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Join Matt and Chris for another thrilling episode of the Best SEO Podcast. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your Landing Page Strategist!

Chris: Well Matt, you look like a pilot with those Ray-Bans, yeah. Looking pretty awesome.

Matt: I want to crash into leads right now with this.

Chris: You’re scooping up leads, passing them out to customers.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: That’s what we do around here.

Matt: That’s what we do, we scoop up leads. I like that.

Chris: We’re lead scoopers.

Matt: If you leads scooped up give us a shout!

Chris: You want the scoop on leads? Because we’re the lead scoopers.

Matt: I like it.

Chris: Not to be confused with the Pooper Scoopers, that’s an entirely different line of business.

Matt: No, good leads. We want Good leads!

Chris: Yeah. Welcome to the podcast. This is Podcast #442. Wow, that’s a big number.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: We’ve doing this for quite a while. As always there’s a tip– well, as usual there’s a tip. This time there’s no tip from the previous podcast, I don’t think.

Matt: So if you’re running in, you’re starting fresh.

Chris: Yes, we’re starting fresh today. What we do have though is this review.

Matt: Oooh.

Chris: This is pretty awesome, it’s from Granen Insurance. It is of course…

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: It says, “I started listening to the podcast a few months ago while on the road, and have really enjoyed learning the tips and tricks provided on the show. Always entertaining listening to these guys too. I just took advantage of the initial free call and appreciate the time spent, and tips, ideas and critique given to me by JaMarcus.” I feel I might have read this one, but we’re going as if I didn’t. “Regarding my current website and future plans: thank you so much!” Punch in the face to you. That’s how the process works: like you go to website, you ask for a free website analysis, you get a free a website analysis – that’s 15 to 30 minutes with one of our internet marketing strategy experts – and then you move into our next process whis is: From Problems to Profits Plan. That’s how it works.

Matt: That’s really a mouthful, Chris.

Chris: Yeah, From Problems to Profits Plan.

Matt: Or you can just say Profit Plan.

Chris: Well yeah, we–

Matt: Profit Plan!

Chris: We do abbreviate it here as the Profit Plan because it is a mouthful. It’s just we like to bring that up because you might have problems that you’re not aware of and you really can fix those and turn them into profit.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Well, I mean a lot of people get their questions answered when they call in.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: And they really appreciate the value. I enjoy talking to everybody that’s calling in and helping them out. So yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Remember we are filmed live here in Houston and Matt and I, we are your…

Chris & Matt: Results Rebels!

Chris: If this is the first time you are tuning into the podcast: howdy and welcome to the podcast. If you’ve been here before, you might be interested in some tips. You can get those tips at eWebResults.com/

Matt: Resources.

Chris: Resources or SEOtips. I’m not sure about Resources.

Matt: Forward slash.

Chris: /SEOtips.

Matt: Because we have more.

Chris: There’s more than just tips.

Matt: And we’re even building tools!

Chris: Yes! We have– working on tools that are out there.

Matt: We build the tool that didn’t work. Well, it works but it didn’t do anything.

Chris: It didn’t really add any particular value. Hey, we’re covering a really cool article today: “10 Landing Page Tweaks that will Increase Conversions.” Because at the end of the day, isn’t it the conversions that matter?

Matt: Yes, it’s all about conversions.

Chris: If you just want to have some information website then you should be, I don’t know, Wikipedia, right? If you actually want to have a business–

Matt: I like Wikipedia.

Chris: Yeah, it’s good. If you actually ever have a business that’s–

Matt: I want a thing in Wikipedia.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, link back to us then.

Chris: Yeah, that’s good. Wikipedia. If you actually want to have a business and get leads, and you know, prospects, and deliver service and add value to – I don’t know – people’s lives, then you probably want conversions.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Well, okay. You bring up a really good point Chris. I really wasn’t paying attention until now, so I mean– let me kind of–

Chris: I’m not surprised.

Matt: So really a lot of people call in and they’re like, “I need SEO.”

Chris: Right.

Matt: “I need SEO,” or “I need PPC,” or whatever. What they really need is leads.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Right? That’s really what they want.

Chris: They have convinced themselves that they need SEO, or PPC or whatever. Yeah.

Matt: But it’s like: we can force more people through your current funnel, but if your current funnel or your landing page–

Chris: Is clogged.

Matt: Is clogged or leaky, you’re going to lose people.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So really when people call in and they have a couple thousand people to their website already and they’re not getting leads, it’s like, “Well yes, we do SEO and that would definitely help.”

Chris: We could drive a couple more thousand and increase your leads minimally.

Matt: Yeah, but let’s be really efficient and take the current leads you have and convert more of those.

Chris: Yup, absolutely. Alright–

Matt: Am I still being really quiet Adam?

Chris: Yeah, somebody–

Matt: Did he turn me way down again?

Chris: It feels like– yeah. Every time he leaves I’m over here turning you back down. Adam: Well, it’s just really low on Facebook, like it sounds really, really clear; it’s really good.

Matt: Ooh yeah.

Chris: Yeah. Adam: But it’s low.

Matt: Oh.

Chris: I like the clear part.

Matt: We don’t have our videographer in here today. Sorry guys.

Chris: Yup. Also if you’ve tuned in before you know the part that we’re about to skip.

Matt: Whoo!

Chris: Each and every week we run a contest, and that contest is: if we get 10 shikos!

Matt: A share, a like, and a follow.

Chris: That has a sound when you share, or you like, or you follow us. In your head you should hear…

Chris & Matt: Shikow!

Chris: Because it’s a share, like, or follow. If we get 10 shikos and we get one review – I just read the review – then we move the piece where we tell you how to connect with us and leave us reviews towards the end. So we’re going to do that. If you’d like a t-shirt– so Matt’s wearing a t-shirt right now: “Does SEO Leads–” SEO and PPC duking it out for leads, because that’s the thing that really matters.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: It’s a pretty cool shirt. We have 12-16 shirts, different styles out there. My favorite one kind of has the Star Wars team and says, “May the Rank be With You.”

Matt: Yeah, it’s awesome.

Chris: I think that’s pretty good. You can get those at eWebResults.com/

Matt: Swag!

Chris: Swag! Alright, let’s jump into our article.

Matt: Alright!

Chris: “10 Landing Page Tweaks That Will Increase Conversions.” And he’s talking about making tweaks to your landing page is really satisfying. It’s one of the things like– so you get that call–

Matt: Who is this?

Chris: Oh, who is this?

Matt: It’s Lee!

Chris: Oh it’s Lee Wilson. Punch in the face to you Lee Wilson. It’s such good information I just wanted to jump in right away.

Matt: Yes, yes, but I want to give Lee credit. This is awesome.

Chris: Punch in the face to you Lee. It’s a really good article. He talks about the level of satisfaction he gets when he’s able to make some tweaks to a landing page and directly impact conversions. You were talking about it: “Hey, I need SEO!” Well actually you need some tweaks to your website so that your website converts better. It is one of the fastest ways to get better results from your current internet marketing strategy. And so you really should have conversion rate optimization as part of your ongoing refinements. We obviously do that every month with our customers. We’re looking at the pages that are getting maybe some new–

Matt: That’s part of our SEO.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I mean it’s part of our SEO to get them more leads, it’s not just get them a higher ranking. Right? It’s a full package, a deal.

Chris: Because that’s what you really want: these leads, those conversions.

Matt: Yeah and we do it like– we really do have a strong SEO package.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I’m seeing a lot of people that have spent money on SEO and they’re like ranking for their own name.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And I’m like, “You’re not–”

Chris: It’s been forever that I’ve gotten calls, “Hey, how are you doing in search?” “I’m doing really good. When I type in my name, I’m right there in third position.”

Matt: Well people don’t know you should rank first for your name, but a lot of people were calling in and we’re looking at their traffic, and there’s certain keywords that are going to drive new customers into you.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And a lot of times they’ve been paying an SEO company and they’re ranked for their name. And I’m like, “That’s you referral business, your good will, your brading that’s out there.” The SEO is not doing anything new for you, not adding to it.

Chris: No value, yeah.

Matt: Yeah. So that’s just one of the things I’ve been seeing a lot of.

Chris: Alright. So he’s got 10 landing page tweaks. The first one is, “Every Page Needs to Feel Personalized & Relevant.” And so he has a– so we talk about continuity. When somebody searches for something, the ad or the meta description that they see needs to mention that something. And then they click through– they’ve clicked through because of something, they need to see that something. That continuity is good or you’re going to get your bounce rate up. Also make sure these messages are personalized for those people who are landing there. And he says basically, why don’t you take a template? Different types of webpages that you might have on your site, and make sure you’ve got a template that addresses that personalization and relevancy. So one page is like a company in a branding page. So yeah, you should probably have a company page.

Matt: Well, like the About Us page is the second most looked at page besides typically the Home page.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: So, that’s a great place to tell your story.

Chris: We see that in our– we either do weekly calls or at a minimum what we call an MRC, a Monthly Results Call with our clients. In those calls as we’re going over data we see that the About Page really gets a lot of attention.

Matt: Yeah. So Chris, I mean we’ve been doing the Monthly Results Calls for a long time.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: We’ve found that a lot of clients like to take that hour and chop it up every week. And you get that constant feedback. It helps out our team too and it keeps everything moving. Some people are busy, they want to kind of get a break down in everything we’ve been doing. We just work the way you want to work: we customize it for you.

Chris: For you in every case. Next is maybe a Services page; a Category and Product Level pages. Those are going to be different, you want different layouts to kind of make sure you’re relevant and personalized; a Contact page; your Blog and News Articles: they should really have their own template; and then any cornerstone, evergreen or hero content.

Matt: Boom!

Chris: Boom! Should have it’s own kind of look and feel. And make sure it’s customized for the relevancy and then personalize it.

Matt: And when we mean customize, just go find something you really like and–

Chris: Steal it! I mean borro–

Matt: What did you just say?

Chris: Adopt some of the concepts that seem relevant and personalized, and bring them–

Matt: That is the– no, just kidding.

Chris: Number #2: Give– we got to move on quickly. “Give People More Information to Take Action Sooner.” Right? And so he’s talking about here is– in his example you’ve got an e-commerce website and you’ve got of course the Add To Cart button.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: But make sure that all the information is there. And I can think of actually one kind of personal project that I’m working on where the button is kind of floating all by itself, and there’s no real information around it. And it’s not the right look and feel, you need to have credibility pieces, you need to have descriptions, you need to have reasons why– the benefits, Features and Benefits. They’re listed close to the button so that they’re like, “Oh yeah, I’m clicking this button because of those things.”

Matt: Well also the color of the button, what the words say on the button. There’s a lot of things– how big the button is so that you can hit it on mobile.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Right? THere’s all kinds of things that drive action or are moving people through your process. A lot of times people are designing a website to make them look real pretty and the button kind of blends in the background of like the flow of the colors. You want a red or a green, or an orange, or something that’s going pop so people can find it.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: You know, I’ve actually seen– and it’s kind of the older websites, but I’m still seeing where you have like it blinking.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: But you look at it and you’re like, “Ah.” But you’re just not ready to do that yet. So maybe if you had that later down on the page, after you tell your story the way you want to–

Chris: So maybe the first button is not blinking and the one farther down the page is blinking. Because alright, you’ve got the information now, it’s time to take action.

Matt: Yeah, exactly.

Chris: Absolutely. So make those stand out. Number #3: “Lower the Level of Emotive Commitment.” He said, “You should consider a button press the same type of thing as a person picking up a product from a shelf in a store and walking closer to the checkout.” Right? So understand why that is. He says, “Consider changing text from ‘Buy’ or ‘Buy Now’ to something a little more gentle, such as ‘Continue.'” And he even goes on to say, “‘Continue’ is my current top tip for trying on button text. I urge you to give it a try now!”

Matt: Okay.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: He says, “Give it a try now?”

Chris: Well he just says, “I urge you to give it a try.”

Matt: Oh, alright. Okay. Not as strong.

Chris: I urge you to continue.

Matt: Well no, I really think that that goes the same right now as like: “Give me your email address.”

Chris: Right.

Matt: Well give me a little more information, like why do I need to do it? Or buy– you’re building like microsteps up a ladder that you want them to take action. And so “Continue” is a lot less committal than “Buy Now.” So if they’re still curious they’ll keep looking.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I like that, I like that. Yeah, that’s good.

Chris: And the farther they get through that process, the better. He says “Test Everything. Every marketer should be experimenting on a regular basis.” One of the things– and this really sits well at eWebResults because we ask this question, right? What if you hire a company to make a great webpage or website or landing page, or a product page, and they do make that great page and then you hire another company to drive lots of traffic to that page and they do. So you’ve got lots of traffic and you got this page you like, but you’re not getting any more business. Who do you fire? And one of the reasons we feel you should fire both of those companies and hire a company like us–

Matt: Yes! That’s exactly what you should do.

Chris: Is because we’re responsible for the landing page and the traffic. Because maybe it’s the right traffic to the wrong landing page.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Maybe it’s the wrong landing page for the right traffic or the wrong traffic– whatever the iteration is, you just need somebody that you can hold accountable to the results. And that’s a company like eWebResults does that for you.

Matt: So interestingly enough that you bring that up. So I was talking to a plastic surgeon last week.

Chris: Right.

Matt: He had a company that did his blogs.

Chris: You were thinking about getting stuff done? Is that–?

Matt: No! He called in. He had a company that did his blogs, he had a company that did his PPC, he had a company that–

Chris: A separate company.

Matt: A separate company that did his SEO.

Chris: Okay, so that’s three, yeah.

Matt: And then another company I think to do his website.

Chris: How about emails? Probably separate emails maybe.

Matt: I don’t know, but it was like beyond three or four. I was like, “whatever.” And the reason he was calling was like, “Hey–” Well, we was right down the street too. And he was like, “Hey, I want to meet with you and basically I need to–”

Chris: Consolidate, yeah.

Matt: Because he’s like, “It’s good that I have a specialist for everything, but can you–”

Chris: I got to have five meetings and I’m a plastic surgeon, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. So, “Can I get that under one house?”

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So when you’re testing everything, “What combination of advertising text and landing page actually work? How many CTAs should a page have? Where is the best position for the CTA, and what size, color, and text work best for product and category level and/or buttons?” So, that’s true: test everything.

Matt: True.

Chris: And in fact, it shouldn’t just be Test Everything, it should be: test everything, come up with assumptions about the value added to the business, and then talk to the business owner or whoever is responsible for the marketing, right? Your communication person at that company and say, “Hey, we think we did this. What are you seeing?” Because that’s the only thing that matters.

Matt: So I mean, here at eWebResults, and I know we call it ourselves– like we kind of have a results lab, and I think at the new location we will.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: We got to post the pictures of the demolition of our new location.

Chris: Oh yeah, yeah.

Matt: Because it’s pretty awesome.

Chris: It’s getting started.

Matt: Knocking down all the walls and building it out, but I got a call from a client.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Okay? On a Friday night, okay? We had a client that had some stuff with the campaign we launched. He started asking me some questions and I had a log in, get in there to questions.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And I was trying to find which ad he was talking about.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And we take it a little extreme here because there was like 116 ads. And I was the one that didn’t develop the ad strategy. So I couldn’t get ahold of anybody else, and he needed an answer. And I had to look through every one of them.

Chris: To finally find the answer.

Matt: To find the answer. So I mean, we really AB tested and really what we’ve done now is we’re only running 8 ads now on that campaign over the last three months because we’ve iterated in finding–

Chris: Which one’s working.

Matt: What people’s work, everything, it was awesome.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: It was a really good campaign. Actually this was a franchise, and I had a call yesterday–

Chris: With the franchise headquarters?

Matt: With the franchise headquarters and they wanted to know what we were doing, and now I have a meeting set up with them. So that’s true.

Chris: “Hey, whatever you’re doing is working really, really well.”

Matt: That was basically it and I was like, “Well if you want the secret sauce–” no.

Chris: Let’s talk.

Matt: Yeah, exactly. So it’s good.

Chris: Alright Number #5, “Live Chat Works & It’s Worth Investing In. Today’s chatbots that are fueling most of the 24/7 live chat apps are fantastic business tools.” It used to be that it was very easy to know you were with a bot and it was a waste of time, and it was actually laid out like, “Hey, this is our knowledge base. Let’s jump through the knowledge base.” You answer these questions this way, whereas a bot can a do much better job now.

Matt: So yeah, we are– I mean, I know I’ve said we were launching our bot, we are. It’s ready to go, it’s been launched. Now on the website we are going to have a customer service bot. And the reason you’ll know it’s a chatbot – because you’ll think it’s a real person – is it’s a platypus in boxing gloves.

Chris: Okay, yeah.

Matt: I mean he is here in the office, okay.

Chris: Yeah, he’s here. He runs around.

Matt: And he’s working 24/7.

Chris: It’s amazing how much cheese they eat. I don’t– it’s weird, you wouldn’t think a platypus–

Matt: They eat cheese? I don’t know. I don’t know that.

Chris: Is it cheese or Cheez-Its?

Matt: Cheez-Its, I like that.

Chris: He’s addicted to Cheez-Its.

Matt: But he’s the one you’ll be talking to, and if he can’t answer any questions, you’ll have the availability to send us a quick text and we’ll try to answer it pretty quickly.

Chris: What’s his name? Do we have a name? Do we have a name for it? Cheez-Its? We’ll call him Cheez-Its for now. Alright number–

Matt: He needs a name, right?

Chris: Number #6, “Take More Time to Nurture Your Leads. Not everyone that gets in touch with your business is ready to buy now,” right? “According to MarketingSherpa–”

Matt: Only 3% of people are ready to buy.

Chris: Only 3%. “According to MarketingSherpa, on average, organizations that spend the time nurturing their leads experience a 45 percent lift related to ROI.”

Matt: So one of the studies I read, I can’t refer to it but 3% of people are typically ready to buy.

Chris: Today.

Matt: Today.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And then if you increase that window to 90 days, so if you have a nurture campaign, email marketing or whatever in process: 40%.

Chris: You can get to 40, wow.

Matt: 40% so that widens the funnel quite a bit.

Chris: Yup, absolutely. Next is, “Set up Email Workflows.” Which really ties in to nurture your leads, right? Because they come in, they make contact with you and then you want to nurture them.

Matt: And I’m going to say, I felt he didn’t say a lot about this.

Chris: Yeah, I know. Actually I didn’t highlight anything, I figured you would–

Matt: He was like, “You need to do this,” and then I was like– I wrote, “There should be a whole podcast on just this,” because it’s so important.

Chris: The value of the workflows, what can they look like? How many should you have related to every stage of the sales process.

Matt: You know what? I’m going to do a webinar on that because it’s so–

Chris: Valuable.

Matt: It’s so valuable, it’s so important of what I’ve built for us.

Chris: Well you often talk about a stat where most sales happen on the 11th contact is it? Or 8th contact?

Matt: Yeah. Most happen on the 8th, yeah.

Chris: And most sales people only follow up– good ones follow up three times.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So if most sales are happening on eighth and good people are following up on three, I don’t know how sales are actually happening.

Matt: Very few.

Chris: And an email drip is the way to make to those cont– to stretch those contacts out automatically.

Matt: Yeah. I mean we’re doing SMS. So we’re doing text, we’re doing emails, we’re doing remarketing. I mean we’re creating a multiple touch place. We’re sending stuff like hardcopy in the mail. You want a multichannel process to have them be able, when they’re ready, to pick it up and call you.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Alright Number #8, and again this is, “10 Landing Page Tweaks that Will Increase your Conversions,” by Mr. Lee Wilson. Look him up and let him know you listened to this podcast.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Number #8 is “Track Micro Goals.” So e-commerce it’s kind of obvious, “hey, I got a sale.” That’s great, but you might want to track things like how many pages did they visit? He had one in here that I wasn’t familiar with: how much of the videos have they watched.

Matt: So Wistia, right?

Chris: When do they drop off?

Matt: If you move it to the next level, right? So you got Youtube videos for free, that’s great. You can get SEO ranking but if you’re starting to get down to driving tons of traffic, you want to see what’s going on? You can create custom audiences by how many videos they watched or how many–

Chris: How much time of this video–

Matt: Of the video have they watched and you can grab their IP address. So Wistia is a great tool. It’s a paid tool but when you get to that level, it’s something to really consider if you’re doing a lot of videos. And remember in 2020 I think 80% of all content that’s searched online will be in video format.

Chris: A video, Yeah.

Matt: So do it.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Get on top of video.

Chris: We talked about test and measuring earlier so Wistia–

Matt: You can check out our Youtube page and video.

Chris: Yeah, Wistia gives you the opportunity to do more measuring so you can do more testing. He says anybody who’s getting a brochure to download– I never thought of this one, people are viewing terms and conditions.

Matt: I have never tracked that, I’m going to be honest.

Chris: Yeah, me either.

Matt: Never tracked that.

Chris: There might be some value, you might find some interesting information.

Matt: But I think that you cover yourself, right?

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: If you’re selling something.

Chris: And you know everyone’s visiting that.

Matt: Everyone’s visiting that. I mean some people, right? Right? Some apps make you scroll all the way down to click it. So they’re like–

Chris: Austensibly they read it or at least took action to not read it, yup.

Matt: You had the opportunity to see it and you chose not to.

Chris: Alright Number #9, “Improve Your Forms.” This is actually a really big one. We’ve talked about it a lot. You want to have as few form fields as possible, but!

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And there is a but: it’s based on what you’re saying you’re going to provide to them. For instance, if you were going to provide them a healthcare quote, you cannot just ask for their name and email and tell them that you’re going to give them a healthcare quote, because they kind of know that with their name and email address you can’t give them a quote. They’re expecting to fill out more information.

Matt: So something I’m really seeing in campaigns that I’ve ran over the last, let’s just say six months, what I’ve really seen is if the client’s not getting enough leads and we drop down just to an email, it pops up 20% or so.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Okay? Now what I am dealing with a number of clients, is we’ve gotten them too many leads.

Chris: Right.

Matt: I actually had someone not fire us for SEO–

Chris: Complaining, yeah.

Matt: Not fire us for SEO–

Chris: Oh yeah, yeah.

Matt: No fire us for SEO, stopped the SEO because they needed to hire people to answer all the phone calls.

Chris: Once we moved on to the next topic.

Matt: Like once we moved on to the next theme.

Chris: That was a bankruptcy attorney.

Matt: Yeah, that was a bankruptcy lawyer. Yeah, a bankruptcy lawyer.

Chris: Well that’s what we knocked it out of the park, yeah.

Matt: And so I’m just doing too good, but I also have two clients that are in the first and second position on Google.

Chris: For particular phrases, yeah?

Matt: For a particular phrase, same term. And they are just going crazy with leads and we’re having to add more forms.

Chris: Because they want to try and filter out the leads before their sales people–

Matt: So if you want to filter out the leads and get more qualified leads: add more forms. If you want to widen the funnel: lessen it, right?

Chris: Yup. And then finally Number #10 on “10 Landing Page Tweaks that will Increase your Conversions.” “Update Your Headings.” And this goes to that kind of instant continuity that we talked about. They searched for something, it’s in the ad so they click the ad. They land on the page and there it is in the headings. The main page heading has the greatest impact on bounce rates than any other onpage element.

Matt: And I mean that’s for SEO and Google does it because it affects user experience. I mean, so they go hand in hand. Google loves people that do good for their visitors.

Chris: Alright, so Mr. Wilson, Mr. Lee Wilson – punch in the face to you again – actually got a summary and he said, “Here are the things. Personalize landing page with your visitors in mind.”

Matt: One!

Chris: Yes. “Give people more information to act faster.”

Matt: Two!

Chris: “Use chatbots for 24/7 live chat, expertise provision, and business support.”

Matt: Three!

Chris: Right, that was easy for me to read. “Introduce a culture of testing to refine micro and macro goal completions.”

Matt: Four!

Chris: And he put in here–

Matt: I thought there was 10, there was supposed to be 10.

Chris: He slipped in Micro and Macro goals because that was one of his tips.

Matt: Ahh.

Chris: “Don’t expect everyone to buy straight away.” In fact they’re not going to, it’s probably going to be about 3% that are going to buy by the way.

Matt: Five!

Chris: “Make your forms and headings work harder (test, refine, and improve them).”

Matt: Six! So he had 10 topics but there’s only 6 takeaways.

Chris: Hmm.

Matt: I am not a good mathematician here, but I feel like we’re missing something.

Chris: I feel like we could’ve taken away more. Plus what we added to the mix there. Alright, so that’s our article. Punch in the face to you Mr. Lee Wilson, We appreciate you. If you liked this podcast, we’re going to ask you to do one simple thing, please share it.

Matt: I think that this should be a gift.

Chris: A gift? Like chk-chk, chk-chk. Yeah.

Matt: The punches come and leads coming in, I think we should do that.

Chris: By the way if you’re on our Youtube channel you can actually see what he’s doing for those majority that listen to the radio– to the audio either on a podcast or wherever you may get it.

Matt: Oh, we’re going to make it on a little thumbdrive.

Chris: Oh yeah.

Matt: So you can listen it to in your car on a CD. So we’ll have that shortly, so yeah.

Chris: Very cool. Let’s see. So please share the podcast with your friends. If you’d like to grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet…

Matt: The internet!

Chris: Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business 713-592-6724. If you have a referral– we have a referral program!

Matt: Yes.

Chris: It’s such a– I don’t know if sophisticated might not be the word. Complete referral system, that there’s actually a link on our website where you can go and fill out a referral. Then we know that it came from you. If you want us to make contact with them, great. If you want to have them–

Matt: We’re cutting some big checks for referrals, and all you got to do is make an introduction. I mean, I’m telling you we have some people I can bring on for testimonials. That’s what I should do, I should get some testimonials of people we’re cutting checks to.

Chris: For the referral program.

Matt: Because all they’re doing is introducing us, we’re closing the deal, we’re paying month over month.

Chris: YEah.

Matt: It’s not a one time referral, it’s a percentage of everything we make. And we want to take care of you because you took care of us.

Chris: Punch in the face to Randy he says, “That’s a great shirt.” Katherine, “Hello, I can’t hear very well and my volume is all the way up.” We’ve tried to adjust that twice.

Matt: I’m sorry, I’ll talk louder next time.

Chris: It’s all Matt’s fault.

Matt: Listen to the audio on iTunes or something like that. We’ll make sure–

Chris: iTunes, or Stitcher, or whatever. We’ll make sure that it gets boosted.

Matt: We’ll make sure that it’s high enough.

Chris: By the way, so we didn’t finish this. Go submit a referral. When they pay us, we pay you. Please remember we were filmed– oh wait. Let me tell you how you connect with us. We’ll give you a couple of ways because we really appreciate– we also, when you share, like, and follow us, we hear even in our sleep: Shikow! So as you’re– sometimes it startles me in the middle of the night. It was like, “Ah! Somebody just liked or shared something.” Let’s see, I don’t know, you could go to Twitter.com/

Matt: eWebResults.

Chris: Yeah, that would work. Instagram.com/

Matt: eWebResults. If you go on our Facebook page, I’ve been on some guest podcasts lately and done some talks. So if you want some of–

Chris: There’s a video out there that’s kind of–

Matt: If you want some training, you know? Like there’s some stuff out there.

Chris: Go listen to some of his talks.

Matt: We’re going to be putting together like an SEO basics course. Actually I’ve already done the recording of it and we’re going to chop it up and turn it into a course for people.

Chris: So Facebook.com/

Matt: eWebResults.

Chris: And there’s a video out there that’s pretty cool. Actually one of our kind of friends and competitor, they do marketing here in Houston also, he hit me up and he was like, “I liked the video. That video came out really good.”

Matt: Which video came out really good?

Chris: That’s the video with the– it was like your clock, and lamborghinis, and airplanes, and like yeah.

Matt: Oh yeah, yeah yeah.

Chris: Yeah, video.

Matt: I didn’t know if it was our rat video.

Chris: I haven’t gotten any comments from that, it’s good though. It’s out there. We need to probably put that in a different place so that it gets more attention. And then where do you want them to leave us a review? You have a particular place?

Matt: You know Yelp hides the reviews, don’t like them. So why don’t you just leave them on– if you’re a client and you’re listening– so I know a lot of our clients do a [00:27:59] [snowy show?]. Please leave it on Better Business Bureau. We don’t have any reviews on Better Business Bureau, so if you’re our client please leave it on Better Business Bureau. If you’re listening to the podcast, leave it on Google, leave it on Facebook. Like whatever tool that– or thing that you’re logged in and that’s easy, please leave us a review.

Chris: We’ll make Better Busienss Bureau Easy, just got to eWebResults.com/BBB.

Matt: Okay, we’ll get that setup.

Chris: And if you’re listening live on Facebook, it’s not working yet. We got to remember to do that. Alright, please remember we were filmed live here in Houston Texas at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106–

Matt: For a short period longer.

Chris: Oh yeah, it’s going to be moving. We’re moving to our new office.

Matt: And we’re going to have a 50 person training center that we’re going to be doing classes in and training. We’re going to be setting up conferences. Next year it’s going to be a really big year if you want to come learn from the experts. We have pulled in some of the top people we have relationships with to put together a great event.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: Yup.

Chris: So we are the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes, that is because of all of you all. Also the known universe, but iTunes is good enough. Thank you, thank you guys for tuning in. Until the next podcast my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris: Bye bye for now.