#422 – Why You Should Be Using Linkable Assets – Part 3

#422 - Why You Should Be Using Linkable Assets - Part 3

Linkable assets are awesome pages on your website that you can leverage for links over and over again. However, because they have to be extraordinary they are not easy to make. That means you want each one that you create to be a hit.

Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast, featuring “6 Linkable Asset Types (And EXACTLY How to Earn Links With Them)” by Joshua Hardwick.


Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

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Matt: Fair weather fans can’t handle it. 

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Matt: Everybody’s like Astros now.

Chris: Just changed gears. We were hoping for the trifecta, it’s just not gonna happen. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast, this is Podcast–

Chris & Matt: #422

Chris: As always we have a tip from our previous podcast, and that tip is–

Matt: Award badges are simple, they’re easy ways to get links.

Chris: So we’re talking about linkable assets. If you create an award, right? For whatever you’re doing. I don’t know, maybe like a Best SEO Podcast Award, and then hand out badges that people add to their sites to link back to you. That’s a great way to build links. Subscribe. Follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: Alright, we are broadcasting live from Houston, Texas and Matt and I, we are your–

Chris & Matt: Results Rebels!

Chris: I gotta jump into this review, this is a Facebook review. 

Matt: Oh.

Chris: It is of course–

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: It’s from Gene Neves or Nevs, Neves. It says, “Great!” This is with– I’m gonna read in the exclamation marks, “Great! Love the podcasts!!! This team is so helpful and insightful! Thank you!”

Matt: There was a lot of exclamation points, there was.

Chris: Punch in the face to you Gene, that was awesome. Yeah, we love doing the podcast and providing value to you guys. So yeah, punch in the face for that. 

Matt: On Friday nights.

Chris: On Friday nights. Live on Friday nights. If you’ve been to this podcast before, you bothered to return, it’s ‘cause you like the tips that you’re getting from the podcast. You might be interested in “5 Online Marketing Mistakes That Can Tank Your Business & How to Avoid Them.” You can get that PDF by going to eWebResults.com/

Chris & Matt: SEOTips.

Chris: Boom. Let’s see, what is that? Oh, that’s a different tool that we’re doing. We are wrapping up our 3-part series on “6 Linkable Asset Types (And Exactly How to Earn Links With Them).”

Matt: I like it.

Chris: We’re covering #5 and #6 today, we’re excited about that. Punch in the face– in fact if you’re in a position to right now, we would like you to tweet. You should really like tag #SEOPodcast, this is Podcast #422. Tag us @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults, @MattBertramLive, @ChrisBurres and @JoshuaCHardwick. 

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If this is the first time you’ve listened to the podcast: howdy, welcome to the podcast. We’re about to jump into the meat, this is the potatoes. Again if you’ve listened to this podcast before, you know what we’re about to skip.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Chris: We are skipping. The way this works, we run a contest each and every week. If we get 10– here’s how the contest works. If we get 10 shikos–

Matt: Which should be a trademark term, I’m just saying. 

Chris: Well it’s actually, we’re gonna talk about it, right?

Matt: It’s a share, a like or a follow.

Chris: So 10 shikos on any one of our social media platforms, and we get a review – which we just read the review, so we got that review – then we skip telling you how to connect with us and how to leave us a review until the end of the podcast. So we’re gonna skip that until the end ‘cause we got our 10 shikos and we got our 10 reviews.

Matt: Yeah, if you want to, you can leave it on Yelp.

Chris: On Yelp. And if you didn’t–

Matt: We’re not gonna tell you how to get there, you’re gonna have to figure that one out yourself.

Chris: Yeah, I don’t know. It would be some combination of e– 

Matt: No. No. No.

Chris: No? 

Matt: Don’t tell them. No. No.

Chris: eWebResults–

Matt: They got it. 

Chris: .com?

Matt: They got it.

Chris: /

Matt: Trust me, they got it.

Chris: Alright, if you would like a free website analysis, really it’s better to say a comprehensive website analysis, you can get that by going to eWebResults.com and then clicking the link that says, “Free Website Analysis.”

Matt: You got it, it’s a button.

Chris: You get–

Matt: They got it. They got it. They got it. 

Chris: Okay, we can move on.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: We’re rapidly moving on. 

Matt: I want to go to the news.

Chris: Okay, so we’re gonna go to the news. Yeah, okay go.

Matt: Okay. So we got some questions about everyone asking about what’s going on over in Europe, right? With what to do. 

Chris: Was there some bad weather or something?

Matt: Well, yes. In the internet marketing world, I would call it– that’s a branded term.

Chris: We’re gonna call GDPR Bad weather. 

Matt: So essentially everybody’s asking what to do about it, everybody’s worried about it. 

Chris: Yup, yup.

Matt: Really the best–

Chris: We’ve gotten a couple questions from our listeners, yeah. 

Matt: Yes.

Chris: I’m gonna take off my jacket.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: It’s warm.

Matt: You really– look, look, we used to be a website design company and we still are but not really. 

Chris: Hey, they can’t see it. 

Matt: Anyways, yeah. So basically the solution to just sum it up for you ‘cause everybody wants like–

Chris: Is to ignore it?

Matt: To the answer.

Chris: Just pretend it didn’t happen. 

Matt: Well, you could just download the plugin. 

Chris: The latest version. The latest version of WordPress.

Matt: Yeah, there’s a WordPress plugin that downloads it, it puts the little notification out there that they can click it on their screen when the get to it. That’s all you really gotta do. There’s definitely more we can into later, but typically everybody’s listening to the podcast just for like, “I want like an actionable answer.” 

Chris: Right.

Matt: And that’s it. Download the plugin. 

Chris: And we kind of feel, and we had a discussion earlier today, that we should’ve covered this a little bit better. We didn’t want to interrupt this series, so our next podcast we will be talking about it more. Just know that it’s coming, and know that we kind of recognize most of our audience is here in the States, and so not–

Matt: Well, there’s the UK. There’s a lot of UK people. 

Chris: I mean, well we know we got a lot of UK, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, and here’s the real way that we were handling it for the most part.

Chris: Yeah?

Matt: Is we were just blocking Europe. Like when we were running the PPC ads initially, but we’ve gotten a little more refined here and we will let you know what’s going on with that. But the real solution, just download the plugin, type in G–

Chris: GDRP. 

Matt: GDRP, you’ll see it. Look for the one with the most reviews.

Chris: Or Bad Weather.

Matt: You might not find it there.

Chris: Bad Weather Europe. You might not find it, you might have to go to I don’t know, to an infinite number of pages. Alright, so let’s jump into the meat of the podcast. “6 Linkable Asset Types (And Exactly How to Earn Links,” with those linkable assets. Again Joshua Hardwick, he’s head of content at Ahrefs. 

By the way, we are still #1. Right, when we say we’re the best SEO podcast on iTunes, we kind of have to make our own criteria. How long have they been doing the podcast? What are the star ratings? Are they still delivering podcasts? That’s us, and has been us since 2009, actually. Now #1 in the list on– just Google it. Google “Ahrefs SEO Podcast,” and Boom you will find their list which is a linkable asset by the way.

Matt: Yes, it’s a great one. 

Chris: And we’re #1, yeah. We’re #1! We’re #1!

Matt: Okay, okay. Let’s get into this, people want to like–

Chris: You said we were supposed to talk about it more. 

Matt: They were like hitting forward, forward, back, forward. Like when are y’all gonna talk about this?

Chris: Triple speed. You sound like the Chipmunks. Alright, so here are the 4 that we’ve already covered, right? The 4 linkable assets. 

Matt: Thanks Manny.

Chris: “Infographics, GIFographics, ‘Map-o-graphics.’” Was Number #1, right? So I know that was three, but that was really kind of thrown into category #1. 

Number #2 is, “Online Tools & Calculators.” So if you wanna kind of understand a little bit more about those linkable assets and then how to build links to those linkable assets, go back and listen to the podcast. 

Matt: Yeah, I love little tools. Like I love like domain authority checkers, plagiarism checkers. 

Chris: Right.

Matt: I love little checkers where they don’t charge you.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right?

Chris: Free checkers. 

Matt: Free checkers get a bookmark, alright? And so little calculators, anything that’s relevant to your business. Doesn’t cost a lot of money to get a programmer to build a little asset. A lot of people out there already have them, they can tweak them, changing the format for you. It’s totally worth it. 

Chris: By the way, I’m just gonna throw this out there. We actually have programmers on staff who can build calculators. So if you think–

Matt: We’ve built a couple, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, if you think you have some sort of calculator idea, some linkable asset idea, you would be interested in maybe us building it and then actually getting links to it by promoting it, we can do that for you. So I just wanted to throw that out there. 

Matt: We could offer some SAS products into the podcast community. 

Chris: Yeah. 

Matt: Like we definitely could. There’s a lot of little secret sauce that we’ve used, little automations and stuff like that. If that’s something of interest for you, reach out to us directly and we can talk to you more about some of that. 

Chris: Alright, so Number #3 out of these 6 is, “Awards & Rankings.” That was actually the tip from the previous podcast. And then, “Studies & Research.” And now Number #5, “Definitive–” this is like 5 Golden linkable assets! 

“‘Definitive’ Guides & Tutorials,” right? So this is the linkable asset, creating a definitive guide and a tutorial. Most things worth learning are reasonably complicated. I thought that was worth highlighting, that’s actually true. 

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: “Definitive” guides tend to get a ton of backlinks. One definitive guide or tutorial– like bloggers and journalists, they’re more interested in linking to the definitive guide, then a whole bunch of: well, if you wanna do SEO Local then you go here. If you wanna do SEO link building then you go here. If you want to do SEO content, you go here. So a definitive guide on how to execute on SEO is much better for those. 

Matt: Longer content ranks better. 

Chris: You can quote Matt on that, that’s quotable. But to pull off definitive guides, you need to be an expert on the subject matter. And he gives a couple examples of definitive guides, right? “How To Do Keyword Research for SEO.” “The Noob Friendly Guide to Link Building,” “HTML Tutorial – W3Schools.” 

Matt: So this is not anything about this, but it just like triggered this in my mind. 

Chris: Right.

Matt: So Keyword Planner, okay? Keyword Planner just looks at ads. They don’t actually look at organic rankings. So when you’re using Keyword Planner to do keyword research for SEO, then you’re missing like a huge swath of like potential searches and also they give you those ranges?

Chris: Oh interesting.

Matt: They gave you like the ranges it’s just like 1,000 to 10,000.

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: Like so there’s other tools out there that actually will tell you what the volume is for each keyword and each section. And it will be encompassing everything–

Chris: More data.

Matt: On Google where it’s just not the ads. So remember keyword planner is for the ads, Google is intending you to buy ads and they’re only looking at the competitive terms for that. So just the tip. 

Chris: So use it with this piece of knowledge.

Matt: Know that sometimes that’s why people, like even with like backlinks they look at like Ahrefs, and Majestic, and SEMrush to get a broader profile ‘cause not all the spiders will catch everything. 

Chris: Everything.

Matt: Yeah, Google has it all but won’t share it. 

Chris: By the way punch in the face to Manny.

Matt: Yes!

Chris: And Mireya and Eduardo for tuning in on Facebook Live. By the way to you YouTubers, thank you for showing up as well. 

Matt: Yes.

Chris: We appreciate you and–

Matt: That audience is growing, we appreciate it. I know everybody is a podcast, we’re looking at maybe that’s what we’ll do. Is we’ll make a–

Chris: A YouTube show?

Matt: Yeah, ‘cause I– well, okay. We can talk about this later, but I need those big mics.

Chris: You need that big mic that hangs down from the sky and you’re like–

Matt: Like even on this podcast, I just need like a mic kind of like hanging over. 

Chris: So you feel like a big time radio.

Matt: Yeah, oh yeah. 

Chris: Yeah. 

Matt: We are big time. We’re big time, we’re growing.

Chris: You should take these really expensive lapel mics and leave them.

Matt: Yeah, I want a big giant mic hanging overhead. 

Chris: We’ll get that ordered. Alright, so that’s guides and tutorials. So what if you’re trying to promote your guide and tutorial? How do you actually get links built back to it? First off one, he says to stay on the radar of those who are likely to link to you. He calls them the Linkerati, yeah. By the way–

Matt: So the easiest way to get a link. 

Chris: Yes.

Matt: Okay? At least that I have found. One of the easiest ways, not the easiest way is just to build it. Okay? 

Chris: Well that’s the most guaranteed. It may not be even the easiest– well it’s actually throw up a webpage, link it back. 

Matt: Set up a social profile. 

Chris: Yeah. 

Matt: Boom, get a link.

Chris: Yeah. 

Matt: But anyways what I would do is find those lists. Of all those lists that you should be included in and then be like, “Hey, I should be included in the list.” 

Chris: “Include me in this list.”

Matt: And then they’ll usually include you, unless it’s a number. Or you can go through and check and sometimes those links are broken, and you could be like, “Hey, like just replace this,” and they’ll just like do it.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yeah, it’s really nice. 

Chris: It happens fast. In fact his use of the word Linkerati is kind of like a coined term which is coming up here pretty soon. 

Matt: Like what image comes into your head when you think Linkerati?

Chris: Lickerati or Linkerati?

Matt: Is it a mafia? I’m thinking like a cowboy. I was like, I don’t know.

Chris: That’s the cavalry, the Linkalvary. 

Matt: Oh. Cavalry, okay. Linkalvary.

Chris: Alright, bloggers and journalists frankly need to reference good guides, right? 

Matt: Yes.

Chris: So if you stay in contact with those bloggers in the know, those journalists in the know, then they’re more likely to actually link to you. So that’s good. 

Matt: Yes!

Chris: There we go.

Matt: For all you out there podcasters we got a–

Chris: He now has his mic right there. He now has his big mic, do you feel better with the big mic?

Matt: I need another beer.

Chris: I’ll feel a lot better. It is Friday by the way. Alright, stay on the radar for these potential Linkerati and keep your guide regularly updated. He went into a lot of details about– they have one particular guide that’s “75 Actionable SEO Tips (That Work Like A Charm in 2018).” Actually I think we’ve mentioned that in the podcast before. It turns out that they’ve totally rewritten this. They wrote it originally “200+ Actionable SEO Tips ‘Noob Fiendly’ guide,” and then “100+ Search Engine Optimization Best Practices.”

Matt: So what you can do too is if there’s like a list of like 7, and 13, and whatever, you can just group them all together, make your own post, and then tell everybody you’re making like a massive post, and then then they’ll link to you if they’re listed. 

Chris: Yeah, yeah. So take people’s individual– yeah.

Matt: Yes, so it’s gonna be like a thousand comments or whatever, but take the 5 tips, the 7 tips, whatever, and if there’s not like bigger number, group it together, make your own, tell them about it, and then they’ll link to it and promote it. 

Chris: So he makes a great point. So as they’ve kind of renamed this and revamped it, ‘cause they actually said they rewrote it entirely. They show this really nice graph of each time they’ve kind of published it, released it, and promoted it. It’s just grown and really nice, that’s a nice chart, we see that regularly. 

Matt: Well Neil Patel recycles his old data, and it works really well. 

Chris: So again, how do you get these people to link to it? Tell your subscribers. So if you’ve got subscribers you should do it. They run Facebook ads, right? So paid, we talked about that a lot time last time, and just preform outreach to those people who are kind of in your industry and might be wanting to link. 

Matt: Outreach is sending emails, but a well written crafted email with like a relevancy that you’ve actually looked at their stuff, you understand what they’re doing, and no misspellings. 

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yeah. 

Chris: Skip the misspellings. 

Matt: Yeah. 

Chris: Also, he suggests that you could steal links from less definitive guides. Right, so if you’ve got like the 100 SEO–

Matt: It’s getting ugly out here.

Chris: Yeah, the 100–

Matt: It’s like that Trump campaign.

Chris: The 100 SEO techniques for you know, getting first place placement, and somebody else has I don’t know, 10. Then you might like reach out to those people who are linking to the one with 10 and say, “Hey, you should be linking to ours.” 

Matt: I’m surprised that they put that in there, but you know.

Chris: I mean it’s not stealing, it’s not hacking or anything right?

Matt: I mean it’s just I feel like that comment would be in a black hat forum.

Chris: Yeah. 

Matt: Not necessarily like, “Hey!”

Chris: We’re Ahrefs, you should steal your links! I think it’s appropriately placed. Like if somebody’s got some haphazard thrown together guide and you’ve taken the time to put this definitive guide together, 

Matt: Fair. 

Chris: Then you know, let the better guide win is what I say. Alright, check out the top ranking pages manually, right? So you can go and do some Google searches, see if you can find less definitive guides and reach out to them, you know outreach. He says, “Don’t be pushy with your outreach emails. Remember the aim here is to let people know about your definitive guide,” and kindly suggest that they link to you instead of that other crappy guide. 

Matt: Yeah, like yeah. Just send them an email and if they’re interested, like they’ll do something about it typically.

Chris: Yeah, very cool. And then alright, so this is the 6th of “6 Linkable Asset Types (And Exactly How to Earn Links With Them).”

Matt: Ah. 

Chris: “Coined Terms.” No he has a disclaimer, he saved this type of linkable asset until last for good reason, “Coined terms are VERY hard to create and pull-off. BUT, it can be done.” I don’t know, I can think of a couple coined phrases, can you think of a few?

Matt: Yes. 

Chris: Like shiko is maybe? Punch in the face, kick in the shins, Blue One-Armed Widgets. You may not–

Matt: Big purple gorilla.

Chris: Big purple gorilla. I don’t know what that means, I’m not sure– don’t Google that please. 

Matt: No, I own that domain! I haven’t put anything up yet. 

Chris: So he talks about the famous skyscraper technique, which we’ve mentioned at a time, comes up in our meetings from time to time. He talks about the briefcase technique. Do you know what’s the briefcase technique?

Matt: It’s like right at the end, you’ll like pull out and be like: here’s line by line like what you do. 

Chris: Oh, oh.

Matt: And you pull it out of your briefcase, and then like that’s what like–

Chris: Oh, it’s a closing technique in sales.

Matt: Yeah, it’s a closing technique. 

Chris: Okay, that makes sense, right? Okay, pull it out of the briefcase. “The Dark Playground,” that sounds like you shouldn’t Google that.

Matt: Alright, because you were like– okay.

Chris: Here’s an infographic.

Matt: You can buy this poster for $18 if you want. So I’ll read it to you. The Dark Playground basically it’s like procrastinators. It’s like you’re doing something that you know you should be doing something else, but you decide to like watch a bunch of YouTube videos instead of like writing a paper.

Chris: That’s the Dark Playground, it’s the YouTube videos? 

Matt: Yeah, and so he goes through a list here. Refreshing phone emails again along a roller coaster ride, depressing NAP action, slingshot, throwing a ball up and catching it in a food court, fascinated about completed versions of the thing you’re working on– a river float? 

Chris: What is this?

Matt: Opening the fridge to see if there’s anything in there since 10 minutes ago. 

Chris: Oh, welcome to The Dark Playground, these are where you can go if you want to just open the refrigerator and see what was there 10 minutes ago. 

Matt: Yeah, it’s just basically doing things that are not relevant to accomplishing whatever you need to do, and you’re like procrastinating. You’re doing everything you need to do. I think like the coined term, “Eat your frog first.”

Chris: Yes, yeah.

Matt: Is a really good term to live by, especially if you’re like, “Aargh, I got this big thing.” 

Chris: Before breakfast, maybe even before coffee. 

Matt: Yeah, do it first, and then everything else gets easier. But doing all the little stuff that doesn’t move the needle in your job, is not the way to go. Right?

Chris: I feel like we should maybe start another podcast on time management. Alright, so that was The Dark Playground. 

Matt: So our 4:30 podcast. 

Chris: That’s starting at 7:00. “Instant gratification monkey,” that was something else.

Matt: Same thing. 

Chris: So here’s what you do, how do you build links to this? First off, one of his suggestions was, “Set up alerts for relevant terms.” Obviously we’re not gonna setup–

Matt: Google Alerts.

Chris: We’re not gonna do a Google Alert for punch in the face, right?

Matt: It’s easy.

Chris: Because anybody who’s referencing punch in the face already knows us, etc. But you might want to say shout-out in the SEO industry or something along those lines to try and identify those people– get alerts on people who might be relevant.

Matt: Whatever you’re hashtagging.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Like whatever you’re hashtagging. 

Chris: Yup. So that’s great. And then he gives the example for like either the Dark Playground or he also talked about Instant Gratification Monkey. That you could search for phrases or tag phrases, “Stop procrastination,” “How to stop procrastination,” “The 5-second rule.” Yeah. 

Matt: He’s got a Ted Talk, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, he’s got a Ted Talk, so check out that Ted Talk and you’ll get new alerts. Actually Ahrefs has a tool called Ahrefs Alerts, so you can go check that out. I haven’t played with it.

Matt: I have not, yeah. 

Chris: And B, “Popularize your term by guest posting on high-traffic industry blogs.” So one of the phrases that we use that might be a little less whatever in the sky, is SEVO, right? Search Engine Visitor Optimization, what are you gonna do with the visitor after they arrive from the search engine? Search Engine and Visitor Optimization. And so that’s something that we could write an article, we could reference Search Engine Visitor Optimization and call it SEVO, and then actually people might start calling it SEVO.

Matt: It takes a lot of time and dedication.

Chris: And his point is to make sure that you are aware. This goes back to like staying in contact with the Linkerati, right? Make sure you– and apparently them on their horses. Make sure that you’re aware of those people and that you’re reaching out to them ‘cause maybe you can do contributory articles for those. 

Matt: Well, when I’m like doing backlinks on a site, right? And I’m like, alright on page is good. Alright, we’re gonna punch this like–

Chris: Through the moon?

Matt: Through like the terms to get up there in like Top 3. Like I’d love to– like I don’t know the mental thing, but it’s just like, we’re gonna just not like–

Chris: Rocket and jam it.

Matt: We’re gonna Linkerati this like right through it, and then you’re just like–

Chris: Well maybe you need a picture like the Linkerati is a bunch of people up there in the sky, right? And if you can get the rope up to them, they’ll like pull it up.

Matt: But if you get the Linkerati, they’ll push you through, you know?

Chris: There you go, yeah.

Matt: I don’t know. So if you’re doing links too, I know somewhere in this we were talking about how long it takes to rank, right? Everybody wants to know how long it takes to rank.

Chris: It’s actually one of the articles that they talked about, one of the linkable assets, yeah. 

Matt: Oh is it? Okay, okay. Well, I just get that question all the time on like Quora or whatever. But essentially, like refresh it, like resubmit your sitemap and it will index in about 3 to 4 days. 

Chris: Right.

Matt: It could take longer sometimes, but if you update a page, resubmit it because it could be a long period of time before you get an update. 

Chris: Yeah, yeah. It’s important to actively resubmit it, yeah. 

Matt: Yeah, and then also know that like when you get new links, depending on the domain authority or if you create new links, or if they’re newer links, they’re gonna over time– it’s like compounding. And so it takes a while once links are created for Google to believe it and for that link to get strength and carry you up. 

Chris: And some of that–

Matt: So like domain authority gets built over time, and people don’t understand that. 

Chris: Some of that is just that you’re not submitting– like if you’re building a link, and we talked about social link building. If you’re building it over on Twitter, and you’ve got this link back to you, Google’s not going to index that. You’re not gonna submit that to Google for indexing, right? So that’s just gonna take longer on some– Twitter may not be a good example. 

Matt: Well Twitter they do. 

Chris: Very actively, yeah. 

Matt: Twitter and Google they did a deal. So Facebook and Bing did a deal. 

Chris: Right.

Matt: I don’t know, but I guess Microsoft owns Bing, and then owns some of Facebook so they kind of did a deal. And then Twitter did a deal with Google. 

Chris: Right. 

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So, kind of the point is if you’re doing this link building, understand that those sites where you’re maybe doing a guest post on, may not be submitting their sitemap to Google. So you might not be getting kind of that instant– what you’re talking about, the 3 to 4 day thing might take a lot longer.

Matt: I would post it in Google+, and then Google’s updating itself a lot faster, so if you’re linking to that link, it could catch more.

Chris: So, that’s a Pro Tip. I don’t know if you caught that, read between the lines.

Matt: I mean I don’t have like science here. I just have like what?

Chris: Makes sense. 

Matt: No, what just like see? Like you know what I mean? It’s like, what is it called? Like where it’s just colloquial?

Chris: So I had a calculus professional who called it IOCO, Intuitively Obvious to the Casual Observer. 

Matt: Okay.

Chris: Right? Which is often not IOCO, right? You have to kind of be in the industry and understand it well. Well it makes sense to actually post these articles on a Google asset, because we’re trying to talk to Google. 

Matt: Yeah. 

Chris: Right? It’s IOCO to us, may not be to some of our podcast listeners. 

Matt: Yeah. 

Chris: Alright, so final thoughts from Joshua Hardwick. And again, if you can, go ahead and tweet now #SEOPodcast, @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults, and make sure you tag him at @JoshuaCHardwick.

Matt: Did he talk about like Job Boards as a linkable asset?

Chris: He did not.

Matt: Okay, so like–

Chris: As a linkable asset? I mean it might be a link building tactic, right? As opposed to an asset. 

Matt: No, like there’s little apps that you can create a little like–

Chris: Job board?

Matt: Job board, and then like aggregate the jobs in the industry.

Chris: Oh, wow.

Matt: And like people want to know like specific things. And just my background in like recruitment, I’ve seen some real effective link building strategies. 

Chris: So what you’re saying is there’s seven.

Matt: Well, anything that people go back to or like want to find out, they’re gonna bookmark it or they’re gonna have a link to it.

Chris: So you’re saying there’s 7 linkable assets, not 6. I think that sounds pretty good.

Matt: Like you do surveys, you could do quizzes, you could do like a bunch of stuff. 

Chris: Because there’s a couple of prospects we look at, and we start kind of searching their main phrases or at least what they think their main phrases are, and the first 5 links are actually like job postings. So okay.

Matt: Well no, that’s a way to build links, like definitely go run a job for a minute on some of these high profile sites. But a lot of people are like– I can never get past people that create for the search term?

Chris: Right. 

Matt: Like the search term that you want to rank for, they’ve created their company around it. Like so yeah, they’re gonna rank higher but you can outrank them. You can totally outrank them. And then also like the TripAdvisors, and the Yelps, and all that, you can outrank those but people think that they can’t right? And people are finding ways to do it now, and that’s where like hyper local SEO comes in. 

Chris: Is that enough Pro Tips? Have you given enough away?

Matt: Okay, alright.

Chris: Alright. 

Matt: Alright, you know I’m drinking.

Chris: I thought we talked about this. It’s only two beers. Alright, so here are Joshua Hardwick’s final thoughts. Stressed that many of the tactics above will work for numerous types of linkable assets, “Secondly you should realize that a lot of the tactics above focus on letting people know about your linkable assets above all else. This is because linkable–” like if you’ve made the linkable asset right, and then you let lots of people know about the linkable asset, what is supposed to happen is people are supposed to link to it. Right? So it goes back to kind of your phrase: Content is King. The linkable asset is the king, but who’s queen?

Matt: Distribution.

Chris: Distribution is the queen and the queen wears the pants. 

Matt: Syndication. 

Chris: Yeah. Man, punch in the face to you Joshua. 

Matt: Hardwick, yeah. 

Chris: Joshua Hardwick for writing this great article. By the way it’s got images and examples and–

Matt: I like stuff like that. He did a really good job.

Chris: Really, really good.

Matt: I wanna know how long it took him.

Chris: Yeah. He would probably share that with you.

Matt: Why don’t you tell about our new Pareto law or whatever it’s called.

Chris: So there is a thing called the Pareto Principle. 

Matt: Oh okay. 

Chris: Which is 80-20, but I don’t think– 

Matt: No, no, no. No, no. 

Chris: Is that what you’re talking about? That’s not what you’re talking about.

Matt: I was talking about the–

Chris: You were talking about–

Matt: I got all kinds of things going through my head right now.

Chris: It starts with a P, but anyway it’s a way of breaking up tasks, it’s a time management tool, breaking up tasks. And so we’re excited about using that for onboarding our team mates. As you can imagine as an internet marketing agency that’s growing fast in a fastly changing industry.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Training and the ability to bring on people on board quickly who deliver value to our clients quickly is of utmost importance. 

Matt: So the Pareto Law.

Chris: It is not the Pareto Law. I’m sure somebody can know what it is. Starts with a P, it’s time management, but it’s about breaking up the task. I don’t know, as an example we were talking about blogs. And like how long does it find to identify the topic, and then the target keyword, and then like the fine bullet points. 

Matt: I think the title should take the longest. Personally ‘cause if no one reads it, then it don’t matter.

Chris: It’s kind of like the subject of a–

Matt: It’s the door.

Chris: Subject for an email, right? 

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Like you gotta put 80% of your effort just in the subject of an email, same with the title, same thing for a couple of reasons. One ‘cause it’s so impactful in terms of the keyword and that keyword ranking, but it’s also got to be appealing to people so that they read it.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Alright, so if you liked this podcast, we do ask that you share it with three people. Hopefully that’s not too hard of a task for you to do right now. 

Matt: Chris, whoa.

Chris: And if you are looking to grow– 

Matt: They’re lifting weights right now, they’re driving! They can’t do this.

Chris: No, no. Stop whatever– okay, not if you’re driving. Stop whatever you’re doing and then share this with three people. I don’t know, maybe people in the industry, maybe business owners who are looking to grow their business, just share this podcast please. If you’re looking to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt: The internet for all of you that were like not like born before it. 

Chris: Yeah. 

Matt: But like the people that were born after, they don’t even know what is was like with Floppy Disk Drivers. 

Chris: They don’t even know what the Not Internet is. 

Matt: Like the internet just here. 

Chris: Well you mean before the internet. 

Matt: What, there was before the internet?

Chris: They’re the ones who have seizures when the internet stops. Like, “What do I do now?” 

Matt: Our office just stops working. 

Chris: If you’re looking– while we get into training, actually. 

Matt: It’s like go in the room, we’re training and we’re gonna put up the second server, or the second internet. 

Chris: Alright, so call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business 713-592-6724. We were filmed live here in Houston, Texas at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, again Houston, Texas. 

Matt: Yeah!

Chris: 77092. If you would like audio, video or a transcript of this podcast, we have it. You can find it, go to eWebResults.com and then–

Matt: Or call us and talk to us directly. 

Chris: Yeah, talk to us directly. You guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes and on Ahrefs. 

Matt: Boom, yeah.

Chris: #1! And thank you, thank you for tuning in, thank you for listening, thank you for asking questions, thank you for sending in reviews. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres. 

Matt: Matt Bertram.

Chris: Bye bye for now.