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Over 3.6 Million Downloads

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Having first aired in 2009, with 3.6 million downloads in 100+ counties,  “SEO Podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing” has become one of the longest running and most authoritative podcasts for staying ahead of the perpetually changing digital marketing landscape. For those new to the podcast, choose a past topic among the vast library of almost 500 episodes. Great for marketers, business owners and agencies from the novice to experienced in using the internet to market and grow a brand.

About your hosts

Join hosts Chris Burres and Matt Bertram, renowned internet marketing experts, as they demystify the complex world of search engine marketing. Each episode, Chris and Matt will distill a current SEO topic and the latest digital marketing news into priceless tips and entertaining commentary across an array of subjects including SEO, web design, branding, PPC, paid social media and more. 

Matt Bertram and Chris Burres

Reviews From Our Top LISteners

  • Jennifer, Adam, Ivan, and Jamarcus have been absolutely amazing. They have helped our business in areas where we struggle online. The results take time to kick in. During that time, their team was highly efficient at communicating our direction and educating us as to why we were doing the things we were doing. We cannot recommend Eweb enough!

  • A great team of men and women who are invested into helping all of their customers both big and small. I recently moved our hosting over to them to improve website speed and there were a lot of issues cosmetically with the move. They helped me out through the whole process and never once seemed unprofessional. I'm sure it took lots of free hours on their part to get things right. Definitely a kind and caring group of people who are looking after your best interests.

  • Thank you guys for a job well done , we appreciate the ongoing support and expertise you provide. It is very difficult to find an SEO company that does what it says it will do and conducts business with the degree of integrity and professionalism as E Web Results does.

  • Great podcast guys!! One note though: surely you can do something better with your audio quality 😉

  • Howdy! I first heard of eWebResults through their SEO podcast, Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. In just a couple days after listening to several of their podcasts, I have gained so much knowledge about SEO: actionable items that I can implement right now! As a small business owner, I am not ready to pay thousands for SEO help, but I truly benefited from the FREE website audit that Alyssa provided during a 20 minute call. When I am ready to pay someone for help with SEO, they will definitely be my people! Thank you eWebResults. Sincerely, a fellow Aggie and small biz owner out of Austin, Texas.

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