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Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast! TRANSCRIPT:

Chris Burres: Welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, one of the owners here at eWebResults.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram influencer.

Chris Burres: He is an influencer. And I have to ask you this question I need you like if you’re watching from YouTube, hi, great. Make sure you subscribe. If you’re watching on YouTube, I’ve got to ask you this question. How do you know this man across from me other than the fact that he has a bubble head caricature in the screen behind me? How do you know that this gentleman Matt Bertram is an influencer?

Matt Bertram: I’m wearing the T shirt that says influencer.

Chris Burres: That’s right. It doesn’t take much. If your shirt says I’m an influencer or just influencer, you are an influencer.

Matt Bertram: Well, I would say based on how other people measure it, that’s how I measure it. If wearing the shirt I’m an influencer today. But 10,000 followers on any social media platform-

Chris Burres: I think that’s a good number.

Matt Bertram: … yeah I started getting contacted to post different stuff to influence online-

Chris Burres: They want to compensate you for the posts?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burres: That’s very cool.

Matt Bertram: I’m not quite at the, what is it, the- Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:01:20] dollars.

Matt Bertram: … yeah.

Chris Burres: Or post.

Matt Bertram: Well, any of you that saw that fire Festival on Netflix, quarter million dollars for one post-

Chris Burres: They wouldn’t reach out to you yet, is that?

Matt Bertram: I’m on that road. I will have a camera for me, I think we should do a documentary. We should have someone follow us around all day. See what is a life of influencer.

Chris Burres: Of an influencer. The influencer Matt Bertram. Hey remember we are broadcasting live here from Houston Texas and Matt and I not only influencer but we are also results rebels.

Matt Bertram: Results rule followers. We are results [crosstalk 00:01:59].

Chris Burres: We follow the rule… We’re results rule followers.

Matt Bertram: Yes, the [inaudible 00:02:08] is still there.

Chris Burres: All right, so we got a review… I wanted to read this to you. This is from… I’m going to go with Maggie her last name is longer and confusing. I’ll give it a try, [inaudible 00:02:23]. And it is of course five stars-

Matt Bertram: Five stars.

Chris Burres: … like all of our stick is gone-

Matt Bertram: I got it. Did you see that? I had and my voice didn’t crack.

Chris Burres: Yeah, detailed and helpful [inaudible 00:02:39] analysis from Alyssa was really motivating and helps me get back on track to targeting more volume keywords, thank you. Punch in the face to you, Maggie. We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us a review. And we really appreciate that. That is-

Matt Bertram: I like that you printed it out.

Chris Burres: … really [crosstalk 00:02:55].

Matt Bertram: We need to have a testimonial board. Like when we get testimonials like, right? Like an office or here?

Chris Burres: Yeah, we could put it on the board that’s behind us. We just…

Matt Bertram: And then we could scroll down through your Facebook or live. No, I’m just kidding though.

Chris Burres: Who is that? So if this is the first time you’ve come to the podcast, I want to let you know howdy, and welcome to the podcast. If you’ve been here to the podcast before, we’re glad you’re back-

Matt Bertram: Why didn’t we say howdy, Chris?

Chris Burres: Because we’re from Texas. And-

Matt Bertram: I say it because I went to Texas A&M and I’m from Texas.

Chris Burres: … so is that the only college where you attend and you say howdy? Is that the howdy college?

Matt Bertram: Do you know any other colleges? That is the howdy college.

Chris Burres: That is the howdy college.

Matt Bertram: That is totally the howdy college. Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:03:43] the email, because it’s howdy.

Chris Burres: It does?

Matt Bertram: It’s howdy. That’s how you know that you’re talking… That’s the secret sign language, the handshake. Like if you say hello to somebody you say howdy. You’re like is are there [inaudible 00:03:53]?

Chris Burres: Yeah, so I feel like, if you follow the line of Texas jokes, it’s would be Ann Aggie who says that howdy is the secret handshake.

Matt Bertram: And just see how we change light bulbs too.

Chris Burres: Those are few jokes. Anyway. So howdy, whether it’s from A&M or from Houston Texas specifically-

Matt Bertram: We do ride horses to school.

Chris Burres: … yes daily-

Matt Bertram: And work.

Chris Burres: … and I had one friend who came from Australia who was convinced that we would have really large buck knives at public school. Like they were concerned about that-

Matt Bertram: So I was on this cruise, no big side not here, but they’re like, “Do you ride horses to school?” And I was like, and this was Canadians I was talking to. I was like, “And do you have an igloo?”

Chris Burres: … and you both said yes. Because it’s a fact. If you’ve come back to this podcast, you might be interested in some tips. We have some tips for you. You can get them in PDF format. All you need to do is go to eWebResults.comm/tips and that’ll take you to those tips. One of them is 77 and marketing strategies, every law firm needs to know.

Matt Bertram: If you’re a law firm.

Chris Burres: Yeah. Only useful for the law firm otherwise it’s probably not-

Matt Bertram: We actually have a lot of things and we will be making more video courses coming soon, we have my calendar [crosstalk 00:05:15].

Chris Burres: … oh look many guide [inaudible 00:05:16].

Matt Bertram: Oh look at Alex so nice [crosstalk 00:05:19].

Chris Burres: [crosstalk 00:05:19] for awesome web design. That’s pretty good. Five mistakes that could chunk your business, oh it doesn’t say and how to avoid them because that’s a component-

Matt Bertram: What is this right here? Oh, that looks nice.

Chris Burres: … oh that looks like a really good book.

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burres: Written by an influencer.

Matt Bertram: Gosh, we got it all figured out now.

Chris Burres: All figured out.

Matt Bertram: This looks very nice. I think it’s a TV. No. All right, Chris. People are hitting forward and backwards trying to get to the meat and potatoes-

Chris Burres: [crosstalk 00:05:48] for speed. The one last thing that I want to say-

Matt Bertram: … [crosstalk 00:05:50] speed. I know David [crosstalk 00:05:53]. Shout out to David.

Chris Burres: … punch in the face, so he is awesome. I don’t know how he listens so fast. Also we have T shirts, you can get internet marketing T shirts. You can go get an internet marketing T shirt at eWeb [crosstalk 00:06:07]-

Matt Bertram: We need to make one that says influencers. Influence maker.

Chris Burres: … eWebResults.com/swag. So the article that we’re going to cover today doesn’t exist.

Matt Bertram: We’re going to make it and we’re going to transcribe it and then post it as a blog.

Chris Burres: Yes.

Matt Bertram: We’re making [crosstalk 00:06:22].

Chris Burres: This is live… And we’re doing this real time. So I’m really excited-

Matt Bertram: I didn’t read it.

Chris Burres: … I’m really [inaudible 00:06:29] [crosstalk 00:06:29]. It’s not that you didn’t read it this time. It said this time you actually have an excuse.

Matt Bertram: I’m prepared.

Chris Burres: We are equally prepared. So I’m really excited. My wife probably won’t even see this video and my [inaudible 00:06:44] even like that, we’re talking about it, she is going to-

Matt Bertram: She [crosstalk 00:06:47].

Chris Burres: Yeah, she likes to keep-

Matt Bertram: I’m going to share with her.

Chris Burres: … things really.

Matt Bertram: I promise you she will see it.

Chris Burres: I’m not sure that’s a good strategy, but either one of us. So she’s going to start a business. She and I were actually looking at buying a business. And it’s a language school. And that didn’t go the way that we were hoping. And she was like, “Well, I’m going to just go do this because I understand what I’ve been thinking about it. It makes a lot of sense. There’s a lot of opportunity. The Houston market…” By the way, a lot of people I didn’t believe this when I first heard it. Houston is the most diverse city in the country. Like this is not debatable. Oh, of course, it’s New York, because New York is known for being more diverse. This is actually the most diverse culture city in the entire country. I’m getting used to change in cameras and light gets easy on TV, but-

Matt Bertram: We need a little- Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:07:40] red lights [inaudible 00:07:40].

Chris Burres: … Well, yeah, he’s pointing though. So there’s a lot of people here learning languages. It’s also the biggest oil city in the country- Speaker 3: It’s very transient.

Chris Burres: … yeah, so a lot of people end up going to other countries and they want to learn languages before. So there’s a lot of opportunity to teach languages here in this very diverse city, and so she’s opening a school and one of the things I told her as you’re putting this business plan together, you need to include what do you need to include, you need to include a marketing budget. And so she did. Our first step, what’s our first step when you’re going to start working with us?

Matt Bertram: Profit point.

Chris Burres: It’s a profit point.

Matt Bertram: Or actually, it’s a 15 minute 30 minute console which she did do Alyssa.

Chris Burres: Yeah. And then it’s the longer phrases from problems to profit plan. So like, how do we take your current marketing situation, online marketing situation from potential problems and turn it into really profitable marketing? And so she did that profit plan yesterday?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burres: And so we decided, well, let’s talk about a strict… Like what should you be thinking about if you’re opening a new business? Or maybe even if your business has been open for a while, what are the marketing strategies that you need to be thinking about putting in place-

Matt Bertram: When you take your business online now?

Chris Burres: … yeah, when you take it online, maybe you’re not happy. Maybe your website was just a splash page to get you started. What do you do next? And so we thought, well, why don’t we just get on the podcast, and talk about that because it’s really relevant whether you’ve been operating in the online space for a long time or just getting started.

Matt Bertram: So really a lot of even like lawyers since we’re talking about lawyers before, lawyers… I’m looking at the camera guys. Hey, okay, this is fun.

Chris Burres: [inaudible 00:09:22]. I got to look over here.

Matt Bertram: No, so really… Yes, there’s Chris. So basically lawyers really operate based on referrals a lot. And there’s a lot of other industries that operate to like when you talk to clients or potential clients when their prospects for us they say, “Hey, how are you currently generating your business?” “Oh, I operate exclusively on referrals.” And I’m like, “That sounds scary.” That sounds a little dangerous-

Chris Burres: And slow.

Matt Bertram: … and slow. We get a lot of referrals, as well. And referrals are the best type of clients and it’s wonderful to get referrals. But if you’re not getting enough referrals, and you want to increase the growth of your business, how do you generate leads that are not referrals? Okay, so that’s probably one of the big things that you got to look at. Also, if you have one or two great referral sources, and they stop referring, or they retire, for example-

Chris Burres: How do you feel like-

Matt Bertram: … yeah, I got a client that they had two referral sources prior to working with us. And both of them were in there like late 60s, 70s. And they’re concerned that they’re going to retire. And they’re like, “Hey, I actually need to create a more stable source of leads for my business. And I need to take that online. So what is…”

Chris Burres: … I personally would recommend that you have about 10 lead sources available. So if that’s, maybe you could consider referrals if it’s two different referral partners, okay, great. That’s one and two, and then you could have Facebook ads, and then you could have actually Google ads and then SEO traffic, and then you should be doing some networking as a business owner. You should have about 10 [crosstalk 00:11:01]-

Matt Bertram: Going to conferences. There’s multiple places that referrals can come from. And you want different engines running and you don’t want to put necessarily all your eggs in one basket. Now, I have heard and I like the analogy, like put all your eggs in one basket and watch that basket really good.

Chris Burres: … [crosstalk 00:11:20] with that basket.

Matt Bertram: Closely, and I believe that to be true, but look a Google update, or a Facebook update could kill your business. And really, as-

Chris Burres: [crosstalk 00:11:28] on one lead source.

Matt Bertram: … on one lead source. So you always want to keep that in mind. But there are things that produce better but really online if you want to put in one big bucket, of like traditional marketing, online marketing, and all the different sub facets of that. If you’re trying to get online be prepared to get in the game if you have zero assets, 10K. The minimum I believe that you need to have set aside is minimally 10K to get in the game. And that’s not to stay in the game. That’s to build the car to get in the game and connect-

Chris Burres: That’s like to put your flag on the hill, yeah.

Matt Bertram: … to start getting to going, 10K, but you can’t go, “Okay, that should propel me.”

Chris Burres: No.

Matt Bertram: So really you need 10K to get in the game. I would say another five to 10K, to put gas in the car to get you to the point where you can start reinvesting if you do reinvest 15 to 30%, of whatever you’re making. And really, we started to get into and I think we can talk about this a little bit. But when you’re growing a business online, there’s a lot of things that you need to do from a business standpoint. And so we tend in the profit plans, provide business tips too, like of things that we would recommend, based on people that we’ve seen be successful, and there’s certain best practices from growing a business online, there’s some business related things that we can get into but just what I wanted to just get out there is if you’re trying to move your business online, you don’t have any digital assets, or you just have kind of a little landing page that say, “Hey, I’m a business…” Because that’s what people used to do. They used to go to the internet and go, okay, they got a website.

Matt Bertram: That’s a box. I’ll call. And then now it’s like Facebook, “Hey, they posted on Facebook or whatever? Okay, I’ll call.” But really turning your website into a lead generating machine, takes a little bit of more thought, effort, strategy, et cetera.

Chris Burres: And depending on the industry may end up being a lot more than even 15K that you kind of spoke about. So that just depends on-

Matt Bertram: That’s just to get in the game. You got a budget for that. I know, it’s sometimes sticker shock, but if you want to do it, right like, you know.

Chris Burres: … and I got to tell you, it was sticker shock for my wife. I mean, despite me kind of telling her current status of the businesses, it was like, “Is it really that expensive?” And I’m like, “Yes, it really is that much work that’s going into what’s happening.” And then more importantly than that, is it really that valuable? And the answer is unequivocally yes. We’re not charging a monthly fee and hoping that our customers get that monthly fee back. That’s not the end game, right?

Matt Bertram: Yeah.

Chris Burres: If that’s all you’re coming to us for, then we might not be the right organization for you. But if you want actually more, right? So if you want better-

Matt Bertram: We are looking for growth companies. We’ve actually I’ve been fired a few times because we’ve done too good. And I have actually case studies where I generate too many leads, and they’re not set up to grow so they stopped services. Sometimes-

Chris Burres: … services with us, they stopped.

Matt Bertram: … they stopped services and then they got to focus on hiring. And anybody out there is happy to know that I ran a headhunting agency for eight years very successfully. So from a business standpoint, business tips if we do get you too many leads in your hiring might be able to provide you at least some device or direction Eric Chris, from me web standpoint, have I been able to bring value from hiring training from my last business?

Chris Burres: So-

Matt Bertram: I know I’m going off on a tangent.

Chris Burres: … no, no. So I just want to make sure I understand the question. Have you added value to the company because of your ability to hire the right people? Is that the question?

Matt Bertram: Like hiring people like okay, you get too many leads you got to grow your business. You got to hire people after you have too much stuff, right?

Chris Burres: Yeah. I would say that you’re also have a really good vision in mind. And so that’s your… Sometimes to my nervousness, hiring ahead of the curve that you see coming. So really, you do need to think about that. And we’ve actually had some smart business owners. I know you’ve shared some stories with me where they’re like, “Okay, so how many people am I going to need to hire once I get you guys on board and you guys start delivering?” And we can talk to like a pressure washing company whose whole business model has changed because of the [crosstalk 00:15:46]-

Matt Bertram: He just showed me his new location, is pretty legit.

Chris Burres: … yeah, so he’s got like-

Matt Bertram: But also too the other thing I just want to keep in mind is people think like, okay, this is a Hail Mary. I’m going to do internet marketing. I’m going to go into PPC, I need leads right now. And they-

Chris Burres: … I’m going to spend my last penny.

Matt Bertram: … I’m going to spend my last penny to get it to work. Like internet marketing is a process. Even PPC or AdWords is a process. SEO is a process. So a lot of people come to us. And I know we’re in this in an instant gratification world. And I do love SEO because we do it. And then we see the results of what we did. But Google doesn’t immediately reward you, they want to know it’s legit. And it takes some time. So we talk about, “Hey, 90, 120 days.” And then-

Chris Burres: If you can speak to like the pressure washing company, a certain number of months in it, they were really nervous and they had actually kind of… It wasn’t necessarily a Hail Mary, but it was a full investment of their marketing strategy [crosstalk 00:16:46]-

Matt Bertram: … they trusted us completely. And he started having… Like, I guess he respected me enough to say, “Hey, I’m getting concerned. I could have put money here. I could have put money there.” And I said, “Hey, everything’s on the right track. We’re bout to get over the other side [crosstalk 00:17:02].”

Chris Burres: … we are a month away, we’re yeah.

Matt Bertram: … and then boom it popped. And it’s just-

Chris Burres: And now he want to answer our phone calls.

Matt Bertram: … no, he will but he’s going to be doing a video for us but-

Chris Burres: There was a time that he was so busy, he couldn’t [crosstalk 00:17:14] –

Matt Bertram: … no, he actually had to hire three or four people. And so these are real problems. We have a lot of clients that have too many leads. I mean, we just talked to a client yesterday that you have a meeting with that. Well, so we went a little overzealous with ranking for like home remodeling, and he’s in Houston. He was getting leads from New Orleans, right? [inaudible 00:17:38] works is, you get you rank locally. Then you rank regionally, you rank nationally.

Chris Burres: Already got them regionally.

Matt Bertram: We already got them regionally. So we had to add fields to reduce that. We have to add maps to say what he service and really had to hire people and we needed a target content a little bit more. So it’s a refined process. SEO is an ongoing process. It’s like an ongoing conversation with Google and also know, everybody else is talking to Google. And Google’s talking to everybody else, and figuring out what they’re looking for. And they’re trying to provide those best results. So it’s not static. People think SEO is static. What SEO is, is online PR. We are your online PR professionals. FYI, we’re going to start ranking for PR firm, PR company, PR agency, because we are a PR firm, and we do offer those services. People just think of PR, public relations, in the traditional sense-

Chris Burres: Is like a [inaudible 00:18:38].

Matt Bertram: … and also yeah. Everybody’s like, “Oh, people just do press releases for SEO.” That was always not the case. What we do for clients is online PR. We influence. Okay, we’re starting eWebResults media. We will be creating influence in the marketplace for your business, interruption marketing does work but people I mean, think about like Legos. Legos has a whole movie. And it’s just all advertising.

Chris Burres: It’s one big [crosstalk 00:19:09]-

Matt Bertram: Product placement and all that-

Chris Burres: … really [crosstalk 00:19:10].

Matt Bertram: … I know I’m going way off tangent here. Let’s go back to-

Chris Burres: I was going to bring [crosstalk 00:19:13]-

Matt Bertram: … yeah bring me back in.

Chris Burres: … I was going to try and realize back in and so to talk about starting a new business. And I think we did a podcast, maybe it was five podcasts ago, where we said, “Hey, here are the top three things that you need to do.” So-

Matt Bertram: What did we say those were?

Chris Burres: … we can revisit those. We got to get our historian to pull out. First step was website, right? You got to have a website. And one of the things we say is, the website needs to reflect the value and quality of service you provide to your customers. And so one of the things Matt’s been doing here is, is our customer base is moving up in terms of corporate size. And so our website is changing to reflect that delta, right?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burres: And so you need to do the same like, do provide a high quality valuable service, your website needs to be high quality and look valuable.

Matt Bertram: It’s like a billboard out in front of your office when they first walk in. Also, it’s like your top salesperson that sells 24/7 days a week like, how are they representing you? So really yeah, the marketing system that we’ve been speaking a lot of, I think that that’s what you’re referring to, is a high converting high quality website. That’s step one.

Chris Burres: Yeah. Next is traffic. So this is a little bit different because we know we’re talking about the specific case of this language school and where they’re going to draw business-

Matt Bertram: [crosstalk 00:20:38] all that. We can go into that.

Chris Burres: … so traffic, like how are we going to drive traffic to it? And then the two others that we mentioned in that particular podcast were email drips. When you meet people, when you get customers, when you get prospects who maybe didn’t become a customer yet, what emails are you dripping to them? And then finally remarketing, right? And so I’m sure what you spoke about with [Marisa 00:21:01] the other day, was like covered all… Like ticked all of those boxes.

Matt Bertram: And yeah, we’re making a new infographic that’s a little more sophisticated. Really, it was high converting website, SEO, and then paid advertising. And you can add all those in there. You could add beacon marketing and geo fencing all that to the back and we can actually put this process. So a lot of times, clients come to us and they are in that kind of maybe Hail Mary state, and I need leads right now, or I’m going to-

Chris Burres: Or yesterday.

Matt Bertram: … or yesterday, and they jump right into PPC. And what I talked about PPC, PPC is like you want the coupon hunters. You want to give away the deals. That’s not necessarily what you want, but-

Chris Burres: Depending on your business-

Matt Bertram: … depending on your business.

Chris Burres: Often with the businesses we work with.

Matt Bertram: So be B to B, B to C, but going back to kind of what you were talking about that absolutely is a model that works and you don’t want to necessarily put the cart before the horse. You want to do… You want to check the box one, two, three, four, five, six, whatever. What we talked about with your wife specifically, and I have never done research on this before, is okay, “What do you want to do?” And really she wants to be kind of like a recruiter kind of like a matchmaker. Like, so someone wants to learn something, and then she has a pool of people that she connects them with. So she’s kind of a matchmaker. And you don’t necessarily need a location for that you can kind of use location for that. You could use co working space, you could swap out things like to do a class, but if it’s individual, it depends on if it’s children-

Chris Burres: Or it can even be at their house.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, that’s what we looked at is like, what do you want to learn it for? How do you want to learn it? What format is it, a class? Is it a individual? Is it kids? Is it adults? So we were looking at all these things? Interestingly enough, Chris based on the data, the three things that were, where the volume was learning Spanish, learning English, and then learning sign language. That was where the traffic was. I don’t know. I’m sure she told you that.

Chris Burres: She mentioned it to me, yeah. That was a big surprise.

Matt Bertram: Because we looked at French and German and there was like 10, 20 people a month that looked for that.

Chris Burres: Not too many.

Matt Bertram: And so she got understand, okay, what are people searching for if we’re not generating demand on Facebook or something like that. All right, so this is what we have, we can add that to it, we can offer that service. But where’s the bulk and the core of the business going to be. And so we identified that. I brought Justin and our branding guy. We went through a whole branding process to build a brand, a logo, she needed business cards. She needs a trifold brochure to hand out. So there’s things that you need. I think if you’re coming out with a website, offering some kind of branding package or having a consistent brand is super important.

Chris Burres: For sure.

Matt Bertram: I mean, then we went through, okay, how are we going to go out-

Chris Burres: Just come back to like you talk… You spoke about, in the old days, oh, they have a website check, like business card, an absolute check, a trifold brochure that’s going to be another [inaudible 00:24:04], that’s going to be a check-

Matt Bertram: … what do you need to operate your business? Like what do you need to do to start your business like setting you up for success? What are the tools that you need? And I think you need a website, maybe a business card or some kind and then some kind of lead behind. It doesn’t have to be a trifold brochure. But if you have those three things, you can present yourself to the world, as a business and how nice that is depends on how high end you want to be, who you want to target, what your target market is, but then from a business side, you got to work backwards and figure out who are my customers and how many potential prospects are in that pool. Was she going national, was she going regional, was she’d going local? These are all eliminated factors that you have to address. So I mean, kind of walk through, what you were talking with her about and then I can maybe add-

Chris Burres: … so one of the things is and actually I was going to probably turn this right back around to you. You’re talking about the first thing you did was like, “Where are the search phrases? What is it that you’re actually… That people are searching for, where you could place well, and you could drive your business? You also turn around and go, “Okay, from an SEO perspective, it’s not just, hey, sign languages is the third most searched term, but it’s really competitive…” How competitive is it, makes a big difference.

Chris Burres: So yeah, it’s in this order English and then Spanish, and then sign language. And English has such a high level of competition in it. And I don’t think it, maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t-

Matt Bertram: … certain phrases, but certain phrases were low, right?

Chris Burres: … yeah.

Matt Bertram: So really how we do SEO is we get super granular. And it’s not like a black box. So it’s really just like, we’re more data scientists. It’s figuring out where the data is-

Chris Burres: And where the opportunities are.

Matt Bertram: … and where the opportunities are. And then arbitrage like, I don’t know, people in SEO probably don’t use that word a lot. But it’s arbitrage. It’s basically going, “Hey, this is a keyword that people are bidding on. So we know there’s an auction for it…”

Chris Burres: There’s value [crosstalk 00:26:00]-

Matt Bertram: … there’s value there.

Chris Burres: … there’s probably value there.

Matt Bertram: Because there’s a market, people are bidding on it. And it’s not that competitive. Do we want to get in the game and bid, or do we want to go after the organic trails? Or go after something else. And really based upon how quickly we want to show results, or we need results, determines what we can, and can’t go after. And it’s building out that kind of six month year strategy to figure out where that low hanging fruit is and what to go after, as quickly or as consistently, or what the strategy is really.

Chris Burres: So one of the… So you asked me kind of what work to some of our conversations. Anytime you’re starting a new business, right? One of the first things that you really want to make sure is, is there a demand. Is there a demand for what you offer? Again, we kind of described Houston as a very diverse culture. And so yeah, there’s a lot of opportunity for learning languages.

Chris Burres: The next thing is you really in terms of preference of business, you want something that’s a repeated demand. So you don’t want to just sell I don’t know, solar panels once. Yes, you can run a solar panel business and that can do really well. But it’s typically a one time sale. Whereas, teaching languages month over month over month just like eWebResults is a month over month over month service. And so you want to stick to those types of [crosstalk 00:27:22]-

Matt Bertram: I grew up in the pharma business, and they don’t really want to cure stuff.

Chris Burres: … as it turns out-

Matt Bertram: They wanted maintenance. But absolutely.

Chris Burres: … so you want to make sure that there’s a market, you want to make sure that it’s a repeat business that customers come back time and time again. And when you say market, you got to add this caveat to it, which is, is it a service that you can provide at a price people are willing to pay? So if you’re going to teach Spanish, but you’ve got to pay somebody $100 an hour to teach Spanish and people are only willing to pay $50 an hour to actually learn Spanish, it’s not going to be a viable business. And so we kind of went through all of that checklist as the first pieces of it. And we kind of knew, almost intuitively there are other… There’s actually franchises that are pretty successful across the country and actually globally that teach language.

Matt Bertram: You know what one of the most successful franchises is that my parents actually when they were moving into retirement were looking to buy, Kumon Learning Center. They’re like one of the highest success rate-

Chris Burres: Everybody wants their kids to be smarter, to learn more.

Matt Bertram: … right, and then what is it? It’s like a big room with a chalkboard and actually, at the time when they were looking at it, it was like, I don’t even think they have those projectors, where you slide the glass, you know what I mean?

Chris Burres: Yeah.

Matt Bertram: What do they call it? I think they call it projectors. There’s old school ones and then like… I don’t think they do that anymore. But that was what it was, was just a bunch of desks. It was a chalkboard not a whiteboard, and then it was like one of those and it was just a big room and they had like a [inaudible 00:29:01]. And then also tutoring in like college and stuff like that, they did that sort of thing. So education is absolutely a wonderful business. That’s why I’m looking [crosstalk 00:29:13].

Chris Burres: So then [inaudible 00:29:14] one of the things that you want to do is maybe identify what target you’re going to go after right?

Matt Bertram: Yes.

Chris Burres: And so there’s a couple of things that go into that. One of them is price point. And you’re… One of the things that we considered as we’re looking at this business, or kind of naming the business is how do you name it, right? Because you could have it languages for everyone is going to be kind of maybe more of a moderate or low income people like, “Hey, that sounds right for me.” And then so [Mareesah 00:29:42] kind of keyed in on kind of want to go after some of the higher end market in Huston, those business owner, not necessarily owners, but business people who are about to go overseas or whatever. So we ended up with Academy and she got fixated. She needed it to start with an A for some reason. Academy really works right?

Matt Bertram: Well, you’re really like plumbing A, B, C plumbing and like A, B, C 1, 2, 3, probably like-

Chris Burres: Triple A plumbing.

Matt Bertram: … yeah, triple A plumbing.

Chris Burres: Quadruple A plumbing. So she wanted the A. And so it ended up being Academy of culture and language, which is just really a good-

Matt Bertram: I know, it sounds-

Chris Burres: High level language [crosstalk 00:30:18].

Matt Bertram: … so I’m going to use… I’m going to bring up another example of one of our clients. I hope he doesn’t mind. I don’t think he does because we’re actually completely rebranding him. We’re looking at doing this package. And he’s kind of our prototype here. It’s called like the build your brand mania like program. Because we had to totally remake. So he’s a chiropractor. And the name of this company-

Chris Burres: So we can say that it’s something people want?

Matt Bertram: … yes.

Chris Burres: That they want it over and over again typically. You can do it at a fee that people can pay. And so that ticks all the things that you would want in a business.

Matt Bertram: Yeah. No, it’s a great business also, it’s similarly it’s a room and he does just straight adjustments. So-

Chris Burres: It’s also one of the perks when you work here.

Matt Bertram: … it’s one of the perks when you work here. You get free adjustments once a week, but what I can tell you is-

Chris Burres: No one’s ever told me the day… I haven’t had my adjustment so I start my morning-

Matt Bertram: I got it today and it was wonderful. Speaker 3: [inaudible 00:31:13] most were like personal, like yeah [inaudible 00:31:13] .

Matt Bertram: Well, so interestingly enough, we’re working on his full rebrand. So the name of his company… He’s a chiropractor, Cafe Life. So his big billboard out like or his sign and a multi unit sign Coffee Life. When you walk in his house Coffee Life, do you… And his website was coffeelife.com.

Chris Burres: … coffee. That’s the word-

Matt Bertram: Right. Like what is this?

Chris Burres: … healthy coffee. Like really, really healthy coffee. Not just coffee but-

Matt Bertram: So that was kind of when we started he was… I got referred to him but what I could tell he was like, “Hey, man, I didn’t even know your chiropractic company. Can you explain this to me how to take 10, 15 minutes to… Like if anybody [crosstalk 00:32:01].

Chris Burres: … it makes perfect sense when it was explained 10 minutes later.

Matt Bertram: But [crosstalk 00:32:04] somebody a joke like and you got to explain the joke to him. It’s not right. It’s not good If you got eight seconds to explain to something, what you do it needs to be like chiropractic like or in the name or-

Chris Burres: Chiropractic for life.

Matt Bertram: … yeah, like chiropractic for life, or chiropractor, sore back question mark chiropractor, you know what I mean? Sorry, Brett, but we’re really going to do well for you. We got some great stuff coming. But yeah, so that’s just an example of how important that name is, and does it reflect the brand of what you do?

Chris Burres: And as you’re searching for that, you’re thinking about the name, you’ve got to be searching about the domain name in tandem with the name, right? Because if you get Academy of culture and language and there’s no iteration or version of Academy and culture and language, that as a domain that you can get, that’s not going to work. It’s not viable.

Matt Bertram: So you brought up something else. I’m glad you’re just bringing up all this stuff that’s percolating up in my brain here. And-

Chris Burres: That’s because you’re an influencer.

Matt Bertram: … yeah, we have two clients, right now that are both in the roofing industry. And what we’re dealing with is they picked the name that’s really popular apparently, both of them for roofing names. And there’s multiple companies that have the same name as them.

Chris Burres: In the same area or [crosstalk 00:33:26]?

Matt Bertram: In the same area and in other areas. And we’ve had some spa builders with that issue, like so the interesting thing is like, look what people are searching for, when they search for you and see, is someone really doing a good job that are going to outrank you for it because they’re going to either grab a lot of their traffic, or you’re going to be hard to find until you really tell Google-

Chris Burres: [crosstalk 00:33:46] really confused.

Matt Bertram: … what it’s about. So it’s just-

Chris Burres: Important to have domain name [crosstalk 00:33:52].

Matt Bertram: … it’s important to understand the domain name and the repercussions or the positive impact of that.

Chris Burres: And I can tell you, there is an academy of culture and language in Ecuador. I think it’s in Ecuador. And so she was all worried about this. Like, don’t worry, think about it. If somebody in the Houston area does a search for academy of culture and language, and they end up on Ecuadorian website, they’ll figure it out and they’ll find you.

Matt Bertram: Well, the last thing I’ll say is there so… A guy went to high school, who started a club here in Houston called [Clay 00:34:25]. And I don’t know if it’s in Ibiza where Clay was originally from, but he actually took that to his benefit. So he’s not associated with that other club that’s a super high end, like international club, or, yeah. But based on his branding, and all this sort of thing, he’s the only Clay in the United States. And so he’s getting a little bit of elevation because of that. And so it can work at your detriment. It can work to your advantage, but it’s all things that you need to consider when building a brand from scratch.

Chris Burres: Yeah, so okay, name, we’ve got domain. And then really it’s about hiring the right company to come in with the right investment and build out that campaign. And so I don’t know if you want to talk a little bit more about, like what is the kind of initial plan?

Matt Bertram: Oh, yeah, sure. I’m curious why she hires.

Chris Burres: Because we’re the best. I can tell you a business coach asked her like, “I know that they’re expensive, are you really going to pay that?” And I don’t know if that question was like, well, it’s your husband, who owns it, who’s one of the owners, is he going to make you pay? But it’s the right way. For me I own a number of businesses. Sometimes the businesses do business with each other. It’s the right thing to do. You got to let the cash flow the way it needs to flow. Let the one company feel the pain of having to pay and then just know that you’re also actually [crosstalk 00:35:58].

Matt Bertram: We are setting up for success. We’re building the right plan and I would say what is expensive. A lot of clients come to us spend 50,000, $100,000, and they didn’t get anything. I mean, we got tonnes of-

Chris Burres: They spent that before us and didn’t [crosstalk 00:36:13].

Matt Bertram: … a lot of our clients, come to us-

Chris Burres: Have spent.

Matt Bertram: … have spent that with other companies or multiple companies until they found us. And I have a number of testimonials of people that have spent that money. And then they’re like, “Hey, you were a little more expensive. I came back to you.” Now, why don’t just do it right the first time. And and what I can tell you too, is we’ve raised our prices a little bit in certain areas, but the values match with the pricing, increase.

Chris Burres: Absolutely, for sure.

Matt Bertram: And it’s gotten a little more competitive out there, a little more noisy. And you need a little more effort before you could do one or two things and you’re on first page of Google. That’s not the game anymore. And if you come to us, we want to make sure you succeed and we want to make sure you got enough momentum to get there. Now there’s ways that we can do it smart. And we are very efficient as well. What we did with your wife, because she needs to hit the summer cycle, okay, which is right. I think kids are… I think today’s the last day at school for kids, pre high school.

Chris Burres: Like tomorrow. Today is the last day at school, yeah.

Matt Bertram: So what we did is we did kind of our base pricing for a website, a discount site, we created a theme, we run it through the theme, we get it done in 30 days. Be build the bones, though, this is one of the keys and this is really why you want to hire us, I think, or at least consult with us is build the right SEO structure. So the site’s very aerodynamic and float to the top of Google. So building out that structure, understand what the keywords we’re going after, and build that infrastructure. And so get the website done really quickly. We’re building a mood board, basically of all the pictures and kind of texts she likes, and we’re going to be the experts and decide what do and then she can tweak it after we get it out the door off the ground running.

Matt Bertram: And then we’re going to start the content creation. We’re going to be optimizing the Google My Business and start doing some off page things while the website’s being built. So the website will hit the ground running. We’ll be doing the SEO, as we’re building the websites. And when we launch, we can launch it up quite well. We’ll be adding… We’ve used a couple different like Crazy Egg, Lucky Orange, Hotjar, we’ve used a bunch of different ones.

Matt Bertram: You know, the jury’s still out on which one’s the best but looking at what people are doing, and continuing to optimize for that engagement and click the rate and those sort of things on the page. And we should be able to launch her up really quickly for these certain search terms. Catch the kind of Gulf Stream traffic stay on the first page, high up on the first page stream.

Chris Burres: Gulf Stream [crosstalk 00:38:54]-

Matt Bertram: I feel like yeah, and then I don’t know I’ve kind of just thought of that recently. Because once you get into top five positions, three positions on Google really, you kind of stay there. Unless someone really comes in and knocks you out. But it’s more like your incumbent. And it takes a minute to get up there. It’s going to take 90, 120 days, from zero, really 120 days is what I told her. I said, four to six months, from nothing. We’ll get you the first page, you’re not going to see traffic to the first page. But we’re going to do that and pop you up there. And so you’re paying for the website and some of that content creation. And then we’re going to kind of… There’ll be like a crossover point where we’ll start generating demand.

Matt Bertram: So for French, German, all that there might be more demand, but people aren’t searching for it. That will go into Facebook ads. And then once we get them over… Get the website over, 100 people come into your website per month-

Chris Burres: Remarketing.

Matt Bertram: … hit… Remarketing. So really, what we’re looking at doing is for like a new business, what’s the new business plan? And then how do we do that efficiently with the six month package or your package. We’re also building out packages for different franchise. Owners when they’re launching a franchise, there’s a set things to do. We’ve really had some success there. So yeah, I mean, I think that there’s… I am really excited about this. This will be another case study from taking a business from absolute zero to-

Chris Burres: Non existent to first page of Google.

Matt Bertram: … yeah. And just really an authority in the space. I mean, the influence that can be created by your presence online impacts the way people feel about your company. It’s the reputation that precedes you. And they’re like, “Oh, I know of you guys.” And I get that a lot, I know of you guys because if they’ve searched any of these key phrases, we’ve popped up, and so you can have that same thing for you. And we want to help you do it but know to that, we’re going to explain to you what’s going on, but it’s a process. It doesn’t happen overnight, or everyone would be doing it and there’s a lot of people out there that are spending a lot of money with a lot of lacklustre results. So if you put the money to the right things in the right way, and you’re patient, and you know that you spent the money the right way, the success will come. And once you get there, it’s like the Gulf Stream. It just, it keeps running. And you can start going after other phrases in other areas-

Chris Burres: You said, you build the website aerodynamically?

Matt Bertram: … yeah.

Chris Burres: … [crosstalk 00:41:26] just rides that [crosstalk 00:41:27].

Matt Bertram: Oh, yeah. It really it-

Chris Burres: Very good. I think that’s a really good place to kind of wrap up this discussion.

Matt Bertram: … I think so.

Chris Burres: I think that-

Matt Bertram: I’m out of water. So I mean, and I think I got a call here in a few minutes.

Chris Burres: … so if you like this podcast, we asked you to do one thing and that’s share it with three people. I think that’s a good thing-

Matt Bertram: That wants to start a business, that has-

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Matt Bertram: … or improve their marketing or if you hate your job, and you want to start a business and you’ve saved money and you just want to pull the trigger, maybe give us a call. And we’ll have a consulting coaching class. That we’ll be doing soon.

Chris Burres: So if you’re looking to grow that new business with the largest simplest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt Bertram: The internet.

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Matt Bertram: We have a form too, you can fill out. But we’ll give you that later.

Chris Burres: Yes, it’s probably under-

Matt Bertram: We’ve been changing stuff.

Chris Burres: … send us an email.

Matt Bertram: Send us an email.

Chris Burres: Yeah, that’ll get to us marketing at eWebResults.com.

Matt Bertram: Who’s watching that one? Yeah, I would-

Chris Burres: Is that not a good link?

Matt Bertram: … I would just fill out a website consultation-

Chris Burres: Contact Us form.

Matt Bertram: … the contact us form and someone will get back to you. We’re a little short staffed. Right now everybody decided to take summer vacation.

Chris Burres: People getting married and [crosstalk 00:42:57]-

Matt Bertram: Yeah, at the same time-

Chris Burres: … and having babies and there’s another one that’ll be coming soon.

Matt Bertram: … there’s a lot going on right now. So we are coming up with a new vacation policy, this week. So but yeah, reach out to us through the Contact Us form. And we love to hear from you. Leave us a comment on-

Chris Burres: And hey, if you’re in Houston, and if you’re planning on being in Houston around June 13, we’re having our grand opening in our new space. You can actually come see this podcast studio that we’re in be right now-

Matt Bertram: … you can be here.

Chris Burres: … and we’ve actually got a networking group that I used to be with, it was actually really a phase [crosstalk 00:43:38]-

Matt Bertram: We are doing a ribbon cutting that day too.

Chris Burres: … we’re doing a ribbon cutting that day. We’re going to have UP Social network is going to be here so you could get interviewed on a live Facebook feed, it usually gets 10s and 30,000 views-

Matt Bertram: 20,000. Last time-

Chris Burres: … average, on one of those broadcasts, so you could get that. There’s going to be snacks and food I assume. I haven’t had to do much with that yet, booze. And so come by. That’s going to be June 13. And we are here at what is our 13105 Northwest Freeway, 77040. So get that added to your calendar.

Matt Bertram: I’m working on getting a sign out- Speaker 3: Fifth floor.

Matt Bertram: Yeah, fifth floor.

Chris Burres: Fifth floor.

Matt Bertram: I’m working at getting a sign out front and in the hallway. So there’s things coming. Also we do have a new client that could put a sign on side of this building.

Chris Burres: That would be cool.

Matt Bertram: You know, so we’re talking to the owner about that.

Chris Burres: That does start about four o’clock so far. Four o’clock on June 13. Speaker 3: Thursday [inaudible 00:44:38].

Matt Bertram: Yes, Thursday.

Chris Burres: Yeah. Excellent. So we’ve got ways you can connect with us. Why don’t you just actually go leave us a review facebook.com/eWebResults and then that’ll take you to our page please leave us a review there. Hopefully you will make that review. [crosstalk 00:44:53] Until that’s wraps up our podcast, you can get audio video, and a transcript of this podcast on our website, eWebResults.com.

Matt Bertram: You actually can’t right now. But if you email us, we’ll give it to you and on our new website that we’re launching, you will be able to get that. So Chris sorry, we’ve been moving stuff around, doing some different things.

Chris Burres: Like playing with little Legos, right, we’ve got to move these pieces around-

Matt Bertram: I do love Legos.

Chris Burres: So that wraps up this podcast until the next… You guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast [crosstalk 00:45:24]-

Matt Bertram: One of the most popular.

Chris Burres: … the most popular. Until the next podcast. My name is Chris Burress.

Matt Bertram: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris Burres: Bye for now.

Matt Bertram: Bye for now. (singing).