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Google Latest Search Algorithm to Better Understand Natural Language
Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring Welcome Bert: Google’s Latest search algorithm to better understand natural language by Barry Schwartz. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris Burress: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burress, one of the owners of eWebResults.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram, another owner of eWebResults.

Chris Burress: Yes, that’s true. You are in total camouflage today except for the fact that you’re against the green, blue and black background. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to see you at all.

Matt Bertram: That’s awesome. I’m incognito.

Chris Burress: All right. Welcome to another fun-filled edition of our podcast where we randomly and, I don’t know, unresponsively respond to questions.

Matt Bertram: How do you respond to that? If you were wearing cammo, what would you say?

Chris Burress: I would say, “I got the memo,” or “I planned it,” or “You’re lucky you can see me at all.”

Matt Bertram: That one. That’s the one.

Chris Burress: Welcome to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. We’re filmed live here in Houston, Texas and Matt and I, we are your Results Rebels!

Matt Bertram: Results Rebels!

Chris Burress: This one? It’s this one, right?

Matt Bertram: Cowabunga, is too. We’re-

Chris Burress: This is too laid back, right?

Matt Bertram: I mean I’m pretty laid back.

Chris Burress: Hang-ten. Laid back.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, let’s hang-ten. yeah.

Chris Burress: I got to jump into this review. This is pretty awesome. It is of course five stars.

Matt Bertram: Five stars.

Chris Burress: It’s from Trevor Shylock. You actually spoke with him.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, I know.

Chris Burress: “Punch in the face to you guys, I love the for-“… By the way, that’s a good thing. “I love the format and the informal nature of the podcast, which I’ve been listening to for a while. A lot of podcasts have some built in sales pitches and you just skip a few minutes into it and get right to the meat, but even your potatoes are interesting, informative and helpful. I also like how you talk about strategies you use with some of your current clients. That really hit home with me to know that you do more than just SEO and made me reach out to you guys to talk strategy for East Coast Float Spa. Shameless plug. Well done, Trevor. Thanks for all the free tips and advice.” Yes. This PITF to you, Trevor. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, no, I mean I think that these, in the beauty space, some of these opportunities, he runs a float spa.

Chris Burress: Yeah, yeah.

Matt Bertram: They’re blowing up. He’s got two locations.

Chris Burress: I want to try that.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, I [crosstalk 00:02:17] actually haven’t done that. I’ve done the cryo. I’ve done the IV drip.

Chris Burress: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: But I haven’t done the float spa or the… Is the float spa the one where like there’s no sound?

Chris Burress: I’m assuming like the isolation chamber.

Matt Bertram: I’ve heard that’s really cool. So I don’t know, but he… Cool guy’s got a lot going on. Yeah. So cool.

Chris Burress: That’s very cool.

Matt Bertram: Thanks for the review.

Chris Burress: Give us any advice, if you know anybody in Houston who does what you do, cause maybe we’ll head over there and check them out.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burress: A teaser for the article today. If you’re in the space, the search engine optimists space optimization space, you may be aware that there are algorithm cataclysms every now and then. Well there a throwback phrase.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. I know.

Chris Burress: And Bert is one of the most recent now. It was a while ago, it was back in October. Bert. We’re going to talk about Bert. We’re not talking about Ernie.

Matt Bertram: Like Bertram.

Chris Burress: Bertram? Oh look at that. Look at that. You’re making-

Matt Bertram: We’re making some waves.

Chris Burress: … Influences increases.

Matt Bertram: No, no. This update didn’t matter.

Chris Burress: So ignore him because we’re going to talk about this update and what it means for you beyond, it doesn’t matter. So we’re going to jump into that. If this is the first time you’ve ever listened to the podcast, howdy…

Matt Bertram: Howdy.

Chris Burress: Welcome to the podcast. If you listen to this podcast before, Hey just do us a small favor and go ahead and share, like, and follow, or slacow us, which is shared, like, and follow. I’ll just do the whole podcast from [inaudible 00:03:44].

Matt Bertram: [crosstalk 00:03:45] bull over here.

Chris Burress: I just see a talking head. Yeah. And if you’re interested in, I don’t know, say a free website analysis, just go to It’s really more of a [inaudible 00:03:58] call.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, I mean we’re really, okay, so best SEO, well, yep. We’re moving the profit plan to that. So that’s basically like two hours consulting. Anything you want to know quick, like we’ll get an address, we’ll get those questions answered. EWR, eWebResults, as we move over to that, it’s more workshop-based. Okay? And it’s really defining-

Chris Burress: The broader based strategy…

Matt Bertram: … broader based strategies. What is your roadmap looking for to do with your integrated marketing? And so, we’ve changed the format of that. And then we have some hard deliverables that you get from that. And that’s a little bit longer session. But the website analysis becomes basically a free 30 minute consultation. That’s just a shorter version of what you would get more of. And then it gets more and more defined as you move through the agency process or the process. Yeah, so we do get free website announcing, but a lot of people just do like little automated whatever, we actually will do a hands on audit.

Chris Burress: One of our experts be on the phone with you.

Matt Bertram: And I think that’s really valuable because you can just go to these little websites. There’s this little like widgets that you could just run a report that’s not what you’d get.

Chris Burress: Yeah. Well, when I’m giving speeches, one of the things I like to ask the people who are attending an internet marketing speech or whatever. Hey, do you know exactly how many people are searching for what your product or service in your area? And most people don’t. Maybe you just want to know that. You get this 15-minute phone call, maybe get into the profit plan, if that makes sense and get that answered.

Matt Bertram: If you’re starting a business, and if you’re looking for defined keywords. So we’ve done that for a lot of businesses to… They’re starting out, they’re like, “Hey, is this a good idea? Is there search volume for it? Does it make sense? Is there a sustainable business?” And look, if there’s not keyword volume for what you’re trying to do, then you’ve got to create that demand, right? So you’ve got to… And it’s a lot longer road like running Facebook ads and building up that brand equity of what that is. I mean, you’re going through that right now.

Chris Burress: I am. Yeah. So one of my companies, My Vital C, people don’t know what it is, don’t know if they need it, and they do. And so we’ve got to get the word out there so that they know they need it and they can try it and experience the benefits. The raw ingredient. ESS 60 so yeah, they’re different. They’re-

Matt Bertram: So you have to educate on what this is and why they needed to grow that market. There’s not just people searching for it that you can just get in front of that traffic and say, “Hey, you should buy my stuff.”

Chris Burress: … It’s not just about outperforming the other guy in the context of what people are searching for. Right? Because we do that-

Matt Bertram: Because that’s a broader educational PR strategy. And there’s more components and complexity to that.

Chris Burress: … Yeah. So yeah, you can go ahead and get to Best Seo Podcast. You can fill out a form. I’m assuming there’s a form.

Matt Bertram: I think we’ve got that up.

Chris Burress: And if not-

Matt Bertram: By the time this podcast is live like it is now, but you see it on multiple platforms. So we syndicate this out, we should have that up. We are actively working on building both assets. We are going to be rebranding exciting first quarter next year. So we’re working on all that. And everything that we’re doing for clients. We’re redefining the whole thing.

Chris Burress: … For us, yeah.

Matt Bertram: It’s really been great.

Chris Burress: What is it drink what you milk, or I don’t know what that is.

Matt Bertram: Drink your own Koolaid? Where did you get milk at?

Chris Burress: I don’t know. [crosstalk 00:07:41] What do you like drinking? I don’t…

Matt Bertram: I don’t know anything. Warm milk? Cold milk?

Chris Burress: All right, so here’s this article. Oh by the way, if you want a tee shirt. We have really cool t-shirts. Yvonne right now is wearing one “SEO Results”. It’s got a-

Matt Bertram: Well on the 20th, I’m really pretty excited about what’s going to be happening.

Chris Burress: What was happening on the 20th?

Matt Bertram: [inaudible 00:08:04].

Chris Burress: Oh yeah.

Matt Bertram: But we are also going to be designing some t-shirts specifically for the podcast. So when we first did the t- shirts it was just internal. And then people wanted to have them, but we’re going to also be designing stuff specifically for the podcast and why not the book.

Chris Burress: Let’s throw that in there.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. Why not?

Chris Burress: All right, let’s hop into this.

Matt Bertram: All right. Yeah. Here we go.

Chris Burress: Our article, [inaudible 00:08:28] Google’s latest search algorithm to better understand natural language. This article’s by Barry Schwartz, PTFT to you Barry Schwartz. Google is making the largest change to its search system since the company introduced Rank Brain almost five years ago. And we’ll talk about Rank Brain here in a second. They say it will impact one in 10 queries. So that’s significant. I remember like in the old days, some of these algorithms would come out and be one in a 100 queries. That’s what they would claim. And then we would see significantly broader impacts than one and a hundred clicks queries.

Matt Bertram: I mean [inaudible 00:09:04] a pretty decent team here of link builders, and broken link building, and outreach and podcast pitching, and all that sort of thing. But essentially the anchor text, okay, of maybe the word you’re trying to rank for the associated words around it-

Chris Burress: Are important. Yeah.

Matt Bertram: … are super-important-

Chris Burress: Contextually, yeah.

Matt Bertram: … contextually in that paragraph and in that sentence around the anchor text. And that’s something that we’ve been focused on for quite awhile now, but I am seeing naturally built links or some guest posts or some things like that where they’re not doing things the right way completely. The value of those things are falling off.

Chris Burress: Do it right.

Matt Bertram: Do it right.

Chris Burress: Do it right. Rank Brain was the first artificial intelligence method for understanding queries. And it really was like marrying the queries to the actual content on the page.

Matt Bertram: And that was a big deal.

Chris Burress: And it was a really big deal.

Matt Bertram: That was a big deal.

Chris Burress: And it’s saying that Bert is not, it doesn’t replace Rank Brain. It’s just another signal. Sometimes Google is going to see what that Bert aspect of the algorithm is saying and maybe incorporate that.

Matt Bertram: And then, so this is really what I’ve seen, and when Rank Brain came out… And things are changing slowly, but there’s been some big movements. But I went really heavy with, “Oh, anything in this word tree or word cloud, anything that’s associated with this topic, we’ll get you to rank for that keyword.” Right? And we started writing content and we… So there’s a lot of things that I’ve learned through testing. But what I’ve found is if you’re planning to rank for whatever Houston and then Houston, Texas, those are still two different searches. Okay? And so if you’re contextually hitting kind of all these different areas, you still got to put some effort on, on getting that-

Chris Burress: The phrase.

Matt Bertram: … the phrase that you want, right? Because Google’s not tying it with enough juice yet to really associate that. So like LSI graph and there’s some other things you can get all the different word associations, and you want to use that in a broader strategy. But if you have a limited budget and you’re trying to get something done and trying to pop a keyword up to get that commercial 10. If your SEO or if you’re a company, don’t take this and go, Oh well I can talk about like… So we have a client that’s in the mixed martial arts space, MMA space.” And so Google doesn’t know that all those different mixed martial arts are mixed martial arts have a similar audience.

Chris Burress: Have a similar audience, yeah.

Matt Bertram: Now on certain pages and how you associate the words, like they’re pulling different pieces of this to try to build a graph but not always. And so I think that the moral of the story for me is that Google’s getting smarter. You need to take this into consideration based on most SEO campaigns. Just continue doing what you’re doing but do everything the right way because you don’t have to be looking over your shoulder to get hit when some of this stuff happens. Actually, when these things come out, other people get hit and move out of your way, and you move up a lot quicker. So for the majority of our accounts, we got a nice pop on this and it was like we didn’t do anything.

Chris Burress: So your initial assessment, which was didn’t really matter.

Matt Bertram: Right. And that boils down to if you’re delivering good value to the Google, I mean we just say it all the time. As long as you’re delivering good value to the Google user, Google is going to look favorably upon you. And I really think that’s the quote we got to put up there.

Chris Burress: Focus on the user, right?

Matt Bertram: Focus on the user.

Chris Burress: It’s like as a business focus on a customer and as an SEOr, focus on the user.

Matt Bertram: Right. Absolutely.

Chris Burress: That’s what really makes it click.

Matt Bertram: Well, let’s get to our Christmas party.

Chris Burress: yeah. We’ve got a Christmas party tonight. That’s going to be a lot of fun. Let’s see. If you like this podcast, we do ask that you share it with three people. If you are looking to grow your business with the largest simple list marketing tool on the planet-

Matt Bertram: The internet.

Chris Burress: … call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is (713)592-6724. If you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in internet marketing, a website, a marketing strategy and internet marketing strategy-

Matt Bertram: Call us.

Chris Burress: … Reach out to us-

Matt Bertram: Because we like good referral partners.

Chris Burress: … Yeah, we like good referral partners and when they engage us and pay their bill, we pay you so that that works out really good.

Matt Bertram: And I’ll drop this out there. We’re still working on it, but we’re going to be doing like a mastermind group of how, we believe based on our methodology, you should be doing SEO, you should maybe be working on digital strategies. And we’re looking for people that are qualified that when people come call us for leads and it might not be the right fit for us, we have good referral partners that we send it out to. So referrals go both ways and we’re really-

Chris Burress: … So far, just as an example, the good referral partner, one example of a good referral partner is Wix. So we don’t do Wix websites. So we’ve got a referral partner who does when they get somebody who’s like, “All right now I’ve got my Wix website has been up for a while, my business is growing. I’m ready to take it to the next level.” They refer them to us. And then if we get a client or prospect [crosstalk 00:14:46].

Matt Bertram: … Yeah I think we referred him three or four clients, where that he’s closed. I know that we sent him five or six leads and he’s closed the majority of them because when people are calling us like they’re ready-

Chris Burress: They trust us.

Matt Bertram: … They trust us, they trust us and they’re ready to get going. And we got a great Shopify partner. While we do build Shopify, we do have a great Shopify partner. He’s actually a Shopify partner.

Chris Burress: One of the leading Shopify website makers.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. And then we got somebody making Wix. Squarespace, I haven’t vetted that partner but really people do call us and say, “Hey I need somebody or I want somebody that I can trust.” And what we’re trying to do is build that referral network. So if you call us, we can help point you in the right direction. And what we’re really, really good at here is defining strategy and figuring out if it’s even going to work. Like do you want to go down that path? We can save you a bunch of money because there’s a very low likelihood or high likelihood that’s going to work. And we want to make sure that you’re successful in the wild West of the internet. Yeah.

Chris Burress: Yeah. Very cool. If you are interested in video, audio or a transcript of this podcast, you could look for it on

Matt Bertram: And it might be up and we’re working on it and we [inaudible 00:16:10].

Chris Burress: We’re going to be involved. You and I are going to be involved-

Matt Bertram: I am?

Chris Burress: … in a Guinness world record. For me it’s another one I just help people set Guinness World Records regularly.

Matt Bertram: Just another notch.

Chris Burress: I’m number two. But you’re going to participate. Look it up, UP Social Live in Houston, throwing a massive event. We’re going to be speakers. He’s given away $10,000 to the right business concept. It can be just like the concept or it can be a young business that needs to grow. Go check it out, Up Social Live.

Matt Bertram: Cool. I’ve got some ideas. You want one?

Chris Burress: Yeah, no. Yeah, go ahead and play and so it’s just going to be an amazing event. Really the record that Nolan, it’s the same guy, Nolan Davis is is speaking in the… It’s the most number of motivational speeches in the most number of cities in a 24 hour period.

Matt Bertram: I love it.

Chris Burress: Yeah. So pretty cool. Big stuff. We’re really excited, and-

Matt Bertram: What was the last one?

Chris Burress: … the last one was the most amount of TV style interviews in a 24 hour period.

Matt Bertram: That was awesome.

Chris Burress: By the way. The previous record was 73. He hit like 170 or something close to that in 24 hours. I was there with them the whole time. I was the cohost of the Bog podcast. I was. That was exhausting. It was exhausting, but it was really cool. So that wraps up our podcast until the next podcast. Well, we are the number one SEO podcast and one of the top internet marketing podcasts in the known universe. Data’s because of all you. All a hope. You had a great Thanksgiving. Hope you’re going into a great holiday season until the next podcast. My name’s Chris Burris.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertman.

Chris Burress: Bye bye for now.

Matt Bertram: Perfect. Hold that. Hold those thoughts. Yeah, and that one and that one. This is good. Hurry up. My daughter is ready to go.

Chris Burress: We even added the sound quality.

Matt Bertram: So this is crazy then.

Chris Burress: It shouldn’t…

Matt Bertram: I mean this is like, okay.

Chris Burress: He’s on the right. I’m on the left. I am the dominant voice on the left. He gets louder, listens.