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Are you looking to build your brand online? Check out Matt’s Book “Build Your Brand Mania”. Now available for download on Amazon.com Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring “How To Build Your Personal Brand Online” by Tom Ward. TRANSCRIPT:

Matt: Oh hey, Manny! What’s going on?

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your SEO Specialist!

Chris: Specialist! Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This is Podcast #438. As always we have a tip from our previous podcast and that tip is–

Matt: It’s such a tip that we’re reading it. “Make sure your website is prepped for mobile first indexing.”

Chris: Google is turning on mobile-first indexing left and right. If you’re in your search console, you’re probably getting notifications, if you’ve got a lot of clients. So make sure your mobile sites are ready. You should also subscribe, follow–

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Matt: That was a public service announcement, last podcast, yup.

Chris: Yeah. Let’s see. So we dug into that. If you want to know more about that, go to Podcast #437. Please remember we are filmed live here in Houston, Texas. And Matt and I we are the–

Chris & Matt: Results Rebels!

Chris: I go this review. I got to read it. It’s from Jeremy, it says, “I want to thank you guys for your time. I like the game plan we discussed. I’m Very–” Capital V.

Matt: Ah.

Chris: “Very interested in working with your team and the crew at eWebResults.” Punch in the face to you Jeremy with 3J’s Cigars.

Matt: And thank you for leaving me a book review, now he did–

Chris: Oh yeah, he did. Yeah.

Matt: He did use his logo of the cigars so it’s showing up in my Amazon account. So he did an old SEO technique.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: To drop it in the forums. I guess that still works on Amazon. First person I’ve actually seen doing it, really getting into more Amazon marketing. But thank you for the review, we’re looking forward to working with you. So punch in the face.

Chris: Punch in the face. Alright, so if this is– if you’re a returning podcast listener, you might be interested in the tips and value you’re getting from the podcast. You might also be interested in– I don’t know, we have a whole platter of what is it? Mini guides?

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Chris: And you’ll be taken to the mini guide page, and then you can get whatever tip you want. For instance, you can get, “5 Online Marketing Mistakes that can Tank your Business & How to Avoid them.” We got a good article today; “How to Build your Personal Brand Online.” By the way, if you’re in our email list, right? And hopefully you are, if you’re not got to our website and get in our email list. You’ve probably received some notice about, I don’t know, a certain author? I’m pointing at him, standing next to me. And a book that he’s written. And that it was free yesterday, right? You were giving it away free on Amazon.

Matt: It was free on Amazon and our goal was to hit 25 reviews on Amazon, and we hit 25 reviews. So thank you all for your help in that, I really appreciate it. Thank you for the support, we love you.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: But Chris, also I noticed that you’re a little dressed down today.

Chris: Yeah, I’m not wearing a jacket.

Matt: You’re not wearing a jacket. I’m just curious what that’s about.

Chris: I’m excited! I’m excited because I’m wearing a shirt– and by the way, I went to lunch and somebody was like, “Just saw the back of the shirt,” right? and it says, “Making Marketing Great Again.” So the back the shirt, says– is it make or making?

Matt: Make Marketing Great Again.

Chris: Make Marketing Great Again. I guess I could read it over there. And then the front has the little Trump hair swish. By the way, we’re not endorsing or against either way, we’re just saying, “Hey, this is really cool marketing.” Make Marketing Great Again.

Matt: And we’re making marketing great again and–

Chris: And yours, I see you have a shirt.

Matt: I’m fancy, what it is it called? Like, I don’t know what the word is, but– he’s wearing a black shirt with white lettering on it?

Chris: Oh yeah.

Matt: You know?

Chris: This guy currently models the– it’s in the large sport fit cut.

Matt: It’s very soft, it’s the tricotton.

Chris: Yes, we are fashion experts as you can tell. It says, “Do you SEO?” And the back of it says, “Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.”

Matt: We’re going to add Podcast.

Chris: Yeah. Podcast, yeah.

Matt: But this is actually my second favorite shirt over the Star Wars shirt we got.

Chris: Yeah, you’re Star Wars first.

Matt: “Let the rank be with you.”

Chris: “Let the rank–” “Luke, let the rank be with you.”

Matt: I love it.

Chris: Actually Darth Vader never says that to Luke. I don’t think. Hey if this is the first time you’ve joined us on this podcast; howdy and welcome to the podcast.f We really appreciate you. We would like you to– So we’ve had our reviews that have been kind of falling off, so we are going to mention it right now.

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Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Matt: So Google My Business, we want reviews on Google My Business.

Chris: Yes! Please!

Matt: Please.

Chris: Thank you very much. Let’s see, t-shirts are available. We’ve already talked about two of them. How many do we have? We have like twelve t-shirts, right?

Matt: I don’t know.

Chris: So this was a little kind of pet project that you started in company. And you’re like, “Hey, everybody make one shirt,” right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah?

Matt: And then everybody–But I would say that this is really Johan’s pet project.

Chris: Yeah, okay.

Matt: So Johan brought it up, he said, “I would really like to start a t-shirt company.” And I was like, “Let’s do it!”

Chris: Let’s do that inside of eWeb, yeah. We have a very entrepreneurial environment in our company.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: If that’s in any way exciting to you, and you really–

Matt: But the business model’s not great, because we’re just giving them away. But if you want a t-shirt, let us know. Sign up for a free 15-minute call, we’ll give you a t-shirt, we’ve got free codes for it. They do take a minute to ship, if you’re used to Amazon.

Chris: It’s not coming in two days.

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Chris: It’s not even coming in two weeks, I’ll be honest. Or maybe it was two weeks?

Matt: I think it was about two weeks. But I mean that was the longest two weeks. I was like, “When are these shirts getting in?”

Chris: Yeah, did we actually order them? Can we confirm? Has the credit card been actually processed. Yeah, we got them, we’re excited. You can those at eWebResults.com/Swag.

Matt: We’re still working on that right? Or did you fix it?

Chris: By the time they hear this-

Matt: Oh perfect, alright, cool.

Chris: We’ll just say, Manny, don’t go there right now. We’ll have it up soon.

Matt: And Health Business Alliance, appreciate you being here. Not sure who–

Chris: Who you are.

Matt: Who you are.

Chris: Yeah, Mr. HBA. Oh and, “Nice shirt, I like it.” Thank you.

Matt: Yeah, thank you.

Chris: That was so nice. Alright so let’s jump into this article. So we kind of touched on this earlier. We thought we’d cover an article– you know, Matt was handing– just giving his book away. He got us 25 reviews. So thank you for everybody who helped him get those 25 reviews off and running. And we decided to talk about– we found a Forbes article, “How to build your personal brand online.” And this one is by Tom Ward. And by the way here’s a good opportunity. If you are in front of some sort of electronic device, go ahead and tweet. Tweet #SEOPodcast, this is Podcast #438. Tag us in it: @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults, @MattBertramLive, @ChrisBurresEweb, and @motdraw1. That’s M-O-T-D-R-A-W-1 and that’s actually Tom Ward’s Twitter handle.

Matt: Yeah, he’s a Forbes contributor.

Chris: Yeah. That’s nice, a Forbes contributor. I don’t know if he’s written a book though. Anyway, he’s got, “How to Build your Personal Brand Online.” So we’re going to kind of go through these things, and we’re going to get our inhouse expert who wrote the book Build Your Brand Mania, which you can find at BuildYourBrandMania.com. And we’re going to get him to comment on these. So let’s just jump in. “Assess your Current Brand.” Like where are you? What five words will you use to describe me? Right? Figure that out. Like what is your brand?

Matt: Who? What? When? Where? Why? Is that what we’re talking about?

Chris: I guess. He was like– well again, you got to figure out where you’re at and then if you’re going to kind of build out brand, he’s talking about first figure out where you’re at.

Matt: I think it’s talking about like what your purpose in life is. Like where are you going? What is your path? What are you–? You know? I don’t know. Is that–

Chris: Oh yeah. So what is your real– like what is your core? He’s talking about core brand as opposed to like just brand at the office, if that makes sense. So next he says, “Look for inspiration.” Who are the Top 5 people in your field? What do they have in common? Do they all write for major publications? I don’t know, like Forbes. Do they sell courses? Do they appear on podcasts? Do they–

Matt: I know some of those people.

Chris: Try to find a common thread for anybody. I don’t know if you talk about any of that piece in your book?

Matt: Oh, have you not read it?

Chris: He knows I have. I’ve just forgotten it all.

Matt: Only 20% retention 10 days after.

Chris: This is way more than 10 days. And it’s close to 20.

Matt: I think really what– and when I look at this article, and I mean we’re already halfway actually through it. For all you out there that can see this, this is really, Chris, what I was getting consistently, right?

Chris: Okay.

Matt: So when I was online and I was like, “Okay, how do I build a personal brand?” Right? Like how do I build a personal brand online.

Chris: There’s got to be a process, let me go find it.

Matt: Let me go find the process, let me go find the articles, right? There was lots and lots 500 word, 350, what is this? 250 probably, word articles about how to do it. There wasn’t a step by step guide. I had to go to all these different places to find it. And you know, there wasn’t a lot of information out there. When I look at this – and we kind of talk about it a little bit more – he’s talking about building your own persona.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? That’s what I– when I see here, we’re like looking for inspiration, determining your audience, be niche, find your voice, have a social media plan, clean up your profiles, create content and start a website. And we can go through and kind of talk about all of this, but that was just really like–

Chris: So if I’m getting this right, correct me if I’m wrong, that’s almost like this article is about defining your personal brand.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And where you might try to market it. And then you’re like, Okay great, you’ve defined your brand and you have some ideas about where you might market it. You should probably pick up the book Build Your Brand Mania so you know exactly what to do with what you’ve defined as your brand.

Matt: Yeah, I mean I think we can kind of go through it, and if you want to jump into the book, we can. It’s just this looks like–

Chris: What you found.

Matt: I mean yeah, it’s pretty consistent with what I found, but also like okay: who are you?

Chris: Right.

Matt: Are you genuine?

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? Who are you targeting? And then what do you want them to think about you. Right? And I think a lot of people already kind of have that, maybe they need to focus in on a little bit more. But I think a lot of the people already know this, and they read this and they go, “Okay, how do I do it?”

Chris: Right.

Matt: You know what I mean?

Chris: And step. So we’ll that at the end of this, right? So look for inspiration in people who are in your industry, determine your audience, right? So you always want to figure out who your audience– and that’s going to come from some of your inspiration, it’s going to come from some of the message that you want to get out there. Better to be a niche, right?

Matt: Well, I think you need to decide, who do you want to do business with?

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? Like if you’re passionate about your work, you love your work, you’re going to be successful at it. So like, who do you want to do business with? There’s people that are potentially maybe your clients or not your clients. You don’t want to attract those types of people.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? You want to attract the type of people you like work with. We’re getting a lot of clients now. We just brought on like a Wedding Venue place, which that’s not like what we’re doing.

Chris: Not the core.

Matt: But we brought on about six or seven clients that are all between say 25 and 35.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? That are all small business owners, and they’re the core proprietor and they’re growing their business. They know online marketing is something that’s going help them take it to the next level.

Chris: That they have to do, yeah.

Matt: And that is me looking in the mirror. Like a lot of these guys, I would go have a beer with. you know, I really like talking to them, I want to help them, they know what they’re talking about.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Those are the best clients for me, right? Those are the best clients because I’m drawing people to it of the market that I’m most like to go after or want to do business with.

Chris: That you connect most and yeah.

Matt: And then I can– and then they become good clients because I know what they need, and like we’re on the same page.

Chris: Right.

Matt: But there’s people sometimes that are like all over the place that, is that what you want to attract?

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? You’re kind of– so I don’t know, that’s kind of my two cents in that.

Chris: Oh yeah, and that’s kind of defining your audience, make sure you’re in a niche, find your voice, right? So his points are like, are you funny? Maybe you’re sarcastic. You can’t be clapping back on Twitter and then trying to inspire people Instagram, right? So there’s’ just things that you know, what is your voice really look like?

Matt: So one of the ladies that I talked that’s in a niche outside.

Chris: Outside the norm?

Matt: Outside the norm. They do– well we’re doing more that, right? But like hair, and eyebrows, and wax, and all that. It was funny because she called me back because she was calling some of the top agencies in the country, she had found our podcast. And she goes, “The reason I called you back and signed up for the profit plan,” which we got the proposal on Monday. She goes, “The first thing you told me is: you told me my website sucks.” And you know, the punch in the face marketing that we offer here–

Chris: It’s the truth!

Matt: Is the truth.

Chris: It’s not intended to be brutal, like I’m sure you said it nicer.

Matt: I did, I said it nicer, but I did say that and she was like, “I agree with you.” You know? And so I mean, but that’s who I am, right? If I’m going to try to button up and put a tie on and all that, and you know Gucci glasses, you know?

Chris: Right, and fluff around your horrible website.

Matt: That’s not going to be me, you know? And some people are not going to like that and some people are.

Chris: You and eWeb, right? Because that’s our whole mentality here. It’s like you got to– I love the phrase, “Speak your truth with compassion.”

Matt: I love that.

Chris: Right?

Matt: I love that.

Chris: So it’s the truth that your website’s ugly. Often when I was on calls, I’d get in and I’d be like, “So, tell me a little bit about how this website got made.” Right? So I can have an understanding if it was just something somebody else did or if they had a lot of passion behind it before it kind of broke down. Why it was bad and what particular areas it was bad. And it was never like, “Your website sucks, let’s go on to the next subject.”

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: It’s like, “Here’s why.” Here’s the weaknesses, here’s what damaging to your brand.

Matt: I don’t know if I used those words, I don’t remember but I could have. Okay?

Chris: Well she got the message.

Matt: But she got the message and it was done in a respectful way, but that’s what I love about working with everyone on this team is: the best idea wins, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Right? It’s not your idea or this idea, it’s–

Chris: Or my idea, like no.

Matt: Yeah, like there’s no ego. It’s the best idea wins. And it’s so great and refreshing to talk to people that just cut through all that and you can get down to it because, how many meetings, right? You got a Gary V, right? Like he’s doing all these short little meetings, right? He’s like, “I can accomplished in 20 minutes, what you get accomplish in 5 hours.” Well–

Chris: By speaking the truth.

Matt: Well, let’s cut through all the– you know? I mean, keep the niceties but like let’s get right to the point because really I feel like in a lot of meetings we have, it’s like sometimes with clients– I mean we got pulled into the big old school– big corporate project management infrastructure meeting, and it was dinner and lunch, and nothing happened. And really all the talk was done in the last 5 or 10 minutes.

Chris: Yeah, as we’re walking out the door.

Matt: As we’re walking out the door, the real business got done. And so think about that for the full hour, the full two hours, like what can you get accomplished then?

Chris: For two hours.

Matt: And so I don’t know. I don’t know how we got to that. Oh, “Finding your voice,” okay.

Chris: Yeah. “Have a Social Media Game Plan.” You definitely– like we always say, “Don’t throw money against the wall and see if it sticks.” You want to know what channels you want to be on. Again, you want to be using that consistent voice. “Clean Up Your Profiles.” You know, you don’t need the picture in Hawaii with the margarita, like that’s just not going to work. Unless that’s your persona, right? Then you can use that, if you’re the margarita guy.

Matt: I think that’s a good point, like if you’re the margarita guy. If your selfies in the bathroom is you– you know?

Chris: Yup.

Matt: And there’s people out there that that’s them.

Chris: Absolutely. And then, “Create Content.” Duh, content is king. So make sure that you’re creating that content and creating it with this consistency of knowing who your audience is, what that niche is and what your voice is, and then start a website. And we would agree absolutely with the point–

Matt: Hold on. This is unique information for me.

Chris: Okay, good.

Matt: The 90-9-1 rule.

Chris: So that’s 90-9-1, yeah.

Matt: States that 90% of people view content without contributing.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: 9% edit or modify the content, and only 1% of people create content. Be the 1%.

Chris: Oooh.

Matt: It separates you from your peers. We need a t-shirt!

Chris: I’m a 1%-er!

Matt: Oh! I’m a 1%-er! We are creating content.

Chris: I love it. I love it.

Matt: Right? In this day and age Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, all the different social media channels are channels. They’re the CBS, NBC, Fox News and you’re the news journalist broadcaster, media company, promotion, like I mean–

Chris: And commercial.

Matt: And commercials. So understand that that’s the new world we live in and I mean there’s data out there to support; most people get their news from social media anyway. So also even like I think the Google-Facebook battle is pretty interesting. A lot of people’s homepage is now Facebook.

Chris: Right.

Matt: But I just thought that that was a great point.

Chris: Yeah, no. Punch in the face to you Mr. Tom Ward.

Matt: Yeah, Tom Ward.

Chris: And then I don’t know, there are like 3 bullet points that you maybe want to pull out of the book. Kind of moving forward from: okay, we’ve defined these things, you’ve created this website, and you’ve got the persona, you know who you’re targeting. Is there three things or one thing– I don’t know.

Matt: I don’t know–

Chris: First off, read the book.

Matt: Well, I mean–

Chris: Go buy the book, read the book, and write a review. Are those the three things?

Matt: I mean Chris, you could read your foreword on the podcast. No, but I’m just kidding. So if you look at the table of contents, right? Like this is kind of how I outlined building the book, right? So introduction: a little bit about me, background: bla, bla, bla.

Chris: Right. Why should you read this? And got any information from it.

Matt: Well, yeah. A little bit about my personal story and also some testimonials and supporting evidence from people in the industry. But what I went into first was the science of building credibility.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? And like what is credibility? How to use it? How to create a reputation you want others to see? How to create a personal brand, right? So I did a whole chapter on this article, and then it went right into the buyer persona. So this article I think kind of tied those two together and I felt like they went together as well. Then you know: Unique Selling Proposition, your USP.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Like, everybody’s got to have that. Even business coaching, you got to have your USP.

Chris: Absolutely.

Matt: What makes you different? How to win over prospects by telling your story. So content, story-telling, like all–

Chris: The fact that storytelling is so valuable, so important. It gets past that kind of sales funnel and creates that connection, you know?

Matt: Then I went into like small business marketing or local SEO, that sort of thing. I didn’t use the work SEO, but–

Chris: That’s sort of more in the nitty-gritty, right?

Matt: Yeah, but content marketing for local businesses, establishing yourself as an authority. So also, that’s like the press releases, getting yourself on the news, how to do that. Becoming the local kind of authority in your area, then also that tied in to– you can see how it ties together. Getting free media coverage for establishing celebrity.

Chris: Right.

Matt: So that is like getting on the news, and you’re going to start seeing that happen. Got some good–

Chris: Exciting things happening.

Matt: Yeah, I got some exciting things happening. And then how to reel in your leads with landing pages.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? So how to effectively use landing pages. A lot of people buy traffic and then it’s just not converting.

Chris: They throw their traffic against the wall and it doesn’t stick.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. Getting more traffic to amplify your status.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So also, I think that that’s the most important thing. Taking the traffic that you currently have and optimizing that, right? Getting more out of what you already got and really a lot of people are like, “Let’s get the traffic first and then convert it.” Now you can do that with data, but I’m liking to take best practices first and then turn on the guns.

Chris: The rocket fuel.

Matt: The rocket fuel right? And then the fortune is the follow-up, so like email marketing.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So really I wanted to go full circle in everything that we talk about in the podcast, and break it down into chapters, and put in a step-by-step order that people can leverage it, build a foundation and then actual steps they can take to grow it, and then I kind of sum it all up. So it’s a really good book, I’ve been asked to put together another book with some co-authors. That’s something we’re looking at doing. But thank you for the support. I appreciate everybody helping me get the reviews on there because it was kind of sad with only four reviews. So maybe that’s why the Google My Business has fallen off a little bit out of note. But please leave reviews on Google My Business. Check out the book, Audible will be out in the next couple days.

Chris: That’s cool.

Matt: So we’ll have the Audible version. A lot of people told me they don’t read anymore. Which I read all the time.

Chris: I did give the book to somebody and as he was putting it in his bag he was like, “Is it on Audible because I don’t read books.” Like, “Give me the book back. If you’re not going to read that., it’ll be on Audible soon. Give me the book back.” Alright, so punch in the face to Tom, punch in the face to you for writing the book.

Matt: Oh thank you.

Chris: And kind of sharing this knowledge, giving the book away for free yesterday. I know that’s something that you’ve wanted to do and it’s important to give back. So yeah.

Matt: Tons of value. I mean this is basically like 50 books. Okay? 50 books that I’ve read, all the nuggets, rolled into one.

Chris: And then woven into the specific task of building brand mania.

Matt: Build the brand and personal knowledge. So, really proud of it, so check it out.

Chris: Very cool. Alright, so if you liked this podcast, we’re going to ask you to tell three people. Just three, and you can do that now. You can do that now. Hey, if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt: The internet!

Chris: Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, remember all of those things Matt’s talking about that he wrote about in his book and that he can implement in the company. We do that and more, right? So you know, websites, and then the PPC traffic, and then Instagram, and Facebook. If it’s digital online marketing–

Matt: We do it!

Chris: We do it, right? And it’s soup to nuts. It’s that total feedback loop of like, we created the landing page, we stuck traffic to the landing page, and then we made sure that like through contact with the customer, that it actually turned into business.

Matt: Well, here’s what I can tell you is we drank our own Kool Aid.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I know you don’t talk about it a lot, but you’re generating $60.000 a month in your e-store. We have over 20 people working at eWeb and we have cero sales people. Okay?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: How many companies out there do that?

Chris: Yeah, you can’t say that, yeah.

Matt: Everything that we do or we’re promoting that you should do, we drink that own Kool Aid, we do it ourselves. So I just think that’s really important to highlight that we’re not just saying, “Do what I say,” we actually do what we say.

Chris: We do it for ourselves and for our customers.

Matt: Yes! That’s a lot clearer.

Chris: Valuable enough to do for ourselves and valuable enough to sell to our customers. So yeah, make sure you get your 15-30 minute call. Go to eWebResults.com and you can click the website analysis link. If you send those referrals to us– by the way we have a link in our menu structure.

Matt: So this is the thing, Chris. And let’s talk about this a little bit, right? So I know it’s our website and–

Chris: Are we going to work this out on the air?

Matt: Well, yeah! We’re going to work it on air.

Chris: No pressure.

Matt: Yeah. Well, so here’s the thing, right? We’re drinking our own Kool Aid. We have two hamburgers on our website.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: You want to kind of talk about–?

Chris: Aren’t you hungry? Aren’t you like–? If you’re hungry, hamburger menus is what he’s talking about.

Matt: So we have two hamburgers.

Chris: Okay. So I feel like that’s too many.

Matt: Yeah. I kinda feel like–

Chris: We should shorten that up.

Matt: I mean I wanted like a full pound.

Chris: Like you want a double– you want a double quarter pounder, right?

Matt: Yeah, I want a double burger. But the one on the right side up in the corner, you can go down there to client referrals, put in your information, put in the client’s information, we keep track of all that stuff. When they pay us–

Chris & Matt: We pay you.

Matt: And it’s ongoing, it’s recurring, you can build a revenue stream off it.

Chris: Pretty exciting.

Matt: So if you have any people that need some online marketing, please send them our way.

Chris: And punch in the face to you guys who’ve actually submitted those referrals.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: They’re kind of going through our process, so you should have checks coming soon. So that’s pretty exciting. Please remember we were filmed live here at 5999 West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas 77092. If you would like a transcript, audio or video of the podcast, you can get it at our website eWebResults.com. We want to thank you, you guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast. That is all of you, you, you, you. All over the world.

Matt: Thank you.

Chris: Thank you so much.

Matt: Yes, thank you.

Chris: Thank you for leaving the reviews at eWebResults.com/G+ and until the next time. My name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.