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#396 - Last-Minute SEO Strategies for the Holiday Season
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It’s the holiday season! Now is the time to zero in on just what you need to do to make your SEO work best for you during the holidays. Join Chris and Matt for a great discussion on “Last-Minute SEO for the Holidays” by Dave Davies at Search Engine Land. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your Email Marketing Master, HubSpot certified! Boom!

Chris: Boom! Recently HubSpot certified. Marcus thank you for tuning in. This is another fun-filled edition of our podcast. As always we do have a tip from our previous podcast.

Matt: And I have signed off on this, yes, “Remember your on-page optimization when doing your health checks.”

Chris: Okay. So you decided to do a health check, right? If you’re gonna do a health check on your paid search, then you wanna make sure that you look at the on-page work, right? And so there’s a couple things on on-page–

Matt: Well, I would just say that if you’re running a PPC campaign, everybody’s looking at: “Am I buying the right kind of traffic? Am I buying the right of kind traffic?” Well, where’s it going? And are you catching it? And are you converting? And I think that that’s one of the biggest things that people miss when they’re doing PPC campaigns.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Is you need to have a good landing page.

Chris: Subscribe, follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: Alright. So please remember we are filming live here from Houston, Texas. Matt and I are here to guide you through the internet marketing process. Let’s hop into a review that we got. And this is on Yelp.

Matt: Whoo! Yelp! Yelp! Yelp! Yelp!

Chris: Like whoo! Yes. And this review is of course…

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: It says, “The fastest way to keep up on a the industry that I know of. They discuss articles, news and updates. They are my ‘Cheat Sheets’. Keep up the great podcast. Love the new format.” Boom. We certainly appreciate that.

Matt: Well, let’s talk about Yelp and how they hide your reviews.

Chris: Well, yeah.

Matt: Why don’t you talk about that Chris ‘cause I’m pretty offended. I’m pretty offended.

Chris: So, it was kind of Matt’s first really Yelp experience. He’s like, “We got a new review,” and then he’s like, “Wait! There’s more reviews!” Why are they hidden? That is the way that Yelp works in some cases. So you will find– and there’s all sorts of– like literally I was having a conversation after you left at the networking event, about Yelp and how this one particular automotive service company, they’ve got reviews and they’ve got reviews that are hidden, and all these good reviews are the one’s that are hidden, and all these bad reviews are the ones that are showing.

Matt: It’s messed up.

Chris: And then, yeah. It’s a little dysfunctional. Yelp gets a lot of traffic, you should keep Yelp in mind, and if you have any specific questions about whether you should be using Yelp and how much you should be using Yelp. I can give you– or we can give you a very professional opinion about that. A data driven opinion about that.

Matt: My data driven opinion is don’t pay for Yelp traffic, it’s bad. That’s my opinion of Yelp. But we want Yelp reviews! Because they’re important apparently.

Chris: Yes. So if you want us to expand on that, then go ahead, go to the website and then click– well it used to be, “Talk to an expert,” it’s now gonna be, “Website analysis.”

Matt: We’re changing stuff people. Yeah. We’re gonna have a resources page guys. We’re gonna add a resources page, there’s a lot of good stuff on there, in one easy place so you don’t have to search around the website. If you check it out you’ll see. We have a new logo!

Chris: Yes, it’s blue.

Matt: We’re going international.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely.

Matt: Australia, UK, new clients, bring them. Alright?

Chris: Yeah, and we’ve got a partnership announcement that we’ll probably be making in here pretty soon.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. A lot of good things happening at eWebResults.

Chris: Yea, it’s pretty cool. So hey, if you’re looking for– so you’re here ‘cause you liked the podcast, and you’re looking for more information. We do have, “5 online marketing mistakes that can tank your business.” You wanna avoid those, of course. And you can find those by going to You’ll find those. Also if you go to the homepage, you’ll find that big button to gt you there as well.

Matt: And you’ll see us on the page too.

Chris: Yes. We are there. We also have an article today. This is the, “Last minute SEO for the holidays.” This is by– where did his name–? His name is here at the end of the article, hold on. I do have his Twitter handle. So if you’re in a position to tweet, what we’d like you to do is go ahead and tweet #SEOPodcast – this is podcast number 396 – include @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults, and @BeanStalkIM.

Matt: I like it.

Chris: Right? So that’s Bean Stalk Internet Marketing, and the guy’s name is Dave Davies. So punch in the face to you Dave Davies. If you haven’t tuned in before, that’s a good thing. Don’t worry, we’re not gonna hurt him. We’re treating as kindly–

Matt: No. The punch in the face guys is like, “Hey, wake up.”

Chris: Yeah, wake up.

Matt: Like, “Hey, wake up. There’s something you’re not doing.” Like look at this a different way. It’s just kind of interruption marketing, or interruption. And so it’s a good thing. We love you.

Chris: Excellent.

Matt: Yup.

Chris: So if you’ve listened to this– if you haven’t listened to the podcast before: howdy, welcome to the podcast. You’re gonna have a good time while we’re here. We always have a good time. And if you’ve listened to this podcast before, we told you that we were gonna change the format. We got a Yelp review, we got 10 shikos – share, like, or follow – we’re moving that piece to the end.

Matt: But give us Yelp reviews! We like Yelp reviews.

Chris: Yes. Please give us Yelp reviews.

Matt: We want more Yelp reviews, ‘cause they don’t show them.

Chris: And we have made it easy, just go to and that’ll take you to that page.

Matt: Yes. Yeah. Let’s get into it.

Chris: We do like to say: if you’re a PHP genius or a WordPress guru–

Matt: No.

Chris: We’re gonna skip all of that?

Matt: We’re not. Skip it. Skip it, skip it.

Chris: You’re gonna change the whole format?

Matt: Yeah. We’ve already hired them actually.

Chris: Like I’m confused. I can’t–

Matt: We don’t need them anymore. Not yet. We’ll need more soon, but not right now. So let’s go.

Chris: We do have a question.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: And this question–

Matt: We will answer questions. I like answering questions. Yeah. I don’t know where this one–

Chris: This is a really good question from Brian, long-time listener. We’ve done some consulting with him. We’ve actually done some proposals together, so he’s a good guy. He says, “Robin and I had a client meeting recently and they wanted to know how they could get a knowledge graph similar to State Farm’s.” And he actually sent images. You know when you do search for like State Farm over there on the right of a search result, at least on a workstation?

Matt: Like Google Search Console?

Chris: Yeah. Well not Search Console, but that’s the Knowledge Graph, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And he said, instead of the one that they have now, which is kind of standard and based off of Google My Business. He says, “My thought is, number 1: we don’t control how Google displays the Knowledge Graph.” That’s true. “And number 2: the State Farm knowledge panel design and info is at least partially pulled from Wikipedia content and they are a large national organization, so they’re knowledge panel design is also based on that fact.”

He said, “What do you think?” Brian, I think you’re a genius. I tried to like do some research and look at some of our adjusting clients, and like what’s going on there to see if there was anything to refute what you said, and you’re absolutely right. In fact if you look a little bit at the research that I did, very specifically said that the Knowledge Graph– some of the Knowledge Graph, when it’s coming in, it’s more of a larger brand, it’s actually pulling out of Wikipedia. Specifically out of Wikipedia, and you knew that already. So I feel like I don’t have much to add to your comment, and appreciate you listening. So punch in the face to you Brian. Really good stuff.

I’ve got a little bit of news. I thought this was cool. The alphabet project called Loon, delivers internet marketing to – internet service, not marketing, ‘cause that would suck for us – to 100 thousand Puerto Ricans.

Matt: Is that the drones?

Chris: That’s the– Yeah, it’s the balloon I think.

Matt: Oh, the balloons.

Chris: I think it’s the balloon.

Matt: Okay. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris: Also, the Atlas robot does a back flip. Have you–?

Matt: No, I haven’t.

Chris: So this is the Atlas robot. It’s about the size of us, and it’s like they’re excited that it’s walking. It’s actually doing some parkour stuff, like hopping from one box to the next.

Matt: Hmm, interesting.

Chris: And then on the last box it spins and does a backflip.

Matt: Cool.

Chris: And then of course, the outtakes are pretty good when it’s falling over on it’s face. That’s kind of fun too. And then Waymo is testing self-driving cars in Arizona. Like, yeah. It’s pretty cool.

Matt: So I actually have a bit of news.

Chris: Okay, you’ve got news.

Matt: Back in, I don’t know August, September, Google has changed their Google AdWords, their enhanced CPC.

Chris: Oh yeah, this is interesting. Yeah.

Matt: Their enhanced CPC, it used to cap it at 30%.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And now it’ll just go all the way up to your daily bid. So everybody that has enhanced CPC, it’ll just bid up the clicks. I actually went back to Google. Fought, did get some money back.

Chris: For one of our clients, yeah.

Matt: For one of our clients. But just know out there you Google AdWorder people that enhanced CPC will go all the way up to your daily budget. So be careful, because you could inflate the market pretty substantially.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I think that’s a really important piece of news.

Chris: And here’s another thing– and this is just actually a bug, and I don’t know if you reported it. And correct me if I’m wrong ‘cause I heard this from you. On the new AdWords platform, one of our clients was seeing some ad extensions that weren’t working properly. And you were looking at the older platform, still used to it, right? And you weren’t seeing them, and when you went over there, sure enough they were there but they weren’t on the–

Matt: Yeah. There’s some glitches. I mean, I probably need to do a review out there of the new AdWords. There is some helpful things, but again for people that have been doing it a long time, the old–

Chris: Yeah, yeah. You get used to where things are. It makes a big difference.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Alright, so that is the potatoes of our podcast. It’s time to get into the meat of the podcast. And this again is, “Last minute SEO for the holidays.” By the way, this article is from last year, right? So it wasn’t written recently. I don’t know if you noticed that. Don’t worry, both Matt and I have reviewed it and the information is still valid. So we’re gonna jump right into this. Again, this is from Dave Davies. Punch in the face to you.

So it’s, “Last minute SEO for the holidays.” So it’s the middle of November, right? You really should have your kind of SEO–

Matt: Black Friday.

Chris: Is just around the corner. Like next week we couldn’t– like literally as a team we’re like, “When’s–? Really? Thanksgiving is next week?” No! It’s the week– no, it’s next week. Literally around the corner. Less than a week away. So this is not really the best time to be planning for your 2017 kind of marketing strategies, but if you’re in a pinch, that’s what this is for. You clearly from an SEO perspective, need to focus on quick wins.

Matt: It’s always time to be playing on your SEO strategy and your marketing strategy. New sales are great sales. That’s why the Christmas season starts right after Halloween.

Chris: Yeah. So you don’t wanna be working– you don’t need to like put the gas on any strategies that are gonna take a long time, but you need to put the gas on the strategies that we’re gonna talk about today, right? If there’s anything worth pouring gas on.

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: And it’s always fun to pour gas on stuff I think. Like if it’s catching on fire.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: So in that vein– you know he makes the point, Dave makes the point: no big linking– back-linking strategy should really be something that you’re putting the gas on. You should do that. You should have gas on that all the time, but anyway.

He says: ranking for local terms and long-tail phrases is really what you’re gonna be able to focus, what you’re gonna be able to accomplish in this short period of time.

Matt: You like when I said, “Riches in the niches.”

Chris & Matt: There’s riches in the niches.

Chris: I feel like you need to pour a little drink out when you say that.

Matt: Alright, okay.

Chris: Alright, so he’s got five points. The first point is: focus on Google My Business. Alright, this is, “Last minute SEO tips for the holidays.” Remember, “It’s essential to create, verify, and optimize your Google My Business page.” It’s absolutely critical for local SEO. So it’s one of– like if you talk about the core packages that we offer our customers here, the first one we call the absolute foundation, and that’s our Analytics package.

Matt: So I call it the basics. You call it the foundation.

Chris: Foundations. That basics, the foundations.

Matt: You’re like, “This is foundation, the basics.” “But Chris is talking to me about the foundation.” No, no. It’s the basics.

Chris: No, no. Foundation. You mean the basics? We need like a Matt-Chris decoder ring. So that’s one, right? The Analytics is the basics and/or the foundation. And then the next is actually local SEO.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Right? So that’s the major listings: Google My Business, Yelp. Make sure you’ve got LinkedIn, Facebook, all of those particular profiles. And then there’s lots of directories that are valid, relevant and useful. So you wanna make sure that you got those there. So critical.

Matt: Yeah. We were kind of explaining to a client that that really wasn’t in the space and it was kind of– I used the analogy of a car and like filling up your tires and making sure you’re competing with everyone else, you know?

Chris: You can put the engine together, you can have all of the things and if the tires are flat, you’re really probably not gonna win the race.

Matt: Unless everybody else’s tires are flat.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And then if you’re in an industry that no one’s really tech savvy, you can really win.

Chris: Then you just need to–

Matt: Run circles around them.

Chris: The difference between you and extreme success is just a little bit of air actually.

Matt: Man, I like that.

Chris: It’s just a little bit of air. We have lots of hot air here. So there are important things about your local SEO. Here are the core benefits, “It reinforces Google that you are a company.” You’ve gotta have a verified listing. It enforces that you’re a legitimate entity that actually exists, right? So that’s important. It also gives you the ability to show up in the Knowledge Graph. So we were just– interesting, the question was about a more kind of in depth Knowledge Graph. But if somebody Google’s your business and you don’t have a Knowledge Graph, it’s ‘cause you don’t have a Google My Business Page. And so you wanna make sure you have that Google My Business page.

Matt: Well you know, just this Wednesday we were talking about kind of brand lift.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? And really Google favors brands and you really want to do everything with social signals and SEO to create that brand lift, ‘cause Google’s gonna favor that. So it’s really important.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. Lots of value. Kind of the summary of– we’re gonna hit around this a little bit. Lots of value in traditional marketing that you might do or that a major brand might do. A lot of value for your SEO when you’re doing that.

Matt: Yup.

Chris: Alright number two. Again this is, “Last minute SEO for the holidays.” “Optimize titles & descriptions.” So this feels like almost like a long-term SEO strategy. Although if you think about it, it’s not that hard to– it’s like a one in– well, we never do one-and-done. But it’s a one: see-improvement, improve: see-more-improvement, kind of situation.

Matt: Well I mean with anchor texts and things of that nature, the Google semantic– whatever that’s called, the little tool. You can get words that are not synonyms but very similar in the same category of the word that you’re looking for, and Google’s really starting to favor that. So your anchor text is really important and–

Chris: And that’s really in the content. If you talk about the titles and the descriptions, there’s two reasons. We’ve always said on this podcast that your first opportunity for SEVO – Search Engine Visitor Optimization – occurs on the SERP, on the Search Engine Result Page. And really the title is one of the things that shows up when you show up in a search result. And then the next is the description. So there’s two facts, you know? You wanna make sure you got your kind of key target– keyword in your title.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And then your description–

Matt: Yes, that’s important. I like that.

Chris: And then your description needs to be really engaging.

Matt: Click-through rate.

Chris: And he gave– because the more click-through rate you get, the better Google sees, RankBrain loves it, and all this dynamic stuff is happening and it’s good for you. He gives this great example of say, “You’re a parent looking for the latest and greatest video game for your teenager–” not for you. Just wanted to make that clear.

Matt: Or for you.

Chris: Okay, or for you.

Matt: Or for you gamers out there. We love you.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: We still game sometimes when we have time.

Chris: Yes. Alright. And he gives the example of a title that says, “Gamer-Rated Top 10 Video Games For Christmas,” and then the description is, “Gamer Empire enlists top video game enthusiasts to rate and rank this year’s top video games to make your Christmas gift buying easier.” So that’s one example he gives. Really about the gift and the top 10, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: The next is “Best Video Games: Last Guardian, Titanfall, Pokemon Sun…”

Matt: Pokemon Go is the future.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Pokemon Go is the future. Like just the reality mix of– like it’s the future.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I was at [00:16:18] [Indiscernible] it was awesome.

Chris: And then the description for that one is, “Best video games for Christmas including Last Guardian, Titanfall, Pokemon–” and it’s lists all the games that you might be searching for. So if you’re a parent and you don’t know the games, it’s probably better to be the top 10, right? Where you’re listing them. And I would even subscribe, or argue that the description for the other one, if you’re listing the games, then you really need to be talking about, “We have your favorite game for less here,” or “Immediate delivery.” So really, it’s totally different strategies.

Matt: It’s a different strategy, ‘cause I looked at both of them, and I was like, “Man, I like both of them.”

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Matt: Like I really did. I was like, “I like both of these strategies.”

Chris: And they’re good for the different target. And in this case when you’re a parent who’s confused, “Hey, here’s a list of the top 10 games.” Probably if you buy one of them for your kids, they will be happy. So optimize titles and descriptions. You can get some pretty quick games there, with a little bit of brain power, and not too much time. So number 3 – this is, “Last minute SEO tips for the holidays.” -“Reverse keyword focus.” So I love this example, right? So he gave the example of Babe Ruth. When Babe Ruth stepped up to the plate, was his goal to knock it out of the park?

Matt: Yes, every time!

Chris: It feels like that.

Matt: Every time home run.

Chris: It feels like that. It feels like that, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And that might be an SEO strategy where you’re like, “I wanna place for video games.” Right?

Matt: Boom.

Chris: You might have that in your head. How likely is that gonna happen between here and next week?

Matt: We could go back to the Astros World Series and talk about some button action.

Chris: Oh, that would be– Yeah, there’s some other things. So his point was, when Babe stepped up to the plate, he wasn’t trying to hit a home run, he’s really good at it. He was just trying to make a base hit, right? And then that lead often to the home runs. Person: I disagree.

Matt: I hear you. I swing for the fences every time, that’s my personal opinion.

Chris: I have to share this with you: if you disagree with the analogy, the whole podcast is gonna fall apart.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: He always went for a base hit.

Matt: He always went for a base hit, guys.

Chris: I’m glad you’re a believer.

Matt: I do, you convinced me.

Chris: Because when it comes to keyword focus, you should probably be focusing in the short term on the lower hanging fruit with less competition.

Matt: Like home run.

Chris: Right.

Matt: A home run. I would hit the home run.

Chris: So go for the longer phrases. Like he says don’t go for “shoes,” go for like “ecco shoes Portland,” or maybe “shoes Portland.”

Matt: “Orange shoes Portland.”

Chris: Or “orange shoes Portland.” “Orange ecco shoes Portland.”

Matt: I like that. You could rank for that pretty rapidly.

Chris: So that’s a base hit, right? So you’re getting on base, there’s not as much search volume, but it also moves you in the direction of getting that home run. So I thought that was a really good point, even if you don’t like his analogy of Babe Ruth. Maybe we need to come up with another one. Number 4!

Matt: Alright.

Chris: The title of number 4– this is, “Last minute SEO tips for the holiday,” is: “Hijack.” So I want you to ruminate on hijack for a little bit, ‘cause we were actually kind of talking about being hijacked just not too long ago. And what he’s saying is, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” Right? So he’s talking about shoes Portland. And what he showed is that the number one position – at least at that time for shoes Portland – was a Yelp listing. And so probably the phrase, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” makes sense now. If you do a search for the phrase that you wanna place well for, and the top three listings are some sort of directories, you probably should make sure you’re in those directories, right?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah. No, I mean Google owns the world.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: And Facebook, somewhat.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yeah, they both do.

Chris: And then in this particular case, if the top three are some directories, then those directories own that phrase, right?

Matt: Yeah. So what’s interesting to me is like Search Console, Google My Business, like Analytics. Basically that’s like what you need to set up minimally, right? When you’re like launching a website.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And that’s for one search engine.

Chris: Would you call that basics or foundation?

Matt: Hmm. Well, both.

Chris: Right.

Matt: But here’s the deal: that is like one search engine.

Chris: Right.

Matt: But no. I kind of view it as like the internet.

Chris: Like your mind is like–

Matt: I’m like, “That’s the internet right there.”

Chris: That is the internet. Yeah, and we tend to see like efforts that work well on Google, follow on the other algorithms pretty quickly. He says, “Yelp’s algorithms aren’t as sophisticated as Google’s and don’t include aspects like links,” which you can’t do long-term. He’s saying you can optimize your Yelp listing a lot faster. And if you get on the Yelp listing, make sure you claim your listing, you wanna be in the top 10. And it’s just a situation where if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

Matt: Yeah, I like it. Web 2.0.

Chris: Yeah. Alright, so number 5, and this is the final one. We do have some closing notes. And this is again, “Last minute SEO for the holidays.” Dave Davies, punch in the face to you. His Twitter Handle is @BeanStalkIM

Matt: I like it.

Chris: And his company I think is or something along those lines. If you Google it, you will find him. This one is, “Content optimization.” And he makes the point, it probably goes without saying: if you’re working to place well for any of these phrases, and you’ve decided a good strategy – let’s go for the longer-tail phrases so that we can get there quicker – between now and next week, or now and the week after that. It involves content optimization. So what you’re doing on your content is gonna make a big sense– make a big difference.

He says going over those pages to make sure they have properly optimized to the target keywords. This is a lot easier at least on the platforms that we’ve been touching in WordPress when you’re using like an SEO Yoast plugin. And you also wanna focus on phrases that rank low on the first page or high on the second page, ‘cause those are the phrases and pages that you’re gonna have the most opportunity to be able to bump up into that first position which really– or top three position which really makes a big difference.

Matt: Or a solid backlink strategy.

Chris: That also works. It is harder to improve. Again, if you don’t support the article–

Matt: No. No, no, no.

Chris: A good backlink strategy is good and actually hopefully you’ve implemented the good backlink strategy about 3 months ago – or years – even better, and then as you move into 2018, yeah.

Matt: Well on-page optimization is 50% or more of the game.

Chris: And it’s step one. You get most of the games from the thing you have the most control over, the quickest that has the less insanity.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And then the focus needs to be– did I just say insanity?

Matt: I like it.

Chris: I did. Backlinks, insanity. So the focus needs to be on the on-site strategy right away. And then he says, “The road to 2018.” Really if we summarize it– I think it’s better if we summarize it. Don’t do the band-aid strategies that we just outlined. Those are good and you can get some quick wins. Make sure you got the right backlink strategy, make sure that you’re really looking at your whole entire SEO process holistically, right? What we say is: don’t throw money against the wall and see if it sticks.

Matt: And if you do, only $300 or 100 clicks.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. So you need to spend–

Matt: If you’re gonna throw spaghetti against the wall, like limit the amount of it. So it’s statistically significant.

Chris: Yeah, ‘cause you could make some really bad decisions if you’re not waiting for–

Matt: Watch it. Watch your–

Chris: For statistical significance. Alright, so that’s the podcast.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Boom. Ping, poom, pow. This is good.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: What I’d like to say is: if you liked this podcast, we’ll ask you to tell three people. We promised that we would move this to the end. We’d love for you to leave us a review.

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Chris: Yes. Houston!

Matt: Houston!

Chris: Alright, so if you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet…

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Matt: Yeah, if you need us–

Chris: Like it’s upfront help.

Matt: Yeah, if you need a second look, give us a call. We’ll look at everything, it’s [00:26:16] [$499 or $4.99?], you can apply that to our monthly services. We would love to work with you. We’d love to hear from you, please give us a call.

Chris: Excellent. Marcel he’s– I’m just checking. So we’ve got Manny, Marcus and Marcel. It’s the M’s have tuned in today. M cubed.

Matt: It’s like 6:30, it’s not the 3:30 time. Guys, we’re gonna work on it, we’re starting to say just Friday.

Chris: Friday-ish.

Matt: Friday-ish, yes. Sorry about all the confusion, but appreciate it.

Chris: And so if we do have a referral program. So the way this works is, remember we do all aspects of internet marketing. Every now and then somebody’s like, “Oh, I didn’t know you do PPC.” Yes, we do PPC. “I didn’t know you do websites.” Yes, we do websites. “I didn’t know that you did social media.” Yes, we do social media. “I didn’t know that you did paid on social media or pay-per-click.” Yeah, so we do it all.

Matt: We do it all.

Chris: If you send a client to us and they pay their bill, we pay you. That works pretty simply. And that wraps it up. Just remember we were filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. If you would like video, audio, or a transcript of the podcast, you can get that at our website You know, we’ve been the most popular internet marketing podcast for a long time. For a very long– I can’t even remember when. It’s like eight years. Is it eight or nine?

Matt: That’s fantastic, Chris. What you’ve been able to do.

Chris: Yeah, with a ton of 5 star reviews. It’s interesting, we kinda debate the format of the show based on some of the negative ones and it’s an interesting debate. Maybe we should like have that debate and video it. And get it up on YouTube.

Matt: Yeah. That would be interesting, yeah.

Chris: On Facebook or YouTube. But we are the most popular internet marketing podcast because of you guys and gals out there. So thank you so much for being loyal fans. We love you to engage with us, remember you can go to And give us your email and we’ll get you the five tips that could be tanking your business so that you avoid those. And we really appreciate you. Until the next podcast– Which will actually be right before Thanksgiving, right?

Matt: Okay. Alright.

Chris: We’re gonna squeeze that one in.

Matt: Alright. Whoo!

Chris: So it’s just around the corner.

Matt: Turkey day.

Chris: My name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris: Bye bye for now.

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