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Mistakes happen, even when you’re good at what you do. Whether you’re an SEO beginner or an expert, no one is immune to messing up. But never fear – we’re hear to point out the most common SEO mistakes people make and how to remedy them! Join Chris & Matt this week for an exciting discussion on “5 SEO Mistakes That Smart People Keep Making” by Jeremy Knauff at Search Engine Journal. TRANSCRIPT:

Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast: Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram, your Lone Wolf SEO!

Chris: Lone Wolf SEO! Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast. We are feeling fresh and rested – and exhausted actually – from San Diego. We were in San Diego. This is Podcast #408. We appreciate you joining us. As always we have a tip from our previous podcast, and that tip is–

Matt: Do stuff, track your SEO meticulously, and if it’s data driven, watch it.

Chris: So one of the things that we say in our podcast all the time is: do not throw money against the wall and see if it sticks. That is not a good strategy. Make sure that your strategy is meticulously tracked and heavily data-driven. Subscribe. Follow.

Chris & Matt: Boom!

Chris: Alright, so like I said–

Matt: My interpretation, I thought was pretty good.

Chris: It was accurate.

Matt: I mean–

Chris: It was accurate. It lacks some of the bigger words.

Matt: It was like dyslexia.

Chris: So, we are broadcasting live here from Houston, Texas. And Matt and I, we are your–

Chris & Matt: Results Rebels!

Chris: We just got back from San Diego. It was an amazing trip, going out there for coaching. I have a business coach– well, we have a business coach, and that business coaching franchise actually has a huge event. We went out there, we were finalist for the best marketing campaign. We did not win. Booo. They did not read it properly apparently. But we did see some amazing, amazing speakers.

Matt: Yes.

Chris: Darren Hardy, who else was–?

Matt: Chris Voss.

Chris: Chris Voss, he wrote “Never split the difference.” Some other–? There was a Michelle–

Matt: Helicopter chick.

Chris: Yeah, her name was Michelle McCarthy.

Matt: Oh, there was the– what is it?

Chris: Yes.

Matt: The Bucket List guy.

Chris: The Bucket List guy, Travis Bell. I think it was Travis Bell.

Matt: Yes, yes. That’s what it was.

Chris: The bucket guy, he was awesome.

Matt: Yeah, he was awesome.

Chris: We actually got a photo with him.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So really good-

Matt: Really cool guy.

Chris: I would say that probably the learnings that could most impact you that I got – unfortunately I think it’s a lot harder to implement, it’s gotta be over time – it’s Darren Hardy saying, “No.” Like just talk to the hand.

Matt: Just no. No, say “No.”

Chris: No, he talks to the Pareto principal 80/20. Focus on the 20 and then actually of that 20, focus on the 20. And then of that 20, focus on the 20. And then you’re down to like one tenth, and you’re just saying no to everything–

Chris: He gave you a really good example of Richard Branson.

Matt: Oh that’s it, yeah.

Chris: It’s a really cool example, and I heard it before. Where there was a charity organization that wanted to– they were well funded and they wanted Richard Branson to come out and speak. And they offered him $100,000 to come speak. He was like, “No.” $200,000, “No.” Like $400,000 and, “Look, we’ll have the plane, you come, you drop in, you speak for one hour, you leave.” Like no sign, no nothing. “No.”

Matt: Well they had already sold it to their people.

Chris: Right. Oh yeah, that’s right.

Matt: So they were desperate.

Chris: They were desperate. Alright, “Here’s the blank check, it can go to you or your charity.” And then when they finally got ahold of somebody they said, “Look, Richard had said he’s got three things on his priority list. If it isn’t married or significantly impact that priority list, then it shouldn’t get through to him.”

Matt: Strategic, strategies or time that he was focused on. And you know, time is the most important thing. That’s kinda what I got away from that, time.

Chris: Yup, absolutely. Alright, so we do have a review. I wanted to jump into it right away. This is from Thc D and it is–

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: It says, “Great podcast and super nice & helpful guys. I need help with SEO after HTTP to HTTPS switch. Any info or a podcast on this would be great.” So he just switched apparently from HTTP to HTTPS.

Matt: Oh yeah.

Chris: That can be a little bit problematic.

Matt: Change it in Analytics too.

Chris: Yeah, change it in Analytics, change it on Search Console, and make sure you got your HTaccess 301 redirected, ‘cause that’s the right thing to do.

Matt: So we got another 5-star review.

Chris: Oh yeah?

Matt: On Yelp.

Chris: Yeah?

Matt: From Colton.

Chris: Alright!

Matt: Yeah, we’ve been helping him a lot. So punch in the face to you Colton if you’re watching.

Chris: He’s one of those clients– he’s very patient, right? He called and he’s like, “Look–” and it wasn’t our fault but his email was down, right? And he was like, “Look, I need help with this email. I really gotta get this solved in the next two days.” And in my head I’m like, “Next two days? Your email is down!” So I’m like calling him after hours like, “We gotta help you get this sorted out.” And he had just switched over to Google and needed some direction on how to get his emails out of Google Suite. It was a–

Matt: Yeah, I did a little PPC session with him too, and just kinda get that going. So yeah, he gave us a review on on Yelp. So punch in the face to you.

Chris: Boom! Punch in the face to you. Also punch in the face to you Mr. Thc D. If you have never seen this podcast before, howdy and welcome to the podcast. If you’ve seen this podcast before and you’re back, you might be interested in tips that we can offer you. We have, “5 online marketing mistakes that can tank your business,” and of course how to avoid them. And you can get that at eWebResults.com/SEOTip. Nice and easy. The article that we’re gonna discuss today– yes, we are discussing an article. The article is, “5 dumb SEO mistakes that smart people make.”

Matt: From where?

Chris: It’s from Search Engine Journal. Yes, punch in the face to Loren Baker. Alright, that’s the teaser. Now I didn’t get his– unfortunately I didn’t– I don’t even know that I have the author’s name on this.

Matt: Uh-oh. Uh-oh, uh-oh.

Chris: So we will just be apologizing now.

Matt: Danger, danger.

Chris: I’m sure–

Matt: Is it Danny Good– no?

Chris: No. No. I use– in order to print this up, you know when you’re on any sort of journal, there’s all these ads and everything and when I go to print them, I use SmartPrint.com. And apparently it stripped out who wrote it.

Matt: We’ll put a link in the YouTube. We’ll put a link.

Chris: I know we’ve already tweeted this.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: We actually tweeted it last week, and I do have it in my notes.

Matt: We wanna give you credit whoever you are. I don’t know, I just saw this article. You see how much I’ve read and highlighted, yes, a lot. No, nothing.

Chris: Alright, so, “5 dumb SEO mistakes that smart people make,” and we’ll be talking about that here in just a second. Let me see, what else?

Matt: We run a contest.

Chris: We do.

Matt: Each and every week.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: But we got our reviews.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: I think. We got our shikos. A share, a like and a follow.

Chris: Yup.

Matt: And so we’re gonna pull it to the end.

Chris: Yup. So we’ll push that to the end. I do have two PITFs. One from Sean Eagan: CentralValleyNutrition.com. Had a great conversation with Sean. He will be using us some time in the future, so punch in the face to you Sean.

Matt: Awesome.

Chris: And he’s got some exciting news around the corner, so that’s kinda cool. Also PITF– I got a little cough so I’m trying to control it, it’s not working the whole time. Allen Watson, he’s Geeks-OnWheels.com. Punch in the face to you as well. That’s probably Allen calling right now. Alright, so I had a little bit of news.

Matt: Oh, I got some news.

Chris: Instagram adds a screenshot notification. So I wrote ads like marketing ads, what I meant was adds like to plus something.

Matt: Ahh.

Chris: So now there are screenshot notifications, so if you have– you know ‘cause Instagram has like things that can only show up for a little bit of period of time and you can take a screenshot with your phone. Well, Instagram will capture the fact that that has been screenshotted and let you know that somebody screenshotted it.

Matt: That’s like a Snap Chat kinda feature.

Chris: I feel like it’s after-the-fact, like it’s too late at that point. And then Google adds telecommute to their job markup. There are so many jobs now that can be done anywhere in the world. You know at least int he country, if not in the world. And so they have their job schema markup and they added telecommute as an option, ‘cause before it was like–

Matt: So, I got a little bit of news.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: Big news.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: Algorithm update!

Chris: Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop!

Matt: Facebook.

Chris: Yes.

Matt: Mark Zuckerberg is just changing the game on everybody. So basically look at your social traffic now. If you’re paying for social, take a look at it. Ours just dropped like a rock in a number of areas.

Chris: Disappeared.

Matt: Now he said– he said– Mark Zuckerberg said that basically he’s gonna weight that content as similar as content from an individual, like business content from an individual, and it has to have engagement and shares, and all that kinda stuff. Ours does.

Chris: Right. So that shouldn’t have happen.

Matt: That shouldn’t have happened.

Chris: We’re gonna call a BS at this point.

Matt: Yeah, and it’s zero just across the board.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So if you’re a social agency out there and you haven’t heard about this, I would check on it.

Chris: Check your data.

Matt: We have a guy that we know pretty well and wanna give him a call and see what’s gonna happen with that ‘cause that’s gonna really affect his business. I think social signals for Google have not been affected, but it’s basically all on Facebook. Of course they want you to buy ads but they don’t say it.

Chris: Yup, absolutely. Yeah, that’s pretty alarming if all you do is social media. Hey, if you’d like a free website analysis, we can do that for you. All you need to do is go to eWebResults.com and click the button that says–

Matt: Boom.

Chris: It says–?

Matt: Free website analysis.

Chris: It says, “Free website analysis.” That is in fact what is says. That is the potatoes of the podcast. It is time to get into the meat. Alright, so this is, “5 dumb SEO mistakes that smart people make.” Again it’s on Search Engine Journal. I don’t like that the name got stripped out. I feel bad about that. I can look it up. I’m gonna see if I can do that like while Matt takes the reins from time to time. I’m gonna see if I can make that happen. Alright, so one of the things he pointed out– he’s laughing ‘cause he’s like– and go.

Matt: I’m like, “Uhh. I haven’t read this.”

Chris: So it says, “We all start at Zero,” and “Why are there so many mistakes?” Right? Because if you’re in this industry, you see mistakes happen all the time. They happen from “professionals,” they happen from amateurs. The reality is that for starters, there’s a monumental amount of disinformation out there on the internet. So if you’re out there just kinda collecting information and, “I’m gonna try this, gonna try that.” You might end up in some wrong areas of town if you will.

Matt: Just call us. Just call us, it’s simple. I’m like one of those people, actually Chris, that like you know, everybody’s like, “I’m gonna figure it out myself, and I’m gonna read, and I’m gonna like– I’m gonna build it.” I’m just gonna like call somebody to build it, or I’m gonna like just call somebody that knows how to build it and then they tell me how to build it, and then– or like in the store, where do you go? Right? Where do you?

Chris: Right.

Matt: Like I just ask somebody immediately when I’m walking. Just like, I don’t even wanna try to find it like, “Where do I go for this?” Boom.

Chris: So in the store, I gotta say I’m definitely the opposite. I wanna search around. And I know– I’m totally comfortable going and asking somebody but I like to get the lay of the land first.

Matt: Different strokes for different folks.

Chris: I hear you used to outsource like paper writing when you were in college.

Matt: I outsourced a lot. Dating apps, and everything. Just kidding.

Chris: Dating Apps, “I need you to make me a profile.” And then the next week, “You’re fired.” I don’t have any dates. I don’t have any dates.

Matt: I need you to talk, I need you to get the engagement going.

Chris: Yeah. Alright, so number 1. So this is 5 dumb SEO mistakes that smart people make, “Putting bots before humans.” I feel like you should never put a bot before human. This says, “The days of chasing algorithms are long behind us.” And so the tactics that you used to use that were really focused on chasing the algorithms definitely do not work. And those are like ineffective tactics like keyword stuffing, very specific content length, and manipulative linking schemes. All of those are just not gonna work. You’re really just doing it for the bot so don’t bother.

Matt: I still see a lot of this.

Chris: He says that, “What it takes to rank well today is exactly the same as what it takes to satisfy visitors.” We say on the podcast all the time: if you’re providing a good experience to the Google user, then Google will look favorably upon you, right? And we used to say it really from the perspective of what are you delivering to SERPS? Like how are you optimizing your content so that it places well? And then making sure that it’s actually relevant. Now it’s gotta be relevant, and engaging, and thorough, and have good outbound links, and good use of different types of media. So yeah.

Matt: So what I’ve seen with paid ads on Facebook as well as AdWords, which you know a lot of these learnings from PPC can be applied to organic, and pay-per-text, and like whatever, but like the words, or what’s in the anchor text that somebody clicks on, or in the ad, those exact words actually should be somewhere on the landing page.

Chris: Oh yeah.

Matt: Like the exact.

Chris: More prominent, yeah.

Matt: Like the exact.

Chris: So if they typed in I don’t know, “SEO Houston,” then the ad or a meta description should say “SEO Houston” pretty prominently, and even Google will even highlight it there. And then when they land on the page, it should say “SEO Houston.”

Matt: No, but I’m talking in full sentences.

Chris: Right.

Matt: I’m talking like a full thought needs to be like almost word for word because Google’s saying and Facebook’s saying, “Well, they’re clicking on this, so I wanna see this from a relevancy spot.”

Chris: Yup, and we talk about that from continuity, right? I search for this. Let’s say I searched for I don’t know, “Pet Veterinarian” and then I see and ad that says, “Oh, get a free health check,” right?

Matt: Okay, yeah. I wonder why you think that.

Chris: We’re running that campaign for one of our clients right now. So when they land on the page, guess what they need to see? Right? You entice them with free health pet– or health check, pet health check. You gotta see “Free pet health check, sign up now.” Like make it prominent. They already clicked, that’s what they want.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: That’s why our program Instant Leads Guaranteed works. It’s because it’s about getting the right ads in front of people who are searching for phrases that are relevant. Those ads are already driving people because of the offers that are in them. They land on the page, and the offer is there, and boom, you’re in good shape.

Matt: And we’re talking about SEO though. No, but you’ve seen those pages, right? Like I still them every now and then, those pages that are just made for bots. It’s just like gobbledygook and it’s like you know? So it’s still prevalent, not to say it’s working.

Chris: Absolutely. So he says specifically, here’s what your target should be. It says, “A mobile-friendly website with excellent user experience, that loads quickly, and is filled with lots of useful, original, and well-written content.” I said that already didn’t I? But he didn’t–

Matt: This is rocket science, I’m telling you.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: This is like just do right by the customer, make it a good experience and Google will take care of you.

Chris: Yeah. Let’s see, “Your first priority should always be satisfying your human visitors,” not your bot visitors. I love this, right? If you can’t satisfy your visitors, they won’t buy from you, and if they won’t buy from you, is there any real value in ranking well for that particular phrase? I feel like the answer to that is all no, right? All no.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So number 2– by the way I think I have his name, and his name is Jeremy Knauff.

Matt: Yes!

Chris: So what I’m gonna ask you to do, if you have some sort of electronic device that will allow you tweet, what we would like you to tweet is #SEOPodcast, tag us in it @BestSEOPodcast, @eWebResults– and then this page just disappeared on me ‘cause it crashed.

Matt: Jeremy.

Chris: And it’s Jeremy Knauff. So that’s J-E-R-E-M-Y and Knauff is K-N-A-U-F– we’ll get it here in a second. It just– I don’t know why it crashed on me.

Matt: I’ll go on to the next one, “Focusing on tactics instead of strategies.”

Chris: Alright. Yeah, so we’re really– this is absolutely right. When you’re talking about the two dumb mistakes that people make. Hey I’m just gonna start doing this or I’m just gonna start link building, and I’m just gonna start– I don’t know, I’m gonna do some on-page content optimization to a page that isn’t gonna deliver any value. We’re almost back up here again. It’s K-N-A-U-F-F, Jeremy Knauff.

Matt: Nice.

Chris: So glad to get some credit to him, I thought that was worth the effort.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: So those are tactics and they’re like, “Let’s just jump in and start those tactics,” and the reality is, what’s the strategy? What are you trying to do? And I was trying to think of a strategy that we came up recently that was not founded in tactics, right? There are tactics behind them, I’ll talk about that, but the strategy is– okay we’ve got an engineering company here in Houston. You can imagine an engineering company here in Houston actually works in the oil and gas industry.

Matt: No way, is that what that is?

Chris: Yeah, either that or medical. And they actually did medical and decided that they wanted to focus on the oil and gas industry. And so really, in order to get into that industry– this is not like in a typical sales funnel, the 3%-5%, they’re ready to purchase right away. Those people kinda aren’t out there. Or there aren’t that many of them.

Matt: It’s a longer sales cycle.

Chris: You gotta have– so the strategy is establish themselves as engineering experts in the oil and gas industry, right? So let’s make a survey. So there’s a particular type of technology that has one listening device or two listening devices called dual telemetry. And so they did a survey on whose installing dual telemetry? How many had problems with it? And so now they have this great survey, this great survey of data. One, they’re getting their name in front of a whole bunch of people. Actually a trade magazine emailed the link to the survey to all of the people in their organization.

Matt: Very solid.

Chris: Boom! And then those people replied, now you’ve got this list of companies and you’ve got what level are they, you know, engineers, operating engineers, or technicians, whatever it may be. And then they follow up and they like deliver this valuable piece.

Matt: I like it.

Chris: It’s just a great strategy.

Matt: They’ve got good white papers and all kinds of stuff.

Chris: Yup. Alright, so did you have a strategy that you wanted to add there related to themes or anything? No? Okay.

Matt: I do have a very strong strategy that I would like to discuss and get some slack for, but you gotta build based on a theme, okay? Like when you’re doing SEO, people are like, “I just wanna rank for like 10 different words.” Well if those 10 different words aren’t associated with each other in any way, that’s 10 different SEO campaigns.

Chris: Right.

Matt: And people don’t think about that. And you know, it was moving from one keyword and density, then it’s moving to like synonyms, now it’s moving to the semantic index. And so it’s, what are these topics associated with? So I can tell you that this strategy works and you gotta focus your attention when you’re doing SEO, if you wanna jump up to that first page quickly. SEO is not dead. I know people out there like to say, “SEO is dead,” and I got a couple of authorities in the space that like to say that, but what they’re doing is SEO in a different way.

Chris: Yeah, they’re calling it something slightly different.

Matt: It’s a different strategy but it’s still SEO. SEO does work, SEO is making it’s online PR.

Chris: So people search on the web, they search on search engines, they search a lot on search engines. In fact Google’s making billions per quarter just on the people who only click the paid ads, not the people who get value from the rest of the website, from the rest of the search results. And it’s SEO, it’s Search Engine Optimization. I’m optimizing what we’re doing on our particular platforms so that we place well on those search engines.

Matt: It’s not dead. It’s not dead, people.

Chris: It’s not going anywhere, but it’s fun to say it is ‘cause you know.

Matt: People like to ahh. We’ll read that article.

Chris: Alright number 3. These are dumb SEO mistakes that smart people make. “Not identifying worthwhile Key Performance Indicators.” KPIs are always valuable. I’ve heard the phrase recently that it’s not test and measure, it’s measure and then test. And the reason they make that delineation is before you even start anything – The Test – know what you’re gonna measure and have pre-measured it, ‘cause there might be some data that you can already pre-measure and then now start testing. Because the measurement is so important you’ve gotta have it in place before you even start The Test.

Matt: What is your hypothesis?

Chris: Which hypothesis?

Matt: It’s like a scientific test.

Chris: Yeah, yeah.

Matt: Like a study, like a little case study. That’s what it is.

Chris: Exactly. And then how do we prove–? Really at the end of the day, when we’re running these tests, all we’re saying is: what information do we need to prove that we should continue down that path or this path, right?

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And that’s the piece of information that you need to have, as you need to know what that piece of information is so that you’re collecting it, so that when you get it, you’re like, “Oh look. Clearly we need to go that way because we’re bringing the most value for our clients by going down that path.

Matt: I mean I just do everything based on data.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Like we have a lot of data to start with. And I have a lot of knowledge to start with that’s data. And then it’s just data-driven all the way through. I mean it’s not what I think or what someone else thinks. It’s like, what does the data say? And you know, you follow that and it leads you in the right path.

Chris: Yup. He talks about some of the Key Performance Indicators that might be relevant. In the old days– he kinda went through this whole thing about hits, don’t worry about hits to your website. He talked about links and he makes the point that, “Hey, if I’ve got 100 links that might be good, but what if they’re all from the same website? And what if that website is pet related and my website is engineering related? Two of our clients.

Matt: It sounds negative SEO to me.

Chris: Yeah, that’s not good. Those aren’t good KPIs for your business. Things that are really what we focus on, we like to visit lots of pieces of data, alright? So, how long are people staying on the page after they get there from the search, right? So I know that the–

Matt: Time on page, how many pages, bounce rate, all that kind of stuff.

Chris: Yup, and even those are just metrics that lead to the real thing. So if our time on page was horrible– and we’ve said this a long time ago, I haven’t said it in a long time and it’ll be fun to say it again. Even if the time on page is horrible, even if the bounce rate is incredibly high, even if the number of pages that they visit is just one ‘cause the bounce rate is 100%, if they pick up the phone and call you–

Matt: It’s just efficient.

Chris: Yeah, it’s just the best damn webpage you’ve ever seen, right? So make sure you got the right– for us the right KPI is actually the conversion.

Matt: Okay.

Chris: And then talking to our clients, which we do on our monthly results call, about, “Hey, we know we got all these conversions be them form submissions or phone calls, do they work for you? Are they the right ones?”

Matt: So I’ve been starting to play with like little micro conversions.

Chris: Right.

Matt: Right? And to really kinda lead into to what’s gonna close somebody. So it’s like a process. When I was doing headhunting we would add up all the value that we took and then that would be like $25 or $50 grand, but it was like, if you looked at what a résumé was worth, what a call was worth, what an interview was worth and you add it all up, you’re just getting paid at the end.

Chris: Yeah, keep doing those things, those KPIs and get you to the final goal which is actually a conversion. Alright number 4 of 5 dumb SEO mistakes that smart people make, “Failing to accurately track performance.” We kinda touched on this ‘cause you gotta have KPIs. And he says, “Unfortunately, a lot of marketers go by gut instinct.” I’ve gotta say I actually struck out marketers, I think a lot of business owners. It’s when you’re overwhelmed with all of these decisions that you could make. You think– this happens all the time with our customers. You think you know exactly how your customers searches, how they think, what they need to see, and then we get data that shows you otherwise and then you let it go, instead of looking for that data from the beginning.

Matt: They based it all on them.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: Okay, they’re looking at it not from the customers viewpoint but from their viewpoint, from the business’s viewpoint. And it’s a mistake.

Chris: Their customers don’t work at their business, right? Like they don’t know their business, right?

Matt: Yeah, I actually was reading that in a book. The best person to tell you how you’re doing is your customers, right?

Chris: Yeah, absolutely. Let’s see. He said there’s great places to get data, to track them: Google Analytics, Search Console, Raven, SEMrush, Moz. These are all really valuable, we’re really focusing a lot of attention on SEMrush these days. Alright.

Matt: Were they a potential to be a sponsor at some point?

Chris: They were gonna be a sponsor of the podcast. I feel like I rubbed in the themes and how that didn’t fit in a meeting earlier today. And now you’re rubbing in that I did not seal the deal with SEMrush.

Matt: They were trying.

Chris: Maybe it’s still on the table.

Matt: They’re like, “Let me try to give you sponsorship.”

Chris: Sponsorship.

Matt: And you were like, “Ah I’m good. I’m good.”

Chris: Yeah, I’m gonna throw that in that in the mistake column. Alright number 5, “Following advice from questionable sources.” Are there questionable sources out on the internet?

Matt: No, anything you read is true.

Chris: It’s all fact, even if it’s conflicting information. Both of them are actually factual. Yeah, we know that there’s a ton of information out there that some of it is misleading, it’s conflicting. I think a lot of people, that’s why they listen to the podcast, right? So they get– you can read between the line sometimes when we’re talking about how we’re executing on these things.

Matt: Well, it’s interesting ‘cause I read a lot of these kind of black hat forums and stuff like that. And a lot of this information is pretty old of like what people are sharing. Not to say that there aren’t some killer affiliates out there that are rocking it, but they’re not sharing their tactics in the open forums.

Chris: Right, right. They are not. I wonder if the reason we have zero Facebook people watching our Facebook Live feed right now–

Matt: It’s one.

Chris: is because of the– that’s me. Remember we have to do the sound check. It’s ‘cause of the algorithm. And actually we’re watching it here. That one is this cellphone probably.

Matt: Ah.

Chris: So maybe the algorithm hasn’t really helped ‘cause this is– despite it not being the time we say it’s gonna be at, it is kinda of our normal time, so we should have about two people.

Matt: Wow.

Chris: Who are watching actual live.

Matt: Wow, there’s been quite a few watching when we’re on time.

Chris: Yes, yup.

Matt: So it just depends, but yeah, this is meant for later when you’re on your own, or whatever like driving a car.

Chris: He does say that staying on top of SEO means regularly reading top publications including this site, right? Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Land. Search Engine Roundtable, all of those will have an impact on your–

Matt: Oh! Oh! People are coming!

Chris: Mark Lynch, thank you for tuning in.

Matt: Thank you for saying you’re there, we didn’t know. We thought there was an error.

Chris: Facebook– we thought that Facebook had just decided we weren’t worth it for whatever reason.

Matt: Yeah, they just slammed the door.

Chris: Alright, let’s get back–

Matt: We have a lot of engagement. We have like 45% engagement in social on the majority of our posts.

Chris: And still our traffic went pffssssh.

Matt: So there’s no way that that should happen based on what he said. Just saying.

Chris: Yeah, so yeah. He says stuff, he says–

Matt: He’s gonna run for office, I’m telling you.

Chris: Is he? You think?

Matt: He’s got a pol– what do they call it pollater?

Chris: Yeah a poll–

Matt: A pollsacer.

Chris: A pollster, maybe?

Matt: Pollster, yeah. In-house now.

Chris: Oh wow.

Matt: Like where he wants to know his numbers.

Chris: Interesting. Alright, so that really wraps up this particular podcast. What I’d like to say is: if you liked this podcast, please tell three people. We will tell you because it’s the end of the podcast, we got a review, we got our likes, so we skipped this to the end. The place we’d like you to leave us a review would be Yelp.

Matt: Yeah, eWebResults.com/Yelp

Chris: .com/Yelp.

Matt: Yeah.

Chris: And that’ll take you right there.

Matt: It’s been a rough week.

Chris: Go ahead and leave a review. Hopefully you can make that review–

Chris & Matt: 5 stars!

Chris: Next, the place that you– ‘cause it takes two things. We gotta get a review and we’ve gotta get 10 shikos.

Matt: A share, a like and a follow.

Chris: A share, like or follow on our profile on these platforms. Here’s how you get to our profile on these platforms.

Matt: Six new interactions, there you go. We’re gonna start broadcasting on multiple channels. We will now be broadcasting on Spotify.

Chris: Oh yeah, we need to add Spotify, absolutely.

Matt: Yeah, we’re gonna have Spotify.

Chris: It’s not really broadcasting, we’re gonna push our podcast up onto Spotify.

Matt: Ah okay, yeah.

Chris: So here’s how you can shiko us. Facebook.com/

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: Twitter.com/

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: Instagram.com/

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: LinkedIn.com/company/

Matt: eWebResults

Chris: And finally the YouTube channel which can be found at eWebResults.com/YouTube.

Matt: YouTube .

Chris: Yeah, that’s how you find it.

Matt: Aargh, that one I always struggle with.

Chris: Yeah?

Matt: It’s been months.

Chris: The YouTube channel and eWeb.com/

Matt: Why can’t we just make it–?

Chris: You get the Yep one.

Matt: Why can’t we make it the same?

Chris: We did, it got messed up. Alright so–

Matt: Ohh! Make my job harder.

Chris: Grow your business with the largest, simplest marketing tool on the planet–

Matt: The internet.

Chris: With eWebResults. Call us for increased revenue in your business 713-592-6724. If you have a referral– so we have a referral program. And what happens is, if you refer business to us–

Matt: Like if you wanna work for us and send us a bunch of referrals–

Chris: We’ll pay you.

Matt: We’ll pay you quite a large hefty commission for good clients, absolutely.

Chris: They pay us, we pay you. It actually works pretty good.

Matt: But if you just got one, I wanna give it to a charity.

Chris: Oh yeah, that’s an option. You can do that. So, remember this was filmed live here at 5999, West 34th Street, 106, Houston, Texas. 77092, Houston, Texas. If you’d like a transcript, video or audio of this podcast they are available on our website., and the website is eWebResults.com.

By the way, the most amazing thing happened today. You guys who do not live in Houston will appreciate this. We actually were late to a meeting because there were horses everywhere. They were everywhere. So we actually have the second largest rodeo in maybe the world, but it is certainly in North America. The largest one is in like Calgary. And every time we have the rodeo, on the beginning of the rodeo day – by the way, I’m going to the Barbecue tonight – they meet out in the suburbs and they ride the horses in a horse wagon train into downtown, and so traffic is all jacked up all over Houston. And so yeah. We were actually late to a meeting because horses were in our way.

Matt: You can’t use that excuse a lot.

Chris: No, but I used it today. So hey, we are the most popular internet marketing podcast on iTunes. That is because of you, all of you all. Thank you guys so much for making us the most popular. Thanks for sending in questions, and shikoing us, and sending reviews on eWebResults.com/Yelp.

Matt: Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Chris: Thank you in advance. Until the next podcast my name is Chris Burres.

Matt: My name is Matt Bertram.

Chris & Matt: Bye bye for now.

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