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From business owners who need to know how to grow their business online to professional marketers that depend on us for up-to-the-minute algorithm changes, this SEO Podcast is for anyone passionate about internet marketing, at all levels of experience. 

Each week, Chris and Matt, two industry veterans take a look at internet marketing, explore topical and provocative issues, discuss listener comments, and even interview an interesting guest or two.

5 Stars and PITF to the guys who teach us in the trenches how to get it done. Small shops like mine get a leg up on helping our clients with the information these guys provide.
Jim M, Business Owner

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Thanks for making SEO entertaining and instructional. I am young in the SEO business world and feel that the both of you really supply a service! Thanks for that. PITF!!
Thad S, Entrepreneur

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You truly are an inspiration to all us in the business, and if people aren't paying attention to you guys and the way you do digital marketing, they're seriously missing out!
Thad S, Entrepreneur

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