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This week, Chris and Matt discuss the Google Beacon, how it works, and how it could transform your local business. The Google beacon platform enables you to manage your beacons remotely, integrate with Google services and help users’ devices to discover content and functionality across Android, native apps and the web. To get started with the Google beacon platform, get a beacon and install Beacon Tools for Android or iOS. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram your SEO magician. Check out the shirt.

Chris: The SEO magician. Scientist magic that works. I like that. That is actually absolutely true. So I’m back. I was gone last time.

Matt: Welcome back, Chris!

Chris: Yeah, thank you. Yeah, it was a good trip.

Matt: Tell us about it.

Chris: I was up in New Jersey. It turns that I’m actually a ninja.

Matt: Really? We have a ninja and a magician. This is good.

Chris: I’m actually a ninja. And this is the ninja edition. So I’m not talking like internet marketing ninja or whatever.

Matt: True ninja.

Chris: Our bobblehead for this.

Matt: The true ninja.

Chris: So I took a video with my twins Allen and Kaylee on Thrusday morning. And I was trying to convince them that I was a ninja. And I told them, I said, “Look if I happen to show up some place that there’s no possible way I could show up and totally blow your mind, will you belive that I’m a ninja who can use the force?” And my son immediately goes, “The force isn’t real.” And I’m like, “Okay, we can take the force out of the equation. Would you understand that I am a ninja if I show up in this place?” And he was like, “No, not really.”

Matt: So no jedi, but maybe ninja.

Chris: Maybe ninja, right? So what I did is I drove my– because my wife and kids were going on this trip, they already had it planned. And then I bought a ticket on the same plane. So I drove them, I dropped them off. I parked the car, right? They didn’t know I parked the car. I got on the plane that they were on, incognito, I got off the plane that they were on icognito, I got into the brother-in-law’s car that was picking them up, I hopped out of the brother-in-law’s car and said, “Hey, welcome to New Jersey!” And they lost it. I’ll post the videos up on Facebook.

Matt: Yeah, you recorded the whole thing, like the series.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: It’s pretty awesome.

Chris: It’s pretty cool. So it turns out that now my son believes I’m an ninja, so that is really cool. So it’s good to be back. Apparently last time it was a one hour podcast, and I think you participated in half of it, how does that work?

Matt: I had a meeting and I left, and they just kept going, it was awesome.

Chris: It’s like when the cats are out, the mice will play, right?

Matt: Yup, yup.

Chris: Very cool. Hey, we are broadcasting live here from Houston, Texas. We do have a tip. Our tip from our previous pdocast is…

Matt: When creating landing pages have a clear call to action. This is the most important part of your landing page. Now there’s a bonus tip about this.

Chris: Bonus tip, okay yeah.

Matt: Make sure the landing page design matches the rest of your website. And you spelled website without an e.

Chris: Sometimes you’ve got to–

Matt: It’s special.

Chris: It’s fast, you’ve got to be typing fast. So yeah, a call to action is one of the most important things on your landing page. There’s a number of others but if you don’t have a call to action, why are you even bothering sending them there?

Matt: Yeah, what’s the point?

Chris: Yeah, don’t send them there. Send them some place else where there’s actually a call to action and you can generate some value from it.

Matt: So we’re going to add in our kind of resources section, our landing page checklist so everybody can get a copy of it, you can download it. So check that out, we’ll have that posted this week.

Chris: Very cool.

Matt: Yup.

Chris: Very cool. So that is our tip. Subscribe. Follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: I don’t know. I think that was probably too long for the videos that get out there. Listen, remember we are filming live here in Houston, Texas, and Matt and I, we are your…

Chris & Matt: Results Rebels!

Chris: I want to jump into this review. The review title is, “Clever and inspiring. A must listen.” This is from N Paulson. Punch in the face to you Mr. Paulson. “Matt and Chris’ interviews are conscise and compelling. Truly allowing a lsitner in on what feels like a personal conversation with some of the most successful minds in SEO. Absolutely recommend listening and subscribing to SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing.” Punch in the face to you Mr. Paulson.

Matt: That’s awesome, yeah. Appreciate it.

Chris: Yeah, we love what we do. Apparently it comes through to 99.99% of our audience.

Matt: Well you know, we do want to apologize for the sound descrepancies sometimes with the volume.

Chris: Oh, oh yeah.

Matt: We’re working on that, so we took note on that.

Chris: So apparently the music: the intro and extro music were a little bit louder than the audio.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. And that happens actually on a lot of podcast, they have to turn it like way down, and then they turn on–

Chris: Way up.

Matt: Yeah. So we’re working on that, and that happens on a lot of podcast. So we hear you and we’re working on it. And we will have a new studio soon.

Chris: Yes, new studio. Are we going to have a live studio audience? Is that something we could do? If we’re going to put events out there.

Matt: It’ll be a co-working space. So like I mean–

Chris: People will show up?

Matt: Yeah, we’ll have hundreds of people.

Chris: Very cool. If you’re coming back again, you’re probably interested in the tips that we’re giving to you. You might be interested in, “5 Online Marketing Mistakes That Can Tank Your Business & How to Avoid Them.”

Matt: That’s actually not on the resource page yet.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: We’ve already created the logo. I think it’s up but if you’re caching, you got to refresh.

Chris: Okay. You got to refresh or there might be some cache out there. Also just got to resources mini guides.

Matt: Yeah, mini guides. And we’ve got a ton of stuff in there. Yup.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: We got the book.

Chris: Yeah. Today, so what we’re going to talk about today is a beacon. Maybe you got one of these in the mail.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: This is not Google Checks. This is about check size, right? I was like–

Chris & Matt: Google sent us a bunch of checks.

Chris: No, that is not what that is. It’s actually a Google Beacon. We’re going to talk about Google Beacons today. And while you may or may not want to use them, and all the ins and outs of that.

Matt: Oooh, for all you YouTubers out there, check it out.

Chris: So each week we run a contest. And the contest has two components. One component is: did we get a review in the previous week? The answer is: yes, we did get a review.

Matt: Alright!

Chris: We also have: did we get 10 shikos?

Matt: A share, a like or a follow.

Chris: And when you give us a shiko, there’s a particular sound that you should hear resonating in your head. And that sound is…

Chris & Matt: Shikow!

Chris: So when you do a shiko and you hear that sound, shikow, if we get 10 of them and we get a review then we actually push the part where we tell you exactly how to leave us a review to the back of the podcast– I mean to the end of the podcsat. We’re moving that to the end today so punch in the face to you for all your shikows. Then we got that and then– if you would like a website analysis, a comprehensive website analyisis, just go to and click the website analysis.

Matt: Yeah, we’re at $150 value, right? And then we have a [00:00:00] [Indiscernible] yeah, we’re all over the place.

Chris: Yeah, it’s all new. And faster as of today.

Matt: Yes!

Chris: Yeah, I know Matt was like, “This is great, our website is down.” And I’m like, “It’s down for a reason. We took it down because we’re making it faster.”

Matt: Okay.

Chris: And you’re like, “Okay, that’s acceptable.”

Matt: That’s acceptable.

Chris: Alright, so let’s jump into this. Maybe you got one of these in the mail the other day, right? So if you’re watching– YouTubers out there, thank you for watching on YouTube and subscribing. Maybe you got one of these, right? And it says Project Beacon. It actually has the activation code right up there. And then you open it up and we actually had to tear through this section, and out comes this beacon that Matt was showign earling. This is a beacon. It’s a blue BLE or a Ble or Blie.

Matt: Well you know, I mean they’re basing everything on UK, so I mean–

Chris: Blie. Blie me, it’s a beacon.

Matt: UK listeners, let us know how to say.

Chris: So it’s bluetooth low energy, right? So it’s a device that they say will last for years. You need to go in and you need to set it up.

Matt: Yeah, walk them through the setup. How complicated it is.

Chris: So it was incredibly easy. Very easy. There’s like four or five questions and I think half of the quesitons were becasue they were asking the questionsa bout the process.

Matt: So I was going to get a bottle of water to sit down to go through this process and by the time I got back Chris was like, “It’s already set up.”

Chris: I was done and away from the desk.

Matt: I missed it!

Chris: “What happened Chris, what are we doing?” It’s done already. Yeah, because it was really like two questions and then a bunch of questions about how hard or easy those two questions were. How did you find this two-question process? I found it incredibly simple and easy. In fact there were more questions about the process. Anyway so that was great. We got this. We actually got this a while ago and really kind of didn’t do much with it, didn’t think much about it. Like we’re kind of excited when Google sends us stuff. And then this week we got an email from a client. He was like, “I got one of these beacons, what is it?”

Matt: What do I do?

Chris: “What do I do with it? Is it like– what do I do with it?”

Matt: We’re like, “We got one too! Good! We need to look into that.”

Chris: So we decided that we wanted to do a podcast today about the beacon, this beacon.

Matt: And we were like, “Yeah.” Just we’re busy so we were like, we got to make time for this, this is important.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: We want to stay on the cutting edge, so we wanted tod a podcast to let you know what we’re fidnign out.

Chris: So what might you ask is a beacon? And a beacon is kind of the best example that we’ve seen steadily. And in fact Google has kind of given it some of the nicknames or surnames as it relates to the beacon, related to lighthouses.

Matt: A lighthouse, yeah.

Chris: Right. So lighthouses out there, it’s kind of scanning data. So really it’s emitting some data and your phone can pick it up, right? And so when your phone picks it up it’s a much more precise way to undestand where you are. So imagine you’re in a mall, and you’re walking through the mall. And say one store– well first off let’s say there’s no beacons.

Matt: Okay, okay.

Chris: Google and your device know you’re in the mall, right?

Matt: Okay, yeah.

Chris: And they know within about 11 feet if there’s recepction in the mall. How often have you been in a mall and there’s like no reception? For some reason I feel like Lowes and Home Depot, there’s really no reception.

Matt: They want you shopping.

Chris: They want you shopping.

Matt: They don’t want you– it’s called showcasing. You go into the store, look at what it is, and then go, “I’m just going to buy it on Amazon.”

Chris: Yeah, they don’t want you price shopping. They don’t want you checking what’s on the other store. If you’re in Lowes, at Home Depot or viceversa. So imagine you’re in a mall and you don’t have signal, but there’s a beacon there. So now your phone– and the beacon is actually transmitting some data, so it’s not just saying, “hey, you’re here.” it’s transmitting some data, so hey you’re here and your phone understands exactly where you are. So that’s kind of amazing.

Matt: Creepy.

Chris: Yeah, it’s a little creepy.

Matt: That’s amazing and creepy.

Chris: So the really good example is if you saw Minority Report.

Matt: Yes!

Chris: Really good movie. And in Minority Report they show these custom ads that are showing up as people, right?

Matt: So yeah. I think that that– what is it? Not virtual reality but augmented reality

Chris: Augmented reality, yeah.

Matt: Right, so like where the Google Glass is? And then you’ll see like coins and you’ll be like, “Oh, what’s–?” New coffee is just–

Chris: Pokemon, right? Perfect example.

Matt: No Pokemon, yeah yeah yeah.

Chris: So with Pokemon you can imagine, hey maybe a beacon is maybe not just a place where you can find coins or find more pokemon.

Matt: I think they were called– what were they called? They were like training centers?

Chris: Training centers, right. So then you could have like a more refined one. And so you have to be a lot closer to it. So anyway, you get the idea. In the mall it’s a lot harder. Now if every store had these beacons, then your phone would know excactly what store you’re at.

Matt: Yeah, oh yeah.

Chris: and you can define how far the beacon broadcast. Thefarther the broadcast, the shorter the battery life. But it really is low bluetooth energy so it doesn’t really matter. The technology Google’s calling Eddie stone. So Eddie stone, if you know what an Eddie current is in like a river or a stream is where the water just kind of circles. So you can identify where you are. And then apparetnlyt you were saying that it’s a lighthouse.

Matt: It’s a lgiht hosue in the UK, yeah.

Chris: In the UK. So that’s kind of the–

Matt: There’s two–

Chris: Double meanings, right?

Matt: Dobule meannignsf, yeah.

Chris: And then I don’t know if you guys know this. I probalby knew it, but it didn’t kind of register with me. iBeacon was put out by Apple quite some time ago, and apparently it hasn’t really been adopted well. They think mostly becasue it only works on the iPhone.

Matt: Well so the thing that I think about when I think of beacons is the beacons that broadcast text messages when you walk by them or drive by them.

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: Like those random ads you get of like 10% off when you go near places. I think really for like venues. Like concerts or conferences. Like I think beacons have–

Chris: A lot of value.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So Apple came out with this iBeacon, nothing’s rewally happened for it. It works in the Apple store.

Matt: Yeah, that’s true.

Chris: It works at major baseball league stadiums, right? I didn’t even know that. I don’t go to that many games. And I don’t have an iPhone so it doesn’t really work for me. So that’s the technology kind of old school. Now it’s coming out. Turns out there’s lots of beacons. It turns out you can go on Amazon, you can buy beacons and they can do certain things. One of the things that you would need to do to take the absolute most advatange of the beacon is to actually have an app that’s already on the users phone, right? So then your app could be listeneing for beacons and when it sees, ehars those beacons, now it could react in very specific ways. Already it can pull up a URL, you can kind of train it to do those types of things, ask for reviews. So imagine–

Matt: Could you build a custom list from a beacon?

Chris: You can build all sorts–

Matt: Yeah?

Chris: Imagine how you would like to interact with somebody’s phone when they’re at a particular physical local.

Matt: So say you’re a veterinrian. Just go put a beacon at PetCo.

Chris: That’s interesting.

Matt: I feel like there’s a lot of applications for this outside the scope of–

Chris: So, it wouldn’t surprise me. One of the caveats to– so let’s say you don’t have a beacon and you’d like to get one. You can actually go on to Google and request one.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: It’s not 100% that you’re going to get one, but you’re certainly not going to get one if you don’t request it.

Matt: Yeah, that’s true. Well, I’m just thinking like not the Google beacons–

Chris: Oh yeah, the other beacon.

Matt: The third party beacons that pull data. It’s pretty creepy, but I mean also you could push data or capture custom lists in different locations to use on the Google network maybe for 450 days.

Chris: Interesting.

Matt: I don’t know.

Chris: So yeah, you get the beacon. And what I was saying, at least with the Google beacon, you have to have a physical location where people will visit you.

Matt: Yeah, that’s true.

Chris: And so I’m sure that they have some kind of tie up: “Look, you can’t just take your eWeb beacon and put it at XYZ conference and collect data or hit people. Interesting concept though, right?

Matt: So the beacon does broadcast– like ask you to leave a review.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Asks you to upload pictures.

Chris: So it really broadcasts links.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. It’ll push data. Yeah, and so I think that that can really impact your SEO, your Google My Business. I personally think– and I was scoundring the internet for this. No one was actually claiming that it was directly help SEO, but I believe anything– and this is just– I’m going out on a limb.

Chris: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Matt: Okay. So anything that you can prove–

Chris: Hold on. Go ahead and finish and I’ll decide if I’ll go out on a limb with you.

Matt: So from what I see with Google, is the more it can trust the data, it’s going to rank it higher. Or that’s gong to be one of the ranking factors, right?

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: So if you’re using a Google beacon at your physical location and it can verify that–

Chris: And people are actually showing up.

Matt: And people are showing up, then that would tell Google’s algorithm: this is more true data.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So if someone was using a beacon versus someone not, I feel like you would impact your SEO, but no one out there would actually– you know?

Chris: I’m not out on a limb, I’m halfway out on a limb with you, right? Because I think there’s a lot of things that Google can do with some of their data. And maybe they’re not using it to that effect. Maybe it’s one of those things–

Matt: Like they don’t use social media.

Chris: They don’t. hopefully you’re watching on YouTube iwth the airquotes. “They don’t use social media.” So I think it’s one of those things that maybe has an impact on that much, but does comes in account. So think about it. If you’ve got jsut a cellphone store and you got two locations, Google kind of knows that people are coming in because you can already see the trends of when is the best time– when is the store most frequetented.

Matt: Very, very cool.

Chris: What the beacon’s going to do is make that data more accurate, because what if right next to it there’s an icecream place? Right? If you’ve got the beacon then that’s going be a busy–

Matt: You keep showing shoes or something to like an ice cream parlor.

Chris: So the beacon– so you’ve got one beacon in one cellphone store, you don’t have a beacon at the other on.e you’re right, there’s better quality data at the one with the beacon store. The otherthing– so lots of different ways that they could be used. These are kind of pretty cool and sophisticated. Let’s say you’re at a bus stop. And it’s not a bus stop that you go to frequently, you’ve got a beacon there, it could be shooting you the schedules. Like, “Hey, do you want to download this schedule?” “Okay, great.” It can even updated from another source– obviously not from your phone, and say, “The bus is on time. You don’t have time to go get that ice cream next to the cellphone store. You’ve got to stay here and wait for the bus.”

Matt: So airlines too, then?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Right? There’s so many applications for this stuff. I think we’re just getting strated on a whole new era.

Chris: Fresh brewed coffee?

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Hey, the coffee’s just been brewed. You should probably–

Matt: Crispy Cream Donuts ro whatever? Because there’s a Crispy–

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: You know that’s a big thing?

Chris: Everybody loves Crispy Cream Donuts or fresh donuts, right? Some examples that we saw were like: hey you’re at an auto dealer, right? And you’re staind next to a particular car and it’s like, “Hey, you want more stats on the car?”

Matt: Oh so really tight, very tight. So you’re like almost like in a foot of the car and then boom, like “Hey, we’re giving a discount on this car.”

Chris: On this particular car, yeah.

Matt: Or something.

Chris: Yeah, it’s a showroom special.

Matt: Very cool.

Chris: So there’s a lot of things. And then finally you look at– sop there is a thing already on AdWords, I think you have to be qualified for it. So not everyone’s getting it, but conversion based on location, right?

Matt: They’ve been talking about that. When they broadcast like a year ago, yeah.

Chris: Right, but not everyoen is able to access it. So imagine how accurate that gets with a beacon. So now I was on the phone, I typed in ice cream store, I went to the beacon where the ice cream store was, and after I clicked the pay-per-click ad. And so now Google’s like, “Look, that’s a converson.” And that’s a physical conversion that it couldn’t track beofre or at least not that accurately.

Matt: So I was thinking about the [] a little bit more while you were talking. Like you put the beacon like the size of the car. So you only show it to them if they sit in it, right? And so you have all these different beacons.

Chris: If they can do that with a fob, right? You can’t stand outside of your car and start your car. The fob actually has to be inside. So that capability existsts.

Matt: I mean just, ah it’smindblwoing. It’s endless.

Chris: Yeah, that’s kind of crazy. So in general if you’ve got a beacon and you want to set it up, what we would recommend is that if you’re more business to business, you should probably just be asking htem to leave a review, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So if anybody who’s coming here, they’re getting a lot of value, whether they’re kind of doing a live 15-minute call, a live profit plan, which doesn’t happen that often, but if they’re here–

Matt: We’ve done them.

Chris: We’ve done them. If they’re here– they tend to go a little longer–

Matt: You get more value if you come into the office. We got to start, where’s the clock?

Chris: Yeah, we got a timer that ends with, “Errrrrr! Sorry your time’s up!” So because they’ve hit that beacon and they’re here, like what we really want new peopel who that beacon might tap is really to leave a review. To kind of encourage them to leave a review. Lots of really cool things iwth that. It’s a little bit scary, right? A little bit Minority Report. I kind of liked– I liked Minority Report.

Matt: Yeah, it was cool.

Chris: I liked what’s going on there. I think in general people do too because if you think about– I can tell you how many times I’ve had conversations about remarketing, right?

Matt: Oh yeah.

Chris: And I tell them it’s kind of creepy, right? So yeah, there’s this kind of–

Matt: But it’s useful.

Chris: Yeah, there’s this kind of nottign that it’s creepy but there’s also this yeah, it’s acceptable creepy.

Matt: So I was speaking last week at the–

Chris: You got a stading ovation, right?

Matt: I got a standign ovationg, but I was telling people about it and like after the event, they came up to me and they were like, “As you said that, I started deleting apps on my phone.” I was like, “They got you already.”

Chris: It’s too late, it’s too late. Yeah, they have access to your data already. So it’s kind of acceptable creepy. I think this is going to fall intto that same lines.

Matt: YEs, for sure.

Chris: Especially at first. It’s going to be, “Oh cool, the ice cream store knows that I’m over here getting a new cell phone. So I’m going to go get some ice cream.” I mean you could have specifics. Like you’ve just walked by: hey maybe you’re getting a new cellphone you get a free ice cream.

Matt: I mean I think there’s so much you can do with custom lists and now tracking. And it’s just mind-blowing really. I’m so excited. I think these things people think that they’re going to catch on immediately.

Chris: Yeah, it’ll take a while. Yeah.

Matt: and there’s this huge lag time. I think people were telling me– my mom worked for Microsoft, right? She was just like–

Chris: CUtting edge.

Matt: Yeah, she was like redboxes no longer going to be around, they’re going to stream it right to your TV. And it’s true, you can stream it right to your TV, but man redbox, I don’t know what they’re doign right today but they’re still all over the place.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Right? Andpeople are still using them. So there’s this huge lag time of technology and convenience, and cost, and that sort of thing. And I think we want to stay on the cutting edge here at eWebResults, so we’re going to be using it and we’re going to encourage our clients to use it. But I think if you didn’t get one or you’re not using it, it’s not passing you by just yet, you know?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah, don’t freak out about it.

Matt: Uh-huh.

Chris: Well cool, so that’s our discussionon project beacon. What we would like to say that is–

Matt: How to get in touch with us.

Chris: yeah. Yeah! Well, we’re going to tell you how to leave a review, how to kind of connect with us on social media. First: if you liked this podcast, and you like our podcast in general, we got another testimonial actuallly from sheera.

Matt: Whydon’t you read it? We didn’t read a testimonial. Let’s read it, why don’t you read it?

Chris: We did, we read one at the beginnign.

Matt: Oh, we did? Okay.

Chris: See? That’s why I do it at the beginning. This one is, “Love you guys. Found you all recently and I’m learning so much from you guys. I have some proof how Yelp is just mostly robots clicking on fees.”

Matt: Yes!

Chris: Wow, that’s not good. “Also if you would love to be part–”

Matt: Don’t like Yelp.

Chris: “Sometimes if it makes any difference, my company is Calamar desings.”

Matt: Let’s talk next week!

Chris: Very cool.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, we’ll talk. Punch in the face to you. And then she also later says that the sound might not syncinc. I don’t know about that.

Matt: Uh-oh. Yeah, we got to work on that. We’re going to tech this up a level to be a little clearer.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: You know?

Chris: Get the sound balanced out.

Matt: Get the sound balanced. And we’re going from our Market to Niches podcast which we’re launching.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And so we’ve been really messing with the sound a lot.

Chris: Just so you know, it is another podcast that we’re doing.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And it’s about niches. Like being hyper-focused on particular niches.

Matt: So like pools and construction, and plastic surgeons, and plubmers, and lawyers, and all that sort of stuff. We’re breaking it down to what we’re doing in karate studios, and hair salons, and everything. And that’s what we’ve been getting asked from a lot of our clients is, “How does it help me specifically?” Now, general SEO is great, “But how is this going to help me specifically?” So we go into examples and that sort of thing.

Chris: Very cool.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: If you liked this podcast, please share it with – I don’t know – 5 people, 10, 100 would be good.

Matt: Ah cool.

Chris: I think that’s good.

Matt: Yeah, I like that.

Chris: If you are looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet…

Matt: The internet.

Chris: Go ahead and give us a call. I like that. 713-592-6724. If you have a referral for us, go ahead and send that referral for us. When we deliver amazing value to them and they pay their bill, we will pay you or donate money to a charity of your choice.

Matt: Yeah, so on the new website there’s a little– I guess you’d call it– the technical term is hamburger?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Up in the right hand corner, okay?

Chris: It always makes me so hungry, the data hamburger.

Matt: The data hamburger. But there’s client referrals.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Right? So we pay 5% ongoing on anything you reffer to us.

Chris: Ongoing.

Matt: Ongoing. So you can build a revenue stream there. A lot of clients are 3-5. Yeah, 3-5 we have a couple 7 clients. But mostly 3 to 5, 2. we’re bringin a lot of new clients all the time. But month over month we’ll pay you 5% of anything we take in. You put in their infomation, you put in your information.

Chris: We do the rest.

Matt: We do the rest, you track it. That’s all you got to do.

Chris: There’s a comment box in case you want to like– maybe you want to kind of field it, or [] or whatever.

Matt: Yeah, but just know a lot of people are taking advantage of that. We appreciate it, just keep sendign them our way. We’re closing a lot of deals. We love you, so if you want to send a referral, or you’re maybe a web designer out there and you’re not doign the SEO or something like that, send them our way.

Chris: We can work together.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: For sure. Alright so, how can you connect with us? Let’s do say,

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: You could also go to

Chris & Matt: YouTube!

Matt: Trying trickign me!


Matt: BestSEOPodcast

Chris: Also yes.

Matt: Yeah!

Chris: That works.;; and then

Matt: And how do you do LinkedIn?

Chris: LinkedIn is

Matt: And there’s no end? No like forward slashes?

Chris: No.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: No, no.

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: All of those will take you to our–

Matt: Or if you Google us, we’re on there too.

Chris: Profiles– we’re on the Google thing.

Matt: Just a little bit.

Chris: Yeah, every now and then. Yeah. Lots of lists, best podcast.

Matt: That sort of thing.

Chris: Right, yeah. Well placed for phrases in the Houston area.

Matt: Boom.

Chris: Yeah. And that feels like it’s it.

Matt: Let’s go to []

Chris: Please, yes. Please remeber we were filmed live here in Houston, Texas at– what is our–? 5999, West 34th Street, Houston, Texas – again – 77092. We are the best internet marketing podcast on iTunes. That is becasue of al of you all kind of reachign out to us, connecting with us.

Matt: And voting for us on different lists becasue we are the best.

Chris: Punch in the face to Sheera. It’s so awesome to be connecting with you guys, and answering questions and delivering value. We reawlly appreciate you. Until the next pardcast– pardcast.

Matt: Pardcast.

Chris: Becasue it’s time to party.

Matt: Party.

Chris: We’ve got a team birthday member today. Team and business partner. So we’re going to be over at carbuch. If you’re in Houston head to carbuch, you can bump into the eWeb team.

Matt: Yup.

Chris: Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.