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Link building is still a vital component of modern SEO. I think it’s fair to say that many SEO practitioners would agree that it’s one of the most difficult components because the days of easily building hundreds or thousands of effective links are long behind us.

Join Chris & Matt this week for an exciting discussion on “15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO” by Jeremy Knauff at Search Engine Journal.


Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your Backlink–

Chris: Badass.

Matt: Badass.

Chris: You’re the Backlink Badass.

Matt: I was gonna say Baller, but I like Badass.

Chris: You like Baller? Badass Baller, maybe?

Matt: Oh, there you go! Yeah.

Chris: Throw it all together.

Matt: Hello there.

Chris: Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of this podcast. I am actually gonna plug in my mic now. So excuse the loud noise that’s about to occur. Hopefully– I’m sure you can hear me through Matt’s phone and mic, and now you can hear me even better.

Matt: Wooo!

Chris: So it’s the Backlink Badass. Alright, so welcome back to another fun-filled edition, this is podcast #410.

Matt: Wooo!

Chris: As always – ten – we have a tip from our previous podcast, and that tip is–

Matt: Oh the tip is: use parenthesis. It really helps with readability and SEO Benefit.

Chris: Specifically in title tags. Actually the last podcast we did was title tags, use parenthesis. We all know that breaking up information makes it more readable, and makes people more likely to actually read it. So subscribe. Follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: Alright, so please remember we filmed lived here from Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas. And Matt and I, apparently we’re you’re Backlink Badass Ballers.

Matt: Yeah!

Chris: Ballers! Hey, I wanna jump into this review. I got this, Mark Sarpa, he put this review on Yelp. By the way people are dropping reviews on Yelp like left and right. So really a punch in the face to you guys, that’s a good thing. His review, it is of course–

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: And he says, “Just listened to the first one of your podcasts. Fantastic content. Will be listening to many more. Keep up the great work.” Punch in the face to you Mark. That’s like a genuine caring punch in the face. We really appreciate it. Listen, if you’ve listened to the podcast before, you probably know there’s value.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Do you wanna jump in here?

Matt: Well I just wanna say kick in the shins to Yelp for hiding our reviews.

Chris: Oh yeah, yeah. So some of the reviews that we’ve actually read on the podcast and were displayed prominently when you sort it by recent, are now hidden. So I don’t– that’s just weird.

Matt: Well it’s because if you haven’t left multiple reviews, you’ve only left one, Google’s trying to protect the–

Chris: Or Yelp. Yeah, Yelp.

Matt: Or Yelp’s trying to protect the–

Chris: The value of the–

Matt: The trust, the credibility of the users.

Chris: Credibility, there you go.

Matt: And just kick in the shins to you.

Chris: Yeah, kick in shins to Yelp. I feel like they’re not gonna feel that. So if you find value in this podcast, you might also find value in an article we put together for you 5 Online Marketing Mistakes That Can Tank Your Business, and of course How to Avoid Them. You can get that at

Chris & Matt: SEOTip

Matt: I gotta write, we need some more lead magnets.

Chris: Yup, absolutely. We need to lead by example, you guys can do what we’re doing. That’s a lead magnet, it’s a great way to get interactions with your prospects started. We’ve got a great article for you today. Actually we covered an article by this guy Jeremy Knauff just two podcasts ago, and that was like 5 SEO Mistakes That Smart People Make. This one is 15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO Efforts.

Matt: Yeah!

Chris: Are links valuable? Since you’re the Backlink Badass.

Matt: Yeah, they’re pretty valuable. So, it’s content.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Okay, it’s backlinks.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And now it’s like BrainRank? RankBrain.

Chris: RankBrain, right.

Matt: RankBrain, yeah.

Chris: So actually clickability and time on site, yeah.

Matt: Yeah. So I mean, those are the three factors that Google uses.

Chris: So very important. We’re gonna jump into that article here in just a second. If you’ve listened to this podcast before, welcome back. If you’ve never listened to this podcast before, howdy. We’re from Houston, Texas, so we do say howdy. We’re gonna cover the potatoes right now, we’ll get into the meat so hold on. We would actually– so each week we run a contest and the contest is: if we get 10 shikos–

Matt: A share, a like and a follow.

Chris: So if we 10 shikos and 1 review – which we just read the review, so we know we got that – and we got the shikos!

Matt: Boom!

Chris: Actually we had the– that was a good amount of new–

Matt: Like 40?

Chris: Follows, yeah. 41 on Facebook page, or eWebResults.

Matt: Wooo!

Chris: So, either way you’ll get there. So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna skip this section where we tell you how to leave a review. And it’s really important that we tell you this time. So stick around ‘cause we switched it to TrustAdvisor which you could find at–

Matt: Trustpilot.

Chris: Trustpilot, yes.

Matt: Trustpilot.

Chris: At, but we’ll tell you that about that–

Matt: Just /Trust.

Chris: Just /Trust.

Matt: No Pilot.

Chris: I’m adding both of them.

Matt: Oooh.

Chris: You know I figured–

Matt: I mean you trust but you’re not driving it, you know?

Chris: Yeah, you need pilot. It’s trust run amok! Everybody run out of the way! Alright, so we’ll kind of explain that and how you can connect with us and provide shikos to us a little bit later. If you would like a free website analysis, you can get that website analysis at our website, and click a button which very surprisingly has the title of–

Matt: Website Analysis–

Chris: Free Website–

Matt: Free Website Analysis. I think it’s valuable, we should charge for it, but we’re giving it away. It’s like $125 worth of value, I think if not more.

Chris: Up front, yeah. Yeah.

Matt: Yeah, so call us if you need any help. You can talk to one of our great internet marketing specialists today.

Chris: Yeah, give us a call. And then I got a little bit of news.

Matt: Ooh okay.

Chris: I thought this was just kind of cool. Some guy posted an article, it was, I Shot my Pictures of the Geneva Auto Show on Pixel. On the phone, on the Google phone, Pixel.

Matt: Ah, yeah.

Chris: And he’s like, “And nobody complains, nobody was like, ‘Oh, this is low quality.’” And he did it intentionally. He was like, “I’m gonna leave my DSLR camera at home and I’m gonna use the Pixel,” and it works, nobody complained, everybody was happy, all that stuff.

Matt: iPhones work great too.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: I mean these are really high quality. I mean imagine a couple of years ago when it was like one- two or whatever, now it’s like five.

Chris: What do we use for video typically here on the office?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: My phone.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Right? The Galaxy– no, it’s not the Galaxy. It’s the LG S8– S7 something.

Matt: I don’t know, the iPhone 7 works good too.

Chris: Is it? Is it?

Matt: I’m just worried we could just battle on that one.

Chris: Why do we not use yours? Are you maybe out of space or something? Alright, the next piece of news, “Facebook has exclusive rights to stream 25 MOB games,” right?

Matt: Wow.

Chris: So batter up, if you wanna to watch it, you’re gonna be watching it–

Matt: Uh-oh, YouTube TV watch out.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Everybody’s going towards media.

Chris: Yeah, that’s not on YouTube Red, but you got on YouTube Red for–?

Matt: YouTube TV for the World Series.

Chris: For the World Series, yeah very cool.

Matt: Yeah. 35 bucks, it’s great. Even running ads on there, that’s really the next that I wanna do, is run ads on there while they’re launching it ‘cause it’s really affordable, you can run some YouTube ads on that.

Chris: Very cool. And then I’ll read this review and then we’ll get back to work. We’ll get to the meat.

Matt: Oh, yes!

Chris: This one is from Matt Z. It is also on Yelp, it is also–

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: Matt Z, it says, “Amazing content guys. I’m starting up my website finally (with no prior experience) and learning about SEO and how to make a user friendly website. I know I have so much to learn, but it has been very beneficial listening to your podcasts. Once my site is up and running and I have a larger budget, I look forward to working with you guys as I see the value in what you offer.” Thank you. “Keep up the amazing podcasts! Punch in the face to you both!” Right back at you sharing names with the Backlink Badass, Matt Z. Very cool.

Matt: Matt B! Matt B.

Chris: Matt Z?

Matt: Matt B. Z–

Chris: That was Matt Z and then Matt B

Matt: Matt Z, Matt B. Yeah.

Chris: Matt B for backlink? Is that your new last–

Matt: Oh okay, it might Live.

Chris: Just call me Matt Backlink Badass.

Matt: I like it.

Chris: Yeah. Alright. So again, this article was from Jeremy Knauff. In fact if you’re in some sort of position where you could tweet, I don’t know ‘cause you have a phone available and you’re not driving. I know Manny is listening right now on Facebook Live and he’s often driving, so we’re not asking you to do this now. What we’d like you to do is go ahead and tweet us: #SEOPodcast, this is podcast #410. Tag us in it at @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults and also tag Jeremy in it. I am gonna spell this out, make sure we get it right. He’s @JeremyKnauff, that’s J-E-R-E-M-Y and then K-N-A-U-F-F, tag him in it, yeah.

Matt: So I think we need to add you and I’s handles to this. So they get–

Chris: So like @MattB, @MattBadass.

Matt: Yeah. @MattBLive or @MattBertramLive.

Chris: Right, right.

Matt: Right, but we can add yours and mine, and they can tweet at us and we can–

Chris: Directly respond, you know?

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: That’s a good idea.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah. I’ll have to make one ‘cause I’ve been using the eWebResults one and you’re exactly right. Alright, so this is 15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO Efforts by Jeremy Knauff. Punch in the face to you. He actually interacted with us on Twitter, kind of got back to us the last time we were covering his article. And we actually had to skip a week, and anyways. But I got it back to him.

Matt: Awesome.

Chris: We’ll reconnect with him. He says, “The days of easily building hundreds of thousands of effective links are long behind us.” Ain’t that the truth?

Matt: $5 Fiverr.

Chris: Yeah, $5 Fiverr. “It requires a disciplined and creative approach.” So it really is hard to systematize. I mean you can create systems and put team members in place, but it used to be that you could make it happen with algorithms. It just doesn’t work that way anymore. And here’s 15 Link Building Tactics, number 1 is, “Get Readers Engaged with Your Content.” So I wanna talk about when I first started eWebResults all we did is we made websites. And we used to deliver those websites to clients and the clients would come back either the same day or 30 days later and they’d say, “Hey, thank you for the wonderful website. How do I get that website on the first page of Google?” And you’re wondering, “Well, what does that have to do with link building?” Absolutely nothing but it’s an engaging story, and the point is: stories are more engaging. So think about making your content so that it’s engaging ‘cause readers will engage with your content. The one thing that we know that’s true– I don’t know if that works but–

Matt: It is, there’s science behind it. Absolutely, yeah.

Chris: So the one thing that we know is true is that if you’re pushing out content and you’re trying to get people to link to content that is not engaging and is not valuable, it’s not gonna happen. Right?

Matt: No.

Chris: It’s just not gonna happen. He says, “So what does it mean to do with link building?” I just read that. So if the people who read your article check out after a few sentences – ‘cause it’s not engaging – you’re not gonna get that link. Alan Bleiweiss, right? He wrote an article called World-Class Link Building is More Than Links, and he says this– and I thought it was worth kind of giving the quote out there. Quote: “If you create content that is the kind that people would consider powerful, for a host of reasons, that content is the kind of content most likely to be shared socially, and to have the potential for earning high-quality links.”

Matt: So one of the other things is Brian over at Backlinko, like really popularized it: skyscraping. So, finding great content that’s already engaging and kind of 1-Uping it.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And just, you know, building that skyscraper higher and higher.

Chris: A little bit higher, yeah.

Matt: Fully written thoughts, right? Like not 500 word articles but fully written thoughts.

Chris: From start to finish.

Matt: Yeah, it’s really what I think people are looking for. So either go really short ‘cause you’re trying to– like a splash page to grab your information and to get them interested in whatever you’re offering or if you’re trying to engage them, really the longer the better. It’s kind of either go short or go long, but in the middle it just kind of washes out.

Chris: Gets all muddy and nothing really happens. And also actually some more articles by Jeremy Knauff, I think that’s what it is, yeah, How to Create Sexy, Interesting Content for a Boring Industry.

Matt: I like it.

Chris: Yeah, that’s good. We may have to do that one here soon. We can’t do back [00:12:27] [Indiscernible] Jeremy.

Matt: We gotta get him on then. Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. Actually you’re right, we’ll make that happen. Number 2– which is kind of interesting because we have what’s called a miner here at the office. So Number 2 he says, “Accept Cryptocurrency.” And the whole logic behind that is that it’s so new, there are actually lists of places, businesses that accept cryptocurrency. And so you can get on those lists by accepting cryptocurrency and then they link back to you.

Matt: Yeah, well so Josh is gonna be speaking at a crypto–

Chris: A [00:12:59] [block force] or a–?

Matt: A [00:13:00] [block force], yeah. He’s gonna be speaking at a conference not far.

Chris: Very cool.

Matt: Not far from now. Not far from now.

Chris: Soon.

Matt: Soon. Soon.

Chris: And not far ‘cause it’s in Austin, right? Is it not?

Matt: I thought it was up near Dallas, I’m not sure. I’m gonna probably head up there with him ‘cause look crypto, we’re mining.

Chris: Cryptos. We do have a miner here. Alright, Number 3 of the 15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO Efforts, “Build Interactive Data.” And so one of the things that I think – and maybe you’ve checked this out, maybe you’ve seen it – there was once, and it was an interactive– I don’t know if it was in Flash or if it was in HTML 5.

Matt: Ergh, Flash.

Chris: But what it did, it showed you zooming away out through the solar system away from Earth. And then what music you would hear that far out, because you’re so far away from earth, and what music? So the music is changing as you get farther. You know it’s going back and back in time, and then Michael Jackson Disco, and then like–

Matt: And I was like “Just a calculator,” and you got some awesome example!

Chris: So that’s some pretty badass – to use your namesake – interactive content, but you had some ideas too that are actually just as valuable– probably even more valuable because you’re not gonna go that complex for a dentist or a finance or whatever.

Matt: Or a plumber or whatever yeah, yeah.

Chris: Yeah. So you had some ideas about making interactive content which were calculators?

Matt: You just asked me off the blue, so I was just like, “This is what I would do.” Then I was like– now you’re putting me on the spot in front of people and I’m like, “Ahh!”

Chris: So this is interesting, so as long as you’ve been doing the podcast, there’s still a little of this– this happens right? Where you’re in front of a camera or in front of a mic. Literally I asked him the question just to make sure he was all set before he came here.

Matt: And I rattled off all he says.

Chris: He rattled off like 8 things. I’m like, “Yeah. Okay, we don’t need to talk about it, you’re good.” And now? So calculator– so having like a calculator of–?

Matt: Or those quizzes, like where you ask a question in Facebook and it gives you what you are and then you share it on Facebook or whatever. It’s all about user generated content, engagement, that sort of thing.

Chris: So having those calculators or those quizzes are interactive data, which clearly have the good possibility of building backlinks. So absolutely.

Matt: Or a Resource page.

Chris: A Resource page is good as well.

Matt: Yeah, or like a ton of stuff that’s useful, you know?

Chris: Yup. So number 4 of 15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO, “Publish a ‘Best of’ or ‘Top’ Type of Post.” So listicles– I like that word. Gotta be careful, “Tend to perform very well, to begin with, but when you feature the best of a particular topic, the results, in terms of inbound links, can be staggering.” Right? So compile a list: a top 10 list, a top 20, top 100 list. And he gave an example, “Best SEO podcasts of 2017,” from Search Engine Journal, guess who’s on that?

Matt: Yeah Loren.

Chris: We’re there. No no. Well, Loren yeah. And we’re on that list.

Matt: Oh, yes!

Chris: Yeah, he gave some other thing like 7 Best WordPress Plugins or whatever. Once you’ve published your post– you gotta remember this ‘cause we talk about content being king, you’re like, “Back that up with–”

Matt: Distribution’s queen though.

Chris: Queen and she wears–

Matt: The pants.

Chris: The pants. “Once you’ve published your post, be sure to reach out to the people and companies mentioned and let them know, because they can’t link to it if they don’t know about it.”

Matt: Oh, for sure. Outreach is super important according to all this.

Chris: Number 5, “Publish the Ultimate Resource List for Your Industry,” and he makes the point to say The Ultimate List, right? So, if you want to just put like a 3-easy list Matt was talking about, you can do a really short thing, or you do like 1,000 whatever–

Matt: Okay. So, kind of going back to what you were saying previously, and I don’t know if this ties to it or not, but essentially like lists, okay?

Chris: Listicals.

Matt: Like the top 100 things, or the top 50 things, or the top 25. People really, really like those lists, and it kind of gives them – man – like value. This is really valuable. If you look at the things that are ranked mostly when you’re searching for stuff on the first page of Google, it’s usually all these massive lists, you know?

Chris: And what we cover on the podcast, usually I’m looking for lists ‘cause it’s very easy to kind of delineate as we review the information. So, that’s why everything has lists that we cover.

Matt: It gives you a little shot of dopamine, you’re like, “I figured something out!”

Chris: “I got the list!”

Matt: “I found some value!”

Chris: So, he talks about though, but make it the ultimate resource guide.

Matt: Okay, okay. Okay.

Chris: So, don’t just do like 10 or 20, that’s already been blogged to death. Don’t go in that little middle area that Matt was talking about. Maybe you can get some value off of 3, but don’t do 10 or 20, do 1,000, you know? Do 100 or 1,000. He gives, you know, 100 top podcasts, 100 top YouTube channels. Tools, what are the 100 best tools in your industry? And what are the best Facebook/LinkedIn groups?

Matt: You want like a super Pro Tip?

Chris: Uh-oh this is a Pro Tip.

Matt: Should I share?

Chris: It’s a Pro Tip.

Matt: Alright. So, for SEO Local, okay? For SEO Local create a resource page that’s like microtargeted to your area and then put like some of the top restaurants, the top resources, the top pages. And then also embed your map on it.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And the relevancy score will go way up, they’ll rank really high.

Chris: That’s a Pro Tip.

Matt: For you listeners.

Chris: It says, “The beauty of this tactic is that since the majority of websites today run on WordPress, you won’t even have to do much outreach because most websites included in your list will be notified that you’ve linked to them.” So that’s kind of cool.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Alright, number 6. Again, 15 Link Building Tactics to Supercharge Your SEO Efforts.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: This is, “Become an Influence.” And he makes a point when he’s talking about becoming an influencer. He says, “The ‘fake it till you make it’ approach doesn’t really work here, because no matter how much you try to hype yourself, if you aren’t sharing valuable insights and information, no one will pay attention to what you have to say.” It’s interesting because– and I don’t know if I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag, but I know you’ve been working on a book. And I don’t know if you want to talk a little bit about the book?

Matt: I mean I was waiting until–

Chris: I put him on the spot again.

Matt: I was waiting until I finished it.

Chris: I haven’t even read it yet. So I’m assuming I’ll be one of the first to read it, yeah.

Matt: Well I’m gonna– I asked you to write the foreword.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So, yeah. So this book’s all about building authority online. How do that, how to do outreach, how kind of SEO’s changing, how social’s becoming kind of the new SEO, how to get in front of news feeds. You know, I mean how to get yourself out there and get those really valuable links. So like we’ve talked about this in the last podcast, but you know 1 link could be worth more than like 1,000 links–

Chris: If it’s the right link.

Matt: If it’s the right link.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: And so the stronger links are the new site links. And so really getting yourself out there, doing some PR. Everybody’s focused on sales, I think you should be focused on PR, build yourself as an authority, build that trust, that trusted advisor status, and–

Chris: It kind of explains like your idea of we should have branded like MattBertramLive and Chris Burres, it’s all coming together now. So I don’t know if you’re ready to share the title or the potential title of that, but I’m excited about that. In fact I’m assuming we’ll be announcing, “Hey, you can pre-order the book,” on the podcast. That’s what I’m assuming.

Matt: Okay. Yeah, we can do that. Yeah.

Chris: Not gonna share, alright.

Matt: Well so I bought the domain, TrustedAdvisorStatus, but I know there’s already a book out there, Trusted Advisor.

Chris: Called I think Trusted Advisor, yeah.

Matt: So, Build Your Brand Mania.

Chris: Build Your Brand Mania, oh I like that.

Matt:, I bought that domain. And so I got a build out for the book funnel for that.

Chris: Would you be interested in any podcast listeners giving suggestions of titles?

Matt: Maybe we could share a chapter or something? I don’t know.

Chris: Well just like suggesting titles.

Matt: Or titles, yeah. They can definitely share some titles. Really did a bit of research to find that.

Chris: Build Your Brand Mania, I like that.

Matt: Build Your Brand Mania.

Chris: Very cool.

Matt: So, would love participation when we’re there to get on the best seller list, to really push it.

Chris: Alright, enough about your book.

Matt: Like “Why did we bring that up yet?” It’s like, “It’s not here.”

Chris: Alright, Number 7 of these 15 link building tactics, “Host an Event.” And I can tell you really since the day Matt joined us – was working with us – he’s like, “The place that you can go for free traffic, that’s really the most powerful still is Eventbrite,” right?

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And Eventbrite is related to events, so it really makes sense. Let’s see, “An event hosted by your business is a great way to get the local media,” potentially, “and industry organizations talking – and linking to your website.”

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: He says, “Aligning with a local charity or promoting a good cause is also a way to get local media involved. No matter what angle you take though, you’ll still need to conduct outreach.” So this still goes back to okay, just having this great event, and putting it on is not enough. There’s nothing in the internet world that is “if you build it they will come,” anymore.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Right. So you wanna do outreach and due to the unique nature of this tactic, you should include a press release. So there’s certainly some literature and some validity to press releases just for SEO or not. Valuable, but we’re gonna talk about that in a little bit more.

Matt: Well Google does it view it as an unstructured citation.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Okay? So a name, address and phone number. Need to put that. I see a lot of press releases that don’t have that in it. Probably do a press release once a quarter, I think is a good number.

Chris: Yeah. And so number 8 kind of falls into what we’re saying is, “Do Something Truly Newsworthy.” Right? Whatever that may be, and it could supporting the local charity event. You know? so that event could be the true newsworthy. He says, “The proper approach to using press releases for link building relies on doing something that’s actually newsworthy and then publishing it so other publications pick it up and link to it.” So, yes the press release is valuable, but in the old days it was valuable just because the press release used to link back to your site.

Matt: No follow, yeah.

Chris: Now it’s about, it’s a distribution process. And yeah there are no-follows, so they don’t add the value that they used to but it’s a distribution channel to get in front of people who could in fact pick you and start linking to you.

Matt: So I got something for you.

Chris: Alright. Is it a Pro Tip or just something?

Matt: No, this is a question.

Chris: Oh, oh okay. He’s gonna put me on the spot.

Matt: I’m gonna put you on the spot.

Chris: Alright.

Matt: What in your mind is the most public social media channel?

Chris: The most public?

Matt: And it’s not a trick question.

Chris: Social media channel? I would have to say YouTube, right?

Matt: Okay.

Chris: ‘Cause Facebook is actually hidden and you’re linking to particular individuals and anything you do on YouTube is available to anyone. So that would be my guess.

Matt: I don’t think that there’s a right–

Chris: Maybe it’s Twitter?

Matt: There you go.

Chris: Yeah, maybe it’s Twitter.

Matt: That is what I think it is, like news cycle, what’s going on the most? Like Twitter is I think really where it’s at, where everything’s moving, information spreads like wildfire. It’s really customer service for a lot of larger companies.

Chris: I don’t know, I think my guess might actually– it depends on like–

Matt: YouTube it depends what– I didn’t give you enough–

Chris: How you break it down?

Matt: Yeah, I didn’t give you enough context.

Chris: Because it’s the second largest search engine, it probably has more traffic, more time on site, but I wouldn’t find the same type of information on YouTube that I would on Twitter, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Like if I’m looking for a particular type of information. Like Twitter is–

Matt: Immediate.

Chris: Yeah, immediacy.

Matt: Relevancy, yeah.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: I mean people are using social for search engines. There’s the hashtags, everything. People are looking for stuff, you know?

Chris: Absolutely. Alright Number 9 of the 15 link building tactics to supercharge your SEO, “Nurture Relationships with Editors, Journalists & Contributors.” He actually told a little bit of story of how he just kind of fell in this. This wasn’t like a strategy he picked up, and then he realized he did it. “The key is to identify the journalists and contributors who are not only in your niche,” right? Certainly very important, “but also who seem to align with your personality.” So like if you’re this big, loud, outgoing person and you see somebody who’s in your niche that could be a good contact, a good ally, but they just aren’t gonna click with you. Don’t try too hard, right?

Matt: Don’t do business with people you don’t like.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Life’s too short.

Chris: Yeah. He says, “Start by becoming valuable to them.” So if your linked, connected to them on LinkedIn, start linking to their content, start engaging in social media.

Matt: Sharing it yeah. Share their content, follow, find out what they like. I mean, stalk them.

Chris: Help them solve– yeah, stalk them! Help them solve problems. So they may get on social media and say, “Hey, I’m trying to find this,” and you’re like– and even if it’s not you, like, “Oh, I know this guy. I can put you in contact to this guy.”

Matt: It’s all about connecting people.

Chris: It goes a long way, absolutely. Alright number 10, “Become a Contributor at the Publications–” and he stresses this in italics. He’s like, “Your Customers Read.” And he says that because he talks about: here he is, he writes articles in Search Engine Journal. But the people who read Search Engine Journal aren’t necessarily his customers, right? Similar to us, our customers are people who want to grow their business, they don’t spend that much time on Search in general. So Search Engine Journal is a good backlink but it’s not the way– you can get more backlinks if you stay within your niche, right?

Matt: Fish where the fish are.

Chris: Yup, exactly. So he says, “You need to figure out what publications your clients are reading and become a contributor there.” And I love this, “The beauty of this link building tactic is that in addition to earning links, it also helps establish you as an expert within their industry.”

Matt: Absolutely true.

Chris: “That makes you infinitely more valuable than any generalist you’re competing against.” And so if you’re running a business, some of the fundamental concepts of doing well, especially in a sales scenario, is don’t sell on price, right?

Chris & Matt: Sell on value.

Chris: And when you become the trusted expert with that skill set in that industry, then you’re not– other people may be less price, you’re like, “Yeah, but there’s a reason you came to me.”

Matt: Okay, so I see why you brought up the book.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Like all this is like what I’m doing.

Chris: Yeah, yeah. All of this is in the book, except more in detail.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Number 11, “Write About Complementary Products or Services.” So one of the things that is the easiest way to get backlinks– so let’s say you do pool repair and there’s particular equipment. I think [00:27:31] [Pantera?] is AC, but I think they may also do some pumps and motors for pools.

Matt: I think so.

Chris: Yeah, so reach out to [00:27:40] [Pantera?] If you’re a [00:27:41] [Pantera?] distributor, make sure they’re linking to your website, right? And then you can actually write articles about [00:27:46] [Pantera?] equipment that people in other places would be very comfortable linking to. Right? So look for– he gives an example. If you’re an electrical contractor, you might write content about alternative energy products, or OLED lighting, or EV charging stations – just kind of cool with the Tesla – home automation products, or PV roofing shingles. Yeah.

Matt: So one of the things from the conference we were out in San Diego that talked about, that I really liked, was the 12 Disciples.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Okay. So really looking for those raving fans for your business. Find people in industries that aren’t competitive, those strategic alliances that you can cross-promote. And if you can get 12 of them– they had some statistic but 12 of them, you’ll never have to search for business ‘cause–

Chris: Yeah, the business will be landing in your lap.

Matt: Yeah, yeah. So I just like that, that really resonated with me.

Chris: Go find and cultivate those.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: And so one of them in the sense you might think that this– becoming friends with the editors, and journalists, and contributors, it could have that effect right? Because if you’re doing them favors, then they can readily be available.

Matt: Well you can be a relevant like– if something new has comes up that you know about, you can be the go-to expert that they can come and ask you for.

Chris: Yup, yup. Absolutely. Alright so next is Number 12, “Be a Guest on Relevant Podcasts,” right? So you really simply need to compile a list of relevant podcasts and reach out to them. And we get people who reach out to us every now and then. We kinda have a filtering process, but–

Matt: And you have a podcast, call us.

Chris: Call us.

Matt: We’ll come on it.

Chris: We’ll be happy to be on your podcast.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: You are our list right now, thank you. Number 13, “Start Your Own Podcast.”

Matt: Whoa!

Chris: Whoa! We just had a client today who just – inspired by our podcast – who just sent us their first podcast. Punch in the face to Erdos Miller. They did a great job, great sound, like they just knocked it out of the park. So start your own podcast. “In order for the this to be effective, you need to produce amazing content and differentiate your podcast in some, or ideally, several ways, to give people a reason to link to you.”

Matt: I like that.

Chris: I feel like we’ve done that, so that’s really good.

Matt: Yeah, yeah.

Chris: Number 14– we got 2 left. Number 14, “Make Other Link Builders Need You.” And this is an angle I hadn’t really thought about.

Matt: Okay, I know what it is.

Chris: It says, “Do you accept guest posts on your website?” So “When you receive the next email from someone asking to guest post on your website, take a few minutes and find a post on their website that’s relevant to a piece of content on your website, and ask them to link to it.” And then allow them to guest post on your website, like if it’s relevant, good content.

Matt: Yeah, no no no. We gotta step up our game, Chris.

Chris: Yup, yup.

Matt: We gotta step up our game.

Chris: Alright finally, Number 15, “Publish Unique, Difficult to Find Data.” “Are you in an industry where data changes frequently and is relatively difficult to find? If so, then there may be a good opportunity to create link worthy content based on that data. The key here is to go beyond the raw data.” Just like we do when we’re reviewing articles, we add our own insight. So here’s the data, add insight. Here’s the data, add insight.

Matt: So I was reading an article actually and they reference a company, I can’t remember the name of it, but what the company– the whole point of the company is what they do, is they’ll come in an analyze all your metadata and give you all these statistics and stuff that you can share about yourself.

Chris: Wow.

Matt: And that’s the product that they’re selling. It was really pretty cool.

Chris: Yeah ‘cause I mean people are just attracted to data.

Matt: To data, yeah.

Chris: And then they also want to have some insight, like this. Because you see some data and you’re like, “Wow, that’s a lot of data. What does that mean?” And then for an expert to kind of chime in and say, “Well this is important because of this, this and this.”

Matt: [00:31:41] [Indiscernible] is just so cool.

Chris: Yeah. Alright, so that is the end of the meat of our podcast. If you liked this podcast, we please ask you to do one thing, and that’s share this podcast with three people. Punch in the face to Kathy, she joined us today on Facebook Live.

Matt: Hey, awesome.

Chris: Go ahead and share this podcast with three people: business owners, people in the industry, somebody that you think is gonna find value out of this.

Matt: Please.

Chris: If you’re interested in growing your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet–

Matt: The internet.

Chris: Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business. Our phone number is, 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, so that’s somebody who’s interested in internet marketing for their business, send them to us–

Matt: Or PPC.

Chris: Or PPC–

Matt: Or like someone just asked– so literally someone sent me a message that said, “Do you build websites?”

Chris: Yes! We keep getting that! We keep like– if they need a website, we can build it. If they need the website optimized, we can optimize it. If they need it optimized for conversions, we can optimize it for conversions. If it’s internet marketing related– okay, go ahead and ask us, we won’t give you a hard time if you call us and ask us.

Matt: I mean we’re a full service firm.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: I mean I know what you wanted to say that you wanted to talk about, remember? IP target?

Chris: Oh, oh.

Matt: Do you wanna bring that up? I don’t know if you want–

Chris: We could probably do that. Yeah, so here’s– I’ve got a good segment. So let’s say you know somebody, right? Who wishes that they could market– I don’t know, let’s say in this example a veterinary clinic. And they wish that they could market to everybody who walks into the local Pet Smart.

Matt: Pet Smart, yeah.

Chris: As an example, right? We can do that. So, in the context of a referral, if you know somebody who would like to get ads in front of somebody who enters literally a physical location in a particular time frame.

Matt: We can paid them.

Chris: So this could a conference. We can tag them, right? So we kind of stand out in front of the Pet Smart and we’re like Pfft Pfft Pfft.

Matt: We’re shooting them with those little guns, the little laser guns.

Chris: With the RFIDs.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And then we can show them ads. So if you know somebody who’s like that, and you send them to us and they pay their bill, we pay you. Yeah, that’s–

Matt: You’re like, “They pay their bill–” like they all usually pay their bill.

Chris: Yeah, “when they,” I guess. “When they pay their bill.”

Matt: I was like, “If they pay their bill?”

Chris: Yeah, yeah. I don’t know where that came from. Alright, so that’s our referral program.

Matt: Cool.

Chris: Please remember we were filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas. I was so excited to like do a Houston, Texas that I was like almost trying to screw up the address. 77092, you can get a transcript, video and audio of this podcast at our website, We are the most popular internet marketing podcast because of you all. All of you all. Thank you so much, keep interacting– Oh, you know what? If you wanna like us or shiko us, you can do that at a couple places like

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Matt: And we are running a contest this month.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: Okay? And we’re gonna give away a free Deep Dive.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: $499 value to get some engagement on–

Chris: Wow, yeah. I believe that did not get approved. I didn’t sign any approval on a free 499–

Matt: Oh, it’s already in motion.

Chris: Alright, well I surprised you with a book, you surprised me with a–

Matt: Oops, sorry!

Chris: So that’s gonna be on social media?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Okay. So make sure you’re following us,

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: And enter that contest and get that $499 value.

Matt: Absolutely, yeah. Two hours with us.

Chris: That’s all of our podcast. Thank you guys for making us the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes. Punch in the face to all of y’all. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.

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