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Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring “Get More Traffic Now: 5 Secrets of the Most Popular Blogs.” by Jessica Foster. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, one of the owners here at eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your SEO Ninja for today.

Chris: The SEO Ninja! You know you don’t really look like an SEO Ninja in this picture behind us. You look more like an SEO Superman. Yes, there is a picture behind us.

Matt: But then there’s ninja tricks.

Chris: Oh it is ninja tricks. Ready to learn our secret–

Matt: And then this article’s ninjas. So I feel ninjy today.

Chris: Ninja-y.

Matt: Ninja-y.

Chris: Remember we are broadcasting live here from Houston, Texas and Matt and I we are your Results Rebels!

Matt: Results Ninjas!

Chris: Ninja-rebels. See? He’s–

Matt: We’re ninjas.

Chris: I feel like you saying ninja actually means you’re more of a rebel than– As always welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. If this is your first podcast: howdy, welcome to the show. If you’ve returned, you know how we usually format it. We’re going to change it a little bit today. We actually at the last minute of today, decided: hey, we got to do a podcast, we haven’t done one in a while. We found this really good article: “Get More Traffic Now: Five Secrets of the Most Popular Blogs.” And this article is written by Jessica Foster.

Matt: Jessica Foster!

Chris: Punch in the face to Jessica Foster. Actually if you’re watching, if you’re on Youtube first: great! Great to see you. You can see that article behind us now, we’ve added a TV. We’re constantly improving it’s pretty awesome. PITF. Punch in the Face. Right there on Matt’s shirt. By the way you can get those t-shirts.

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Matt: That is live.

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Matt: Or just Google and you’ll find us because we’re top of the SERP for tips.

Chris: All over the place for sure. If you like– look at Matt’s shirt. I don’t know if you want to zoom in there on Matt’s shirt. Because we have that capability. Matt look over at this camera, and you can see his shirt says, “Internet Marketing Acronyms: SEO, PPC, PITF.” Those are legit acronyms. So you can get those shirts and see all of our t-shirts – Internet marketing related of course – by going to eWebResults.com/swag. Which we don’t have pulled up and don’t need to pull up. So the article– I think we’ve already covered that we’re going to talk about that article. I say we jump right in.

Matt: Let’s get on with it.

Chris: Does that sound good? So this is a great article by Jessica. And really what she does is she digs into kind of the statistics. And the focus that five different very popular blogs have, and talks about how you can apply those to your particular blog, or situation, or content, or you know.

Matt: There are many case studies to how they grew their traffic, like how they grew their traffic. And really it’s just a case of reverse engineering which I absolutely love. So this was a great little find. So good job Chris.

Chris: Yeah, excellent. Alright. So the first one is business insider. So Business Insider generated more than 30 million website visitors per month.

Matt: Boom.

Chris: “There’s no doubt that there’s some golden knowledge to uncover in their content strategy.” The secret was really getting the story first, right? So the CEO Henry Blodget actually revealed multiple secrets, but the one that was really important was getting to it first. Timeliness. So if you’re the first– so we often talk about in terms of content whether it’s video, whether it’s audio, whether it’s text, that content which answers people’s questions. Be mindful that the questions that they have today might be different, right? So today’s questions, and a good example that they even cover is GDPR, right? So in Great Britain–

Matt: We did this.

Chris: We did a podcast on GDPR, right? “While having evergreen content is great, there’s something to be said for creating fresh, ‘trending’ content.”

Matt: So SEO for news: very different.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Okay? SEO for news is very different. Also Google gives you credit for the first person coming out with an article, and that’s really what you want to focus on: when it was published. There’s a number of things that you need to do. Just one tip for you small business owners out there. If you want to grab a lot of great traffic, is use Twitter, okay? As the news source and then post it on Facebook. And so a lot of people that aren’t on Twitter get their news from Facebook. So if you go grab it realtime from Twitter, and then move it to Facebook. You’re the guy that knows everything that happens before it happens.

Chris: Yeah, he’s on top of everything.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So that’s the simple and easy trick from Business Insider, is be the first to market with the information.

Matt: I mean we did this for geofencing a number of things, and get ranking really quite well. We even put out a proposal to one of the universities here in Houston.

Chris: because they found us like for our beacon.

Matt: That was beacon marketing. We did that with the cryptos. We do have a great new crypto client. You know we did that for–

Chris: Yeah, punch in the face to John.

Matt: So we also did that for THC marketing.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: We came out with a bunch of blogs there. Really I was just looking around where the traffic was, what to rank for. And we’ve done some of those things, grabbed a number of clients in those areas. Being the first to market, right? And so what is marketing? How do you kind of think about what is happening and what you can do that people haven’t done yet, and get in front of the crowd versus with the crowd?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, be the first. Alright, so next, was Huffington Post, an estimated 16.7 million visitors per month.

Matt: Nice.

Chris: She was saying 500,000 visitors per day became a household name. And it really started as a political blog. So they cover a lot of information now, but really started as a political blog. I liked when Huffington actually stepped down, she said this, and this is pretty interesting, “Just in case I get hit by a bus today, let me state this for the informal record: in my last year,” at Huffington post, “we made about $110 million in revenue, give or take, and we weren’t profitable.” So yeah, they had a lot of expenses. And what’s interesting is what they were doing is they had a niche, they were publishing with a purpose. So that was the secret. Make sure you’re publishing with a purpose. And her fate in her case it was unbiased news stories, right? So the typical media–

Matt: I don’t know.

Chris: Well, that’s what everyone says, right? And it really did fill that niche, right? So they surpassed existing news sites like the Washington Post, New York Times, Wallstreet Journal. What the–

Matt: LA Times not New York Times. New York Times–

Chris: Oh that was LA times, sorry.

Matt: The New York Times is still the leader. What I can tell you about Huffington Post is– I read a lot, you know that right?

Chris: Yes, a lot. Yup.

Matt: Yeah, and there’s this great book out there which was like: “Confessions of a Media Manipulator.” Okay? And it was Ryan Holiday. So punch in the face to Ryan Holiday out there. I really loved your book. It gave a real insight into how the blog world operates and how information or rumors are passed around really quickly. And he referred to the Huffington Post quite a bit, okay? About how their writers got information and the stress that’s put over them to generate views. So even if it’s true or untrue, they published it. It was very insightful as we start to build out some news sites for clients and for ourself. So I can just tell you unbiased is a very quote surrounded– you know?

Chris: I feel it’s used very biasly.

Matt: Yeah, I mean like the whole fake news. It’s really coming quite rapidly.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: This fake news, how do you tell the difference? What’s true and untrue? I mean usually where there was smoke, there was fire, but now today you don’t even know.

Chris: There’s a whole lot of smoke and you can even–

Matt: And mirrors.

Chris: Yeah, that’s good! What he said or what she said in reference to this is: “Before you create content, ask yourself these questions: Have I asked my audience directly what they’re interested in reading? Do I know their pain points, fears, needs, and desires? Do I have the data to support this, or am I assuming this is what they want? What is the primary purpose of this content? What is the ultimate goal that I want to achieve with this content? And what actions do I want users to take when they read this content?”

Matt: So this actually we need to incorporate into our employee guide for our content writers.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: I think that this is phenomenal questions to ask and really all content should have a purpose you need to understand. Just like marketing dollars, all your marketing dollars should have purpose and they’re trying to achieve a particular objective. And if you don’t know what that objective is, you’re just kind of blown in the wind. What I can tell you is that a lot of clients that are coming to us, if you look at the graph of why they’re maybe getting beaten by their competitors and they’re out-working them, is they’re ranking very far in I guess the Y-axis for a number of words that they rank for.

Chris: X axis.

Matt: X axis.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yeah, sorry. See? it depends on how you look at it. If you’re head’s sideways, right? And then–

Chris: He reads a lot. Sometimes it’s late at night in bed, and it is in fact sideways.

Matt: It’s true. And then the upwards axis of the amount of traffic that you get. And so if you’re way over here on the graph to the Y-axis way out to the say, right okay? And your competitors are kind of hearing a little bit of kind of the sweet spot box?

Chris: Right.

Matt: You’re not focusing your content on the right keywords.

Chris: Alright, so it’s really that’s about what is the search volume for a particular keyword.

Matt: Well, what I think that people are doing is they don’t really have a purpose for their content. They’re just kind of producing stuff. One of the things we actually do is build out a content map based on the AIDA model, and we try to create three pieces of content in each category for each keyword theme or focus section.

Chris: Theme, yeah.

Matt: I call it a theme, but people get confused with that. So like a verticle or a keyword phrase.

Chris: Concept.

Matt: Yeah, concept. And really building out the kind of 12-pack in the AIDA model that does something to the Google Algorithm, I don’t know. And it just triggers viralness.

Chris: Really good result for sure. Yeah, I think all those questions are great. I like the one– you got to be really careful about assuming what your clients want. How many times have we had prospects come in and like, “I want to rank for this.” And you’re like, “Ehh. No, you really don’t because those people aren’t going to convert,” or “You think that’s what they’re asking for but there’s no search volume for it,” or you know.

Matt: So I had a client that signed a contract by whatever our new sales people. We actually have new sales people come in and I’m doing the onboarding call with them.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And we were kind of going through some things and they were paying a lot of money for SEO for a keyword that had 10 keyword searches per month nationally.

Chris: Nationally!

Matt: And so…

Chris: Wow!

Matt: I told them like, “Hey, I know that this is what you want to do, but I don’t think your money’s going to go to good use. We need to reevaluate what you’re going to do. And since there’s not a lot of search volume here, we need to do things to generate demand. And so I said, “Let me come back to you with a recommended proposal to run Facebook ads and Facebook videos, and then do some Youtube organic marketing as well as on LinkedIn organic marketing. It’s working quite well.” And I said, “You don’t need a full website, you just need a landing page because you have one service and we want to capture their information.” So we really reworked the whole strategy based on what the client said, “This is what I want to do. This is what I want to go after.”

Chris: And sign the agreement based on that fact. We can do that.

Matt: And sign the agreement and said, “I want to go after this.” And I’m like, “I don’t know if we want to do that.”

Chris: Well that goes to the name of the company: eWebResults, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And so you really got to break down what are the results that they’re interested in? Is she really interested in placing well for a phrase that gets 10 searches per month. Well, she may in her head be interested in that, and is that going to deliver value? Is that going to deliver the results? Frankly that will keep her as a customer in the long run.

Matt: And well you know, that’s kind of one of the things that we’re massaging here. Is we do have this kind of onboarding process. I believe– what’s the date before we get married, right?

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: And let’s get to know each other. And so the paid consultation that comes in is super important.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: You know? But a lot of times clients they’ve kind of done their research, they’ve figured out what they wanted, and they just say, “Hey, I want to do this.” And a lot of times they’ll go to a company and the company says, “Hey, if you want to pay me this, I’ll give you this.”

Chris: I can do that. I can get you in the first position for a 10 search phrase per month.

Matt: Yeah, but is that going to be cost effective? Is that going to be useful? Are you going to have a good ROI? Like I really try to put myself in their shoes and say, “Is this the right use of your money?

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Is this the right strategy? And if it’s not, I’ve turned away clients.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.

Matt: Because I want to deliver a good campaign and good results, and generate referrals, and also if you’re focusing on the wrong terms– I’ve seen this with used car dealerships. I have a used car dealership client that we’ve had to counsel on that. I have a pool client, same thing. That there’s keyword volume out there that doesn’t align with what they think. They’re like, “Hey, I do it this way, so everybody does this.”

Chris: So everyone else has to do it this way.

Matt: And really I’m starting to become a data ninja.

Chris: Right.

Matt: A data scientist, a data ninja is potentially what I would say. And you got to look at this kind of stuff.

Chris: And so at the end of the day, the data is what really matters.

Matt: It’s all that matters. I mean it’s like a math formula, almost, you now? Where you can kind of figure out where your break even point is, how much traffic you’re going to get based on placement. How long it typically takes to get in that placement. You just kind of back into all this stuff and then you use these big players as case studies to reverse engineer what they did, and follow along their path, and kind of got after some of the terms that are not as competitive and we can go through that in a course or class to show you kind of how we go about doing that. But it’s very strategic.

Chris: Yup, and kind of data driven.

Matt: It’s kind of sniper– Yeah, data driven. For sure.

Chris: For sure, really good. Alright, so next she talks about TMZ. Estimated traffic is 13.8 million searches per month. Obviously TMZ is the drama queen of hollywood news. And they said that their trick is tipsters, right? So they’ve got people out there who will give them– people that are digging into the inside scoop. They’ll come out and give them information, inside information. And so we’re going to ask you if you know something new or interesting about search engine optimization, we’re going to follow what this article says. Why don’t you become an eWeb tipster or an eWebber?

Matt: eWebber. And we haven’t really rolled this out, but we do have a mascot and it is a boxing platypus.

Chris: Look! It’s us!

Matt: That’s pretty awesome.

Chris: That’s one of our three shots.

Matt: That is pretty cool.

Chris: Very cool. If you’re watching on Youtube, make sure you subscribe and follow.

Matt: Boom!

Chris: So yeah. So if you’ve got tips, some new things happening in SEO: tell us your story, tell us your short little case study, and we’ll make sure that we can share information about that, and the details of it, and why it was successful in those types of things.

Matt: I really love working in new verticals because I love digging into the content or digging into the data.

Chris: It’s time consuming.

Matt: It’s a lot of work, but it’s a lot of fun. And again, the methodology across all industries is the same. And if that works: have a good methodology, have a good execution, and you can deliver results. That’s the secret.

Chris: So one of the points that she makes with tipsters is: hey, I don’t know, if you have a podcast, why don’t you interview people who might have information that would be great as– that a tipster might provide. Guess what we’re going to do? We’ve already got some podcast interviews scheduled for us.

Matt: Ah. We’ll, I’m very excited.

Chris: It’s on your calendar. it’s just far enough out that you haven’t seen it yet.

Matt: Oh, I know. I know. I know who it is.

Chris: Lock will be joining us!

Matt: So we got a bunch of big names that are going to come to the eWebResults: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing podcast.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: People that you probably follow and know out there. We’re really stepping up our game, we’re coming up with new channels. I know we’ve been saying that. We’re just busy right now, but it’s all happening. We’re building out the digital assets to do that. So just be patient, stay tuned. We will get caught up.

Chris: They’ll be here, they’ll be right here behind us.

Matt: We got to have in front of us too, so we can talk to them. Like we’re going to have to– actually know what we want? It’s the little robots. Where they like drive.

Chris: They can achieve like run around and knock over candles and stuff.

Matt: That would be awesome.

Chris: That sounds like a bad idea. So alright, number #4 is The Verge. An estimated 11.6 million visitors per month. The Verge is the Jack-of-all-trades. Covers everything from entertainment to tech science. And they say their secret is referral website. An Alexa audit of The Verge revealed that the blog’s primary traffic sources are sites like sneaker news, footlocker, finishline, nike. All of those sites are major shoe and athletic apparel.

Matt: So, I’m not part of the 11.6 million. Can you tell me a little bit about The Verge?

Chris: I am also not part of the 11.6 million.

Matt: Riches are in the niches, and it looks like shoe niches are–

Chris: Apparently that’s a very rich–

Matt: I mean if Nike’s referring to you, I mean–

Chris: It’s a good idea. It says, “Nike.com alone–”

Matt: So it is a sports website?

Chris: I don’t know.

Matt: Is there anybody out there that’s watching us live that can comment and let us know.

Chris: That knows what the verge does.

Matt: But The Verge says a jack-of-all-trades. Entertainment to tech to science to product reviews. So they must be doing–

Chris: Maybe it’s product reviews, right? They’re doing lots of–

Matt: Yeah, maybe it’s product reviews.

Chris: There it is, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, that makes sense.

Chris: So “What this looks like is creating content that provides value to preferential referral sites. Content like: reviews their products. Offers comparisons of their products over competitors. References other articles on their website.” I am like 99% sure I’ve been on the website and looked at the information.

Matt: I’ve listened to the song. Or isn’t there a band? Like The Verge? I think there is. I don’t know! Anyways, what I can tell you is product reviews are awesome. We did a product review. Sammie, one of our content writers, did a product review of Airstory.

Chris: OF the content of like light mapping– oh yeah, Airstory.

Matt: Airstory. And that’s still on the first page in Google. And that was something that was a big notice point about two years ago that we saw. That there’s just so many different things we could do, but you should definitely consider doing that because you could get referral traffic from Nike.

Chris: Yeah. Yeah. To the tune of like, what was the trip? 40 million visitors per month.

Matt: I’ll take it!

Chris: From just Nike. So pretty impressive.

Matt: This is New Balance. We’re going to start doing New Balance reviews.

Chris: Okay. Good because mine are some Brazilian brand that I couldn’t even tell you their name. So, we’ll go with New Balance.

Matt: Not Italian but Brazilian, huh?

Chris: Brazilian, yup.

Matt: Alright, cool.

Chris: Bought them in Panama. My wife is from Panama so we were shopping over there.

Matt: You were just in Vegas, were you not?

Chris: I was just in Vegas.

Matt: You didn’t even tell me. You were like, “I got to take Friday off.” And then my Facebook feed starts blowing up, and I’m like–

Chris: He’s in Vegas!

Matt: He’s in Vegas!

Chris: And then he’s like, “Are you going to be back in time to do a podcast?” Of course!

Matt: I didn’t know if he would come back.

Chris: It was a half day on Friday, and then back for work on Monday. Alright, so next is Lifehacker. Estimated Monthly visitors: 3.5 million. Lifehacker’s tagline is “Do everything better.”

Matt: I like it.

Chris: Right? Hacked their way in success. Ironically perhaps, that they are doing the same. They’re actually hacking their way into success. Their secret is community generated content, right? So that’s users–

Matt: Crowdsourcing.

Chris: Yeah. Users providing the content and then people commenting on them, and getting every [00:21:15 – Indiscernible] the value.

Matt: Those are absolutely the best way to grow a platform. I mean let’s think about Facebook, and Instagram, Twitter.

Chris: Twitter.

Matt: Oh, I’m officially an influencer now on Twitter.

Chris: Oh!

Matt: I got emails coming at me now that I’ve hit over 10,000 of promote this or promote that.

Chris: Wow!

Matt: Look at that.

Chris: That’s pretty cool.

Matt: Yeah. So I guess I went over that threshold.

Chris: That’s what happens when you write a book. Didn’t they tell you, “Hey, you’re writing a book, eventually you’re kind of going to become an influencer.” Of course that wasn’t your goal when you wrote Build Your Brand Mania.

Matt: Not at all. Not at all.

Chris: I’m so surprised, I’m an influencer now!

Matt: Man, I’m a brand expert.

Chris: Alright, so yeah. Get other people to actually write the content for you. “Start with your audience and generate a list of topics that they want to read about. Then, use SEO tools to identify the appropriate keywords.” And then reach out to people and have them write articles, and contribute articles, and contribute information.

Matt: So if you want to guest post on eWebResults go to… I think it’s either SEO Resources or a About Us.

Chris: Can you hover over About Us?

Matt: Yeah, go–

Chris: SEO Resources.

Matt: SEO Resources. Become a Guest Contributor.

Chris: Under SEO Resources: Become a Guest Contributor.

Matt: Yeah. So if you would like to have a guest post on our site, we also are going to be starting eWebResults Media very soon.

Chris: So this was a great article that we just covered, “Get More Traffic Now: 5 Secrets of the Most Popular Blogs.”

Matt: And we just go in there on SEMrush, figure out what they’re doing and–

Chris: Oh, is that one gone? That’s one’s gone. So, yeah. Punch in the face for that article. What good stuff.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: It’s data– I know you really liked it. It’s data driven.

Matt: Well, they kept saying hacking in there and ninja, and you skipped those words.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So there’s a guy that I befriended at south by southwest, that’s a growth hacker. And he actually knows somebody that you know, and is very blackhat stuff.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: But he hacked his way through news.

Chris: Why does it have to be somebody that I know? Isn’t it somebody that you know?

Matt: Well, I introduced it to you, but you were working with him for your other company.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: But essentially what he did is he got funded, a bunch of money in one of the venture capital kind of startups. And then what he did is he grew a news site by creating content and getting it moving on different blogs. Like really, when I read the Ryan Holiday book I was like, “I know a guy that did this.” It’s super interesting. He does a bunch of stuff with like bots and things, and very different way of doing SEO. But then what we do. And it’s really for kind of affiliate sites, affiliate launches, turn and burns. But it is effective. It’s kind of a cat and mouse game with–

Chris: Google.

Matt: With Google, but I don’t like looking over my shoulder, and I also don’t like worried about a client site having some of that–

Chris: Disappearing.

Matt: Disappearing. I mean that wouldn’t go over well.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So yeah. But anyways, I do love though, reverse engineering what is working. And understanding how the Google algorithm works. And so if you’re a tipster out there and you have some good pieces of content or some things that are working. Let us know and we will give you a shoutout or a punch in the face.

Chris: Yeah. It won’t be a shoutout, it’ll actually be a punch in the face. Pew! Boom! Yeah. Cool.

Matt: And look for this.

Chris: SEO Podcast. So if you like this podcast, we’re going to ask you to do one simple thing, and that’s share it with three people.

Matt: That’s three simple things.

Chris: Well it’s one.

Matt: Or if you click. If you click your whole–

Chris: Just it share with everybody on your list.

Matt: Just share it with everybody.

Chris: That’s one simple thing.

Matt: That’s one simple thing. To share with everybody our podcast if you like it.

Chris: If you’re looking to grow your business with the simplest, largest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt: eWebResults.

Chris: Then call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, that’s somebody who– again, I’m always fearful that people still don’t know–

Matt: What do we do?

Chris: We do websites.

Matt: Oooh! Since when?

Chris: Since 1991. No, that’s my other company.

Matt: ‘99.

Chris: Since 1999. It’s only 8 years different. Since 1999, right after Al Gore invented the internet. We started eWebResults immediately.

Matt: eWebStyle.

Chris: It was eWebStyle, and now we realize it’s all about the results.

Matt: Boom!

Chris: So we changed. So yeah. If you need a website, if you need a landing page, if you need an entire sales funnel, if you need PPC. PPC could be Adwords or Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads. Like if it’s internet based, give us a call. We’ll let you know that we do it.

Matt: So we have a new service.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: That we rolled out, that’s working like gangbusters for our existing clients. We haven’t added it to the website in the services section yet.

Chris: Yet, yeah.

Matt: But Ivan over there has a big part to do with it.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: We’ve started a video production service which we’re helping generate unique content for SEO purposes. And reach out to us if you have an interest. If you’re having trouble ranking and you can’t get over the top, we’ve found some strategies that absolutely work. 80% of all searches by next year are going to be video searches. So if you’re not doing video, you need to think about it.

Chris: You’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: And we can make it easy and simple for you. If you don’t want to be on camera, we can hire actors.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yup.

Chris: So yeah. If you’ve got a referral for us, we can do all of those things. Send them to us. When they pay their bill: we pay you.

Matt: Easy enough.

Chris: Really simple. So please remember we were filmed live here at 5999 West 34th Street–

Matt: No. No, we are not.

Chris: Oh, we are not there anymore. We were filmed here at 13501 or is it 13105. I think it’s 13105 Northwest Freeway, Houston, Texas, 77040.

Matt: At the Accelerate Studio.

Chris: Yeah. AccelerateStudio/

Matt: /eWebersuits studio.

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Matt: Let’s say that we’re one of the most popular internet marketing podcasts. If not the most popular.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: Because depending on how people look at it–

Chris: So, we’ll break it into two pieces.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: We are one of the most popular internet marketing podcasts.

Matt: If not the most popular internet marketing podcast.

Chris: Available on the known universe! Thank you! That’s because of you. Because you guys keep tuning in. Send us questions, contact us, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter. Do all of those wonderful things. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.