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#400 - 3 Important Search Engines to Leverage for Your Content Marketing
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Join Chris and Matt for our 400th episode! Celebrate the big day with us as we discuss “3 Important Search Engines to Leverage for Content Marketing” by Rachel Lindteigen at Marketing Land. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your reindeer.

Chris: Your reindeer. Welcome to another fun-filled edition of the podcast, this is podcast number 400! 400 and I don’t have the tip here, ‘cause I have the tip somewhere else. Does anybody have the tip?

Matt: I know what it is. The tip is, “Do not use broken backlinks.”

Chris: So 30% of websites have broken backlinks. Make sure that your site is not one of them. It’s not hard to do. You could use Screaming Frog would help you, you could use Xenu, X-E-N-U. There’s a lot of places that you could go. So make– Person: Just Google “broken link finder.”

Chris: Google “broken link finder.”

Matt: Boom!

Chris: Nice and easy. Alright, so this is podcast number 400. We are broadcasting live from Houston, and we are your Results Rebels?

Matt: I like it, Results Rebels.

Chris: We are your Results Rebels. Alright, we just threw that out there. So we got a review.

Matt: Whoo!

Chris: It’s 1 star.

Matt: Oh.

Chris: Yeah. And normally I would’ve been sad about it, and maybe even done the tear tattoo or something to commemorate the sadness of a 1-star review, but we have the best gift a podcast listener has ever given us. So let’s dive into this 1-star review and then we’ll cleanse ourselves of the ick and we’ll get to this really wonderful gift.

Matt: You gotta stop joking around. You gotta stop joking around, Chris.

Chris: Oh yeah. No, this is serious.

Matt: This is serious business.

Chris: So here we go. The title is, “Annoyed.” It’s by Daena627. “I’m sorry but I came here to learn about marketing and not to hear about all the outlets you guys are on. For 10 minutes straight on the first podcast I decide to listen to, they go on and on about leaving them a review and checking them out on other social medias. Very irritating.” That’s actually a lesson in marketing. So thank you for your feedback. We appreciate the feedback quite a bit.

Matt: You know, we could shorten it and just say at eWebResults. I mean, everything at eWebResults. I mean we could.

Chris: We could shorten all of that, yeah. That’s true.

Matt: We couldn’t shorten that, ‘cause I mean– I know we–

Chris: Although now we got the YouTube challenge. So it’s really

Matt: See, it’s confusing. It’s like both ways. Like a little–

Chris: So I feel like we should cleanse that 1-star review off.

Matt: Man…

Chris: Could we sir? Could we have the presentation of the actual gift basket.

Matt: So we have 1-star reviews.

Chris: Yeah. Come on, step right here in the middle.

Matt: We have 1-star reviews, and we have–

Chris: A little bit higher. A little bit higher.

Matt: 5-star reviews!

Chris: Sorry we can’t see you. This! Alright, so I come out of a long, long meeting today and go to my office, and there’s this gift package, right? Lots of amazing stuff. There’s pretzels, there’s cookies, there’s popcorn, flavored popcorn. And it’s got a banner across it. Like a Miss Universe banner. And it says, “Congratulations on 400 podcasts from Glass100.” And I’m like, “What? What is that? I don’t know what that is. Let me open and read the card.” And the card says, “Punch in the face to Chris and the team at eWebResults. Congratulations on 400 podcasts.” By the way, it arrived today.

Matt: Perfect timing.

Chris: The day that we’re doing the 400th podcast.

Matt: Perfect timing!

Chris: “I’m a long time listener who has only missed a handful of episodes over the years.” Hopefully they were the ones with that really, really bad audio that you missed. “Gaining an untold wealth of knowledge from this amazing resource, with a recent investment to increase capacity at Glass100–” by the way, congratulations. Growing businesses is what we’re all about. “I look forward to using your professional services in the New Year to drive extra business now that we can service additional clientele.” I couldn’t be more happy about that. Collectively I think we couldn’t be more– “If I knew how to make stars on my keyboard, this would be a 400-star review.”

Matt: Boom!

Chris: Mark Lynch, Perth, Western Australia. Again, this is Glass100, punch in the face. Look at this!

Matt: Yes!

Chris: Like the team was like circling this like sharks all day. Like, “Ooh, look at that. Ooh!” I was like, “Don’t touch! Don’t touch!” First we wanna have it on our podcast. It’s gotta be on the 400th podcast. And second, we will devour this on Monday.

Matt: Or tonight.

Chris: Or tonight.

Matt: Company party tonight.

Chris: Yeah, we’re having our company Christmas party today. That’s a good point, we could take this there. A nice little celebratory thing. So man, punch in the face to you Mark. I couldn’t be more excited, more proud that you took the time to send this to us.

Matt: Yes, we appreciate it. Person: All the way from Perth.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Oh man.

Matt: Time.

Chris: And on time.

Matt: Perfect time.

Chris: Yeah, you’re a genius in our eyes. Thank you so much, we look forward to working with you. Joshua: Leave a review.

Chris: Thank you very much, Joshua. He was like one of the first guys to leave us a review. I looked back to the email. You sent us an email–

Matt: 2013.

Chris: 2013 about ideas for the podcast. We actually implemented one of them, we added a glossary, right?

Matt: Boom!

Chris: And we’re probably gonna be coming out with a glossary of all SEO terms, not just our SEO podcast.

Matt: And PPC, and web design, and just about email marketing.

Chris: The gentleman who was standing here, the SEO expert, we still haven’t really fully released that, but he’s been encouraging us to have the glossary. Yeah. So boom! That’s just awesome. Alright, we have a great article today, “3 important search engines to leverage for content marketing.” That’s right, there’s not just Google, there’s two others. And actually there’s more, but we’re gonna leave that alone.

Matt: We’re gonna focus on the these three. We’re gonna dig down.

Chris: That is an article by Rachel Litgen– Litergen. Rachel Linder Lindt–

Matt: Is that German?

Chris: Lindteigen. Yeah. I thought I had it earlier, better, but now I don’t.

Matt: You gotta do the little pronunciation. Pronunciation.

Chris: Pronunciation? We’ve got to do the pronunciation.

Matt: Pronunciation.

Chris: Hey listen, if you have an electronic device. If you’re in some position to, we would really like you to tweet #SEOPodcast, this is podcast number 400. Tag us in it @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults. And also tag her. I’m gonna have to spell it, but tag it: @Rachel R-A-C-H-E-L and then it’s Lindgeigen– man I swear to God I had it earlier. So it’s L-I-N-D-T-E-I-G-E-N. Tag all of us, let her know that we’re covering her article, that you’re excited about listening to the podcast. And I will tell you, we did not get 10 shikos. So we really have to make our poor reviewer upset, Ms. Annoyed Daena. And we’re gonna tell you how to leave us a review. We really need to do that. It’s really easy,

Matt: Yeah, that’s all we want. That’s not bad. That’s not bad, right?

Chris: That was easy.

Matt: Just give us the Yelp review, that’s all we want.

Chris: And then we also need 10 shikos. A shiko is a…

Matt: A share, a like or a follow.

Chris: If we get 10 shikos and we get that review on Yelp, then we’ll skip this section. We are gonna tell you how to leave a review on our profile. Those could be like

Matt: eWebResults maybe?


Matt: eWebResults


Matt: eWebResults I think.

Chris: For YouTube it’s

Chris & Matt: YouTube

Matt: Wait, you gotta–

Chris: You need the hesitation? There was a pregnant pause there? Then I–?

Matt: A pregnant pause? Hmm.

Chris: And I boosted it… the water broke too early… And then

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: All of those will take you to our profile on those platforms. Please shiko us while you’re there. If you’re a– wait, what is it?

Matt: No, no, no.

Chris: We’re gonna skip that?

Matt: Go for it. No, we want them.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: We want them now.

Chris: If you are a PHP genius or a WordPress guru, we’re probably looking for you. Go ahead and give us a call, submit an audio résumé 713-510-7846. I’m kinda blowing through this ‘cause we have a Christmas party to go to. If you would like a free website analysis– it is back!

Matt: Whoo!

Chris: It is back! Go to and you will see the button that says, “Free website analysis.”

Matt: I mean, I like the deep dive diagnostic. It’s really where it’s at. The deep dive diagnostic. Yeah.

Chris: Yeah, that’s part 2.

Matt: That’s what you want, the deep dive diagnostic. 5 star every time.

Chris: Yup, every single time.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Or your money back.

Matt: Whoo! Look it at that USP.

Chris: Isn’t that we do?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Alright. So I’ve got a couple pieces of news. YouTube and Amazon are in productive talks. I don’t know if you know that Amazon wasn’t allowing YouTube on the Amazon Prime and all the stuff on their devices. And so now they’re talking, that could be interesting. That could be good. Pantora is gonna–

Matt: Pantora?

Chris: Pantora. Pandora is giving you the option– say you wanna listen to a particular song, right? So you type it in Pandora. That song never comes up. I don’t know how much you use–?

Matt: That’s Spotify.

Chris: Well, Spotify does that, yeah. You’ve got them confused Chris. Well now, if you’re willing to watch a 15 second video– commercial, you can listen to the song that you like.

Matt: Oh I am totally willing to watch that, or pay the money. It’s like $1 a day or something.

Chris: Net Neutrality was repealed. I’m just gonna leave that. This is interesting. So there’s a Starbucks in Buenos Aires– they’ve already fixed it, they fixed it immediately. But somebody had set up their Wi-Fi so that when you connected to their Wi-Fi, your computer mined Bitcoins for 10 seconds.

Matt: That’s pretty awesome.

Chris: Yeah, that’s pretty awesome.

Matt: That. We should do that.

Chris: No.

Matt: We’ll set up these hubs everywhere.

Chris: No. No, we should not do that. Alright that’s–

Matt: We are building a Bitcoin factory.

Chris: We do have some PITFs, right?

Matt: PITFs, I got them in my hand here.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So, Neil Nellon. Appreciate it. Punch in the face to you, “Driving to work at 2 am. Best podcast keeping me awake. You guys rock.” Look at that. I like that. I like that.

Chris: Excellent.

Matt: I feel like this is great. So why don’t you, Carrie?

Chris: You want me to do Carrie? It’s Carrie Zilka. I got it. “@LisaRocksSEM,” that was the article that we covered, “Just listened to the #BestSEOPodcast and they talked about your article. Fantastic tips.” Absolutely. That’s what you get with us, fantastic tips. And I’m trying to–

Matt: What are you doing up there?

Chris: I’m trying to figure out why our live feed here died.

Matt: We’re still live.

Chris: There it is, there we go.

Matt: We’re still live.

Chris: Okay, we’re still live. And you read the last one.

Matt: James Z.

Chris: You’re not gonna say the last…?

Matt: Probstest? Probstest?

Chris: Probst.

Matt: Probst.

Chris: Probst.

Matt: Probst.

Chris: Yeah. Not to be confused with Pabst. But Probst.

Matt: I like Probst. Probst. Best SEO Podcast.

Chris: And then what does he say? That’s it? He just tagged us? Alright, so here’s our article. That is the potatoes of the podcast, it is time to get into the meat. “3 important search engines to leverage for content,” again, this is by Rachel.

Matt: Yes, Rachel.

Chris: From here on out she will be called Rachel. So she’s talking about you generating content. And a lot of this is actually about different types of media content, so not just the written word content.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: She says search engine optimization is obviously very important, most people think about Google. When you’re thinking from a content marketing perspective, you gotta think about the other forms of content you might generate. So written, audio, image and video. We talk about putting media, using different media on anything. You know, if you got pillar content, right? That’s really important content that’s gonna drive a lot of traffic and a lot of link-bait, pillar content.

Matt: Yeah. Look at you.

Chris: It should have audio, image and video on it for sure. You could probably skip the audio.

Matt: Video is taking over.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: We’re just gonna call it.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: You gotta have video, video’s taking over. And all the ads were running, video wins.

Chris: I was talking to a video guy today for one of our clients. He already had an agreement in place to do some videos for them. It’s actually a pool service company here in town. And I was like, “Okay. So when you go talk to them, see if they’d be interested in doing this video, and that video, and this video.” I think we came up with like 13 videos that would be valuable to them from an SEO and conversion standpoint.

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: So he’ll be pitching that hopefully. Punch in the face to you Nolen, get that.

Matt: Hey Nolen, I haven’t talked to you in a while bud.

Chris: Get that account straight. Alright so the 3 search engines that she wants to talk about are Google, YouTube and Pinterest. Yes, I said YouTube and Pinterest. Google is obvious. We have kinda recognized on the podcast before that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the planet.

Matt: Absolutely.

Chris: So she says, “Every blog post or website page that’s created should be fully optimized so that it’s easier for it to be crawled, indexed and ranked.” Right? So that’s your written content, right?

Matt: Yeah, that’s good.

Chris: “Are you optimizing for Google Search?” Are you?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: Yeah? Okay.

Matt: I’m filling out those tags.

Chris: All the tags need to be taken care of.

Matt: All the tags, but you can do naked tags, it’s okay.

Chris: Videos can also appear in traditional search results. So are you optimizing your videos?

Matt: Yes, yes.

Chris: I know the answer to that because it’s my responsibility and I’m not.

Matt: No, I got Vicky doing it.

Chris: Oh yeah?

Matt: Every one of them.

Chris: Boom! That’s what I’m talking about. That’s called leverage. “How do you leverage image and video searches on Google?” So one of the things she talks about is, “If you want to leverage the videos you’re creating for your website or blog, try to drive additional traffic through these video search, you’ve got to be strategic about your keywords,” right?

Matt: That’s true.

Chris: So when you’re posting– we’ll talk about YouTube right now ‘cause it’s the one she’s talking about. You’ve got a couple of opportunities right? So you’ve got title, and then you’ve got description, and then there’s the opportunity for a transcription, right? So you wanna make sure that you have keywords and all of those.

Matt: And let’s talk about keyword stuffing.

Chris: Yes, let’s talk about keyword stuffing.

Matt: Okay, so Google has updated their–

Chris: It’s not a stocking stuffing, right? Not a stocking stuffing.

Matt: Well you know, I kinda like it? It could be, yeah.

Chris: It’s like stocking stuff to give.

Matt: No, so Google has been working on their algorithm and optimizing it and it’s hard to gain. Now YouTube, they just kind of forgot about.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So you can kinda play with it. You can get ranked for stuff. The old tactics work, so just kind think about it.

Chris: We’re getting the nod from the SEO genius. Yes. “The images and videos both appear on the traditional search engine results page,” so spend some time doing SEO – search engine optimization – on those images and videos. Do you have one tip you wanna throw in here? Stand right here in the middle.

Matt: Oh! Guest speaker again! Joshua: Hey, one big tip. And it’s not a concept that I came up with, but I got this tip from Backlinko.

Chris: Punch in the face to Backlinko.

Matt: Yeah, we need to start doing some these articles. Joshua: So when you’re optimizing for a video, depending on whether that video is purposed for informational or educational content, or promotional. Informational content you usually want the video to be within 10 to 12 minute range because typically those are longer.

Chris: Right, right. So no longer than 10 to 12. Joshua: Yeah, videos within that time range typically rank better.

Chris: Okay.

Matt: Thank you.

Chris: Cool.

Matt: Awesome, I like it.

Chris: Keep ‘em timely. Alright, so why are are YouTube and Pinterest search engines at all? “Yes, YouTube and Pinterest they’re social channels, but they’re also very high-traffic sites that have tons of daily searches.”

Matt: This is true.

Chris: I think we got some traffic. YouTube has a billion users. This target market is really focused on the 18 to 34 year-olds. So if your product, if what your selling, is targeting 18 to 34 year-olds, and you’re not doing video, there’s like a billion people over there that you’re missing. And they’re more active in this age group in the US. So if you’re here in the US, and we know a lot of our customers are.

Matt: A lot of my Saturdays have kinda disappeared.

Chris: It’s been on YouTube.

Matt: Not intentionally.

Chris: You’re like, “Next video. Next video.”

Matt: It’s like, Recommended Video, and I’m like, “Ah!” And yeah.

Chris: Pinterest has 200 million users, active users every month. So these are like– this is a lot of traffic. People visiting both YouTube and Pinterest are looking for new content to discover, right? So it’s like recommended video, recommended video, recommended video. They’re not a very direct, intentional– they’re not just going to watch whatever the latest TV show necessarily.

Matt: They’re trying to learn something.

Chris: They’re trying to learn something.

Matt: Or they’re trying to entertain themselves.

Chris: Expand the horizons, scare the crap out of themselves, something like that. So the question is, how do we place good on YouTube and Pinterest? And she laid it out for us. She was like, “YouTube and Pinterest search best practices.” It’s important to pay attention to the terms that your audience is using. And I thought this was a really good tip.

Matt: All across the board.

Chris: All across the board. So the question is, are you using it? The predictive search. So remember, predictive search– do you remember what predictive search is?

Matt: It’s down there at the bottom.

Chris: Well, that’s some of it, yeah.

Matt: Yeah, and at the top. Yeah.

Chris: As you’re actually typing the search and it’s saying, “Hey, do you mean this?” Or you add another word, “Do you mean this? Or do you mean that?” That’s predictive search. Pay attention to that, right? So go into YouTube if you’ve got videos in YouTube and you wanna optimize for them. And go in and start typing your search phrases, you know? Different versions of your search phrases, and see what other predictive phrases come up. Know that YouTube offers the opportunity to tag – we mentioned this already – add keywords, and include a description or a transcription of your video. Make sure you do both of those. Ours are actually– our podcast is transcribed by a real person and she is awesome. Yes. “Include a full-string website link to the page or blog post that accompanies the video.”

Matt: That’s a– I’ve heard–

Chris: It makes perfect sense, right?

Matt: Yeah, well no. I do it. But I’ve heard debating stories because they don’t want you to take it off there, they share your videos less.

Chris: Oh, okay.

Matt: I’ve heard some debate about it, but I always do it.

Chris: Yeah. Alright, and then she says, “What works on YouTube?” And she has five points. The first thing that works on YouTube is great targeting. Find your target market, find what they’re searching for and make sure you do that right. YouTube-specific keywords, right? So there are things, maybe it’s DIY. We had another one– AMA, have you heard of AMA?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: What is it?

Matt: American Marketing Association.

Chris: That’s the wrong one.

Matt: We were at their event like last night.

Chris: They’re probably on YouTube, that is correct. It’s just the wrong one. Ask Me Anything, right? So somebody who asked to be a guest– by the way we’ve got some really cool guests coming in January. Like it’s gonna be awesome. We’re talking about people who maybe founded the publication that this article came from. I don’t know, that might be exciting. So Ask Me Anything. They ask like, “Do you have any Ask Me Anything? AMA?” And I was like, “I’ll have to be honest, I had to Google it.” And we do answer questions from our podcast listeners.

Next is, “How-to and educational videos.” Josh just mentioned that, and mentioned about what length to make them. You want, “Images that catch attention and bright colors that stand out.” So this is what works on YouTube. Yes. Yes, Matt you do stand out.

Matt: Do I? Just a little bit?

Chris: You have the ugly sweater contest that I wore the other day, and it did not win the contest. Alright, on Pinterest, “Your images themselves are the most critical item on your Pinterest.” So the keywords are less important, but your images really have to be–

Matt: I don’t read it. I’m like clicking. Pointing and clicking, yeah.

Chris: They say that vertical pictures with copy overlay, and then pins with multiple photos work really good.

Matt: Yeah. I like Word Swag

Chris: Yeah? Word Swag?

Matt: Yeah, there’s a couple fun things that you can do. Just throw text on top of images.

Chris: I don’t know what Word Swag is, but it sounds really cool.

Matt: It’s an app, it’s cool.

Chris: And I feel like I should know what it is. Make sure to include your targeted description. There’s some debate about whether hashtags really help on Pinterest or not. If there’s a debate, then we tend to include it. And make sure to have a link back to your webpage. Absolutely.

Matt: Why would you do that? Like why would you like go, “This is a lead gen source, like come back to us?”

Chris: Yeah, here you go. Good luck finding us. Yeah, that’s not good. Alright, “Understand that people search–” this is just kind of the wrap-up, “That people search differently on YouTube and Pinterest.” Make sure you use that predictive search tool both on YouTube and on Pinterest when you’re doing keyword research. Add Pinterest and YouTube to your SEO plans for 2018. Punch–

Matt: Yeah, well punch in the face to you.

Chris: Punch in the face to you Rachel Lindteigen.

Matt: No, the thing that I can tell you is every time you go on the more fringe kinda– and I know Pinterest is not really considered fringe, but the more–

Chris: For SEOers it is, yeah.

Matt: Well, the less trafficked social media platforms, you use to get more engagement and cheaper clicks. And so, I’ve been just working my way out to the fringe sites and keeping track of what’s going on.

Chris: Like Pinterest.

Matt: Like Pinterest. I mean I don’t know. I heard Gary Vaynerchuk say it a while back at South by Southwest.

Chris: Yeah?

Matt: I was like, “Yeah, he’s right.” He’s right. He’s right.

Chris: Alright good. Well, that is the meat of our podcast. Let’s kind of wrap this up. If you liked this podcast, we ask you to do one small favor. Please–

Matt: Send us one of these!

Chris: Please– yeah, send us one of these. Please do us a small favor and share with your friends. The Christmas party is gonna start really soon so we have to go.

Matt: Yeah, we gotta go.

Chris: Grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet.

Matt: The internet!

Chris: Call eWebResults for increased revenue in your business, 713-592-6724. If you have a referral, we do every– like don’t ask, the answer is yes. We do every aspect of internet marketing.

Matt: We are cutting edge here. We are geofencing.

Chris: We’re doing stuff other internet marketing companies are never gonna do.

Matt: Programmatic ad buying.

Chris: Boom! So if you have a referral, somebody who’s interested in internet marketing: you send them to us, they pay their bill, we pay you. That’s our referral program, it’s pretty simple. We were filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, Suite 106, Houston, Texas, 77092. If you would like a transcript, video, or audio of this podcast, you can get it

Matt: Whooo!

Chris: We are the most popular podcast on iTunes, that is because of all of y’all. Mark Lynch, punch in the face to you. That gift package, just amazing. Blew us away. We couldn’t be happier and more proud, yeah.

Matt: Yeah. It was awesome. Thank you. Thank you.

Chris: Thank you 400. Thank you form making it extra special. Until the next podcast, my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.

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