go ahead and call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, right? That’s somebody who’s interested in any aspect of internet marketing – we need like an A to Z – from website design, which is really kinda where it starts. It doesn’t have to, it could start with just Facebook marketing. But website design, Facebook marketing, all social media marketing, AdWords, Sniper ads, Wormhole ads. Yes, they exist.

Matt: Bear Trap.

Chris: Bear Trap ads. I’m trying to figure out how we can create Flytrap ads. I think it’s the Bear Trap, and then when the Bear Trap like collapses on them, then there it’s like a flytrap.

Matt: Well, then they go through the wormhole first.

Chris: And then they’re back, yeah. Some pretty amazing stuff. If you want any of those, you know somebody who wants some of those, send them our direction. They pay their bill, we pay you.

Matt: Or I’m thinking this year, like we maybe pick a charity, a charity of your choice, or we pick a certain charity, and hey, if you send a referral we’ll donate to a charity.

Chris: I think it’s a great idea.

Matt: Yeah. It’s been on my heart, so that’s something–

Chris: I like that. That’s a good idea. And maybe we can even split it off into both, right? Or make it an option to you. If you would like a transcript– wait, or video or audio of this podcast, you can get it at eWebResults.com.

Matt: I just wanna say our transcriptionist– if you have been listening to these podcast at some point I was making Boop! Bop! Bobuchiswa! She won’t put those in the transcript.

Chris: What?

Matt: I know. I was really disappointed.

Chris: Did you reach out to her?

Matt: Yeah, we were talking about it and she goes, “By the way, I’m not putting any of those in there.” And I was like, “Come on!”

Chris: Kablam!

Matt: Whammo! Wham!

Chris: She does other work for us, she’s amazing. Vicky, punch in the face to you Vicky. You do some amazing stuff for us. We are filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. Don’t ask me why I’m confused by that. We are the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, in the known universe, because of you.

Matt: Stitcher.

Chris: Thank you so very much. We haven’t got a Stitcher review and I think it’s that review problem.

Matt: It’s so difficult.

Chris: You can’t leave a review on Stitcher anymore, I don’t understand it. And we appreciate you. We’re glad you guys tune in. We’re glad you’re getting value out of this podcast. Thank you and we’re looking forward to an amazing 2018. I mean, already we got Loren Baker on deck.

Matt: We got a number of other people coming, yep.

Chris: We got other people, Josh has hooked up with a couple of other people to get on this podcast. We’re excited, like this is gonna be a great year. So thank you guys. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.

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