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SEO Tip – Dude: When working with a restricted product, maximize local SEO first. Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring “6 Linkable Asset Types (And EXACTLY How to Earn Links With Them)” by Joshua Hardwick. TRANSCRIPT:

Matt: Alright. Alright, welcome.

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, and I’ve been an SEM Ninja lately.

Chris: SEM Ninja! Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast, this is gonna be a less sedate podcast than last time. This is podcast #421. As always we have a tip from our previous podcast. So if you joined us last time, we kind of did an homage to 420. Now this is 421, we’re getting back on track if you will. And our tip from our previous podcast is–

Matt: Dude. When working with a restricted product, maximize local relevance first.

Chris: So when we’re talking about restricted products we might be talking about, I don’t know, marijuana, or DWI, or if you do AIDS testing, or medical testing. I’m very specific on that because it resonates. You’re not able to do remarketing on those restricted products, so what you should do first–

Matt: DWI lawyers.

Chris: Yup. What you should do first is focus on your SEO Local, dude. Subscribe. Follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: Alright. So, please remember we were filmed here in Houston, Texas and Matt and I we are your–

Chris & Matt: Results Rebels!

Chris: I’m gonna jump in. We got a review, I just wanted to jump into real quick.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: It is of course–

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: And it’s from Sean Anderson, it says, “5 star service, thank you.” Alright, so, “5 star service, thank you.” Punch in the face to you Sean as I turn the volume down there for giving us that really brief and very appropriate – we think – review.

Matt: Thank you.

Chris: Thank you, punch in the face to you.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: If you have been to the podcast before, you may be back, you may be wanting more tips and tricks. And you might be interested in “5 Online Marketing Mistakes That Can Tank Your Business,” and of course how to avoid those mistakes.

Matt: Yeah, let’s not do that.

Chris: You can get those by going to eWebResults.com/SEOtip.

Matt: Tip.

Chris: Oh you were supposed to say it. I’m sorry. We’re good? We’re still chill from the last one?

Matt: Hey, it’s going into the Memorial Day weekend, so whatever, whatever, whatever.

Chris: And relax. Hey, teaser. So this is part two of a three part series. Punch in the face to Joshua Hadwick– excuse me Hardwick– by the way punch in the face just in case Joshua is tuning in. It’s a good thing. And in fact while we’re talking about Joshua, let’s just say if you’re in a position to tweet, what we’d like you to tweet is: #SEOPodcast, this is Podcast #421. Tag us in it, @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults, @MattBertramLive, I think @ChrisBurres–

Chris & Matt: Eweb.

Chris: Yeah, @ChrisBurresEweb. And then also include @JoshuaCHardwick.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And just say you’re tuning into the podcast while we’re talking about his article. “6 Linkable Asset Types (And EXACTLY How to Earn Links With Them.” Really good article, really thick article. Like pound for pound it’s a really good article.

Matt: A lot of good link outs to other resources and yeah, I really it. Yeah.

Chris: Yup, really well researched. This is a linkable asset?

Matt: Yes.

Chris: It’s a linkable asset.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Alright, so if this is the first time that you’re visiting us on our podcast: howdy and welcome to the podcast. If you’ve been here before, then you know what we’re about to skip.

Matt: Whoo!

Chris: Now that’s some big numbers, I like those jumps. Look at that, 88, 156.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: We run a contest each and every week, and the way the contest works is: if we get 10 shikos–

Matt: A share, a like, or a follow.

Chris: If we get 10 of those and a review, then we move like where to leave us a review to the end of the podcast.

Matt: We want some more on Yelp.

Chris: We do want some more on Yelp.

Matt: Yeah, just in case. Like just later, we’re like going to skip it, yeah.

Chris: We’re not gonna talk about it now.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: But if you typed eWebResults.com/

Matt: Yelp

Chris: You could get there and leave us a review really easily. But we’re not gonna talk about that, we’re gonna skip that until the end. We’ll also tell you how to shiko us on the different platforms at the end. If you would like a free website analysis, you can get it.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: You can get it by going to eWebResults.com – new website coming soon.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Was I supposed to say? We can say that. New website coming soon. Go to eWebResults.com and click the link that says, “Free Website Analysis.”

Matt: And then just ask for Chris to do it.

Chris: Ask for me. He means ask for Matt to do it, yeah. Because we’ll do it actually. Alright, I got a little bit of news, trending. Facebook user is possibly going to prison for a year and $100,000 fine because he uploaded Deadpool 2 to Facebook.

Matt: Oooh, he violated it.

Chris: It got like 6 million views.

Matt: Did he have his phone or something? Did he rip it or–?

Chris: I don’t know if it was ripped. I think he got it off of a torrent and then threw it up on Facebook. And usually nothing really happens.

Matt: Oh, he’s going to prison now?

Chris: Well, he could go to prison for a year, probation for a year, and up to $100,000 fine. That’s what could happen to him.

Matt: He could get fined a lot.

Chris: Yeah, that’s a lot. Yeah, that’s an expensive Deadpool movie and also a lot of loss value potentially for the Deadpool people. By the way, the first movie was awesome.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Like I really–

Matt: I enjoyed it, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, so I’m looking forward to–

Matt: Ryan Reynolds is like the perfect character for that, yeah.

Chris: He’s been a good actor from way back when he was doing like National Lampoon stuff I enjoyed him back then.

Matt: Van Wilder.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Alright, so “6 Linkable Asset Types (And Exactly How to Earn Links With Them).” So I’m just gonna touch real quick, last time– Let me touch real quick, not that quick but quicker. He defined what a linkable asset was. “Infographics, GIFographics & ’Map-o-graphics.’” So that’s one of things that we talked about. We had a picture– you’re making up for it, right? So this week was red nose day, I can’t remember what day it was. So our PR guy, punch in the face to you Adam, brought in red noses for everyone. Matt was out on sales calls all day. Well sales and client calls, I think, a mix of both. And so he’s not in the picture. So he’s making up for it now for all you YouTubers out there. Say hello to the YouTubers with your pinched nose voice. “Hello?”

Matt: “Hello?

Chris: Number #2 for Linkable assets was, “Online Tools & Calculators.” And we’re gonna cover Number #3 and #4 today. So Number #3 is “Awards & Rankings.” It’s interesting that he mentions awards and rankings as a linkable asset, ‘cause I think we’re linking to one of their awards and rankings websites.

Matt: Ranking #1!

Chris: Well, we’re ranking #1 and we’re linking to it. So yeah, let’s put our little brag hat on. So if you go to Ahrefs and just search SEO Podcast Ahrefs.

Matt: 12 Best something like that.

Chris: You’ll find it. I did a test, you’ll find it. It’s the first one.

Matt: Ah.

Chris: It’s “12 SEO Podcasts That You Should Listen To.” Really there’s only one, and that one is the one that’s in first place. Boom!

Matt: The eWebResults podcast, yes.

Chris: Is the best according to the Ahrefs awards and rankings, yeah. Yeah. So we can take off the brag hat and just say– also we are linking to it, which is just a demonstration of how building linkable assets makes a lot of sense. And awards and rankings is really, really good. He says one of the examples they created: they created a list of the 65 best marketing articles of all times. 65, right? So a lot of work just like this goes into an article like that. He lists a couple of others. You know, “Top 50 Travel Blogs,” a “Nomad List,” “The World’s Billionaires List.” You might wanna go check that out every now and then, right? So the concept, and I think the value is pretty clear, right? Awards & Rankings, but how do you get links to them, right? So those are things that people like to see, awards and rankings. So one of his things is, “Reach out to everyone who ‘won’ an award (or is featured in your rankings).”

Matt: Of course.

Chris: Yup. So Ahrefs did reach out to me, I did reply. Like gave them the title that they’re using. Actually it’s kind of a skewed title, it’s like the eWeb podcast I think, the eWebResults podcast.

Matt: Instead of the Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing, it was too long.

Chris: Right, it was too long for the– I asked her actually and then she was like, “It really doesn’t look good,” and like, “Okay, well we can keep it that way,” ‘cause people who listen to our podcast know who eWebResults are. So tell everybody. So if you make one of these linkable assets, you make this asset that is a list or an award, then go ahead and contact everybody who’s on the list.

Matt: Yes. So I mean, I really think that you just got think, why would someone link to something you create? Right? So if an awards list and you put a bunch of people on and you contact them, or you’re running a contest and you’re linking them to it, they’re gonna wanna link to it. They’re gonna wanna share, they’re gonna wanna let it know. What are you looking at?

Chris: I’m reading the comic from Conor. Punch in the face to Conor Wickhham. Actually I want to read that real quick, this is awesome. “Just found the podcast last week, I have been bingeing on all your episodes, i listen on my commute to work everyday as an SEO Specialist. PITF to you both from Ireland!” From Ireland. That was not an Irish accent, that was just me going, “Ireland.”

Matt: Awesome, what time is it in Ireland right now?

Chris: Let us know. So you were saying– I’m sorry I distracted you by–

Matt: Oh, I don’t know. I mean I think you just gotta–

Chris: Who would link to whatever you’re gonna create?

Matt: Who would link to it? Like who’s gonna link to my services page? You know?

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: Like you’re gonna take the domain authority of whatever it is you’re linking to, you’re gonna point it at whatever you want, kind of a little SEO there. But one of the strategies that he did mention here that I really think is appropriate is: if you create an award–

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Or a badge?

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: And then you’re like go, “Hey, why don’t you put this badge on your website and link back to you.”

Chris: Yeah, so the link juice from the badge. Yeah, absolutely.

Matt: So you can get people or clients or whatever to put stuff on their website saying they won an award, and then it links back to you. And that’s one way to generate a lot of links quickly.

Chris: Yeah, awards add value to the page that it’s sitting on, and then of course the link back is about the linkable asset.

Matt: But the thing that I’ll say too though is, most websites, now smaller websites if you’re ranking for local, there’s some advantages there.

Chris: Right.

Matt: But really you’re looking for like high domain authority.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And different websites, like you put the little link at the bottom of the website, or like when you build a form or whatever, you’re getting like 13 Domain Authority or something like that, and it’s a multiplier effect. So you really want like 30 above, 50 above, that sort of thing. So strategy does work but you gotta understand what you’re using it for, but I’m surprised he didn’t mention that ‘cause that really is a great strategy.

Chris: You’re right, that’s the way to close this out. I mean he dives in a little bit more about reaching out to people, maybe you can reach out to them, maybe via email. They in one example reached out on Facebook and tagged the person that was listed as the 65 best marketing article.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: And awareness is that first step. Now he said there’s another way. So #1 is to reach out directly to the people who are in the list or who won the award, the next is to let the fans of people and websites that won the award know, so the fans– so how do you target those fans? Interestingly he talked about paid approaches. And we’ve talked about it before, I don’t hear many people talk about a link building strategy that includes a paid budget, right? Most people don’t talk about that, but we know that the links are valuable, right? Somewhere around 40% of where Google will place you on a Search Engine Result page–

Matt: Social signals.

Chris: Right, social signals be other. So if you’re gonna put a good piece of article that’s a linkable asset, it’s worth putting a paid budget behind it, so that you can get the links to it.

Matt: Link building, SEO, regardless costs money. Good SEO costs money. Like so I talked to a lot of people, should I go with PPC? Should I go with SEO?

Chris: And the answer’s yes.

Matt: Yeah, the answer’s yes. It depends on the strategy, but a lot of people actually lean more towards SEO than PPC because they’re like, “It doesn’t cost any money.”

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: But it does.

Chris: It does. It does. And you know, it takes a lot of time and therefor a lot of money.

Matt: And so you wanna use like a multichannel strategy and this is kind of talking about influence or marketing. Not directly but it’s about influencing marketing, I guess influencing people’s fans and you know, on Facebook you can like target different pages, that sort of thing.

Chris: Very cool, so just so you know in Ireland it’s 11:00 or 11:30 and our page just reset. So I’ll get it back up here in a second. So he gave some examples, if you wanna do a paid budget why not identify the use of Facebook budget, identify the people who are on your list and then show ads to people who have liked their pages.

Matt: Yes, absolutely.

Chris: I mean that’s pretty straight forward.

Matt: And you don’t have to put very much money behind it, you know what I mean? Like you get plenty of visibility on Facebook, it hasn’t really catched up to the price of Google yet. I think it will, but–

Chris: At some point, yeah. He says you can run an article like this, an ad on Facebook where it says, “Hello fellow Viper Chill fans,” right? so obviously appealing to Viper Chill. Boom! Hey, we know you’re a Viper Chill fan. Boom, let’s connect on that basis and then see if you like this article.

Matt: Well people pay attention to that. Like they identify with that. So you’re basically calling them out, essentially.

Chris: Absolutely. Alright so we’re just gonna jump into the next one which is, “Studies & Research.”

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Right, so we’ve all read a really long study that we’ve been impressed by, right?

Matt: I have.

Chris: I mean you’re constantly– you’re the most prolific reader. It’s certainly in the office, like you’re hands down the champion. And then I think in general of all the people that I know, you read the most. So you’ve read lots of these studies and research that people have done. And they’re really good, right? We just quoted a fact a little bit ago, which was 40% of your search engine placement is based on your link structure, right? How you’re linking back. At least 40, like somewhere in that ball park. That comes from a study, right? Like we are kind of reading these studies that come from that type of study. So, “Studies and original research pieces attract links like” and he put, “CRAZY in some industries.” So it may work in some industries, it may not work in an industry that you’re in. So keep that in mind. Again, back to your question, who’s gonna wanna link to this?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Right.

Matt: I think really case studies too, they gather email addresses, right? “Hey, this is a lead magnet.”

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: Right? And I don’t know, I think like everybody’s trying to figure out what– they’re trying to accomplish something, right? So 90% of all searches are informational searches.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Right, so they’re tying to solve a problem, they’re trying to figure something out and everybody wants to follow a that that’s already worked for somebody else. Some people want to create–

Chris: From scratch, right right.

Matt: But don’t reinvent the wheel, find something that’s working, especially when we move and do a new industry for our client. That’s what we do, we find the research first of what’s working and then apply our best practices to do that.

Chris: Yeah, excellent point. Right, so here’s one that he likes to do, why did people– they give an example of some research Ahrefs put out there. It generated a lot of backlinks and he said there’s two reasons. One is ‘cause people trust us, right? So it’s Ahrefs, people know them.

Matt: Yeah, it’s true.

Chris: And the other one is that we offer unique data and insights.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So how apropos is the comment about insights, because that’s what we do a lot on this podcast, is we talk about research that people have done and then we offer insights into it. And so that’s a great way to add value. He says, “the good news is that you don’t have to base studies and research-type posts on insane amounts of data,” like they do. “In fact, personal case studies can do really well,” right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So if we’re talking about– what’s their example? The five most linked to pages on their blog are studies. That’s one of the things that he said. So you don’t have to do this comprehensive study, you can just give you opinion. I know he gave an opinion here.

Matt: Well I mean, people when they’re making a buying decision are gonna look at testimonials.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And they wanna see case studies. And they wanna see your portfolio. If we’re speaking to the SEOers or internet marketers out there. Those are the things that people want to see, and those are the things you need to have, and those are the things we will have on our next website.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Because we’re missing case studies and we have a ton of case studies.

Chris: Absolutely.

Matt: And those are gonna be lead magnets. We’re gonna put a ton of free ones out there, so stay tuned for that. We’re gonna have a huge portfolio and just really put everything together ‘cause we do need to update it. Business is just moving quickly, it’s the cobbler’s kids has no shoes.

Chris: Yup, yup.

Matt: And we’re fixing that.

Chris: And we’re about to become a customer of the cobbler. Make sure that our web–

Matt: I was like, “Where are you going Chris?

Chris: Make sure that our website is not subject to that old adage. So how do you build links to some research that you’re gonna put out there? This is interesting, so this is as much about how do you build links to it? As it is about how do you decide what research to do?

Matt: Okay.

Chris: “Conduct popular out-of-date studies.” So he gives the example–

Matt: Read the rest of that.

Chris: “Then STEAL their links,” right? So it’s the combination of the two, right? He gives the examples that Moz did a study, “Search engine ranking factors study,” back in 2015. And we know that if they– that’s quite a while ago, it’s 2018 now.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: We know if Moz updated it, then they would continue to maintain that link juice. But they put out something that they’re not– they actually put out a tweet that they’re not gonna update that survey. So boom, now you’ve got the opportunity to recreate that survey and then steal all of those links. Like it’s just– it’s not rocket science folks. It takes a long time, right? A lot of effort and you’ve got to get the concepts right, but it’s not rocket science.

If you’re looking for what kind of study, or survey, or research, or data that’s out there, that you could update– I don’t know, you could Google it.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Would that be a good idea?

Matt: Well look at that.

Chris: Google.

Matt: [INDUSTRY KEYWORD] + “study,” + “survey,” + “research,” + “Data.” Boolean search screens are your friend.

Chris: Yes, yeah absolutely. He says make sure– so earlier on the first two items that we discussed, the first two linkable assets, he gave some examples on how to do the Google search for those. In those cases he said that they should be searching for where the keyword was in the title. In this case it’s in the content, so you don’t need to restrict it to the title. So that’s a good way to find those studies that are out there, that maybe you want to recreate.

Another way that you can get links is, “Find people who are already talking about ideas that your study proves (and then pitch your study to them).”

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And then he gives an example of Ahrefs did an article on how long does it take to rank on Google, right? It’s pretty interesting if you’re in SEO, you’re probably Googleing it right now, and pulling it up, and reading it, if you haven’t read it already. So if you do that search, right? So how o rank on Google? There are other results on the search engine page other than Ahrefs. Although Ahrefs is probably the first. An those are link individuals. So we could easily write an article and just say our typical experience depends on the industry. In really simple industries it’s a month, and really challenging industries it’s 6 to 9 months, and if it’s really, really challenging and international, it may even be longer than that. So we could share that article, that are estimates, right? And then that’s a good link partner with Ahrefs. Because an opinion, professional opinion does matter. And then the study which is of many people’s professional opinions and their experiences, would augment that information.

Matt: Yeah, I mean curate the content.

Chris: Yup absolutely. Alright, and then also you want to find out people– so next you wanna reach out to people who are– and again, this is how you’re gonna build a link to a research or a study. Find people who are commenting and talking about the ideas that you have in your research and study, and then reach out to them. Like it’s all about outreach when it comes to–

Matt: BuzzSumo, Everybody’s like, “How do you do this?” It takes a lot of time.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: There’s definitely tools. Even like SEMrush has a great tool that not a lot of people utilize. It’s like a keyword magic tool, I think is what it’s called.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: And so you go in there and you can search what questions people are asking for for your keywords. I think it scrapes or spiders all the different forums out there, and it gives you really ideas to answer Google’s questions. I like it.

Chris: Yeah, it’s a nice too. We were kind of throwing that back and forth this week. And that is the end. So yeah, if you wanna find people who are looking for your research, just Google your subject matter and then there will be people commenting and reach out to them. That wraps up the meat of our podcast. So did you have anything else? Was there Red Nose, book coming soon. I know we’re still doing some final stuff on that.

Matt: Two week, next moth, for sure.

Chris: Next month. Alright, so if you liked this podcast, we ask you to do one simple thing and that is share with three people.

Matt: Please.

Chris: And if you do, just think about us giving you a punch in the face for each time you share it ‘cause you deserve it.

Matt: Just think about that.

Chris: It’s a glorious punch in the face. If you are looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt: The internet.

Chris: Go ahead and reach out to us eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, right? So that’s somebody who’s interested in any aspect of internet marketing, we can help them, right?

Matt: Yes.

Chris: We are experts and can help them.

Matt: We’re a full service firm.

Chris: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Search Engine Optimization.

Matt: And I just want to quickly throw it out there that we had a client that we were running Facebook ads for, we had generated 37 leads for him, they were like, “Oh, these didn’t convert.” And we were kind of talking through that piece of it.

Chris: Right.

Matt: They hired another firm, they hired it in the same–

Chris: So it’s operating in the same account.

Matt: In the Ads Manager, and they got them 2.

Chris: 2 in the same time period.

Matt: So, we do Facebook really well.

Chris: So just a little compare and contrast.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So if you send a referral to us, when they get results and pay their bill, we will pay you or a charity of your choice, right?

Matt: Yes, yes.

Chris: So if you wanna get that donated to a charity that is working good. By the way– well, we’ll say that at the end.

Matt: And we have two more of the linkable assets. I know this was a little short, but we were trying to break it into a 3-part series.

Chris: 3 pieces, yup. So we will cover the last 2 of 6 linkable assets and how to get links to them.

Matt: And we really wanted to take up the first four spots after the article on the SERP.

Chris: Oh yeah.

Matt: So our video and then our article, and like so we just need two more videos. So if anybody’s searching for linkable assets, we’ll show up.

Chris: Yup. Yeah, we will show up.

Matt: It’s intentional.

Chris: Alright, so we were filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092.

Matt: H-Town.

Chris: H-Town, go ‘Stros!

Matt: Yes!

Chris: Go Rockets! Like things are looking good.

Matt: We are really cranking it up the last couple of years, yeah.

Chris: This is pretty cool, pretty cool. I’ve lived here a long time and really haven’t had–

Matt: It’s a pendulum.

Chris: Yeah. Well, it’s a pendulum that is really kind of often undervalued. And then we had the Rockets, right? They won twice, right? Was it twice or three? They almost won three.

Matt: Hakeem Olajuwon

Chris: Yeah, he was in the audience last night, so punch in the face to you guys. Hopefully they know what that means ‘cause I wouldn’t want them to punch me in the face. If you would like a transcript, or video, or audio of this podcast, you can get it by going to eWebResults.com, click the little podcast link, you’ll find it.

You guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes and on Ahrefs.

Matt: Yeah!

Chris: So thank you, punch in the face to you all. By the way you can still vote. You know, other people might be trying to catch us and get us. So just Google “SEO Podcast Ahrefs,” and click that first link and–

Matt: Or Yelp. We want some more in Yelp. I’ve been reading some stuff, we need a little bit more Yelp.

Chris: Oh yeah, we have to touch it, we can touch on that. We’ll just tell you, leave us a review on Yelp.

Matt: Please.

Chris: eWebResults.com/

Matt: Yelp

Chris: And thank you guys for making us the most popular internet marketing podcast. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: Matt Bertram.

Chris: Bye bye for now.

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