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People today are spending most of their time online. Digital marketing allows customers to better find your products or services through more online exposure and visibility.

With access to more potential customers coupled with marketing analytics and research, it allows us to make every decision we make better. This valuable data allows us to have improved insights and a more targeted strategy to enable your business to drive faster revenue generation!

We help quickly pull together this information for you to give you valuable insights that could instantly improve your business, once implemented and make sure you’re focused on the right tactics to continue to grow. 

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  • Tips to increase the conversion rate of your website
  • Finding out what your competitors are doing
  • Confirming you are currently using the right digital strategies
  • New ways to attract your ideal customer faster

What Do We Cover In The Profit Plan?


As the internet continues to change, and adapt it is necessary to refine different aspects of your online strategy. Websites, listings, social media, etc. all have to be updated, or you may look like you’re out-of-touch with what’s going on.

If you want to gain an advantage in the marketplace, you’ll have to utilize top SEO, PPC, Email, and Social Media strategies that help your target audience easily find and connect with you.

We help evalue what you’re doing and what strategies may be right for you to implement.

In-Depth Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding and analyzing actual search terms that people enter into search engines. This search intent and user insight you can get into the right search terms can help make better decisions and develop the right content, SEO and paid strategies, as well as your larger marketing plan customized to your business goals.

Focusing on the correct keywords to drive user intent is a crucial factor that increases the likelihood of success for internet marketing efforts that should not be overlooked.

Competitor & Content Gap Analysis

As a business, you need to ensure that you are ahead of your competition and your are answering the questions that your customers want to know.

When we perform a competitive gap analysis for a website, we’re identifying how your website stacks up online against your competitors (both industry-specific and anyone else who might be appearing above you) in the search results and what you can do to improve your position.

This analysis also help lay the foundation for a content strategy by helping to generate topic and keyword ideas that are needed to fill the “gap” in our clients’ marketing assets.

We need to look beyond what we are currently doing and understand what the data is telling us and determine how to leverage the latest techniques to grow your reach and audience.

Custom Marketing Recommendations Built To Produce Results

You cannot just depend on outdated marketing methods anymore. With our recommendations, you’ll know exactly what steps you need to take to successfully expand your business online.  Our strategies are founded on industry best practices and are proven to deliver results that matter.

Based on all information that’s gathered from our in-dept website analysis and market research, we will provide you a custom marketing road map designed to produce the ROI you want in a sustainable and cost-effective way, and a State-of- Work (SOW) on how we can execute it for you in which this cost is applied to your first month!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Skip The Workshop If I Don't Want It?

In most cases we do not allow companies to move forward with us until they do a marketing workshop. We have found that skipping on this important strategy session is like trying to build a house without a blueprint. In this session, we cover data to determine if your campaign will be profitable or not. We will also outline the road-map to help you achieve your marketing goals.

What Can We Talk About On The Call?

Each marketing workshop is customized to fit your business goals. No two calls are the same. We have a general outline that most people follow. Some of the common themes include how to get started with online marketing, full online marketing audit, PPC profitability analysis, SEO strategy session, online lead generation guide, and customer journey roadmaps.

What Happens After The Marketing Workshop?

After the workshop, you will receive a recap document and a proposed marketing plan. From there we will implement the strategies we discussed or make recommendations on how to implement it yourself.

Growing Your Business Is Our #1 Priority

Let’s Build The Right Marketing Strategy For You!


Includes The Following Services

Keyword Research
Content Gap Analysis
Competitor Gap Analysis
Outline Of Business Strategy
Target Persona Identification
Outline Of Customer Journey
In-Depth Marketing Plan
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