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Welcome to episode 390 of the podcast! Watch Matt and Chris break a sweat – our A/C is broken – as they talk about why you should be utilizing YouTube for your business. Our article this week is “Find Your Target Audience With YouTube Video Advertising” by Will Scott at MarketingLand. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram and I am here to give this presentation with no air conditioning.

Chris: It is hot. The air conditioning has died in our building and it is definitely hot. Welcome to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. This one is actually podcast number 390. As always, we have a tip from our previous podcast.

Matt: “My customer service must include social media listening and responsiveness.”

Chris: So if you listened to our last five podcasts, they were all over one article. The “45 local SEO pitfalls & how to avoid them.” And we talked about customer service and social media. I think we said something like– that was for reviews. It was something really cool for reviews which is, “Silence shows that you don’t care. Make sure you respond to reviews.” Make sure you’re engaging with people on social media.” Yeah.

Matt: Absolutely. That’s the future of kind of customer service is, you know, tweeting about it if you’re unhappy and expecting people to go out there and respond.

Chris: Yeah. Absolutely. Hey, we are broadcasting live from Houston, Texas. And Matt and I, we are your testing and measuring gurus.

Matt: Alright!

Chris: You like that? Is that good?

Matt: I like that.

Chris: The testing and measuring gurus. I do have a quick review, just wanted to share it. This is from Pet Portrait Artist, they put it on SoundCloud. Yes, you can find us on SoundCloud.

Matt: Wooo! SoundCloud.

Chris: And it says, “Definitely the most entertaining SEO podcast on the internet.” And then it has the little happy face. The super big happy face. Punch in the face to you Pet Portrait Artist. And then they even exchanged emails.

Matt: Pet Portrait Artist.

Chris: Pet Portrait Artist. Yeah.

Matt: I wanna see some of these Pet Portraits, yeah.

Chris: Cool yeah.

Matt: Please send us– Yeah.

Chris: You know, my wife does pet portraits? Actually she does like oil pastels, and then she’ll do it for–

Matt: What’s her favorite animal?

Chris: What’s my wife’s favorite animal? I don’t know.

Matt: Can I get a giraffe?

Chris: You want a giraffe?

Matt: I want a giraffe.

Chris: So you have to have a pet giraffe in order for her to do a pet portrait.

Matt: I do! I do.

Chris: Okay. We’ll talk about that later, alright? You have connections I didn’t realize you had. Hey, if you think this podcast is good and you get good information from this podcast, you’ll probably be interested in– I don’t know, 17 tips that we could provide to you in one succinct document. You can get it, all you need to do go to eWebResults.com/SEOTips and fill out the form and you will get your 17 tips. It’s a beautiful PDF document, Sammie put it together. It’s got video links, it’s got tips, it’s got–

Matt: It’s a ton of great content.

Chris: It’s great stuff.

Matt: Ode to Charles.

Chris: Go check that out. Hey, if you are in a position to, we would like you to tweet. And here’s what we would like you to tweet. I actually put this double– actually I need that other sheet that you have. We would like you to tweet SEOPodcast. This is podcast number 390, so #SEOPodcast. Tag us in it @BestSEOPodcsat @eWebResults. You also wanna tag Scott. Will Scott is the one who wrote the article we’re discussing today. And he is @w2scott. That’s awesome. Oh, apparently this is podcast 390 thousand– 1 million 390 thousand and that’s just adjusting things on the fly. And also do I have this? No. Alright, so please tweet that so we can make contact with you and you can be part of our PITF. What is next? Do you know what a PITF is?

Matt: I know what a PITF is.

Chris: A punch in the face.

Matt: I need it back.

Chris: Oh, you gave it me, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: There you go.

Matt: You wanted me to PITF it.

Chris: Yeah. Hold on.

Matt: Yeah.

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Matt: No tear?

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Matt: Some reciprocity, right?

Chris: Some reciprocity.

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Chris: You have another one? Is there–?

Matt: No. I wanted you to give me a laundry list actually. Call-to-actions, it’s like let’s– I don’t know guys.

Chris: We love putting each other on the spot. I have nothing and I’m happy to make up something. So when you shiko us, you actually stay connected with us. For instance, you would know why I am dripping in sweat right now, if you are connected to us on Facebook. Because you would’ve seen that we have dragged in the big fans, we have a fan blowing in the background. Our AC’s out in the building. That’s why you should shiko us.

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Chris: Right after Al Gore invented the internet.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Alright. So if you’re a PHP genius or a WordPress guru, we’re probably looking for you, 713-510-7846. We will get to the meat of the podcast really soon. We just have one more little piece of information to share with you. If you would like a free– oh. It’s not free anymore, is it?

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Chris: Yeah. We’re getting overloaded.

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Chris: Yeah.

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Chris: All the people who are asking for, connecting with us, and staying connected, and yeah. Now it’s time to kind of cross that bridge. And ask Matt, I don’t know if it was clear, that fee that goes towards that comprehensive website analysis is applicable to any of the services that you get with us.

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: So that’s really good. I had just three little pieces of news. If I can get to them. First one: Twitter’s going to 280 characters. Did you know that?

Matt: Yes. I did know that. Yeah.

Chris: Ikea is buying TaskRabbit. So TaskRabbit is one of those services where you can connect with people who are willing to do kind of labor tasks typically, for you.

Matt: That’s cool. Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, and they actually–

Matt: Putting together Ikea, that’s like a thing, right?

Chris: Yeah, yeah. You need a TaskRabbit in order to put together an Ikea set. And then finally LG, right? So that’s Life is Good. I have an LG phone. They’ve got a phone, the K7i that can repel mosquitoes.

Matt: Really?

Chris: Yeah. Yeah.

Matt: Interesting.

Chris: It’s got some film on it that vibrates and mosquitoes they–

Matt: The future is here.

Chris: Exactly. Absolutely here. They’ve got it built into some other devices, so that’s kind of cool. And then that’s– you got some PITFs there?

Matt: I got some awesome PITFs. We appreciate all y’all out there that are retweeting our videos, our comments. Xman or S.S. Xman, we appreciate it.

Chris: Punch in the face.

Matt: Infivisible. Invisible is that correct?

Chris: I think it’s Infivisible.

Matt: Infivisible.

Chris: I-N-F-I-visible.

Matt: My phonetics spelling’s like–

Chris: Punch in the face to you for retweeting. Hey, I got this really long– this kind of question thing, so let me get into this. It starts off really from a, “Good day, gentlemen. I recently started listening to your podcast because it was suggested to me by my SEO mentor.” You should include who was that.

Matt: Yeah. Thank you.

Chris: “I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge you guys put out on a weekly basis. Especially your recent 17 essential tips that you graciously made available to your listeners/watchers. Being fairly new to the SEO scene, I often fill a few pages with new knowledge from the meat section of your podcast. Even some from the potatoes. Thank you.” I appreciate that.

Matt: Yeah. I like that. Great news.

Chris: “I feel like I am starting a little late in game for this industry, so I’m trying to gain as much functional knowledge about it as I can, as fast as I can. So I am hoping you guys could start suggesting second and third runner up articles that you may have read in the week of your podcast, that maybe were not good enough to make the full podcast but are worth suggesting as homework to curb your listeners/watcher’s appetite for the week, while we are waiting for the next information wave to soak us with knowledge.”

Matt: I love that.

Chris: Really? Right?

Matt: Yeah, that’s great. Thank you.

Chris: “Thank you for your time and your service to the industry.” Nathaniel, punch in the face to you Nathaniel. I can tell you this: I am constantly looking for articles throughout the week, and I post about one article everyday on my LinkedIn account. Right? So if you connect to me on LinkedIn, it’s Chris Burres C-H-R-I-S-B-U-R-R-E-S and–

Matt: That’s the air conditioning guys.

Chris: Yeah. It’s hopefully the air conditioning is getting fixed and not breaking.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So connect with me and– I’m in a couple groups and I’m also posting in those groups. So those are where you could go to get that information.

Matt: I would say if you’re out there searching, you’ll probably run across Neil Patel articles. I think everything that Neil Patel does is just top notch. He’s one of the people I follow. There’s a number of other players out there, but I mean he writes articles on every major content. Does about 10 thousand word articles, get’s a lot of attraction on Google, a lot of a actionable content. I’ll tell you, if you read through his stuff, you should be in pretty good shape because he lines it for you.

Chris: Yeah, he gets into– sometimes almost excruciating detail, which is great, right?

Matt: Yeah. Yeah.

Chris: That’s why he’s doing well. Alright, so now it’s time to get into the meat of the podcast. We’re gonna do something totally different. If you’ve been watching our podcast, listening to our podcast for a while, you may realize that we actually had interviewed Dane Golden from Hey.com. Dane Golden from Hey.com. It’s funny. When he came on the podcast, it was like, “Your website is hey. Is it like Hey!” And he’s like, “No. It’s Hey!” Like okay, it’s hey.com. And his focus is actually YouTube. And so I found this article, the article is, “Find your target audience with YouTube video advertising.” And this is by Will Scott. Again, punch in the face to you Will Scott. His Twitter handle is I think @w3scott. Is that on that piece of paper or something?

Matt: Right here.

Chris: Yeah, w3– w2scott! And so he wrote this article. What I did is I reached out to Dane and I said, “Hey, we’re gonna cover this article on the podcast this Friday. Could you kind of add your 2 cents into each of these pieces.

Matt: This is just tons of value.

Chris: Yeah, this is so much value.

Matt: Right guys, this is just two experts head to head on top of our comments. I mean this is definitely a podcast to share.

Chris: So, we’ve got a contributor to MarketingLand.com who’s now being reviewed by Hey.com. This is pretty awesome. I think Dane’s kind of intro is like we’re talking about “Find your target audience with YouTube video advertising,” with a few asides and notes from friend of the podcast, Dane Golden of Hey.com – that’s H-E-Y.com, there he is on your screen – who’s business specializes in video content marketing on YouTube. Dane says, “Punch in the face to the friends of his favorite SEO podcast.” So let’s jump into this.

Matt: Let’s do it.

Chris: This is– what is this? Six reasons, right? And I actually have some points– as you kinda– before you started going into these six reasons. There are billions of hours of video content per day on the site. People consume billions of hours.

Matt: And what’s the number that’s created everyday too? It’s some massive number. It’s constantly going.

Chris: Yeah. It’s crazy. And given all of that content, there’s I think a million– oh there’s a billion users. Given that– a million? That’s like such a paltry number. Right?

Matt: Not anymore. Yeah.

Chris: So there’s a billion users but you can still target specific demographic is regions, just like you can like AdWords and other marketing platforms. So it’s really really good. It says 20% of all video ad revenues in America will go to YouTube in 2017.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: So those are just kind of the surface things like, what are we even talking about this? Not that we have to provide it. I like the YouTube hat.

Matt: Yeah. I thought it was appropriate.

Chris: He’s got the YouTube hat? Alright so he says reason number one. High rate of consumption, right?

Matt: It’s true.

Chris: So again, this is reason number one to find your target audience with YouTube video advertising. Six reasons why your business can’t afford to ignore YouTube.

Matt: I don’t even have cable. Okay? I do everything on YouTube. You know, YouTube Red, YouTube videos, Amazon, like Netflix.

Chris: Yup. Right, Netflix.

Matt: Bu I don’t even have cable.

Chris: You’ve actually cut the cord.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. That was a couple years ago, so yeah.

Chris: That’s pretty cool, I researched it. That’s it. I just researched it.

Matt: Well you know, you gotta take action, right? Yeah.

Chris: So number 1 reason that you cannot afford to miss YouTube as a marketing platform: the high rate of consumption. We’re already talking about a billion users. It reaches more 18 to 49 year olds that any cable network in the US.

Matt: Me.

Chris: Now this is interesting, that is according to YouTube, so take that with a grain of salt. Now here’s what’s interesting, younger generations are reluctant to pay for television or cable, right? So YouTube is a free alternative for those younger folks, right? Guess you are the younger folks. Media content, you can get music videos, there’s tutorials, there are V-logs, and of course the infamous cat videos.

Matt: That increase productivity.

Chris: So Dane makes this point. I’m going to read his comment here, but listen, he makes the point, “Be aware that different demographics use the platform differently.” So he says– and I’m just gonna read it as if Dane were here, “It’s true that YouTube is highly engaging for some demographics. They regularly return to YouTube and follow both shows and personalities loyally. Other demographics are also on YouTube but often not in the same ways. Older demographics are more likely to go to YouTube for information or to learn something. That’s me. Sometimes they get there because the video is embedded, but more often it’s through searching on how to do something on Google and the YouTube search result might just show up. Older audience again, are often on YouTube because they’re looking to solve a problem not just consume content.”

Matt: Well I would say that 90% of people doing searches on Google in general or on the internet, are looking to get a question answered.

Chris: Right. Solve a problem or find something.

Matt: Yeah, it’s informational. Only 10% or something like that, are looking to actually buy something. So this falls in line with that big time.

Chris: Well, and I think his point is, is that some of the younger people are actually on YouTube to consume content.

Matt: And that’s me. I watch videos. Where it recommends what you watch, you can get in little rabbit holes you know, where you’re hours.

Chris: Keep watching the same thing over and over.

Matt: Or different things and different strands.

Chris: Oh, look. A different car crash.

Matt: Well I mean, there’s more in depth content on there for sure, you know?

Chris: So very cool. Alright so number 2. Again, this is– what is it? Reasons that your business can’t afford to ignore YouTube. The second reason is you can, “Find your business’ target audience,” right? So we just covered a billion users are there. He talks about different tactics that you can use. You can target different regions, demographics, so you can get to you audience. We already mentioned that. He also talks about– real briefly about affinity audiences. I don’t know if you know much about affinity audiences.

Matt: Well, so I mean, you can even target down to channels or single videos. Like if you’re going after somebody, say in network marketing or something like that, that watches Rich Dad, Poor Dad out of Robert Kiyosaki. You could just target that video or Tommy Robins, or something like that. Etcetera, etcetera. So you can pick it down to a specific video, to a channel, like there’s so many options today.

Chris: And with Affinity audiences you can target based on their interest. Whether they’re auto-enthusiasts or do-it-yourself person.

Matt: Okay. So affinity audiences can be used on Facebook, could be used on Google and everything. So you take a list of like who you’re already targeting or remarketing or something like that. And then based on the data or machine learning I think – or whatever you wanna call it – it can create an audience that duplicates that’s similar to it. So you can multiply your audience by 2x, 3x potentially on what you initially have.

Chris: Yup. So Dane’s take. He says, “Agreed. I’m sort of a nut about targeting because I believe many businesses overdo it on the reach side of things.” Right? So they’re trying to reach too many people. Yes, you can target types of content, and even channels in single videos, but it’s also important to match targeting with a video format that people want to watch or that resonates with them.” For our customers he emphasize on paid YouTube search AKA Discovery Ads, to promote how-to videos. So we can kind of infer that he’s targeting a little bit older audience, right? Because those are the people who are doing– on YouTube looking for how-to video. So a great input mister Golden, again.

Alright number 3. This is number 3 of the 6 reasons why your business can’t afford to ignore YouTube. “Follow your audience along the consumer journey.” And I know you talk about the consumer journey all the time. It’s been almost a mantra since you came and joined us at eWebResults. Which is, there’s this sales funnel. Funny funnel. And there’s people at the top who aren’t maybe necessarily ready. Maybe they’re outside of the funnel and they’re like not even aware that they’re about to get into the funnel ‘cause–

Matt: AIDA, yeah.

Chris: Right. What is that? AI–?

Matt: Attention, Interest, Decision, Action.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: I believe.

Chris: So they’re way out there, and then you’re trying to suck them in so that you can actually get them into it. So that’s part of the audience journey. You’re not even aware. So maybe you’ve had this– whatever blister on your foot for so long, and this is prior to the age of the solution for blisters. And so you’re like, “I just have a blister, and it hurts all the time.” And then you see an add that solves your problem. You didn’t even know you were in the market ‘cause nothing existed, now you see that ad. So that would be part of the consumer journey. And then you can get them all the way through the purchase process. I mean think about what Dane said, he said the how-to videos on how to use the product. So it’s talks– a viewer is already comparison shopping for your service, then you wanna make sure that you have video that’s available for that. And then “By showing specific videos to your customers and newsletter subscribers–” That’s not him yet.

Matt: Oh.

Chris: “You can reinforce brand loyalty and shape the reputation of your customers.” So that’s really good. Alright, let’s see what Dane said.

Matt: I really need one for Scott.

Chris: Yeah, it’s Dane and Scott. That’s true. Alright. We emphasize how-to – video content marketing strategy so we have fewer commercials. But yes, multivariate testing is key. Which means it can be big advantage if you shoot and edit quickly, and cheaply, and try a number of approaches and edits. There are a number of ways to test in silos. But the simple way is that you put them in the same Adby. The algorithm will generate and tell you what works best.” And he says– also here he’s talking about using your email list as a remarketing list in videos.

Matt: Absolutely, 100%.

Chris: Which is a smart move if not overdone. Right? So you don’t need to inundate them with videos all the time. Again, great input.

Matt: Well, you can delineate that too if you’re doing e-commerce on people that buy, people that exited the car. Like it depends what your goals are, but absolutely. Yup.

Chris: Excellent. So number 4. Again, 6 reasons why your business can’t afford to ignore. We covered these. First, there’s a high rate of consumption. Second, you can find your business’ targeted audience. Third, you can follow your audience along the consumer journey. And number 4 is it’s “Part of a diverse advertising strategy.” Do we believe in a diverse advertising strategy?

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: Do we manage like all of it? And actually will probably start doing a lot more video here as we move into 2018.

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. So, “Facebook is likely to remain the biggest player in social media but YouTube still has a solid footing with Vloggers and video content.”

Matt: Well, just kind of going back to what you said, right? Like so, I mean I think that that’s one of the biggest advantages that we offer to our client base, is there’s a lot of people out there that are super niche–

Chris: That do just SEO or just PPC. Even within PPC–

Matt: Or just social. I mean–

Chris: Yeah. Just social.

Matt: And we have a team here and we cover it all, and I think that that’s the real advantage. We provide a lot of strategy for what you’re trying to achieve. And I think that that’s a lot of the feedback we’ve gotten. It’s like, “Wow, there’s so many tools in the toolkit and y’all know how to use them all,” and I think that’s that’s the real value that we’re bringing.

Chris: And that’s about putting the right team together, right?

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: You’re not going to find that one person who can knock it out of the park on social media, and AdWords, and YouTube, and you know, whatever. So it’s a really important part of that. And of the things that– you know, I have a business coach. I’ve probably mentioned it on the podcast in the past. And it’s action coach. Action coach talks about– you need to have 10 active strategies for generating leads for your business. 10. Oh it’s dead there? Leads for your business. 10 strategies, right?

Matt: All the air’s dead.

Chris: Yeah, dead.

Matt: Can I work from home?

Chris: So it’s gonna be hot–

Matt: I’m just kidding.

Chris: He’s just like grabbing the fan. I’m like, “No.” So there’s 10 strategies that you should be using for lead generation. So just keep that in mind. If you’re killing it on YouTube, you need to be thinking about what is the next thing that I’m gonna be spending money on.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, and it says, “Mobile viewers on YouTube spend 40 minutes in an average session.” Just keep that in mind, that’s pretty good. And now, what does Dane say? Dane says, “As a company our home base is YouTube because the videos on that platform have the greatest long-tail searchability.”

Matt: So true.

Chris: “For the feed-based platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, videos generally aren’t as long tail.” So you like don’t get the followup. “Nevertheless, you would be wise to make sure you’re repurposing videos on the platforms your audience wants to engage you with. And on each platform the duration, pasting, editing, and even de-mentions may need to be customized.” Don’t we know that. “So try to make your production process simple and repeatable, more like a factory.”

Matt: Well, so the big thing that I have to add there, and a big mistake that I see from people at home. Is basically, they’re cross posting videos, right? So Facebook and Google hate each other, okay? They’re going after your marketing dollars and they don’t like to see duplicate content on the internet. So that’s kind of what he’s talking about is changing time frames, videos, all that kind of stuff, and you’ll get higher rankings that way. And so if you’re gonna upload one of them, maybe edit it a little bit and then upload it on the other platform, but don’t cross-post.

Chris: Yeah. Absolutely. And they’re different even size, look at the aspect rations. Alright, number 5, “Measurablity.” So, unlike other forms of marketing and advertising, detailed information about the effectiveness of each of these videos is good. You can look at exposures, click-through rates, bounce rates, conversions. All of that information you’re used to looking at in terms of like your website traffic. You can look at those on videos with the– well, in the addition. With– included the time that they’re watching the video. Really important aspect of it.

Matt: It’s pretty awesome. Yeah.

Chris: And what you end up with– we always say, “Never throw money against the wall and see if it sticks.” With this data you can understand which ads are more effective.

Matt: Test and measure.

Chris: Test and measure.

Matt: Test and measure.

Chris: Because we’re the test and measure gurus. And here’s what Dane says. He says, “YouTube videos offer more Analytics than any other video platform in history. So it’s best to use this data to see if works, then make changes quickly.” As they say in tech, it’s better to fail fast.

Matt: That’s absolutely true in start ups. Absolutely. Yup.

Chris: Alright. So, finally number 6. These are the 6 reasons why your business can’t afford to ignore YouTube, and this is, “Audience research.” So unlike conventional television, YouTube advertisers allow viewers to skip the ad after the first few seconds. This is interesting. I didn’t have any stats, I’m sure there’s more, “Millennial viewers skip videos nearly 60% of the time,” and that’s–

Matt: If it’s not relevant to you, like why–?

Chris: Skip it.

Matt: I mean that’s what it says, and I totally agree with this because you’re throwing that spaghetti against the wall. People don’t want to see it. And that’s the great thing, if they skip and they don’t stay all the way to the end– like you don’t even pay for it. And so if you put multiple call to actions throughout there, I mean you could get a lot of free visibility, and branding, and all sorts of things. So I think how it’s set up, take advantage of it. I think it’s awesome.

Chris: I think the skippable ads end in 2018.

Matt: Huh. Well, yeah. Like I hate being forced to sit through an ad about a car if I’m not in mode to buy a car, whatever.

Chris: Oh yeah. I was on CNN the other day and I didn’t even want the video on at all. I just wanted to read the article and this video plays, and before the video plays comes this commercial that I can’t skip.

Matt: Doesn’t Forbes do that too? Like they–

Chris: Forbes has a splash screen?

Matt: Yeah. It’s horrible. Yeah. If people don’t wanna watch it, like you know.

Chris: Let them skip it.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And what does Dane say? Dane says, “Some marketers think the ability of viewers to skip their ads is terrible, but I think it’s the best because you don’t waste the time of those who aren’t your customers.” That’s just very courteous in general. “And you don’t pay for them either. It becomes incumbent upon the advertiser to hold the attention of the customer.” Which is always true. “The skip button just makes that truth more evident.”

Matt: I’m in total agreement. Total agreement.

Chris: It’s one of those things that as we go, like this is a platform that you can’t make– that you would be making a mistake to ignore. Punch in the face to you Will Scott. What we will say is, he doesn’t really even get into the production quality of the videos and what you can do there. That can be–

Matt: Maybe we get a Nolen.

Chris: Nolen could–

Matt: We get Nolen on and he can talk a little bit about that punch in the face.

Chris: Nolen Davis of Vids Inc. Yeah. Punch in the face to Nolen. He’s actually been on the podcast before. So maybe we need to bring him back and talk about production quality and stuff.

Matt: We brought him in on a few projects.

Chris: Yeah. Absolutely. Alright, so that is the meat of the podcast. I think that’s all we’ve got. If you liked this podcast please tell three people about the podcast. We’d appreciate that.

Matt: Yeah. Yeah.

Chris: If you’re interested in growing your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt: The internet and YouTube.

Chris: The internet which includes YouTube, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Go ahead and give us a call for increased revenue in your business 713-592-6724. If you would like a referral, right? No. If you’d like to give us a referral.

Matt: I want a referral.

Chris: If you give us a referral. Somebody who needs some aspect of internet marketing, right? And we cover the gamut. That’s website design, landing page design or optimization. That’s PPC campaign creation or optimization. That’s social media campaign creation, optimization and just social media, like interactions. And search engine optimization, content creation, content marketing. Any one of those. Drip campaigns.

Matt: Drip campaigns, anything. Yup.

Chris: Send them to us. They pay their bill, we pay you. If you’re doing networking, business networking in Houston, make sure that you come out to UP Social Network. Just visit UPSocialNetwork.com. If you would like– actually we were filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106–

Matt: We are being filming right now.

Chris: We’re filming–

Matt: Yeah, we weren’t filmed– we are filmed. Well, when you watch this. Yeah.

Chris: When you see this, we’ll have had been.

Matt: You get it.

Chris: You can get a transcript, video, and audio of this podcast at our website eWebResults.com. We brainstormed something else to add to that section and I don’t remember what it is, so we will not be adding it today. We’ll just be brainstorming again. Thanks again–

Matt: Punch in the face to Dane.

Chris: Punch in the face to Dane Golden with Hey.com, H-E-Y.com, and to Will Scott, he is @w2scott. You can find him on Twitter at @w2scott, two T’s on the Scott. That is the end of our podcast. You guys have made us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes. Thank you, we appreciate all of you all. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: Matt Bertram.

Chris: Bye bye for now.

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